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The Wings of the Magius were disbanded at the end of Arc 1 of the story. While most of the former members of the Wings of the Magius went off on their own or joined the Kamihama Magia Union, others regrouped with the goal of bringing Touka Satomi and Nemu Hiiragi back as their leader and attempted to kidnap them from Kamihama Magia Union, but were thwarted. Originally led by Shigure Miyabi and Hagumu Azumi, it has since been taken over by Himena Aika at the end of Arc 2 Chapter 2.

Their philosophy centers around the former Magius’ (especially Touka’s) theory of Magical Girl supremacy - a belief that Magical Girls are inherently superior to humans because the strength of their emotions allows them alone to make wishes and combat entropy. They also believe Magical Girls deserve better treatment from humanity, and seek to restructure society so that Magical Girls are above humans, with Neo-Magius being above other Magical Girls. Himena and San compare it to becoming a living god.

  • Faction name : Neo-Magius
  • "The girl who aims for the top so no one can oppose to her and the girls who follow her"
  • Type : Disciplined and dogmatic
  • Goal : Creating a caste system by controlling humans and magical girls
  • Atmosphere : Loose at first glance but there is an uneasy mood
  • Ideology : Elitism and will forcefully clamp down on those with different ideas
  • Internal relationship : A gyaru and submissive subordinates
  • Keywords : Club, Dangerous ideology, Planned, Rising from the small group, Concert hall

Known Members


White Feathers

  • San Kagura (joins in Dependence Blue; former Feathers' instructor at Fendt Hope)

Black Feathers

Other Known Members


Black Feathers

White Feathers

Other Art