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This is a list of minor named characters in the Magia Record game. Most of these are faceless NPCs which use a simplified Live2D sprite.


Aneka (アネカ) is the childhood friend of Kushu Irina who convinced her to become a magical girl before she died. She apparently comes back to life in the event Only Dreamers ~ The Fable Watches the Dream of the Girl, but now an ordinary girl, lacking any memory of her time as a magical girl.


Arne (アルネ) is Olga and Gunhild's father, who is deceased. He was good friends with Ebbe.


Cleopatra (クレオパトラ) is the pharaoh of Ancient Egypt during the event Puella Historia The Mirage of Alexandria Arc. In this time line Cleopatra has Ebony be her private assassin and servant. She ultimately dies and Ebony gains her freedom. Her face is hidden during this event.

Cleopatra also makes a cameo in Episode 12 of the Madoka Magica anime, and in Magia Record Episode 24. She appears as a Magical Girl in both, but not in this event.


Cornelia (コルネリア) is a young Roman woman appearing in Lovers in the Pax Romana.


Deki (デキー) is one of the girls at the monastery in The Rakshasi of Tibet.


Dolma (ドルマ) is a friend of Heruka, who appears in The Rakshasi of Tibet. Her home town was burned down by the mongols, and she now lives in a nunnery. By the end of the event, it seems she knows Heruka is a Magical Girl.


Dolo'adai (ドロアダイ) is a general of the Mongolian army who appears in The Rakshasi of Tibet.


Ebbe (エッベ) Brynjarsson is an acquaintance of Olga and Gunhild and a friend of their father, Arne. After being saved from a terrible wound by Arne, he takes revenge upon the village that killed his friend and in so doing rescues the two girls. He introduces himself as "Ebbe, son of Brynjar", which is equivalent to "Ebbe Brynjarsson".


Elder (長老)


Gen'un (玄雲) is a warrior monk of Suitoku Temple during 1541.


Haitani (灰谷) is one of Asahi Miura's childhood friends, who dies in The Ash Grey Revolution.

Harald Sigurdsson

Harald Sigurdsson III (ハーラル3世), also known by his epithet Hardrada or "hard ruler", was the king of Norway from 1046 to 1066. He died in the Battle of Stamford Bridge on September 25, 1066, bringing an end to the Viking Age. During the battle, Gunhild ends up revealing her magic, causing Harald to accuse her of cursing his army and ordering his men to kill her and Olga, enraging Gunhild into killing him.

Harumi Shioya

Shioya Harumi (塩屋晴海) is the love interest of Sougetsu Izumi. Attends Mizuna Girls' School high school campus as a first year. She is 16.

Haruto Nikaido

Haruto Nikaido (二階堂陽斗) is a relative of Akari Mai who she views like an older brother. He spoils her with toys and has a fiancée.

Hatsu Tokime

Hatsu Tokime (時女ハツ) is a childhood friend of Suwe, who wishes for a weapon to undo her friend's disastrous wish. However, the Mikoshiba breaks the weapon, and it's only repaired much later in Tokime Tribe Tale.

  • Wish: "I wish for a sword to drive away the power of the Calamity-Calling Cup"

Hayato Isesaki

Hayato Isesaki (伊勢崎隼人) is Aimi Eri's crush and classmate, who also reciprocates her feelings.


Hiko (ヒコ) is the boyfriend of Himena Aika who committed suicide. His spirit resides in Himena's mind due to her wish.


Himiko (ヒミコ) was the queen of Yamataikoku who was succeeded by Toyo. Her face is hidden during her event.

Hitomi Shizuki

Hitomi Shizuki (志筑仁美) is Madoka and Sayaka's classmate and friend. She comes from a rich family and attends various afterclass lessons. Although she is mentioned frequently in stories regarding Holy Quintet, she does not appear on-screen.

Ichika Kasumi

Ichika Kasumi (霞 壱華 Kasumi Ichika) was a childhood friend of Tsubaki Mikoto who attended Yoriko Yanagi's dojo and fancied herself Tsubaki's rival. She was a magical girl as well.

Inui Itsumi

Inui Itsumi (伊津見 尹縫 Itsumi Inui) is a magical girl from Mitakihara City who appears in Nagisa Momoe's Wish Comes True. She is killed by Yu after becoming Uhrmann shortly before Yu is killed by Charlotte. Her wish was to become the girlfriend of a man named Sho, who is more than likely the one mentioned by the creeps that Sayaka encounters on the train in Episode 8.


Junia (ユニア) or Iunia is a young Roman woman appearing in Lovers in the Pax Romana. She is the daughter of wealthy family in Pompeii, Ancient Rome, and twin sister of Cornelia. The name Junia is most likely derived from Juno, the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera who presided over marriage & childbirth (a fitting name for someone who plays matchmaker for Cornelia and Marius.)

Latin at the time of Pompeii did not have the letters J or U, so the original Roman spelling of the name would have been IVNIA. Modern rendering of Latin universally uses U where appropriate, but is divided on whether or not to use J, so the spelling Iunia is also correct and valid.

Jeanne Flamel

Jeanne Flamel (ジャンヌ・フラメル), nicknamed Torte (トルテ), is Pernelle's daughter from The Inheritors of Our Souls, named after Tart.


Kei (ケイ) is the childhood friend of Yusa Yumeno, who was the only one to die when they attempted to commit suicide together. She appears as a spirit in Beachside Bonds.


Kirin is the titular character of Phantom Thief Magical Kirin, a favorite manga of Karin and Ashley. Riko also appears to be familiar with it, and even Alina may find meaning in it despite criticizing it.

Karin's outfit is blatantly based off of Kirin's costume.

Kouichi Todoroki

Kouichi Todoroki is the titular character of the Nomadic Detective Koichi Todoroki TV show, one of Chiharu's favorites.


Japanese Name くらら
Voiced by Japanese: Akari Kitou
ID No: 800100

One of Urara Yume's friends. She turns on Urara in The Ash Grey Revolution after she becomes a magical girl, and joins an anti-magical-girl faction.


Kuroda (黒田) is one of Asahi Miura's friends, who was in love with Haitani. After her death in The Ash Grey Revolution, he blames Asahi and becomes one of the leaders of the anti-magical-girl faction, though he eventually repents for his crimes.

Kyosuke Kamijo

Kyosuke Kamijo (上条恭介) is a classmate of Madoka and the boy Sayaka has a crush on. He is a violinist who was involved in a car accident and it left him unable to play the violin until Sayaka's contract. Although he is mentioned frequently in stories regarding Holy Quintet, he does not appear on-screen.


Manatsu (マナツ) is a young girl who appears in the event Unknown Story ~ The Midsummer Magic and Tomorrow's Memories ~. She is a Magical Girl around Nagisa's age whose family consists of her, her parents and her younger sister. She was an ill girl whose parents decided to give up on their dreams to focus on Manatsu, something that she didn't desire. Her wish was to change her parents' futures and live happily. In the event, she appears in Nagisa's dream, as a premonition of their meeting at a water park, which is revealed to be correlated to Manatsu's invisible Witch's Labyrinth that surrounded the water park, which is defeated by the end of the event.


Marius (マリウス) is Cornelia's fiance in Lovers in the Pax Romana.

Masatsuna Mizuna

Masatsuna Mizuna (水名正綱) is Tsuyu Mizuna's father. Feuded with the East (particularly, the Tai Party clan) and even though Tsuyu persuaded him to make peace, he was murdered by Sanemon Banshu when he betrayed and ambushed him during a peace talk.

Nicholas Flamel

Nicholas Flamel (ニコラ・フラメル) is the husband of Pernelle and father of Jeanne, he is the legendary alchemist in Tart's time. He makes his debut in The Inheritors of Our Souls

Gaius Plinius Secundus

Gaius Plinius Secundus (プリニウス), more commonly known as Pliny the Elder, is a man who attempted to ferry survivors of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius across the Bay of Naples, perishing in the process. He appears in Lovers in the Pax Romana.


Rei (れい) is a young girl who appears in Urara Yume's Magical Girl Story. She asks Urara to become her diabolo coach to help her win a competition.

Ruri Mizuna

Ruri Mizuna (水名瑠璃) is a young lady of the Mizuna household who became engaged to Tsukihiko in the late Taisho Era. Her story is the subject of the Rondo of Oblivion Sleeps for Eternity event. She's said to have similar powers to Temari.

  • Wish: “I wish to walk an eternal road of dreams!”

Dr Satomi

Dr Satomi
Japanese Name 里見 先生
Voiced by Japanese: Shinya Takahashi
ID No: 8023

Touka's father, Nayuta Satomi's uncle, and Tasuke Satomi's brother who manages the Satomi Medical Center in Kamihama and also runs a pharmaceuticals business.

Sanemon Banshu

Sanemon Banshu (万守山右衛門) is Chizuru's former father and leader of the bandit clan, Tai Party. Feuded with the West (particularly, the Mizuna) and when Chizuru and Tsuyu attempted to have their families make peace by having their fathers discuss a peace treaty, Sanemon instead allied with another country and led a massive ambush at the treaty, resulting in Chizuru disowning him.

Sayumi Kirino

Sayumi Kirino (桐野さゆみ) is the little sister of Sae Kirino.


Shin (シン) is a boy from Maria Yuki's MGS. He is a first grade elementary boy who's mother didn't get to see a lot due to being busy. After Maria's help, the two get closer again.


Shirogane (白金) is a friend of Lavi Himuro, who staunchly supports magical girls but dies at the end of The Ash Grey Revolution.

Sougetsu Izumi

Sougetsu Izumi (和泉壮月) is the younger brother of Kanagi Izumi. Attends Daito Academy's middle school campus as a third year.


Sumomo (すもも) is a young girl that appears in Kyoko's A La Carte Valentine Story. She's a girl that strongly resembles Momo Sakura who's father owns Plum Sugar, a pastry shop in Mitakihara City which was the dream of her deceased mother. In the story, Plum Sugar is about to go bankrupt but Sumomo is approached to form a contact with Kyubey to save her family shop but Kyoko prevents her from doing so because she doesn't want Sumomo's family to tear apart like Kyoko's family. Eventually, Yachiyo visits the shop and spreads the word in social media and Plum Sugar is eventually saved.


Suwe (スヱ) is a girl adopted by the Mikoshiba, who at her mother's command naïvely makes a wish for a disaster-bringing grail which is finally destroyed in Tokime Tribe Tale. Note: her surname is never explicitly given, but as she was adopted by the Mikoshiba, it is likely that her surname is also Mikoshiba.


Take (タケ) is a boy who works for Tsukasa's father at Amane Bamboo Studio. He first appears in the event A La Carte Valentine and then in Main Story Chapter 8.


Tatsu (タツ) is a boy that's a member of the Youth Assosiation of Takarazaki City and a friend of San Kagura. He taught her about the Hikarizuka Fire Festival, and she views him like an older brother. He first appears in San's Magical Girl Story and in her Swimsuit Costume story revealing his age being around his 20s.

Titus Caesar Vespasianus

Emperor of Rome from 79 to 81 AD; appears in Lovers in the Pax Romana.


Tsukihiko (月木彦) was a young businessman from Kosho Ward in the late Taisho Era who was engaged to Ruri Mizuna. He has two younger sisters.

Yachiyo's Grandmother

The grandmother of Yachiyo Nanami and the original owner of Mikazuki Villa. She is deceased.

Yoriko Yanagi

Yoriko Yanagi (柳 頼子 Yanagi Yoriko) was a distant relative of Tsubaki Mikoto who became her guardian after the death of her parents. She ran a kendo dojo in a town called Sazanka, which Tsubaki studied at.

Yumi Yuuki

Yumi Yuuki (友杞ゆみ) is the childhood friend of Ikumi Makino, who becomes a magical girl about two years earlier than Ikumi. She's a volleyball player who's noted to be quite tall (180cm according to Ikumi's MGS), and is a year below Ikumi in school.

  • Wish: "Please let Ikumi meet someone who sees how amazing she is, and who will open doors for her to become an idol."