Pernelle in Magia Record

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Pernelle Flamel
Pernelle magireco detailed 2d.png
Japanese Name ペレネル
Voiced by Japanese:
ID No: 4029

For her full bio, see Pernelle

General info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Grey
  • Hair colour: Grey


  • Soul gem:
  • Weapon: Caduceus-like staff
  • Wish: unknown
  • Japanese pronoun: watashi (私)
  • Known relatives: Nicholas Flamel (husband)



Pernelle has the ability to create magical barriers. She uses them as shields and platforms.

She also displayed the power to imbue weapons with unique, powerful, and lasting magic, such as those of Elisa and Tart, as well as imbuing them with magic of their own, as is the case with Tart's sword.

She has also displayed the ability to teleport, during which she appears to fade away.


Event Appearances


  • Originally, Pernelle had a plain pink Live2D model similar to that of other NPCs and minor characters (such as La Hire or Baron Gilles de Rais). However, for the third Tart event End of a Legend, the Limits of Light, Pernelle was given a detailed Live2D model like that of other main characters.
    • Her proper Live2D model is the first time Pernelle's eyes were open and colored, confirming that her iris color is gray. The location and shape of her Soul Gem has yet to be revealed.


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