Oriko Magica Noisy Citrine: Chapter 1

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Our story starts in a flash back, showing Kirika and a childhood friend of hers, Erika. A narration informs us that Kirika looks at herself as foolish for this. Flashfoward to the present, and we're with Kirika a short time after she's contracted hunting witches. She complains that fighting witches is a tad boring, since they're all so slow to Kyubey (who she calls Shiroumaru, or White ring). Kyubey warns her that she's only a beginner and is at great risk, but Kirika ignores that and decides to skip classes. Kirika suddenly feels like she thinks someone is watching her at the train station, and chases it down, believing it's Oriko, only to find that it wasn't and she must have been imagining things. However, someone WAS watching her - her old friend, Erika. Kirika changes her mind and actually attends class, only to spend it stressing out - she's made a mistake. She may be someone new but she that doesn't necessarily give her the courage she needs. Kirika asks if she can change her wish, and Kyubey flatly tells her it's impossible. We cut to Erika, whose getting off the train. She thinks to herself how awkward it is to be back in this town with her stepdad, revealing that her parents had divorced at one point. Meanwhile, Kirika continues to stress, fearing that Oriko will call her a stalker if she pursues her. Lost in their thoughts, the two run in to each other. Erika is surprised to see her old firend, and even more to have her push her out of the way, call her a traitor and run away. We jump ahead a bit and find that ever since, Kirika has been throwing herself full force into her witch-hunting. Kyubey questions her on this, and she explains that she's so frustrated with her plan's failure, "of course she needs to blow off steam." She laments that no matter how many things have improved - her family life is better, she has 'friends' now, she's saving lives - she still hasn't done what she did all this for. The chapter ends with Erika wandering into a witch's barrier, which Kirika just picked up on and is about to hunt.