Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 2

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After Komaki saves Oriko from a Witch, she calls the other girl an idiot for getting into trouble and tells her the creature that attacked her was a Witch and that she is a magical girl. When Komaki states that she only does the job because of the price of her wish, Oriko asks what that wish was, resulting in Komaki almost telling her but retracting her answer when she questions if Oriko is thinking of becoming a magical girl too. She warns her it's not easy as she risks her life to fight Witches and that there are other magical girls looking to pick fights with each other. Oriko tells her to calm down and Komaki suddenly notices that while Kyubey is present, Oriko hasn't taken notice of him at all and assumes she simply doesn't have the potential and can't see him. As she leaves, Komaki tells Oriko to stop showing up at school to prevent other students from gossiping about her and that she can't stand the sight of her. Oriko thanks her, but says that she finds it easier to relax more at school than shutting herself up at home. The last thing Komaki asks of her is for her to keep the conversation about magical girls and Witches between themselves.

After Komaki leaves, Oriko meets up with Kyubey and she asks him why he's not going with Komaki. Kyubey answers that Komaki doesn't concern him as she is hunting Witches like she should. He also can't understand why Oriko doesn't want Komaki to know that she is already a magical girl but assumes she has her reasons for keeping quiet and pretending to not see him. Their discussion changes back to Oriko asking Kyubey if he was able to see the potential of another magical girl, Yuma Chitose, and he says that she does have the potential and he will be keeping on eye on her before talking to her. Kyubey appreciates Oriko's help and Oriko thanks him for granting her wish and opening her eyes to the world of Witches and giving her the power to fight them. Though she also states that while she wants to save this world from Witches, she gets nervous confronting them but believes that she will be able to fight them soon enough. Kyubey is please to know that Oriko isn't ignoring her duties and Oriko adds that of course she isn't as she chose this path. When he leaves, Oriko laughs to herself at Kyubey wasting his energy on scouting Yuma and that he won't be able to find Madoka. She laments however that she can't meet Madoka unless she does something to arrange it and since her foresight requires a lot of magic it leaves her little else to do. Oriko thinks that she needs someone to help her and considers Komaki when she suddenly senses a Witch nearby and leaves to find it, unaware of another girl watching her.

Oriko then finds and fights the Witch using her attack, Oracle Ray. As she defeats it and picks up the grief seed she is relieved to find that she hasn't used up too much magic during the fight. She suddenly senses another person watching her and turns around asking who is there. She finds no one, but the girl from before reappears behind her and attacks, revealed to be another magical girl named Kirika Kure. Oriko suddenly recalls Komaki's warning of other magical girls picking fights as the two girls begin to fight each other.