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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.

Part 1

Chapter 1

Our opening scene starts with Heruka reminiscing about her normal days and how she only really did things because it was her job, but those days are over as she gathers the ashes of the people of her village in an urn, including her mom and dad, who all died in a Mongol attack. When a Lama from the convent that rescued them asks her if she hates the Mongols, she isn't sure. Dolma appears, her childhood friend, they were born on the same day and always have been together, she's also the one that helped her in the attack, and she hates the Mongols. In the convent Dolma vows to defeat the Mongols, while some girls have doubts, others are sure they will be ok because Heruka the Rakshasi is with them. Another girl comes in, they've spotted a stranger.

Chapter 2

Lavi is the stranger, and she's surrounded by warrior nuns. We get a flashback of Lavi, Sasha and Urara arriving to the past, Nemu explains the current state of affairs and reminds them they must not interfere with history and that they must go to the Rakshasi, the one that stopped the war with the Mongols and made the Tibet into Mongol vassals, but by doing so they saved the people and culture of the Tibet. Iroha's records also say that after stopping the war the Rakshasi met her end. The name of the Rakshasi is also not recorded, but as soon as she says that some Mongol soldiers appear and shoot arrows at them. They sense a witch, but before they can do anything the soldiers get closer and call them Rakshasi, and while trying to get away they get separated. Back to the present Lavi says she's not a forward Mongol, but Dolma appears and presents herself as the leader of the convent, and she still thinks she's suspicious so she sends her to jail. Back to Sasha and Urara, the Mongol leader Dolo'adai has captured them, and hopes to use their power to the Mongol’s benefit.

Chapter 3

Lavi easily breaks the wooden bars of the prison, but is surprised by Dolma witnessing the whole thing. This makeshift prison used to be an armory, but not something children like them can break, it was a test for Lavi. Dolma knew at first glance she wasn't a Mongol because she spoke their language, but because she came alone in the middle of an invasion she believes she's a Rakshasi, to which Lavi reacts confused. Dolma asks her if she's a Young Priestess (Shoujo sou) from somewhere else, and as she's still confused, she shows her the convent. Nuns train in fight, acts as mediators in fights and even teach. They're respected and considered special people (it's also here we hear the Mongols refer to the Rakshasi as Rasetsu/Rakshasa or man-eating demons). Nemu also mentions that there's mention of Young Priestesses in Iroha's record, which both think is proof history is deviating already. Dolma says all the training is to become a Rakshasi. Everything they do is to be selected by the Jataka high priest and become vessels of the power of Buddha, but apparently not even the adults knew anything about the Jataka. There's also no adults in the convent, they were expelled because they tried to stop the rite of the Rakshasi. There were other convents like this, but after other Rakshasi fell to the Mongols they Lama to stop the practice because they were useless in battle, and rather than continue the tradition they wanted to run away, so Dolma and a large number of girls expelled them. Many want to defeat the Mongols, but Dolma does it to protect Heruka, and she asks Lavi for her help to do so.

Chapter 4

Lavi comes to the conclusion that Rakshasi have to be magical girls, and the Jataka has to be QB. Heruka arrives to the scene, so late she missed all the classes she had. Lavi thinks she's a clutz, but Dolma thinks she's great, she saved her when they got trapped in a cavern and from a Mongol attack, if it wasn't for her she wouldn't be alive. Heruka is called a Rakshasi because back in her home town she made a miracle happen, but Dolma doesn't want her to become one (Lavi also thought Heruka was already a magical girl, but that isn't the case). Ever since she was called special, she's looked like she's having a hard time, and she blames herself for not saving their home village. Dolma thinks Heruka is always walking the path to become a Rakshasi. They look at Heruka tending to the flowers, but the bucket of water she brought had a hole so she spilled it everywhere. Dolma says when push comes to shove Heruka always comes through and asks Lavi again for help in stopping her from becoming a Rakshasi, but Lavi is in disbelief "that" Heruka could be one.

Chapter 5

The convent prepared a room for Lavi, as she reminisces with Nemu how Dolma asked her to defeat the Mongols to save Heruka a girl brings her food and since she can't see Nemu she distracts her saying it's her hobby to mutter to herself so she leaves. Back to history, the facts that Iroha recorded are that a Rakshasi will appear in the convent, she will stop the war and then she will meet her end, there's nothing about Young Priestesses, and said convenient is an orphanage. It's also weird the name of the Rakshasi is not recorded and if Heruka is one then Lavi can't help Dolma, she laments being just an observer yet again. History was different before their arrival, maybe it was the witch they sensed, but this is something unheard of.

Chapter 6

Earlier that day Heruka heard the Dolma and Lavi's conversation. Heruka knows Dolma doesn't want to become someone special, but she thinks it's not necessary because she can't be special, she's a failure that couldn't protect everyone. Dolma wants Lavi to attend school and practice, otherwise she won't have anything to dedicate herself once the war is over. Heruka thinks Dolma is kind, but is heading through a dangerous path so she wants to protect her so she doesn't have nightmares anymore (we get a small scene of Dolma waking up from a nightmare and asking Heruka if she can hold her hand). Heruka has also defeated Mongol soldiers, though they were a scouting party. Heruka meets Lavi and offers to show her the city but she also wants to ask for a favor. Dolma appears and wants to go drink butter tea with them, Heruka though Dolma doesn't like it because she makes faces when drinking it, but she insists so Heruka accepts hoping to find a chance to ask Lavi to take Dolma and run when the Mongols attack. Dolma and Lavi don't enjoy the butter tea and Heruka chastises herself for forgetting to ask Lavi and as they talk Heruka says she believes that in this world if you believe in something it will become real. A girl interrupts them, as this time they actually captured Mongol soldiers.

Chapter 7

Two Mongols infiltrated the convent, but one of them bit his tongue and died before being captured. Heruka is the only person that speaks Mongol in the convent so she interrogates, the soldier is not impressed by this, meaning he has meet other people that speak Mongol, Nemu thinks it's most likely Sasha and Urara. Heruka finds out they were trying to poison the well. Heruka says this is cowardly, but the soldier says the Rakshasi started it by attacking Mongol civilians unprovoked, he also says Rakshasi are just pawns, easily discarded tools of war, spreading curses without knowing anything and killing on command, he then kills himself by biting his tongue. Heruka notices Lavi could understand everything and asks her to not say anything, she also correctly guessed that Lavi's friends are the reason why the soldier wasn't surprised at girls knowing Mongol, she asks her not to rush to their aid or she will die a meaningless death. Seeing how Lavi still intends to go she decides to go with her, as fortunately they have 2 sets of Mongol clothes.

Chapter 8

Flashback to Sasha and Urara. After they separated from Lavi they got surrounded, they tried to convince the soldiers they were just performers (Sasha showing her transformation as an act), but Dolo'adai is not convinced as they were able to tell where their attacks were coming from and they understand Mongol. He orders their capture and that they not be killed. Dolo'adai wants their power in attacking the convent where Lavi is, they fought a hard battle in another convent on the north and it was a grueling battle. They're targeting the convents on purpose, Dolo'adai says they didn't have any interest on the Tibet, but after the Rakshasi their civilians because they were suspicious of the Mongols intentions, they decided to carry out a war to eliminate the threat of the Rakshasi, they hope they can end the war with minimal casualties by killing the Rakshasi and lowering the military power of the Tibet, and to do so they want the power Sasha and Urara possess. Both of them accept, only so they can gather information on the Mongols, Dolo'adai leaves to check on the rest of his men. Two soldiers approach, but they're really Lavi and Heruka in disguise. Lavi explains about the historical irregularities, and they think they will have to intervene after all, at the very least so the Rakshasi can end the war. The guards are about to rotate so Lavi and Heruka and Sasha and Urara stay so they can gather info.

Chapter 9

Lavi and Heruka sneak back into the city through a secret entrance, as during the night the doors are shut tight. Lavi asks if she's fine by not telling Dolma about the Rakshasi, Heruka says it's fine, it's better that she believes she's doing the right thing as soon they will all be dead anyway, it's better to spend their days having fun as there's no way they can win against the Mongols. She asks Lavi to take Dolma and run and she will fight, as she has to take responsibility for showing hope to other people. Lavi thinks Heruka is someone special as no one could easily sneak into an enemy camp like they did, Heruka correctly assumes that instead Lavi has special powers, in contrast Heruka couldn't do anything when the Mongols attacked her village. As both want to save each other Lavi ask Heruka to work it out together, but Heruka says she knows the reality of the situation, that they can't win against the Mongols. Meanwhile a Mongol soldier witnessed them sneaking into the city through the secret passage and goes back to inform Dolo'adai. It was all a trap, and Lavi and Heruka took the bait.

Chapter 10

Dolo'adai inform Sasha and Urara to get ready, they will attack at dawn. Nobody is watching them, as they assume they're preparing to fight, so Sasha and Urara escape to let Lavi know. They arrive to the convent and let everyone know, Lavi asks Dolma what they will do. Dolma asks where is Heruka as she surely will think of something, she changes her mind and tries to think of what to do but she can't and doesn't want to involve Heruka, so another nun goes to see her without her knowledge. Heruka asks to have the citizens take refuge in the convent, close the doors, establish a patrol in shifts, gather provisions, cull the farm animals and prepare soldiers willing to die. They won't hold the castle, as there's no hope for relief from someone else, and she thinks they Mongols feed Sasha and Urara false information, as there's no need to tell people like them when are they attacking ahead of time, they would tell them right as they attack, they surely instead plan to attack at night so they will take the initiative and prepare a surprise attack, the nun leaves to do as told. Heruka is a bit mortified that at moments like this her ideas start to flow, but she doesn't mind if she can protect Dolma.

Chapter 11

Dolma accompanies Heruka in the surprise attack and so does Lavi, Sasha and Urara stayed at the convent, Lavi also finally says the three of them are Magical Girls. They intercept a group of soldiers who quickly fall back (Lavi just knocks them out), as they try to pursue the young priestesses are ambushed, as it was all a trap. As they try to retreat, they see the city burning. The Mongols entered and are setting everything ablaze. Lavi tells everyone to retreat while she serves as shield, but Heruka instead is ready to give up. Lavi chastises her, Heruka is giving airs of giving up but have not really given up, she's just afraid of failing. The priestess retreat as Lavi alone holds the rear.

Chapter 12

Heruka and Dolma find Sasha and Urara in the city. Heruka blames herself for what happened. they get surrounded by civilians asking for help so Heruka asks them to go to the convent, Urara and Sasha sense a witch so they stay. Inside there are more people asking for help, Heruka asks them to remain calm and that Buddha will help them. These words don't come from the heart, so she wonders when did she start talking like this, and it was since she was "made" a miracle worker.

Chapter 13

When Heruka and Dolma were children, they got trapped in a cave because of a landslide, luckily Heruka found an exit and they were able to get out, but the people of the village didn't think it was a coincidence and proclaimed Heruka a Rakshasi for performing this "miracle". When the Mongols attacked the people asked her for help, but she couldn't do anything, all she wanted to do was to go cry in her parents’ arms, but even her parents were asking for her divine help, but she couldn't do anything and everyone died. She blames herself for not being special. The she found Dolma who had survived, her special person, her hope. In the present, Dolma angrily separated the people from Heruka, she's angry at the pressure they're putting on her, and if they claim for the release of death then she won't let Heruka help them. Dolma wants Heruka to not try hard anymore, to do anything she wants. Heruka the thinks about what Lavi said to her, she isn't afraid of failing, she's afraid of losing Dolma. Heruka now believes that as long as she can protect Dolma her life has worth and surely other people have someone special in their lives as well, and if war threatens to take it away, she will stop said war. Heruka assures the people that everything will be fine if they do as she says, so she asks them to restrain Dolma and then heads outside. There are no weapons outside and she can't really use a bow, so as soon as she asks the heavens for something to stop this fight QB appears before her.

Chapter 14

She finally realizes that the Rakshasi are magical girls like Lavi and the others. Meanwhile Urara and Sasha are fighting the Mongols, an arrow hits Sasha but she's fine, Lavi is still fighting on her end and Dolo'adai is about to enter the convent. Heruka wonders why Lavi and the others didn't say anything, she comes to the conclusion that they didn't tell her because becoming a Rakshasi was something she shouldn't do. Wit little time left she makes her wish; she wishes to erase the Rakshasi from the memory of everyone. After seeing their opponents are women and children soldiers start to hesitate, Dolo'adai even forgot why are they here. Heruka is shining, she wishes for the fight to end as every life is valuable, she believes that if hatred is born it can be overcome, and if they feel like it's too much, they can redirect that hate to her, she will take it all, she can do it as she finally became a real Rakshasi. The civilians claim she has reached enlightenment and is their savior, the Mongols flee not wanting to raise arms against the incarnation of Buddha. Lavi arrives and they realize Heruka made a contract with QB. QB tells Heruka that her power seems to calm the hearts of the people. With a forced smile she's happy she can finally put an end to the war with the Mongols. We're then informed that no long after an armistice was reached with the Mongols.

Chapter 15

Days later, Heruka is finally returning the ashes of her village to the earth in her flower fields. Because of her wish the memory of the Rakshasi is gone, and in a chain of events the convent became an orphanage for war orphans, the Young Priestesses are no more and nobody remembers the Jataka, but the Rakshasi are still in literature and sacred books. She's now revered by the other girls, but she's determined to carry out her duty until the end. Lavi and the others are staying at the convent for the moment, and while talking to them she correctly assumed becoming a magical girl has a huge price, but even so she doesn't regret her decision, she's also glad she has seniors on her side. After the convent was repaired Dolma decided to leave, she's going to join the faith of the soldiers in white, a famous religious organization in the Tibet, so she can support the convent and specially Heruka, as a parting gift she gives her the manuscript she used to learn Mongol. Heruka asks her if she's still afraid of the night, she's but she believes she can overcome it. They leave the city and cross a hill they've never seen before while holding hands, as Heruka thinks they can believe in hope, even if they fail or make mistakes, and even if they're separated, they will always be connected, and she's happy she can stop fighting and protect Dolma.

Part 2

Summary by Ikarum

Chapter 16

Some Mongol soldiers are talking on a plain when a group of nuns approach them. They're the newly formed believers of Heruka and they've come with their saint to preach. Heruka asks them to wait right there and she approaches the soldiers alone. The soldiers get scared and shoot arrows at her, which pierce Heruka. The rest of the nuns are worried and approach her, but Heruka reminds them that she has the power of Buddha and they themselves have seen this happen several times before. Some of the soldiers drop their weapons in reverence while others run. Heruka uses her powers to make the soldiers that stayed abandon any intention to fight. The Folklore girls are surprised of how many times this has worked, Urara herself thinks Heruka is scary.

Chapter 17

Villages raise in Haruki’s name against the Mongols, believers are cut down one after the other as they approach soldiers to preach without stopping, even the ranks of the Mongols have Heruka believers who raise against their brethren. All of this is reported to Dolo'adai, who thinks he should have crushed "that" convent when he had the chance. Dolo'adai himself won't be punished for retreating, but he has been commanded to attack Haruki’s village again to show the power of the Mongol army. Although there might be disagreement in his ranks about attacking, not doing so would have them all executed. Heruka and the girls have finished destroying a barrier (of a Symbol witch familiar), their attacks have been more frequent as of late. Heruka knows about magical girls becoming witches, and although she's still a bit apprehensive, she knows she has to cleanse her Soul Gem. She hopes at least she can be the last magical girl ever, to which Folklore can't say anything about. They return at the convent, and although fighting with Heruka is a slight interference to history they have to do it as they need to track the Rakshasi until she meets her end. There's one problem though, they don't know what a Rakshasi is or what "meets her end" even means. Lavi thinks Heruka knows something and even tried asking her, but she dodged the question. They haven't checked out the books and writings in the convent so they decide to do a little digging in them.

Chapter 18

We switch to Dolma at the faith of the soldiers in white organization, and now she's become an expert in the Mongol language. A nun came to ask her to write a letter asking for negotiations with the Mongols, but she decides instead to deliver it directly to the Lama as she was called to meet with him. Heruka’s teachings have halted the Mongols from relaunching their invasion, as her word is spreading even among them. They talk about how if one sees what Heruka can do without any kind of proper training they would have to admit she was special from birth, but for Dolma she'll always be her sleepyhead and kind Heruka. The Lama wants to send Dolma to Heruka’s convent, as they cannot reconciliate with the Mongols without her help, so Dolma takes this chance to ask for financial support for Heruka. She goes back to her room and finds the nun from earlier, Dolma happily tells her that she got the financial support she wanted, but the nun reminds her that her mission here is to stop the war, unlike the saint Heruka who seems to be fanning the flames of conflict, or at least it seems judging of what her actions are causing. Dolma jumps at the opportunity to talk about Heruka, much to the nun's dismay.

Chapter 19

In their home village Dolma used to be shy and lacked confidence, unlike Heruka who always seemed to be sure of what she was doing. Heruka was smart, tall and charismatic and all the kids loved her, but Dolma felt a bit jealous of Heruka. One day Dolma took Heruka to a field where lots of blue flowers were blooming. She though the flower itself was kind of ugly, but all of them together made something beautiful, she thought that even though she had nothing special she could also become something, just like those flowers. She tried looking for that flower field, but no matter how many times she tried she never found it. For Dolma, Heruka is very special, no matter how many times she's always there to save her, but after the cave incident all the villagers believed Heruka was the messiah who would save them from the Mongols. Dolma hated that, she wanted Heruka to be special only for her, she wanted her to always be beloved Heruka, the "special" that the villagers used for her wasn't the same as hers. But at some point, she also started to think Heruka was a messiah. She didn't want to accept that, so she tried to become special herself, because if she did then Heruka wouldn't have to, but she failed. The nun that was with her fell asleep, and it's now night. Dolma is still afraid of the night, but is it because of the memories of her village burning? That she couldn't do anything? No, it's because being in the darkness it's like she also became a believer and rely on Heruka and it terrifies her. Not being able to be her friend terrifies her.

Chapter 20

In the convent, the Folklore girls are not having much success in their investigation. Urara found a manuscript that says "The Rakshasi lie at the foundation of the Tibet", and so far this is their only lead. Sasha seems to have found something that surprised her, but Heruka comes in. They say there's just studying about the Tibet, but Heruka asks them to halt their study as there's been an incident. They're at a burning village, and it's not the only one. It seems the Mongols have restarted their attacks. The survivors cling to Heruka, asking for vengeance, but as Heruka is about to talk a nun arrives with a report: the Mongols have attacked the convent. At the village, a Mongol soldier approaches Heruka and Folklore, but this soldier is a believer. He urges Heruka to run, the Mongol leaders believe her to be a Rakshasa/Rasetsu (a man-eating demon) and they won't stop attacking. Heruka asks him to believe in her, and the soldier dies in her arms. Dekii, one of the nuns comes with an injured Dolma, who got dragged into the fight.

Chapter 21

We have a flashback of Dolma heading to the convent. Dolma thinks that thanks to the information she found at the organization she thinks it's impossible win against the Mongols, they're being attacked by just of the 4 commanders under the second son of the Khan. On her way she passes through a village that was attacked by the Mongols, the believers of Heruka there planted blue flowers, which have now become the symbol of the messiah. Suddenly soldiers appear and Dolma tries to reason with them now that she can speak their language, but they attack her and she runs away. Dolma though that if she could communicate, they would be able to come to an understanding, but that was naive. As she runs through a forest she recalls how when her and Heruka ran away from their burning village Heruka held her hand telling her everything would be alright. Heruka was her light, her hope, she thought she had to protect it no matter what. She finally arrives to the village of the convent but everything is burning, including the flowers Heruka raised, the places where they made memories, everything. She meets Dekii, but at that moment soldiers appear too. Dolma screams at them, yelling at them if the fact that were alive was so unacceptable. The soldiers dismiss Dolma's words as nonsense, Dolma lunges at them, begging Heruka to save her from this dirty world. Dolma regains consciousness in front of Heruka. Heruka thinks Dolma has grown up, but Dolma doesn't think so, as she was still calling for Heruka’s help as always. Heruka assures that is normal for everyone to ask for salvation, but Heruka feels she has been saved already by Dolma. Dolma worked hard so Heruka wouldn't made more awful memories, she pampered her as she ran away from her sins. She's talking about their home village, Dolma tells her it wasn't her fault, but Heruka says it's her responsibility for showing people hope. She can't stop, she will see this until the end. Dolma tearfully asks her why, and Heruka says she was born to do this, she decided in her heart she would live to bring people peace, she would live and die for that purpose. Dolma thinks that's so sad, but Heruka is happy, because she can protect her beloved Dolma with her own hands. Heruka asks her to continue what she was about to say, she will be fine, and a crying Dolma apologizes before asking the Messiah to stop the war. Heruka has a plan, she just has to do it. Dolma remembers that when Heruka’s parents topped being her parents and become her believers she was really hurt, she knew and she still said clung to Heruka, maybe it was because that hope was just so dazzling.

Chapter 22

The former Lama and a former monk are in a cave and they're discussing the current events. The Mongols are attacking again and they're fighting amongst themselves, the former Lama thinks it's because Heruka has driven them into a corner. Heruka appears, saying that's not all. At first, she though the Mongols were finally serious about their invasion, but she thinks there's another cause for their actions. The former Lama calls her Heruka Lama, but Heruka asks him to call her just Heruka, just as their time at the convent. Heruka has been looking for the monks for some time now, the monks asks if she's here to punish them for abandoning the convent in their time of need, Heruka realizes what actually happened has been changed to this story. Heruka needed someone to bear a grand responsibility, and the former Lama is the one she chooses. She wants him to be her accomplice, he has responsibility for teaching her Mongol. Dolma delivers a report to the white soldiers’ organization, Heruka’s convent has decided to have a showdown with the Mongols and they want the organization to bear witness. The organization has no other choice, the Mongols have no intention of talking things out and there's no way they can win in a war, Dolma asks the head priest to believe in Heruka as she does. Dolo'adai receives a report, the convent is gathering soldiers and heading towards them. The convent sent an envoy, it's the Folklore girls. Their message: the convent wishes to talk before the final battle. Dolo'adai accepts, despite the danger he wanted to talk with Heruka Lama at least once, he also remembers Sasha and Urara he's glad they could meet with their lost friend. Dolo'adai wants to change the meeting place and ask them to bring their commission here, to the Mongol plains, he has no intention of walking into whatever plan they hatched.

Chapter 23

In the convent everyone is having a party, and Heruka is drinking lots of butter tea. This is the first time that Sasha and Urara drink it, and despite Heruka saying that it's sweet they find it salty. Urara thinks Heruka lost her sense of taste so she explains that she knows butter tea is salty, but she decided to believe it's sweet. When she was little, she thought butter tea was sweet and she wanted to try it, but her mom hated it so she never made. She had never drink something sweet so she really wanted to drink it, so her grandma made it for her and it was really sweet. Sugar is really expensive, so protect her dream her grandma sold her belongings so she could buy it. She did it until the day she died, she protected her dream... no, she made her dream a reality. So, she decided it to believe until the very end, this is her way to pay respect for the ones lost, as she's the only one still alive. She doesn't want to make what her grandmother gave her all for lose its meaning. Heruka loves this, she loves to drink tea and talk with everyone, she wishes this could last forever. Lavi leaves to patrol, Nemu says she doesn't need to do that and she could go back with everyone and have fun, she says she can't allow that, to which Nemu replies that she has a difficult personality. Lavi asks about the showdown, but Nemu has no records of it so judging from other records it's probable they lost. Heruka appears asking her to come back, she knows that the Mongols are not one to carry a surprise attack once they accepted a final battle. Lavi says she sure understands them, but Heruka says this is her specialty. Everyone is good at something, and she's good at deceiving people and do something unexpected, when she was young, she made lots of boys cry. And now she's a messiah, though maybe the ones called messiah are unmatched swindlers. Heruka asks Levi if she's done well, when Lavi asks why is she asking her Heruka says that she's the one who has looked over her and pushed her forward. Lavi thinks she's done something so grand, but Heruka thinks fate is at work here, if any of them were missing they wouldn't have made it this far, so for that Heruka is grateful to Lavi. Lavi says this is not their final moment so please don't say things like they will never see each other again. Heruka refuses, she will end everything. It's a new day, and the head priest of the white soldiers has arrived. Heruka thanks him for the financial support and the monk says she can use as much as she needs for the war effort. Heruka won't, everything will be handled by the convents administration, she also says she leaves the Tibet in their hands. Dolma arrives and asks if everything is ready and if they need to bring the head priest. Heruka says yes and asks Dolma if she doesn't believe in her, Dolma toys with her saying no to which Heruka pouts, which catches Dolma off-guard, Heruka departs, saying they're making Lavi and the others wait. Dolma seems a bit shocked so the head priest asks her if she won't come. She will, she’s just wondering why Heruka looks so restless.

Chapter 24

The commission has entered Mongol territory, the culture they see seems close to the Tibet, so Heruka wonders if it's because it's so close to the Tibet or if this was former Tibet territory. Dolma is ready to work as an interpreter for the commission, but the Folklore girls reveal they can speak Mongol, even the head priest can. Dolma asks then who is she going to interpret for, Heruka says there will be one more person with them, she will interpret for them. before Dolma can ask more, they're intercepted by Mongol soldiers. The soldiers demand that only the representative of the commission come, the others will wait here. There's a yurt close by, but the talks will be held at a different place. Heruka panics, she refuses to accept these conditions and demands they take them all in. The soldier leader accepts, they will be his responsibility so he demands them to not do anything weird, Heruka says to not worry, he won't have to take responsibility for anything. The meeting place is a Tibetan temple. Doloa'adai thinks it's the perfect place for them to meet their end, the place where their teachings were formerly spread, Heruka says it's absurd to do something like this. Doloa'adai asks if she wants to pick up a fight, but no. Heruka has no intention to fight. In fact, she brought a present. She presents herself, but Doloa'adai knows very well who she is, in this moment Heruka thinks to herself that she didn't expect them to change the meeting place, but by letting them all in she can complete her objective. Doloa'adai wanted to talk with her, the one that managed to create a crack in the Mongols, and by asking for a showdown she had hoped to keep damage to the convent at a minimum, but with this the Mongols are the ones that will suffer the least damage. Between dissatisfaction in the troops and revolts, the more they attack the more danger they face, all because of one girl. Heruka didn't think she pushed them this hard and for a moment she thinks of changing her plans and try to resists to the bitter end, but even if they win doing so lots of people will be hurt and the Tibet will fall to ruin and they might not be able to remain independent. For Heruka, victory is foolish, and she has no intention of giving her life for such foolishness. Heruka thinks the Mongols think really high of her, Doloa'adai says she's the one that pushed them into this unsightly war, leaving her inexplicable powers aside her resourcefulness is something to be afraid of. She feels uneasy begin praised like this, but she's happy, things might work out. So, she starts the war to stop the war. She asks Doloa'adai to make her leader of the Mongol troops. which surprises everyone in the room.

Chapter 25

Heruka has gathered here the leaders of those who oppose the Mongols, as well as all of her insurgents, and she's offering all of them to the Mongols. The head priest screams asking if the Lama is selling them out, Heruka asks him to use his head a bit and resumes her negotiation with Doloa'adai, apologizing for their uselessness. In her head, Heruka knows that even if her chest starts to hurt, she can't stop, she asks for them to get on board, the seeds are scattered. Doloa'adai asks what is the reason of this act, Heruka says the act was everything she has done until now, she can't even laugh at her useless pawns. Urara and Sasha ask why is she saying this, that she's lying, but Heruka asks to observe how even now they're saying things like that. She’s betraying them, get a grip and understand it already, even Lavi can't believe it. In her heart, Heruka asks for them to no think about it, let the Rasetsu live in their hearts. Heruka asks Doloa'adai to just capture them already and leave everything to her, she will crush the Tibet in a matter of days. "Quickly, just take the bait already, you said the Mongols were also hurt, didn't you"? Heruka thinks to herself. The perfect excuse to end the war is dangling before your eyes. The one behind the curtain, Heruka is showing her intentions to that person. If you're really part of the imperial family, you will be familiar with this kind of strategy. Suddenly a voice is heard, demanding the apprehension of Heruka Lama. The voice form behind the curtain, presented by Doloa'adai as the supreme, the supreme commander of the Tibet expeditionary force, the second prince of the Mongol empire, your majesty Koden. Koden is a religious believer, and he read the sacred scriptures every night, and last night she read about the evil woman who misleads the people. Heruka is no doubt that, the evil Rakshasa/Rasetsu... a Rakshasi! The Rakshasi is the cause of this war, she deceives people and steals countless lives. He asks the people of the Tibet to raise with them to strike down the Rakshasi, to raise as brothers in arms, and he will swear they will be able to govern themselves as they've done so far. The head priest asks if they won't interfere in the Tibet's internal affairs, Koden will make them part of the federation known as Mongol empire. Doloa'adai is apprehensive at the idea, this would mean they would be treated as equals. This is exactly what Koden is saying, if they vanquish the evil in front of them everything will be over, isn't that a good thing? Heruka must not laugh, everything when just as she expected. The Mongols needed a reason to silence the troublesome followers in their ranks, and if she's not the so-called messiah, but a demon, that's the perfect reason. That's why he was so willing to accept such concessions. now, if Heruka dies the Tibet will be saved, Heruka managed to do it. Lavi remembers the words the received from Nemu. The Rakshasi will end the war, and meet her end as Rakshasi. Sasha knew, she read about it back in the library, but she didn't expect things to turn out like this. Dolma asks them to get a grip, there's no way Heruka is like that. The head priest says the story checks out, she holds mysterious power, if so then she's not a messiah, she's a Rakshasi. Dolma accuses the head priest, with Heruka gone they will lead the Tibet, for them Heruka is more of a menace than the Mongols. Dolma figured out, Heruka called the head priest here, she wanted a voice from the Tibetan side to call her a demon, so she can protect them. Dolma asks Heruka where is the evil in what she's doing. Heruka knew from the start Dolma wouldn't play along, so she had an ace up her sleeve so she can silence her. A Mongol soldier announces that a witness has arrived, a witness to Heruka’s evil deeds. The witness is the former Lama, he says he used to be a Lama at Heruka’s convent, at least until Heruka attempted on his life.

Chapter 26

The former Lama says he noticed some time ago that Heruka wasn't human, night after night she transformed into a grotesque being. he fought her together with the other monks, but they lost and barely escaped with their lives. Dolo'adai asks who is he and what is he saying, Heruka then asks Dolma to interpret for him, but she doesn't want to. She doesn't want to say those lies. The former Lama is not telling the truth, he was the one that taught them mongo0l in the first place, but the Lama says he didn't do such a thing, he just handed over the manuscripts to learn it so they could alert the Mongols of Heruka’s evil deeds. Heruka asks again Dolma to interpret, but she still refuses, why she has to say such things. The head priest tells her that the reason she's here is to interpret, otherwise she has no business being with them. Dolma then realizes that the reason the head priest is there is to push Dolma to do her part. Heruka did this because if Dolma was left to her own devices, she would try to protect her and be blamed a Rakshasi too, and she can't allow that to happen. Heruka continues her act, bringing the former Lama means she's done for, as she showed her true form in front of him, that's why he tried to kill him but he ran way. Dolo'adai asks Dolma if she also saw Heruka’s true form. She says this is all nonsense, and Dolo'adai can see she’s trying to defend Heruka. Dolma says Heruka is lying, she's trying to protect everyone by sacrificing herself. Dolo'adai says doing that would mean she be executed, something a normal person wouldn't do. But not only would they lose their life, their name would be carved in history as evil itself and despised for all eternity. Dolma says Heruka is not normal, she's special. But Dolo'adai says that even someone special wouldn't try to sully their family like that. But Heruka doesn't have any family, the Mongols took care of that. The same village and even the same convent, Dolo'adai thought Dolma was defending Heruka, but he's starting to think Dolma is a Rakshasi too. Heruka jumps in. She says that there’s no way that someone as worthless as Dolma can be a Rakshasi. Since they were little she always stood in her way, and even so Dolma got attached to her, she's really a nuisance. But Heruka has problems completing that last word, she doesn't want to say such things to Dolma, even so she can't stop her, she has to force herself, staying silent for long will cause a misunderstanding she will save Dolma, that's why she became special, didn't she? So she says it, Dolma was nothing but a nuisance, she's always hated her, from the bottom of her heart. The other nuns intervene, Dolma has devoted herself more than anyone else for Heruka. Dolma stops them, she knows it's a lie, but she asks Heruka to not say something like that, even as a lie. Heruka takes a moment, and then says she wants to congratulate her, it's because she's like that that she was able to deceive her, it was her who killed everyone in their home village. She killed Dolma's mom, it was all her doing. Dolma screams it wasn't her fault, but perhaps due them changing languages at some point or the structure of the words they're saying, all Dolo'adai hears is that it was Heruka’s fault. Dolma tries to clear the misunderstanding, but Heruka says it really was her, she killed everyone in their village, as a little experiment. She was trying to see how many people she could control with magic, as a decoy to run away from the Mongols. Yes, she was using them, they have to believe she was using not only Dolma, but everyone too. After all, it was too convenient that she went to a convent. In a place like that it's not unusual for a child or two to disappear. If she can make it so her only relationship with everyone here is that she used them then she can protect everyone. She says it the same for everyone here, they believer in her so easily it was really easy to use them as pawns. She conveniently allowed her villages to be plundered, but in the end, they weren't useful at all to her. If they can make her coin then she has no use for them. Yes, money, she wanted money. This nonsense about the messiah was just absurd. She can smile while saying this, as it's normal to be happy, she can protect everyone. She's so happy to have lived such a fulfilling life. The Mongols soldiers took the bait, how could someone treat their brethren like this, and so do the nuns, she called herself the Lama and she used them like this. Dolo'adai directs the now united faction, it was all her evil magic, the evil magic of the Rakshasi. Together they chant "Rakshasi! Rakshasi!". The hatred in the room is amplifying, and Heruka can see "it" coming. Dolo'adai asks the audience: Judgment or mercy? The audience is united, they want judgment. The voices of the Tibet are finally united. Dolma tries to intervene, but a Mongol soldier stops her, asking her to open her eyes and see Heruka’s true nature. Heruka is ok with this, Dolma is just a pitiful victim of the Rakshasi. Dolo'adai grabs Heruka, Dolma cries calling her name. In her head Heruka asks Dolma to not cry, after all, the fight isn't over yet. It's here, the witch has appeared. Heruka transforms and gives chase, the soldiers pursue her. Heruka set it all to lure the witch, she will kill it, the one cause of all of this.

Chapter 27

Heruka is outside and has found the barrier, the convent and Mongols forces are fighting here. She thought that witches must have some kind of power that breeds conflict, something by nature contrary to her power, but the day she became a Rakshasi she realized that witches amplify negative human emotions, they can't thrive without conflict. Meaning that no matter how much they negotiate with the Mongols, as long as the witch exists the fight will never end. That's why she lured it, she believed it would appear if she wounded people enough for hatred to take in. Folklore is here, they can't stop her but they want to at least ease her burden. But she can't allow it, if they transform, they too will be deemed Rakshasi. So, she uses her power to pacify everyone and they fall asleep, including Folklore. Heruka’s magic is similar to Sasha, but unlike hers that soothes people Heruka’s smashes the will of their target. Sasha and Urara are out, but Lavi can resist the magic so Sasha asks her to go after Heruka. Lavi enters the barrier and finds familiars sleeping, but they suddenly wake up and attack her, Heruka set up this blockade. Heruka believes Lavi is the kind of person who stands up after falling over, she thinks she has the heart of someone who opposed someone greater than Buddha or the divine providence of this world. Her magic won't have that much of an effect on someone like her, that's why she had to resort to a tangible wall. Heruka makes it to her opponent, it's the symbol witch.

Chapter 28

Heruka’s attacks are being canceled out by the witch's attacks, it looks like it's true that the nature of the witch is direct opposite of hers, Meaning, the nature of the witch is hatred. There's nothing she can use inside the barrier, it all comes to a battle of raw power, in which she's at a disadvantage. No matter what she does it doesn't have any effect, but she can't lose here. An attack connects, but it wasn't hers, it was Lavi's. Heruka asks her why she's here, she's here to protect her, she and everyone else want to protect her. The witch attacks and is about to hit Lavi, but in the nick of time it stops, thanks to Sasha's magic. Sasha and Urara are here. As to why, while the effect of Heruka’s magic didn't weaken, when they thought of how much they wanted to protect here they were able to stand up. They want to fight together, but Heruka is worried they will be marked as Rakshasi. Lavi says they aren't from this age, but Heruka doesn't seem to get it. Nevertheless, they will be fine, and even if they were people for this age, they would still want to protect Heruka. Heruka understands, they're the kind of people that believe in hope, and so she finally elaborates a strategy between the four so they can beat the witch.

Chapter 29

The witch is defeated and the barrier disappears. But to the people around them they appeared from thin air, so they chant "Rakshasi" once more. The people here throw rocks at them and one hits Heruka. Everyone is waking up and they're afraid of them, meaning Heruka’s magic has been exhausted. Heruka falls to the ground the Mongols and former Heruka believers see how weak she's and are about to beat her, but Urara tries to defend her. It's here that Dolo'adai appears and proclaims all of them Rakshasi. Dolma also appears, and says she's a Rakshasi too. She threatens everyone, if they will get any closer, she will put a hex on them. She wants Heruka to come with her and run, but Heruka is too weak to run. Sasha says it's alright, they will fend them off and open an opportunity to escape, but Heruka really can't move. Dolma takes her by the shoulder and they run. The Folklore girls jump in to defend her. Nemu asks if they're planning on tampering with history by letting Heruka escape. Levi knows history won't change, Heruka will come back, she's that kind of person. If so, why interfere? They want to let Dolma do as she pleases, saying goodbye in their current circumstances is just too cruel. Dolma is taking Heruka through a forest, she doesn't know where are they going, she just wants to go as far as possible. In Mongol territory they got nowhere to go, and Heruka doesn't want to go anywhere. She falls to the ground again, she's exhausted, if she were stronger things might've turn out different, but she did everything she set to do so she's ok with this. Dolma can see the smile on her face, she doesn't plan on getting away. Heruka isn't telling any lies anymore, as there isn't anyone else with them. Dolma will give support Heruka so they resume their escape. Still, Heruka knows they can't run away, and walking together like this won’t last long, but still she wants to be with Dolma. She can hear the voices of the Mongol soldiers, soon they will catch with them and she will be apprehended. Still, will she be forgiven for wanting to be with Dolma until then. The exit the forest, and in this land of the Mongols they find a flower field with the same blue flowers that once were in the convent, these same flowers grew close to where they once lived. Dolma remembers, when they were young, they once went to a place just like this. They didn't back then, but these flowers are now Heruka’s symbol. Heruka asks if it's because she took care of them. Dolma says that's right, the people that believe in Heruka give their prayers to this blue flower, prayers for peace. And here they are, in the land of Mongols. Heruka thinks the flowers will be set ablaze because of their association with her, but even then, it won't change that Heruka inspired those wishes for peace. Heruka asks Dolma if she was able to grant her wish, will the war end now? Dolma asks if she did everything for her. Heruka says that yes, obviously she wanted to protect everyone and also for her own sake, but the number one reason was because Dolma was suffering. When Dolma clung to Heruka wishing for the war to end she was suffering, and Heruka wanted to save her no matter what. She wanted Dolma to live in a world when she didn't have to cling to anyone. Heruka asks Dolma if she's happy, Heruka gave it her all. Dolma is silent so Heruka asks if she isn't happy. Dolma asks why she had to do all of this, she's really a dummy, and both face each other with tears on their eyes. Dolma says that she was happy as long as Heruka was with her, she apologizes for burdening Heruka with her wish. Heruka says it's not her fault, she would have walked this path no matter what happened. They army of the Mongols is immense, there's no way they can win, in that case, isn't it great if she can save everyone with just her life. The voices of the Mongols are getting closer. Soon she will be apprehended, judged and lose her life. As soon as she realized this, Heruka started to tremble. She laughs and wonders how weird is it that even though she made up her mind to do this she's trembling. She stutters as she tells Dolma she's scared. Dolma knows. Heruka laughs again, like this she seems like a normal girl. Dolma tells her it's ok, she will hold her tightly. Heruka apologizes saying it's really weird. As they laugh together Heruka feels the Mongol soldiers behind her back, but even so they laughed together until the end.

Chapter 30

Dolma wonders how much time has passed since then. She heard of Heruka’s death 3 days after her failed suicide attempt. She tearfully asks why Heruka had to die while someone like her is alive. Folklore is with her, silent. Dolma says it's because of that, she's alive so she can take vengeance on those who took Heruka away from her. Kavi says that's not. Dolma knows, but she can't forgive how Heruka is being badmouthed by all, her name will be carved in history as evil itself, and that's not fair. Lavi says that then it's her work to record the truth. They have with them something like a prophetic book. Because they had records of Heruka they came to the convent, but Heruka’s name itself wasn't recorded, the only thing there was "Rakshasi". They wondered why, but Lavi finally knows the answer, it's so a different interpretation can be born. The meaning of Rakshasi can change, as the Messiah who can saved the Tibet. Dolma asks if that's what she's meant to do. Lavis says yes, maybe the reason why they came here was to tell her just that. Dolma doesn't fully understand, but maybe she learning Mongol had a meaning, all so she could tell the truth. After that, Lavi and the others left Tibet to some place far away. She too left, the head priest arranged it so she didn't receive any punishment for her actions. The Mongols are suspicious of Lavi and the others, it's better if they run. The last words from Lavi before they parted ways were that, despite everything, it's a good thing they came here and spent time with Heruka. The head priest wants Dolma to go to the Mongols, they have plans to change the Tibetan alphabet to a new Mongol alphabet. Their beliefs are expanding within the Mongols and there's need to translate their sacred books, at the start they tried introducing the Mongol language but the transcriptions weren't accurate so they're now working on a shared alphabet. And Dolma's job will be to expand this new alphabet among the Mongols. The head priest knows Dolma hates them, but she's the most suitable for this job. Dolma doesn't hate them, they protected her after all. The head priest however laments they couldn't protect Heruka Lama. Even so, Dolma will accept the job. She went to a Mongol temple and proceeded to do her part to introduce this new alphabet. Two monks discuss how acceptance of this new alphabet is going well, but Dolma is not in this meeting, she left for a moment to write an epitaph, for a messiah she met in the past. Dolma's epitaph will continue to tell the truth in the land of the Mongols, but if she's too direct it will be dangerous, so she had to write it in a roundabout way. But even like this, this passage is bound to pick anyone's interest: The Rakshasi lies at the foundation of the vast land of the Tibet. She will work hard so this epitaph stands there one day, and taking the opportunity she will go see them. The day will come when the truth written here about Heruka will be known, Dolma believes it will happen, she won't abandon that hope, after all, the field of blue flowers where she last saw Heruka is still there. Just standing there it feels as she's next to Heruka. Dolma says to Heruka that everyone was saved by her, the convent still stands, their friend Dekii is even the director now, the village is also there. Everything she worked to protect still stands, and so does her memories. Dolma won't lose to despair, she will overcome it by herself, even the nights aren't scary anymore. The records of Heruka, of them, everything will remain in this world, that they desperately tried to live their lives. She wants to tell the whole world that they never lost, they laughed together until the very end.