Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 13

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Yuma awakens from a nightmare of her parents trying to kill her next to a sleeping Kyoko. She falls back down into the bed with tears in her eyes as she hugs the other girl for comfort.

Meanwhile, Kirika sings about how happy she is that she's going out with Oriko while said girl her warns her to not wander too far away. Kirika says that she's not as knows this is an important mission and offers her some food which she politely declines. Oriko remarks on the grief seeds that Sasa collected and left behind, as she had gathered quite a few, more so than Kirika could ever hope to gather. But as long as they have them Oriko can go into battle confidently and both can use their powers to the fullest. Kirika is surprised and says she can do all the fighting for Oriko, but Oriko tells her that they both can't defeat Homura's magic alone and need to combine their powers if they want to succeed. Oriko also warns Kirika to not take their trip to Kazamino lightly as most of the girls from Kazamino are dead in Mitakihara from the previous battle, leaving the local Witches there free to run wild within the city. Kirika asks if they shouldn't fight them either and Oriko answers yes as they mustn't let Kyubey know they're active in Kazamino so they mustn't make any contact with magical girls either.

Oriko and Kirika walk around the city in search of a particular building, but Oriko seems to be unable to find it despite being in its general area. Kirika says they should take their time walking together and looking for it, and even says they should treat it like a mini vacation and stay overnight. Oriko worries if they should but Kirika assures her it'll be fine as Kyubey doesn't watch over them every minute. But Oriko states her concern as she would like to miss school as little as possible. The pair then suddenly hear shouting nearby and find a woman harassing Yuma and threatening to call her mother as the young girl begs her to let her go. Oriko stops the woman and asks her what the problem is.

Oriko flashes back to her conversation with Kyubey over a magical girl with great potential. She reveals to him that this girl is in Kazamino, and that she senses enormously powerful potential from her, believing this girl is the one Kyubey is looking for. Kyubey thinks it's wonderful news but is surprised that Oriko can sense this magic from such a long distance away and asks what her power is again. Oriko answers that she simply sees is all, and that observers like her are powerless to actively affect the world and that she wishes to help others instead. She adds that she hoped her words would be of some use to Kyubey as he might find a magical girl who could save the world. Kyubey thanks Oriko for her help, and Oriko says she'll do everything can do too as well.

Back in the present, Yuma escapes from the woman and passes by Oriko as she recalls her as the girl mentioned in her flash back. Kirika laments that Yuma got away, but the woman starts grilling them asking if they know Yuma and are acquainted with her, which Kirika denies and argues with her for yelling at Oriko. While they argue Oriko silently watches as Yuma runs far off into the distance.

Elsewhere, Kyoko successfully takes down a Witch, remarking how much of a haul she's making and questioning why so many are running wild within the city. She decides to not bother thinking about it too much as it means more grief seeds for her and calls for Yuma to join back up with her. However she quickly notices that the young girl is nowhere nearby and Kyoko begins calling out to her when Yuma reappears right behind her. Kyoko asks her where she ran off to, but Yuma instead hands her a box of pocky as a gift. But Koyko is suspicious about it and asks where she got it, but Yuma dodges the question as she says they're for Kyoko as she knows she likes them. Kyoko takes the box while eyeing Yuma suspiciously and Yuma finally answers that she got them on her own and asks Kyoko if she's proud of her. Kyoko asks if she was caught stealing them and ran away, causing Yuma to break down and apologize for failing. She promises that next time she'll do it right and begs for Kyoko to not start hating her for her failure. Koyko suddenly headbutts her to stop her tears and says that's not what she's talking about. She tells the girl to stop doing that as she's still teaching her how to live on her own and doesn't want her to go off like that until she completely understands how to do it. Kyoko then teases Yuma for getting caught and bawling her eyes out about it like a cry baby, and Yuma says she isn't and proclaims she's stronger than that all while crying again. Kyoko decides to take Yuma back as the latter is tired, unaware that they are being watched and followed by Kyubey.

Back with the Mikuni family, Kimihide meets up with his sister Sumi and remarks that it's been a long time since either of them have seen each other as both were avoiding the other. Sumi says that it wouldn't have been good publicity for them to have been seen together after what happened and that Hisaomi really worked them over and sullied the family name. Kimihide tells her that "Mikuni" is nothing more than a name and that the superiority of a name doesn't exist. He goes on that while one can argue over the superiority of "red" or "blue" it won't change what they define, and that if an ancestor of theirs left behind a glorious history then that history still be his alone, and only a fool would believe that a house or name holds glory itself. Sumi says he's head of the house and that if their father was still alive, he could count on more than a mere scolding. Kimihide answers that he says it because he's the family head, and that while a famous name might appear as pretty decoration to an outsider, if they let those decorations restrict them then he has nothing but contempt for them. He adds that not only is he trapped by it, but Sumi and Hisaomi are as well. Sumi asks if he's holding a grudge over what happened to Hisaomi, and Kimihide answers that he has no regrets as Hisaomi did what he wanted to do while he only did what was necessary. He does add that he didn't want Oriko to endure this, but whatever they say will not affect her and that she's an intelligent child who'll realize it on her own. Sumi notes how Oriko has won Kimihide over, but she herself finds Oriko to be frightening. Kimihide asks her why, and she answers that Oriko acted exactly the way she should for her age, and the next time they met her she had already lost the face of a child.

Back with Oriko and Kirika, the latter asks her what she's mad about and says she'll slice them up personally for angering her as they have tea. Oriko seems surprised as she didn't seem to notice that she looked upset and recalls Yuma crying. Oriko then says that no matter what happens, Yuma is fated to a tragic end. Kirika is confused at her statement and Oriko tells her it's nothing, that they need to finish their work here quickly. She thinks to herself about how Yuma is simply a decoy and that there's no reason to allow her to divert them from their goals.