Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 6

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Akira tracks down Komaki via an app she installed on the other girl's phone after being informed by Koito that her sister went out again. She expects Komaki to be partying at a club, but finds the location on her phone is displaying a different area entirely. She thinks about how Koito was wrong about Komaki going out late at night to party while she witnesses from a distance Komaki in her magical girl form fighting against Kirika. Komaki continues her fight against Kirika, though she has trouble keeping her distance as Kirika is faster than she is. But Kirika is unable to hit her as the shield on Komaki's axe keeps blocking her attacks. She focuses on getting more serious and prepares to hit her again after she's left open, but the shield part on Komaki's axe detaches itself and protects her from Kirika's claws.

Meanwhile Oriko has a dream where she finds Madoka and attempts to kill her by strangulation. As Madoka struggles Oriko bids her farewell, but is suddenly shot in the head by an unknown assailant, awakening her from the dream. Oriko believes it to be another vision, but questions as to what it could mean since Madoka appears to be an ordinary student and isn't the type to have an armed bodyguard protecting her. She wonders if she was a target instead, but doesn't think so as while people hate her for her father's sins, she doubts they'd want to murder her outright. She guesses someone might be protecting Madoka and that it's possible that they might also know the truth. With that in mind, Oriko concludes that it means she now has two people to kill rather than one.

Back with Akira, she tries to call 911 during Komaki and Kirika's violent battle but is unsure about what to tell the police or what to do in this strange situation. As Kirika launches another attack Akira calls them anyway, but ended up calling Koito by mistake in her panic. Kirika quickly notices that Komaki doesn't have the shield on her axe anymore, but when she tries to attack she instead blocked and trapped in a barrier by the other girl. Komaki remarks that while Kirika's faster than her, her thinking is slow and that her claws can't break through her shield. She prepares to finish off a trapped Kirika while Akira tries to assure Koito that nothing's wrong until she hears a scream coming from the battle. She sees Kirika has blown through Komaki's barrier by merging her claws into a single blade whip and knocked her away. Akira is startled by the fact that they are using magic and wonders if she's dreaming. Komaki lays injured on the ground and wonders if she's going to die and if it'll show up on the news. As Akira looks on she recalls the time Komaki had saved her and Miyuki despite the risks to her own life. Right when Kirika gets ready to kill Komaki, Akira drops her phone with Koito still on the line and rushes in to save her friend. Komaki awakens upon hearing Akira's voice call out to her, but within seconds Akira is hit by Kirika's attack and is torn in two. Komaki stares in horror at part of her lifeless friend in her arms while Kirika slowly comes to the realization that she had just killed a bystander by accident.