Flèche and Lame

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Flèche, Lame & Fauchard
Fleche Lame profile.png
Japanese Name

Flèche (フレシュ Fureshu) and Lame (ラム Lamu) are two lesser antagonists in Puella Magi Tart Magica: The Legend of "Jeanne d'Arc", acting as maids of Minou, Corbeau and Lapin. In Magia Record there was also introduced a third lesser antagonist magical girl in Lapin's story, initially nameless, she was revealed to be named Fauchard (フォシャール Foshāru).

General Info

Physical Features
Age Unknown
Eye colour BlueUnknownUnknown
Hair colour BlueUnknownUnknown
Soul Gem Triangular hairclip (arrow-shaped) on the side of her headOval on the chest.Unknown
Weapon Bow and magical arrowsBroadswordUnknown (Likely a Fauchard/War Scythe)
Witch Form Unnamed Unnamed Unknown
Powers and Abilities Unknown
Wish Unknown, but it most likely benefited Corbeau, Minou, Lapin or Isabeau in some way.
Japanese pronoun Unknown
Known relatives None knownNone knownUnnamed father (deceased) and unnamed mother (deceased)
Origins Unknown
School The Holy Maiden Academy (In an event)



Both magical girls were forced to contract under Isabeau against their wills. Once contracted, they lost their free will and acted much like mindless slaves under the orders of Isabeau, and by extension, her daughters Minou, Lapin and Corbeau.

Lame During Tart Magica

Lame first appears in Chapter 1, set in the present day of the story. Tart, Riz, Elisa, and Melissa survey a fortress that has been cleared of soldiers by Minou. The girls attempt to attack Minou, but Lame steps in and blocks the attack their attack. She trades blows with Tart, but her sword is knocked out of her hand and she is struck by the butt of Elisa’s rifle, rendering her unconscious. Minou summons a seal with a lion’s emblem and brands Lame with it, causing her to fall into deep despair and transforming into a witch. Minou leaves the area before Tart is able to catch her, leaving Lame the witch to deal with the four magical girls. Elisa fires her rifle repeatedly at the witch as Tart charges her La Lumiere attack and ends up obliterating the witch completely.

Flèche During Tart Magica

Flèche first appears in Chapter 8, standing besides Corbeau as her attending maid. As Corbeau speaks with John Talbot and William Glasdale concerning the possible loss of the fort at Les Tourelles, Glasdale disagrees with Corbeau’s plans. Corbeau in response snaps her fingers, prompting Flèche to fire her bow repeatedly at him, killing him in the process. As Corbeau finishes her conversation with the head of the English forces, the French soldiers began their attack on the fortress. Corbeau unleashes black feathers that take out the majority of the French forces. She steps outside where Riz and Tart stand waiting for her. They begin their difficult battle with Corbeau, who uses her ability to push her soul gem’s impurities onto other magical girls in the vicinity. Riz warns Tart to stay away from Corbeau who snaps her fingers and once more prompts Flèche, who had been watching from one of the fortress towers, to unleash her arrows, this time at Tart. Several of the arrows find their mark and greatly harm Tart. Corbeau is able to pin Riz down with several of her black feathers as she walks towards Tart, ready to finish her off. From behind, La Hire strikes at Corbeau with his sword in an attempt to defend Tart, but the attack does nothing to Corbeau, who merely blocks a second sword attack with the back of her arm and throws La Hire face first into the ground essentially knocking him unconscious. Melissa rushes to her father's side and Riz calls out to her, telling her to get away from the front lines as soon as possible. Corbeau tells Flèche to make sure nothing is left of La Hire and Flèche conjures a large spear-like arrow and fits it to her bow. As she unleashes the arrow aimed at Melissa and her father, Tart suddenly stands before them and takes the full brunt of the attack, sparing the two humans. As a result, Tart endures a large hole the size of her fist in her right shoulder and collapses. With Tart on the verge of death, Melissa contracts with Kyubey in order to save Tart and her father. As Corbeau orders Flèche to finish them off, Riz pulls Tart and Melissa into her shadow realm where they hatch a plan. Once they emerge, Corbeau demands to know how they plan to defeat her since she brought Flèche with her to prevent anyone from attacking her outside of her magic's range. Melissa and Riz coordinate a joint attack on Corbeau as Corbeau calls out to Flèche to provide cover and to finish off Tart with another attack like the one that nearly killed her earlier.

Meanwhile, Tart attempts to take on Flèche alone. However, Flèche has dropped down one side of the tower, running backwards down the side as she launches arrow after arrow right at Tart, each one finding their mark. She turns and uses her momentum to run sideways across the walls of the fortress, launching more arrows up in her wake. As Flèche jumps back up onto a tower on the opposite side of the fortress, Tart emerges from the dust completely unharmed. Melissa’s wish altered Tart’s fate and has increased Tart’s power as a result. Furious at this news, Corbeau orders Flèche to use her full magic, as if she intends to drain herself dry. Tart unleashes her La Lumiere attack, missing Flèche but destroying the tower in the process. At this point Minou appears, originally intending on simply collecting Flèche but instead opting to summon a magic seal and branding her with it. She calls out to Corbeau to leave everything to Flèche instead and disappears with her sister inside of her portal. The remaining French soldiers with Gilles at the lead finally arrive at the fortress just as Flèche's witch form has spawned and stands ready and waiting in the courtyard. The witch turns its direction towards Orleans and readies to fire an attack. Tart leaps out from the tower and strikes at the witch's head with her sword. While the attack wasn't quite enough to stop the witch, it powers up its attack and Tart only barely manages to turn its head just as it fires off its attack. She grips her sword tightly and slashes the witch down the middle, parting it neatly in half. The witch explodes and is finished off. Off in the distance, Elisa stands at the edge of a cliff side some considerable distance away, having used her rifle to help finish off the witch from a distance.

Fauchard During Magia Record

Fauchard is only shown in Lapin's Magical Girl Story. Fauchard was the daughter of a lord of a small country during the Great War that was killed alongside her mother by some french soldiers in the side of Daulphin Charles, but she was saved by Lapin and her sisters, like some of their other magical girls maids. Then she was assigned to Lapin, to which she admired for "saving her life" and both even became close as it was easy for Lapin to talk to her. Fauchard was alongside Lapin when Corbeau went to Orleans alongside Flèche. Meanwhile, Lapin was sent by Minou and Isabeau to the south to "take care" of a lord that was problematic for them. There, Fauchard encountered Kyubey and Pernelle, who saved her from a witch that was hatched by a Grief Seed taken there by Lapin, in order to kill the lord of that place and his family. Learning about the truth of her mistresses killing her family and the families of the other silent maids, Fauchard witnesses Lapin killing the lord and his daughter, as witness the attack prior to Lapin killing her father.

Kyubey wants to make a contract with Fauchard so she can join Tart, Riz, Melissa and Elisa, telling her and Pernelle about their victory over Corbeau and Flèche in Orleans and how Isabeau also created magical girls, but without will of their own. However, Fauchard doesn't want to be on Tart's side, despite knowing the truth about Lapin and her family, as Tart is an ally of Daulphin Charles and he was an enemy to her father. Fauchard then reunites with Lapin and both are taken back by Minou, but then Minou takes Fauchard to Isabeau and forces her to make a contract with her, turning her into a magical girl without will. Lapin is sad about this, but quickly gets over it when Corbeau and Minou say they can get her a new maid, while Fauchard has become "a new doll for the three of them". It plausible that, like the rest of Isabeau's army, Fauchard was turned into a witch or died in the final battle like the rest of her maids.

Powers and Abilities

Lame doesn't demonstrate any notable powers in her short appearance at the beginning of volume one, easily succumbing to Tart and Elisa's attacks. Minou immediately turns her into a witch and sets her onto Tart and her friends.

Flèche is shown to be able to summon magical arrows that she fits to her bow. She was able to concentrate her magic into an attack powerful enough to tear a hole into Tart's shoulder and mortally wound her. She was also shown to be able to run along the side of a castle wall horizontally.


  • They are the only magical girls in Isabeau's army who are named.
  • While the full extent of their powers are unknown, Flèche was powerful enough to mortally wound Tart and would have succeeded in killing her had Melissa not wished to heal her wounds.


  • In the alternative world of the school Holy Maiden Academy, Fléche and Lame attend this school along side another new magical girl servant of Isabeau named Fauchard, who appeared in Lapin's Magical Girl Side Story Source.
  • In this alternative world Masugitune gave japanese last names to the three girls Source.:
    • Flèche full name in this world is Flèche Samegai (鮫ケ井 フレシュ "Samegai Fureshu").
    • Lame full name in this world is Lame Yōniku (羊肉 ラム "Yōniku Ramu").
    • Fauchard full name in this world is Fauchard Yarizawa (槍澤 フォシャール "Yarizawa Foshāru")
  • According to Lapin's magical girl story in Magia Record, Fauchard and most likely Flèche, Lame and the rest of the girls in their magical girl army, were daughters of lords (or peasants) who's families were murdered by witches planted by Isabeau's daughters in order to get more girls under her army.
  • It seems that the alternative japanese last names for Flèche and Lame are references to their witch forms, as Flèche's last name has the kanjis for "shark" while Lame's last name originally was planned to have the kanji for "owl", being this two animals respective to their witch forms.
  • It is heavily implied that Corbeau seduced Flèche before torturing her into making a wish with Isabeau.


  • Flèche is the French word for "arrow".
    • The kanjis in her (parallel counterpart's) last name mean "shark" (鮫) and "water well" (井).
  • Lame is the French word for "sword".
    • The kanjis in her (parallel counterpart's) last name mean "sheep" (羊) and "meat" (肉). Together can be read as "lamb" or "mutton".
    • Originally, Masugitune wanted Lame's japanese last name to have the kanji for owl (梟), but he decided to change it due to him having hunger while thinking about it. Source.
  • Fauchard is a french weapon, a type of polearm similar to a Glave or a War Scythe.
    • The kanjis in her (parallel counterpart's) last name mean "spear" (槍) and "swamp" (澤).