Oriko Magica Chapter 3: Love is an Infinity of Limitations

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This section may contain major spoilers for the Oriko Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Oriko's father, Hisaomi Mikuni, was a politician, and she was helping him with his campaign back when she was a child. She was very dedicated and told him he couldn't bribe her, making him laugh.

Mami is seen fighting Charlotte, and feeling a presence of another magical girl nearby, who turns out to be dead. Kyubey reveals to her a rumor that there is a magical girl who hunts other magical girls. The girl seen at the end of the previous chapter is revealed to be Kirika Kure, and she's having a tea party with Oriko in the garden. A witch attacks, and Kirika fights her while Oriko continues to make tea. Kirika faints, and Oriko says that she has to use her again, "to protect [their] world".

Mami investigates the case of the killer magical girl, asking Kyubey, Kyoko and Homura what they know about it. Kyoko asks Mami back about Oriko, but she doesn't know anything. Homura has no knowledge herself, but tells Mami to stay away from herself, Madoka, Sayaka, and Hitomi. Homura then accompanies them home (note that Sayaka and Hitomi never actually appear). Mami meets Kirika, who has lost a stuffed toy - Mami helps her recover it, and Kirika calls her "savior". Kirika treats Mami for a strawberry crepe to thank her, but Mami mentioning Kirika probably loving the person who gave her that toy makes Kirika mad - she is extremely picky about using the word "love". She comments that "love is an infinity of limitations". A witch appears, and Mami begins to fight it carefully, not wanting to harm Kirika. However, Kirika transforms into a magical girl and attacks Mami, revealing herself as the "Black Magical Girl", the culprit behind the previous murders. Kirika is seen winning the battle, while in the meantime Oriko is seen talking about her and Kirika making her father's dream come true.