Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 15

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Oriko monologues to Kyubey about how deep human emotion is as it is what creates gods and devils and created everything. She adds that Yuma must undergo the change just as Kyubey wishes and Yuma herself wishes as well.

As Yuma sleeps, Koyko fights off the Witch Cecil in the park. Kyoko says that this is a sad excuse for a Witch and just wants to finish it off and go back to sleep as fighting them in the middle of the night is a pain. Kyoko tries to finish it off, but Cecil dodges and attempts to run from her as it summons blades to keep her at bay. Kyoko whines as she worries about Yuma possibly waking up and start looking for if she doesn't end this quickly. Kyoko attacks Cecil again and thinks to herself that while she's a magical girl, Yuma isn't and Kyoko has a different path to follow from her, as they can't always be together because of it. She then thinks she shouldn't have gotten involved with her. Back at their room Yuma awakens to Kyoko's absence but finds Oriko in her place. Oriko tells Yuma that death may have already claimed Kyoko, causing Yuma to panic and cry over loosing her and what to do. She turns to Oriko and asks her if she knows where Kyoko is right now, and Oriko answers if she did what will Yuma do about it, wondering if Yuma will reshape Kyoko's fate. Yuma stops crying and proclaims that she wants to save Kyoko.

Yuma runs out to the park to try and save Kyoko while elsewhere Kirika meets back up with Oriko and asks her why she's so obsessed with Yuma, as she's the one Kyubey has his eyes on and asks if that'd give them away. Oriko answers that Kyubey already knows as she was the one who met up with him. Kirika asks why, to which Oriko wonders the same. She gets all these emotions from Yuma and can't understand why she picks them up despite the fact that all she does is cry. She goes on and says that maybe it isn't the crying, but rather that someone held out a hand in friendship to Yuma that makes her cling desperately to it and yet does nothing on her own. Oriko remarks that Yuma's a fool by using he own weakness as a shield while Oriko herself was forbidden to cry, not only for the sake of her father and the town, but for the world's sake. The last few words about the sake of the world echo in Oriko's mind and she grasps at her head as she tells it to not make her remember her own weakness. Kirika calls out to Oriko and checks to see if she's ok, asking her if she's the real Oriko. In response Oriko slaps Kirika and questions why she'd ask something like that. Oriko reaffirms that she is Oriko Mikuni and is the one tasked to save the world. She says she knows what she's doing and even if it looks like she walks a path of evil, she still is who she is. Kirika smiles and thanks Oriko, confusing the other girl. Kirika says that she knows Oriko is always doing what's right and just wants her to give her orders on where to go next. She adds if Oriko asked her to, she'd kill everyone and change herself for her sake.

Meanwhile Kyoko is about to be hit by the Witch until Yuma steps in and rescues her, refusing to let her die and hits it with her mallet, giving Kyoko a chance to counterattack. Yuma exclaims that she's going to fight too and that she's sick of not being able to do anything. She adds that she'll change for herself and Kyoko.