Magia Record Story Rebel of a Dawnless Land

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A shadowy figure hidden behind her bed curtains describes how she envisioned a future where Tart was dead. She decided to invade Tart’s dreams in order to take her out, but visitors from the future disrupted her plans. To prevent this from happening, she will change the future so they won’t exist and venture to the past in the first place.

Act 1

Chapter 1 - The Dream Continues

1429: France – Eastern Border

Elisa Celjska has finally made it to French territory along with a battalion of soldiers. The group barely has time to catch their breath when they’re assaulted by soldier-like familiars. Elisa defeats them with ease, prompting one of the soldiers to wonder if she isn’t the saint mentioned in the prophecy, but Elisa laughs it off. Their victory is short-lived as they’re surrounded by Corbeau, Lapin, and Minou. Minou welcomes them to the land of perpetual night. Elisa accuses them of turning all of France into a Witch’s wonderland which doesn’t faze Minou in the slightest. She points out that Elisa has crossed the border between France and the Holy Roman Empire with a legion of heavily armed forces. Corbea leaps into an attack on the soldiers but Elisa is able to fend her off. Corbeau smiles maliciously and summons more of the familiars to her aid. The soldiers fight off the familiars as Elisa takes on Corbeau herself.

The Roman army is able to take the familiars down thanks to Elisa’s directions all the while fighting Corbeau. Corbeau can’t get enough of this bloodshed as she cackles in joy at being in another battle to the death. Lapin jumps in and swipes at Elisa, injuring her slightly and irritating Corbeau. Lapin whines that she’s bored and it’s her turn to play now. Elisa gathers herself and redirects the troops to continue fighting the familiars as she turns to face the sisters once more. Corbeau asks if she really thinks she can take on all three of them. Minou only smiles and says she hadn’t planned on fighting herself but is willing to do so if Corbeau really wants to. Lapin giggles in glee at the thought of breaking in her new toys. The Roman soldiers offer to help fight the girls but Elisa warns them off. She reminds them their duty was only to make sure she made it into French territory, where she would split off from the group and head out on her own in order to infiltrate the enemy base. She just needs them to stop the Familiars that are blocking her path and then she’ll cut her way forward after that. They bid each other good luck and separate. Corbeau and her sisters politely wait until Elisa is done and then commence their fight.

Ui Tamaki tosses in bed, talking in her sleep. She wakes up in the hospital, wondering if everything she saw Elisa doing was really just a dream. She looks at her cellphone, the screen glowing brightly. Ui thinks it’s too bright, almost magically so. Nemu Hiiragi looks at her concerned as Touka Satomi asks Ui if she’s ok. Ui says she had a scary dream and describes everything she saw. Nemu is fascinated by the story and feels inspired to make a dream. She explains to her friends that The Holy Roman Empire really did exist in history, around the same time that Jeanne d’Arc was most active in France. Ui is amazed at this, while Nemu is surprised Ui wasn’t already aware of the fact since she dreamed about it. Nemu says the Witches that overran France didn’t really happen, instead saying it was the war against England that was devastating France at the time. Ui didn’t know any of this either, which prompts Nemu to wonder how Ui dreamed a dream that was so accurate without her knowing any of it beforehand. Ui thinks maybe her phone has something to do with it and shows them the brightly lit screen.

Nemu asks to see it and Ui hesitates. She’s not sure why, but she has the strong feeling she shouldn’t show it to others, even her two closest friends. Something is wrong, and she can’t quite place what it is until she realizes she’s in the hospital. She remembers now that her sister, Iroha Tamaki, wished for her to get better and that all three of them became Magical Girls. She looks at her friends and notes they’re wearing the same pajamas they would always wear in the hospital. Not only that, neither of them have their Soul Gems and neither did Ui. Ui asks if she’s still dreaming since they should have left the hospital since they became Magical Girls.

Touka laughs and says the jig is up, turning herself back into Lapin while “Nemu” turns into Minou. Ui tries to run, footsteps echoing behind her. She heads outside only to find herself in a weird dark void.

Corbeau and her sisters catch up to Ui, revealing the hospital was only an illusion all along. They surround Ui, who knows she has to fight but has no way of transforming without her Soul Gem. She looks at her cellphone, still shining brightly in her hand and is able to transform into a Magical Girl. Minou smirks and the three sisters attack Ui relentlessly. Soon Lapin asks if they can just kill her already, but Minou says it’s too soon for that. Suddenly Ui is gone and the sisters look around to find that Elisa has rescued Ui. She introduces herself to Ui but Ui already knows who she is thanks to her dream earlier. Ui introduces herself quickly. Elisa, not eager to fight all three sisters again, asks if Ui can run and suggests they retreat for now.

Having run a fair distance, the two stop to recoup. Ui looks around at their odd surroundings and wonders if this is still a dream since she is able to move around without her Soul Gem. Ui asks Elisa to pinch her cheek, which Elisa does vigorously. Ui cries out in pain and wonders how a dream can hurt so much. Elisa says she’s mistaken since they are definitely in reality. They both transform out of their Magical Girl state as Elisa explains how all of France has been plunged into an ocean of nothingness where darkness is perpetual and Witches roam the lands freely. Elisa explains Ui had been imprisoned because she posses “the record of the blank prophecy”. Ui asks if she is referring to her smartphone and shows it to Elisa. Elisa, being from the 15th century, has no idea what a phone is much less a smartphone. All she does know is it is her job to rescue and protect the person carrying it. Ui is perplexed, since she was able to transform as if her cellphone were her Soul Gem. It’s as if her cellphone were magical. Cube and Pernelle contact Ui through telepathy. The two are in hiding outside of France, but thanks to a magical stone Pernelle gave to Elisa, they are able to communicate over vast distances. Cube asks Ui to tell them about herself. After listening to her, Cube concludes she is from the Far East and has traveled back in time from the future. He explains to Ui that she is in the 15th century although he still doesn’t know how it is she traveled back in time in the first place. But that’s the least of their concerns since France is about to be swallowed up by a Time Paradox and the only thing that can stop it is the Blank Prophecy that Ui is carrying with her.

About three months ago a massive distortion in space and time was observed centered on Orléans, France when Jeanne d’Arc was fighting there against the English. Someone or something caused the Time Paradox to occur which caused everything to become unstable. Immediately after France was plunged into nothingness and darkness and Witches ruled the land. For now, a small number of safe lands dot the darkness like islands. Ui can’t quite wrap her around around what a time paradox is. Cube explains it to her, stating that there are several contradictory things happening at the same time right now which is causing everything to become unstable. History that has already been dictated is being forced to change and now both the past and the future hang in the balance. Cube has been observing the situation and has traced several instances of history being changed. A history where France wins and a history where France loses are two different timelines that have now collided, rendering France apart in the process. Elisa, having learned all of this from Pernelle before, explains to Ui how all of France is covered in a Witch’s labyrinth where all the time distortions are happening. As the Allied English Forces continue to dominate Europe, so too does the Witch’s barrier extend. Ui asks what the deal is with her phone, saying Cube had mentioned that it could save them all from this impending doom.

Ui asks Cube how it is she’s able to transform by using her cellphone without her Soul Gem. Cube isn’t entirely sure about that, but according to his monitoring Ui’s Soul Gem is in a completely different dimension, possibly the future. Her cellphone is channeling the magic of Ui’s Soul Gem to her so for now it is functionally her Soul Gem. Pernelle is certain they’ll have to research more to get to the bottom of things, but one thing they do know is that the Blank Prophecy has a significant amount of power. It has the power to erase the Paradox and return history back to normal but only Ui can use this power since it belongs to her. They were able to learn all of this thanks to Elisa successfully infiltrating the English base. Ui is amazed to learn that Elisa had been fighting all by herself up to this point. Elisa proudly points out she’s not the kind of person to put in their two cents from a safe distance from the danger. Cube feels they’re more useful by monitoring the situation from the outside while Pernelle acknowledges they’ve put the fate of the world in Elisa’s hands by doing so. And now they know that the future depends on Ui and her prophecy.

Ui looks through her phone and gets a worried look on her face when she sees the photo she took of her and her sister. She explains to Elisa that a photo is something like a portrait and shows it to her, only Ui isn’t in the photo anymore.

Even the background has been changed to that of the dark void they now find themselves in. Cube believes the photo is showing them the state of the future and how it may be disappearing. This is proof that the paradox is extending through time as well and how the two futures and pasts are now colliding everywhere. The darkness that is engulfing France may soon engulf the world and eradicate the entire future. Elisa tells the two to lighten up since the Holy Roman Empire is still fighting and they were able to successfully rescue the bearer of the Blank Prophecy. If they’re able to save the past, then Ui will be sent back to the future she came from. Ui is more worried about not wanting her sister to ever look that sad than she is about disappearing, so she joins forces with Elisa to restore the past and secure the future.

Chapter 2 – La Pucelle

Orléans Outskirts – Fort St. Augustine

Gilles rallies his troops as they fight the swarms of Familiars, asking them to hold fast until their saint can arrive. Riz Hawkwood is impressed they’ve made it so far, but she expected no less from the French Army that Tart had led. However a second wave of Familiars has appeared and there are twice as many as before. Riz hopes Tart can make it in time just as she hears Tart call out to everyone to duck as she unleashes her La Lumière attack. The magic attack clears the field of all the Familiars in one go as Tart apologizes for being late. Gilles and the troops are glad she’s there and are honored by her presence. Tart doesn’t feel she deserves so much aplomb but Riz informs her that everyone sees her as the last hope for France. No matter what happens they must defense Orléans to the death.

Ui asks Elisa how it is they’re able to communicate. Elisa senses magic flowing every time Ui speaks and deduces it must be thanks to her Prophecy. Ui looks at her phone and notices it flashes everytime she talks. Also, the batter icon has been changed as well. Elisa doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but suggests they hurry to Orléans where all the other survivors have gathered. They soon arrive at a sphere that looks like a window looking onto a town outside of the gates of Orléans. Elisa’s not sure how it works, but if they go through the sphere they’ll arrive in the town. After they arrive Elisa plans on meeting up with other Magical Girls from France in order to form an alliance with them against the English Magical Girls. Cube explains there are two other Magical Girls who are leading what’s left of the French Army in a resistance against the English. Pernelle explains that one of those girls is Jeanne d’arc, also known to them as La Pucelle. Ui has heard of her and says she’s the girl who saved all of France. Since France isn’t shrouded in darkness in the future, Pernelle is now certain of how history should be going. Elisa doesn’t like the thought of the “True Future” being predetermined and would rather strive towards the future she wants through her own free will. Pernelle would normally agree with Elisa on this point, but the “future” is being unraveled as they speak so they may have no choice but to return history to how it was before. Elisa is well aware of this fact as it is the only reason she’d be working alongside a shady alchemist like Pernelle and Cube, calling him a stuffy suspicious cheesecake and causing Ui to snort in laughter. Ui prepares to hop through the sphere but Elisa says there’s one more place they have to stop first.

Elisa takes Ui through a different sphere and the two end up in a forest outside of a church. Cube explains that a strong temporal disruption was observed at the church nearby but Ui can restore it to its original state if she uses her Blank Prophecy. Elisa tells Ui she’d been to Orléans before, when the Holy Roman Empire had first heard of La Pucelle. Back then she was tasked with observing La Pucelle and verifying if her powers were real. If the rumors were true, she was to assist her in helping crown the king of France. It was when she was watching La Pucelle in battle that the anomaly had first occurred. Out of nowhere Elisa was suddenly in a strange place. Certain areas in France, such as the church they would be visiting, were affected more strongly than others by the Time Paradox. For now, Pernelle wants Ui to go to those various regions with Elisa and use her Blank Prophecy to repair the distortions. If they can repair all of the distortions than the Time Paradox will be undone. Ui can sense an eeriness to the atmosphere as they arrive at the church. Suddenly Elisa yells at her to get down and Ui is just able to dodge one of Minou’s whip attacks. But Minou isn’t alone, as she’s brought a few Magical Girls that are under her control with her. She leaves her slaves to fight in her stead as Elisa transforms, warning Ui to stay back. Elisa fires her musket at the girls, taking them out in the process. Having created an opening for the moment, Elisa and Ui make good their escape.

Safely away, Ui tells Elisa that she can fight too. Elisa takes a hard look at her and asks if she’ll be able to fight other humans without hesitation. Elisa suspects Ui is the kind of girl that would take her time trying to figure out how to not hurt her opponent. Ui admits this is true so Elisa tells her to just keep out of the way. She stops and sighs, thinking out loud that the future must be a truly peaceful era. She admits to Ui that she doesn’t want to hurt weaker opponents if she doesn’t have to, but against powerful enemies like Corbea they have no choice but to go all out. Elisa encourages Ui to instead fight to protect herself and the Blank Prophecy. They won’t be able to save the future if something happens to Ui so she asks Ui to leave the heavier fighting to her. Ui smiles, cheered up now, and the two head into the church before Minou and her cohorts can catch up to them.

Inside the church they find a large bubble. Cube confirms that the Time Paradox has formed around this mass. Elisa informs Cube she overheard the English Magical Girls talking about this, calling it a “Fragment of True History”.

If the fragments are collected and written in the prophecy, then history will be restored. Ui says she’s not sure of how to record it using her phone, but does tell the others that her phone has a camera on it. Pernelle figures this must be futuristic technology and asks Ui to try it out. Ui takes a picture of the bubble and the world flashes around them. In Elisa’s mind, a place she’s seen before is coming back to her. Elisa is taken back to her memories:

(May 7, 1429: Outskirts of Orléans – Tourelles Fortress)
Gilles urges the soldiers to combat, for if they take back Tourelles they’ll be able to take back the city of Orléans. Riz and Melissa de Vignolles are battling Corbeau as Tart unleashes her La Lumière attack. Back then Elisa had been travelling to Orléans. As she observes the battle between Corbeau and the French Magical Girls from afar, a Witch appears to attack them. She can’t understand why La Pucelle is taking so long to defeat the Witch and decides to step in before innocent lives can be hurt. She uses her firearm to blast the Witch away in a single hit.

The memory soon ends. Ui asks if what she saw really happened as Elisa realizes that Ui saw her memories at the same time she recovered them. For Elisa it was like she was experiencing it all over again. Pernelle figures that true history was sealed away in those fragments. When Ui recorded the fragment on her Blank Prophecy, it confirmed it as true so Elisa ended up recovering her memories of her experience in that true history. Now that she’s recovered those memories, Elisa now holds memories of two different timelines. Ui asks if the girl she saw “Tart” was really Jeanne d’Arc. Cube confirms it is, as Tart is the nickname he gave her. Pernelle notes that everyone’s memories up until three months ago are still intact. When history was changed, the future was split into two timelines and what they saw was a fragment of the real history that was lost. Tart should have freed Orléans with the help of Elisa from the shadows. Now even Elisa believes Cube’s theories about the future being split in half since she could tell the difference when she relived her memories. Cube advises them to visit other places in France where the distortions are strongest so they can collect the Fragments of True History and undo the paradox. As Ui cheerfully holds up her phone in triumph, she notices the photo of her sister from before. In it, Iroha is still sad, but the background has returned to normal. This confirms they’re on the right track to bringing back the future.

They’re not stop is to meet up with La Pucelle at Orléans like they originally planned. Pernelle directs them to the army camp where Tart and Riz currently are. The two soon arrive and greet the girls in question. Riz is surprised to find that Ui knows who they are and notes she’s a Magical Girl too. Before Ui can introduce herself, Elisa interrupts and begins to introduce herself first. Halfway through her speech, Ui interrupts with her own name. Tart mixes them up and thinks she’s Ui Tamaki of the Order of the Dragon. Elisa tries to correct her but this only confuses Tart and Riz further. Tart has a strange feeling like she’s heard Ui’s name before but she can’t place it. Eventually Elisa manages to clarify their names, including that she’s not the proper princess of the Holy Roman Empire. Cube asks if she wouldn’t rather have him explain everything. Tart is surprised and delighted to hear back from her old friend Monsieur Angel. Tart likens him to her guardian angel, much to Elisa’s disdain. Finally, Pernelle explains everything to Tart and Riz.

Ui shows Tart her magic smartphone. Tart has no idea what it is either but Elisa promises that it’s a tool to help them out. She knows it’s a lot to take in and difficult to believe, what with tales of girls from the future. But Riz believes them wholeheartedly since she knows there’s no other explanation for this realm of darkness they find themselves in. As it is it’s the only solution they have for now as no one even knows if Prince Charles VII is safe. Pernelle explains to Ui that Tart’s goal is to help the rightful heir become the king of France. But nobody knows if the prince is even alive. At this point they need a miracle, and restoring history to its original state may be just the miracle they need. Tart doesn’t need any reason other than the fact that Cube asked her to help them, but Elisa wonders if the French army will agree to help as well. Gilles pipes up, ready to help his Holy Maiden on any quest she may be on and is glad to accept the help of the Order of the Dragon. Elisa is surprised with how quickly the army came onboard with their plan and marvels at how much they must revere La Pucelle. She recalls how slow Tart was to act back in Orléans and how she had to step in herself. She wonders if Tart is really as great as others make her out to be and vows to continue to observe her for herself. Outwardly she accepts Gilles’ offers of help with a smile, though she declares that she doesn’t believe Tart’s powers are as great as the rumors say. She asks for a demonstration of Tart’s powers and challenges Tart to a friendly dual. Tart looks askance until Riz steps up and offers to dual in her place. Riz and Elisa transform as Elisa accepts the dual. The two move to an open area for their battle.

The two quickly get into a skirmish as Elisa shoots at Riz. Riz melts into the shadows as she evades the attack but Elisa knows she’ll have to show herself in order to attack. She expects Riz to attack with her daggers and prepares to attack in the shortrange only to be surprised when Riz attacks her with a whip in a devastating attack called “Frusta Whip”. It wraps itself around Elisa’s arm, preventing her from using her firearm as Riz conjures a machete and attacks once more. Elisa counters by kicking Riz away. She gets ahold of her firearm once more and prepares to swing it like an axe. Riz is able to counter with her “Falce Scythe” and the two cross blades, pushing at each other with all their force. Suddenly, Riz drops her weapon and stops the match. She figures this is a good point at which to end the fight now that they’ve both seen what each other’s capable of. Riz knows she was only trying to provoke Tart into a dual to see what she’s capable of. If someone as capable as Riz believes in Tart’s abilities, then Elisa accepts that she is worth of assistance from the Order of the Dragon.

Chapter 3 – Collision

Minou receives her orders from the shadowy figure and teleports back to her sisters, who are waiting for her inside a church. She relays to them that they are to attack soon, causing Lapin to jump for joy. Corbeau thinks they’ll need time to prepare to defend themselves during a large-scale battle, especially if that holy maiden is going to show up again looking for the Fragments of True History. Minou says to leave the opening act to her.

Outskirts of Orléans – French Army Camp
A French soldier has reported to Tart, informing her Melissa and the others are requesting their aid. Riz informs Elisa that Melissa is another Magical Girl who is currently defending the Castle of Loches with the French army. The soldiers regret to inform Tart that there is word that the castle was attacked by a monster and La Hire has been slain, though they have yet to confirm this. Suspecting the monster may in fact be a Witch, Riz and Tart ready themselves to go. Pernelle urges Elisa and Ui to accompany them. Cube could feel the temporal distortion intensify rapidly there and suspects the Witch may have appeared there because of the Paradox and the Fragment of True History that may be there. Gilles stays to hold their camp down as the girls step through several gates to arrive at the distant city of Loches.

Peering from the void Minou marvels at the form of the Witch. When she’d heard a Fragment of True History had appeared she came over at once but she hadn’t expected a Witch from the future to appear alongside it. Time is beginning to break and she has that to thank for her unexpected helper. For now she’s content with letting the Witch defend the fragment so she and her Magical Girl slaves can avoid the large battles for now.

Tart and the others arrive at the Castle of Loches. They can feel the heaviness in the atmosphere but before they can react they find themselves thrust into a Witch’s barrier. The girls transform, but before Ui can do so a Familiar targets her. Tart rushes in and takes the blow, protecting Ui. As Ui transforms, Elisa rushes in and begins to take down the familiars. Riz can sense magic surging in the center of the barrier so the group hurries to get there before they’re too late. They arrive in time to Melissa fighting the Witch. She’s struggling with being able to land a hit on it, but she’s determined to avenger her father. Riz uses her shadows to bind the Witch in place while the other three Magical Girls use their magia attacks on the Witch all at once, ultimately defeating it. Ui is impressed with the display, but Riz is less so. She feels it was a waste of magic and she’s right. Elisa turns on Tart and Melissa and admonishes them, claiming she could have taken it down on her own. The two apologize, believing she had signaled for their help, not to step aside.

The French soldiers thank Tart and her friends for their assistance. Melissa introduces herself to Elisa. As Elisa introduces herself in turn, she gets a sudden shiver of fear that trembles through her body. She’s alright, but for some reason the sight of the normally reserved Melissa caused a brief flash of fear to possess her. When asked what happened to La Hire, Melissa informs them that her father chose to stay behind and ordered everyone else to escape to safety. Melissa and the others look saddened at the passing of La Hire.

Pernelle explains to Ui that La Hire was a renowned mercenary known for his bravery. Cube tells Ui not to worry just yet. If they can undo the Time Paradox then his death can be undone as well. Elisa and the others soon find the Fragment of True History deep inside the castle the Witch was guarding. Cube tries to explain how the fragments and the Time Paradox works to Melissa, Riz, and Tart but all the big scientific words just leaves them scratching their heads. Ui gives them the shorthand version and then takes a photo of the fragment. When she does so, the group is inundated with their true memories of when they all first met.

(June 1429: Near the Castle of Loches)
Elisa had challenged Tart to a friendly sparring match to test her abilities with Riz and Melissa cheering from the sidelines. Despite their differences in raw power, Elisa had more combat experience than Tart and was able to win the match. Elisa thought Tart was rather a disappointment compared to the rumors of her, which greatly angered both Riz and Melissa, with Melissa’s ears turning red from rage. Melissa offered to duel Elisa next before promptly grabbing her and throwing her high into the air. Not even her dad can stop her when Melissa gets that mad.

The memory ends and the girls stand there slightly disoriented. Riz and Tart don’t understand what they saw until Elisa explains to them it was their memories of true history. Melissa apologizes to Elisa for what happened while Elisa just makes a mental note to herself to watch what she says around her. La Hire walks up to them, wondering what’s going on. Melissa looks at him, eyes wide with shock. Just like Cube had said, when the paradox was erased time reasserted itself properly and the false events were erased. Melissa hugs her dad, crying all the while. For his part, the last thing La Hire remembers is taking on the Witch himself and getting beaten so badly he’d thought he died. Tart is happier than ever and thanks Elisa and Ui for helping bring hope back to France. Ui still doesn’t understand why her phone became magical; she’s just glad to be able to help.

Cube asks Ui if her device is common in the future. Cube wonders if the reason had to be some sort of recording device from the future. By recording the past, it creates proof that the past existed through observation and record-keeping. It confirms the true history of the past, based on the future she came from. But even Cube doesn’t know why Ui and her phone were chosen. The group heads back to their camp in Orléans. The soldiers and Magical Girls all get some rest for the night.

Orléans Outskirts – Tourelles Fortress
Minou meets up with her two sisters. She apologizes to them for allowing a Fragment of True History to be taken. Corbeau tells her not to worry and asks if Ui has returned to Orléans. Lapin dances a bit as she relishes their job for the day: beat up Ui. Corbeau summons soldier-like Familiars as she too smiles in anticipation of the destruction.

At base camp, Riz warns the others she senses magic near Tourelles Fortress. Tart, the other Magical Girls, and the French soldiers all advance to the fortress. Tart directs the soldiers to deal with the Familiars while she and the other French-allied Magical Girls handle the English Magical Girls.

Elisa and Tart waste no time in unleashing their magia attacks on Lapin. Both attacks strike Lapin directly, who cries out in pain and falls to the ground seemingly defeated. Corbeau cries out her sister’s name as Lapin transforms into her Witch form.

Lapin the Witch flashes her eyes and cape at her opponents, causing Riz and Melissa to transform out of their Magical Girl state and pulling away their weapons as well in the process. The other soldiers too, have been stripped of their weapons. Elisa and Tart are still transformed, having been further away and not the object of Lapin’s attentions that moment. Thanks to Pernelle using magical metallurgy to create their weapons, both Tart’s sword and Elisa’s firearm are immune to Lapin’s magic. Tart directs Riz to take the soldiers with her back to the fortress as she and Elisa take on Lapin. Elisa hesitates, sure that Tart will be launching her magia attack first so that Elisa can follow through rather than attack both at once. Tart stands there, waiting for Elisa to attack first. Both girls stare at each other for a moment before they realize they’re both waiting for the other to attack first. Lapin the Witch has no worries on that front, however, and takes advantage of their hesitation to flash her eyes on Tart and Elisa, nullifying their transformations.

Minou and Corbeau watch the battle, laughing at the ineptness of the French army including their Magical Girls. Riz, Ui, and Melissa can hear the taunting of Corbeau, causing Melissa’s ears to grow red with rage. Riz transforms again, saying she’ll handle them. Ui asks if she’ll be alright without her weapon, but Riz hasn’t lived as mercenary this long for nothing. She warns Ui to stay out of danger, since they can’t afford to lose the Blank Prophecy.

Minou thinks it’s brave of Riz to think she can take both of them on alone. Corbeau steps forward, wanting to fight Riz on her own and wanting revenge for turning Lapin into a Witch. Riz and Corbeau trade blows, neither of them backing down. Internally, Riz worries she may lose the fight since Corbeau is more used to fighting without weapons than she is. Riz sinks into the shadows before coming out and launching a sneak attack on Corbeau. She then uses her shadows to bind Corbeau in place and then breaking her arm. Despite the pain, Corbeau only laughs and commends her on her moves. She uses her magic to heal her arm and smiles broadly in anticipation of the true fight to the death she will have with Riz. Such a fight is something she’d been looking forward to for a long time. Riz warns Melissa to protect Ui at all costs as she turns back to Corbeau to continue their fight.

Corbeau attacks Riz once more, each blow landing successfully. She mockingly asks Riz what’s the matter, since she’s been holding back her true powers this whole time. Corbeau thinks that La Pucelle must not be so great either and won’t be a threat to her. Hearing this, Melissa becomes enraged and transforms, throwing a large stick she found at Corbeau. Melissa dn Riz team up to take on Corbeau together. Corbeau easily dodges the sticks and stones Melissa is throwing at her, but fails to notice Riz closing in. Riz hits Corbeau successfully as Ui cheers them both on. With Melissa and Riz focused on Corbeau, Minou sneaks over to where Ui is standing, ready to kidnap her. But Tart noticed what was happening and ran over to defend Ui before Minou could get her claws on her.

Confused, Minou and Corbeau both thought that Tart was busy fighting Lapin the Witch. They think that Lapin must have been defeated until they notice that Tart had left Elisa to fight Lapin on her own. With only Elisa to stop her, Lapin makes her way to the fortress, ready to overtake it. Elisa tries to stop Lapin by firing at her repeatedly with her firearm but it’s no use, Lapin has begun to destroy the fortress itself. Riz calls out for the soldiers to evacuate at once. It’s not worth holding the fortress if it means everyone’s deaths. It seems like France may be done for, and Ui is frustrated at not being able to help.

Her cellphone glows brightly and the words “(Enter Command)” and two buttons labeled “<- Return” and “Continue ->” can be seen on the screen. Ui presses one of the buttons.

Chapter 4 – The Comeback

Ui awakens to find herself back at the Orléans base camp. Tart is relieved to see that Ui has awakened at last. Cube asks her if she doesn’t remember what happened. When Ui pressed the button, time was rewound to a short time earlier. In exchange for doing so, it consumed a great amount of Ui’s magic. So much so that Ui was on the point of Witchification. Riz uses a grief seed on Ui’s cellphone, cleansing it of impurities. Thanks to Ui’s new abilities, the fortress has been restored to how it was. According to Cube, everyone within the Labyrinth encasing France can remember everything that happened before time was rewound. They were saved thanks to Ui’s magic, but they were utterly defeated in that battle. None of them were working together as a team, which cost them their victory. Ui worries that they shouldn’t be wasting time talking like this, but it seems the English sisters didn’t attack the fortress again like they did before. They too remember what happened and aren’t in a rush to get into a battle with a girl who can rewind time. Pernelle and Riz warn Ui not to use that power unless it’s an absolute last resort due to the massive amounts of magic it consumed. La Hire offers to keep watch alongside his soldiers so the girls can rest until morning.

It’s midnight but Ui can’t sleep at all. Melissa notices that Ui is up and offers to cast a sleeping charm on Ui. She can’t remember where she learned it from, but supposedly it’s guaranteed to give you sweet dreams. Melissa places red and blue candles around Ui and casts the charm, sending Ui into sleep almost immediately. As Ui snores in her sleep, she mentions her sister. Tart overhears Ui sleep talking and it reminds her of the younger sister she once had. Tart falls asleep as well, a sad look on her face. Elisa goes to walk around the camp for a bit since she can’t sleep as well.

Elisa bumps into Melissa, who also can’t sleep. A charm for good dreams is pointless if you can’t fall asleep to begin with. Melissa apologizes to Elisa for falling for Corbeau’s taunting words. Elisa says tha’ts alright, since it just proves how much Melissa cares about Tart. Elisa notices that all the French army cares about Tart as much as Melissa does. Melissa says this is due to how much Tart cares for them in return and how she never hesitates to protect someone she sees is in danger. Elisa recalls that that’s what happened in that last battle when Ui was in danger. Melissa tries to describe what happened when she became a Magical Girl but finds she can’t remember the details. When Elisa prompts her with details from her own memories, Melissa recalls the events that happened. Her and her father were going to be killed by Corbeau when Tart stepped in and protected them from Flèche’s attack. Tart was mortally wounded and that’s when Melissa made her wish to Cube for Tart and her father to be healed. It was then she vowed to fight alongside Tart no matter what.

Elisa is somewhat surprised that someone would throw their life on the line without hesitation to save another. Melissa is surprised that she could forget something to very important to her. Elisa has also noticed that all of her memories after the liberation of Orléans are very hazy, but Cube says this is because the battle of Orléans marks the appearance of the rift in history. Still, they were able to recover their memories once they recovered the Fragments of True History.

Elisa and Melissa walk back into the camp to find that Riz is awake as well. Only Tart and Ui were able to fall asleep. Riz hadn’t been able to sleep either after her crushing defeat at the battle. Elisa blames herself for disrupting their teamwork and decides to learn more about each other in order to remedy that. Elisa asks Riz about her weapon and the way it can change shape. Riz can change her weapon into anything she might need and has no preference in terms of its form. Whatever can help Tart is the one she prefers. Elisa asks Riz how her and Tart first met. Riz responds that she traveled many years as a mercenary in search of a “true hero”. Elisa is surpsied to find she’d made it so far outside of Italy, noting the slight Italian accent that Riz used to pronounce certain words. After a long time, Riz found herself in the village of Domrémy where she’d heard a girl with amazing potential lived. They’ve since spent many years together, though Riz regrets staying in that village longer than they should have. Mentally Elisa wishes she could see the village where Tart grew up. Melissa shivers, the night air being colder than she’d expected so the girls settle in to rest.

Minou reports to her benefactor once more, confirming that everything is going according to plan. Once she finishes, she teleports to a church where her sisters stand waiting for her. Lapin is eager for their next assignment, but Minou warns her she’ll have to wait for now. Corbeau sighs, eager to get her hands on Riz again so they can fight to the death once more. Minou notes that Corbeau doesn’t remember any of the fights she had against Tart while they were in Tart’s dream during the first event. The only one who should be able to remember anything that happened in that dream is her because she’s the one that conjured it to begin with. Lapin asks Corbeau if she just really likes pain. Corbeau admits she does, whether she’s the one causing it or experiencing it. For her part, Lapin just likes causing it, especially to smaller weaklings like the French soldiers or Ui, who she calls stupid as well. Minou isn’t sure why the Blank Prophecy chose someone like Ui to wield it, but if they’re able to get rid of her then they’ll be able to succeed in rewriting history. Corbeau is fine with whatever plans Minou and their benefactor come up with so long as Minou and Lapin are safe. Lapin gives Corbeau a big hug, telling her she loves her while Minou wonders what Corbeau meant by that. Didn’t Corbeau want their benefactor to be safe as well?

Lapin asks Minou to answer the question from earlier: does Minou like pain or does she prefer to inflict it? Minou chuckles, admitting she doesn’t like torture in and of itself. What she likes is allowing someone the hope of salvation before plunging them into despair. Lapin says that’s so like her and the three head to their room to sleep, Minou bidding them all good night.

Chapter 5 – From the Depths of Darkness

France - Orléans Outskirts
Early the next morning (or as close to that as it can get in a land of perpetual darkness), Cube awakens them all by saying “good morning”. He’s found another massive temporal distortion, and this one is far different from what they’ve seen so far. If his deductions are correct, they should be able to recover a very significant Fragment of True History. This one is located in Tart’s hometown of Domrémy. Gilles offers to accompany them along with the French army, but Elisa advises them it would be better if they stayed where they are to defend Orléans where Cube can help an eye on them to ensure the enemy doesn’t try anything while they’re gone. If they do, he can let Tart and the others know immediately. Pernelle informs them the gate to Domrémy is inside the Royal Fortress of Chinon. Chinon also happens to be the place where Melissa and Tart first met. The group of Magical Girls heads out.

Minou informs Corbeau that Tart’s group has left for her hometown. Corbeau warns that the fragment there is too important to lose. Minou understands that, and while the distortion has attracted Witches as usual there may not be enough to protect the fragment. Corbeau offers to go and protect it herself, but Minou suggests they let Lapin handle this one since she’s been so antsy lately. Instead, Corbeau can help Minou with a different task instead. Corbeau turns to tell Lapin she can head out but they find that Lapin had already taken off the moment she heard Minou say she could.

France - Domrémy
Tart’s group finds themselves in the center of Domrémy. Pernelle directs them to a forest on the outskirts of town as being the center of this particular distortion. The empty and desolated village reminds Elisa of the days when she was in exile with her mother after they were cast out of the palace. Elisa follows the group, deep in thought until Ui calls her attention. They’ve reached the center of the distortion, but it seems Lapin is already there waiting for them along with some Magical Girl slaves. She sets her eyes on Ui and begs her to play. Telepathically, Riz and Melissa tell Elisa to take Ui with her to the center of the distortion while they occupy Lapin. They plan on taking their time distracting her since they don’t want her to Witch out like the last time they fought. Elisa agrees and grabs Ui, the two of them running into deeper into the forest. Lapin turns to go after them but Melissa stands in her way. Riz and Tart also transform and prepare to fight Lapin.

Elsewhere, Elisa and Ui make it to the center. There they make short work of the Witches guarding the fragment. Ui immediately takes out her phone and photographs it, sending everyone to relive the true past.

(Several Years Earlier: Northern Italy – House of Visconti)
Elisa watches the memories unfold as Riz wishes to create a true hero on her own. Cube finds the wish unusual but promises to grant it per the contract. Riz had been born to the infamous Visconti family and was directly related to the man who later betrayed that family. So she left her family and went on a journey with Cube in search of an undiscovered hero in order to make her wish come true. Riz and Cube met many other Magical Girls on their journey, but all of them perished in one way or another without ever becoming heroes. Until the day she met Tart, La Pucelle.

The memories end and Elisa and Ui stand there, taking it all in. Elisa is a bit uncomfortable since she didn’t want to watch that without Riz’s permission. Ui noticed that the different weapons that Riz uses are the same weapons that the Magical Girls in her memories wielded. Elisa recalls the conversation she’d had with Riz the night before concerning her weapon of choice and realizes she’d been lying to her. Inside, Riz is more dedicated to Tart than anyone else. They head back to where Tart and the others are fighting, with Cube warning them that Lapin was giving them a hard time.

Lapin lands a fury of blows on Riz before causing Riz’s transformation to nullify. Tart rushes to Riz’s side, but Riz is thankfully uninjured. She warns Tart that Lapin still has the ability to nullify their transformations, but doesn’t seem to have the ability to draw weapons to herself that she did as a Witch. Riz transforms herself again and is determined to keep Lapin occupied until she retreats. As she readies herself for another round of fighting, she notices that Lapin’s magic is stronger than before. Not only that, the Magical Girls that accompany Lapin aren’t so easy to defeat either and costs them a great deal of magic to take down.

Lapin manages to corner Tart and nullifies her transformation just as Elis and Ui catch up to them. Seeing her defenseless, Ui rushes to Tart’s aid. Elisa chases after her and manages to block Lapin’s attack on Ui, following up with her own attack on Lapin. Corbeau appears, ordering Lapin to stop. Corbeau reminds her she shouldn’t be attacking their enemies on her own, but Lapin whines that she was eager to test out her powers now that they’re stronger. Corbeau points out that everything went according to plan this time, but they ‘d be in trouble if something happened to Lapin. That aside, even their enslaved Magical Girls seem to be nearing their limit. Lapin begrudgingly listens, but not before promising she’d beat Tart and her friends to a pulp the next time they meet. Corbeau apologizes to Tart for the intrusion and promises Riz they’ll fight next time as well before retreating.

Riz is thankful they’re gone while Tart thanks Elisa and Ui once more for their help. As the group relaxes for the moment, Pernelle contacts them to inform them they’ve found another Fragment of True History. Unfortunately this one is back in the village of Domrémy. The group heads back and very soon they find the fragment. Elisa finds it odd that there would be more than one fragment there, but Cube explains that was the reason the distortion was so strong there. When they recorded the other fragment in the woods, it allowed this one to appear. Ui takes a photo of the fragment, transporting the group into the memories of the past.

(Several Years Earlier: France - Domrémy)
Cube and Riz greet Tart for the first time. After some time there, Riz began to teach Tart how to wield a sword. Tart’s younger sister Catherine is interested in learning as well and ends up picking it up better than Tart did. Their village was soon struck by disaster and in the process Tart’s dear little sister Catherine perished.

(1428: France - Domrémy)
Tart cuts her hair short, vowing to prevent that kind of senseless cruelty from happening to anyone ever again. She has decided to become a Magical Girl and she wished for the power to bring light to all of France.

As she makes her contract, light began to rain down from the sky. This light could be seen across France and both Meliss and Elisa recall seeing the light that day. Ui doesn’t understand what she saw, and Tart describes it to her as a world they were unable to protect.

Elisa relays what they saw to Cube. Pernelle finds it odd tah the fragments they saw were events that happened long before the liberation of Orléans. Cube believes that these were essential events that needed to happen so that the Blank Prophecy could restore history properly due to their significance. The fact that they all became Magical Girls and their fates intertwined with one another, as well as Tart bringing light back to France all culminated in the creation of a future where Ui Tamaki was born. Elisa realizes that all their fates are connected, from Riz’s wish that led to her meeting Tart to Melissa’s wish that brought Tart back from the brink of death. Even their meeting at Orléans that helped to change the fate of France, Tart was at the center of it all. Elisa has a serious look on her face as she faces the group.

She thinks she should tell them about her own past since she was shown there’s, even if it wasn’t something she did on purpose. She admits to the group that she’s not a princess despite being the daughter of the Empress Barbara. Her father is not the king, but a nameless lover. When her existence was revealed, she and her mother were both cast out of the Imperial Palace. Riz is stunned to hear that she and Elisa both didn’t belong to the places they were born to. It was after they were cast out that Elisa made her wish to Cube. She had wished for everyone to acknowledge her existence so that her mother could be forgiven, and in exchange she continued to fight for her country, her emperor, and her mother.

Unlike Tart and her friends who risked their lives to save someone, she had continued to fight in order to never be unwanted again. The way she sees it, her reasons for fighting aren’t as noble as theirs. But Tart and the others don’t see it that way at all. Elisa saved Tart from danger on more than one occasion, and it was Elisa that encouraged Riz and Ui to keep going despite the odds. Elisa is happy to hear this, though she asks that they stop calling her “Princess Elisa” and start calling her plain Elisa instead. She also promises to start calling her “Tart” rather than “La Pucelle”.

Ui is glad they’re getting along better now. Although she’s not sure what her role is, she has a strong feeling that each of their journeys are connected to her future. Pernelle agrees, revealing to Tart that in the future it is known history that she saved France. Melissa is delighted to hear this while Riz is shocked. Tart grows serious and turns to Ui, asking her in earnest if the future she comes from is worth fighting for. Ui doesn’t hesitate in responding she wants to recover the future she shares with her big sister. Tart smiles, saying Ui’s response has made up her mind. She may not have been able to protect her own younger sister, but if they continue to fight then the peaceful days they couldn’t protect will be waiting for them in the future.

Elisa remembers the photo of Ui’s sister and asks her to check on it. Ui does so and is surprised to find it has been restored to how it was…

…only for it to immediately fade to white. Cube sees this as proof that the real future is returning thanks to their efforts, but the future isn’t set in stone yet. Tart stares at the blank image and asks if the girl she saw was Ui’s older sister. Ui proudly tells Tart that her sister is named Iroha. Tart has never met her before, yet somehow her face and name are very familiar. Elisa would like to look into it further, but she’s exhausted so the group returns to their camp in Orléans.

Back at the camp, La Hire is glad to see the girls are well and, judging from the smile on Melissa’s face, ventures to guess that their mission went well. Riz is exhausted too and ready to retire to her tent, but Ui wants to take a photo with everyone to commemorate their friendship. Tart doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but Ui just asks everyone to look at her cellphone for a bit. Just as Ui takes the photo, Melissa notices a bug on Elisa’s lapel that causes her to jump in fright.

Chapter 6 – A Promise and the Truth

Inside a church Minou meets the newest additions to their Magical Girl army. She assumes their wishes were for the benefit of her older sister. The girls nod, and Minou understands now that was the reason Lapin went off on a solo mission: she’d wanted to test out the new powers she’d been gained from their wishes. But Minou is upset that Lapin wasted the girls since they only have so many girls who have the potential to contract. She’s also upset at the way Corbeau is wasting them too. She had an incredible power and wasted a girl’s potential just so she could seal it away. Corbeau said she only did it so her sisters wouldn’t get hurt in battle, but she doesn’t believe they matter in the grand scheme of things. Minou believes that only the will of their benefactor should matter to them. Since the girls are useless to her at the moment, she goes to find another girl to present to their benefactor. She knocks on her benefactor’s door, asking forgiveness for the intrusion but she introduces her to a young lady that has a wish she would like granted.

France - Orléans Outskirts
Gilles brings news to Tart of a great miasma forming around the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Orléans. Cube thinks it sounds like another fragment has appeared. Now that they’re clearing up some of the distortions in time, other distortions that were previously hidden are making themselves known. If they continue to clear the fragments, true history will be restored. Pernelle warns them to be careful when they get to the church as it has surely become a nesting ground for Witches.

The group arrives at the church and together they are able to take down the various Witches inhabiting the church. Riz points to a fragment of time floating at the back of the church and Ui quickly takes her phone out to take a photo of it. Once more the group is inundated in the memories of the past.

Only this time the fragments they view are of Iroha and Yachiyo Nanami learning the charm for sweet dreams from their friend Mitama Yakumo. In the memory, Mitama shows them how to place a red and a blue candle facing each other. The scene jumps ahead, showing Iroha and Yachiyo transported to the past and being saved from soldier-like Familiars by Tart. Ui can’t believe what she’s witnessing as she observes Tart talking to Iroha about how Cube knows they’re from the future. Tart asks Iroha if the future is worth fighting for. Iroha wants the future with her little sister back no matter what. They find a dark magic grimoire and Cube concludes that they are trapped within Tart’s dreams. The scene jumps ahead once more, and this time Cube informs Iroha that their memories of these events will fade once they wake up. During their final battle Iroha and Yachiyo held off the dark forces so Tart and Riz could make it to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. After the battle, Tart promises to never forget Iroha and Yachiyo as they ring the bell to end the magic dreams.

The memories fade as Tart looks down, a little saddened to find she had forgotten Iroha and Yachiyo after all. Ui is surprised to learn that Tart and her friends had met her sister in a dream. Elisa isn’t so surprised to find that both sisters had given the same response to Tart when asked if the future was worth fighting for. Melissa remembers now that Iroha and Yachiyo were the ones to teach Melissa the sweet dreams charm she had shown and used on Ui. Riz doubts even Corbeau remembers any of the events from Tart’s dream, as not remembering was part of the magic.

Riz relays everything they saw to Cube and Pernelle. Cube concludes it must have been a very powerful curse to have caused Tart to be trapped inside her own dreams to force her into becoming a Witch. Pernelle agrees, especially considering she herself and Cube were involved as well yet none of them recalls any of the events that happened. Cube admits this information has helped him greatly in deducing that this incident is where the Time Paradox affecting France first started. Riz finds many similiarities between this event and that one, namely that the three English Magical Girls are involved and France is being engulfed in darkness. Cube informs them the major distortions didn’t occur until Elisa arrived in Orléans, but they had recorded signs of the Time Paradox shortly before, when Tart was having her nightmare. He believes they started occurring around that time because the future depended greatly on whether or not Tart awakened safely or not. Because the English sisters are trying to prevent a future where Iroha and Yachiyo exist and are able to come back to France in the past to save Tart, there are now two timelines: one where they did, and one where they didn’t.

Ui asks what would have happened had Yachiyo and her sister not come to help Tart. Riz is sure that Corbeau would have won, resulting in Tart becoming a Witch and engulfing France and the rest of the world into perpetual night. But in the True History they were able to get Tart to wake up safely. Cube notes that someone must have come and undone that day, pushing the future closer towards ruin. Elisa recalls how instantly the world plunged into a dark void as soon as the battle of Orléans was over. Elisa pinpoints that moment as the exact moment in time in which the English trio had messed with history. Melissa agrees, seeing as how her memories from just before that battle are very hazy. Cube believes the key to all of this is Ui. IN order to thwart Iroha from going to the past, the trio summoned Ui into the past instead. Tart asks how it is that Ui of all people is so pivotal. Cube has several theories, one of which is the fact that Iroha used a sleeping charm to go into the past. He theorizes that that event hasn’t happened yet, and perhaps Ui had something to do with causing that event to happen. Ui ventures to guess that she might be the one to teach Mitama the sleeping charm that Melissa taught her. If that’s the case, then removing Ui would cut the whole chain of events completely off.

Elisa thinks the theory sounds ok, except she questions why the trio didn’t just kill Ui immediately instead of keeping her locked up. Ui thinks maybe they couldn’t kill her because they couldn’t find her Soul Gem, but Riz thinks they didn’t kill her simply because they might have found some other use for her because of the Blank Prophecy she wields. Ui agrees since her phone is capable of rewinding time. Whatever the case may be, it all comes down to whatever greater purpose the device has. Cube sums everything up: First, the incident where their enemies tried to get Tart to become a Witch by using a curse that was placed on her dreams failed thanks to the future interfering. But summoning Ui to the past reset “True History”, causing everything in the three months after the battle of Orléans to become highly unstable. So much so, it has impacted the future several centuries later at the point where Ui exists. If they continue to record the fragments of True History, they should be able to set things right and return the future to how it should be. Melissa cheers the group on to try their best to save France and the past. Internally, Elisa recounts the prophecy about France being destroyed by a woman but saved by a girl. She doesn’t like how events are playing out just as it was predicted they would. But she prefers the prophecy unfolding more than the thought of them losing their future. But if Tart is the girl who saves France, who is the woman who destroys it?

Riz asks Tart why she’s so quiet with such a serious look on her face. Tart replies that something has been bothering her. If Melissa is the one who taught Ui the sleeping charm, and Ui is the one to pass it on in the future so that eventually Iroha learns it, then Iroha went into the past to teach it to Melissa, then who came up with the sleeping charm in the first place? The group stands, staring and unable to answer. Thankfully La Hire shows up to inform Tart and the others that many of their allies have come back to fight alongside the French forces. Riz is glad to hear of some good news for a change, as this proves they’re on the right path. The group cheers one another on as they continue their fight to save the future and the past.

Arc 2

Chapter 7 - The Loire Campaign Begins

Gilles rallies the troops, hope rekindled now that many of their comrades who had fallen dead have been resurrected thanks to history being restored. They all thank Tart for this great miracle, although Tart says to her friends that she’s not the one deserving the thanks. Elisa reminds Tart of her determination to continue fighting without a moment of hesitation and they are here now thanks to that. Pernelle wonders if Elisa is a little nicer than the last time they met face-to-face. All the cheers of the French soldier make Tart feel lighter and more excited. Cube says it’s thanks to each one of the soldiers’ wishes making her stronger. La Hire is glad to see the soldiers’ morale is so high now, but he’s not surprised since they’ve managed to complete one of their objectives, namely the liberation of Orléans. Next is the coronation of Prince Charles in the sacred city of Reims, which is where the army will be heading next. Unfortunately, the Prince went missing amidst the chaos. However, La Hire isn’t too worried for the moment since the more battles they win, the more soldiers will be resurrected and will join their fight for France. He’s almost sure that the Prince will turn up if that is what is destined to happen.

Pernelle noticed that more of the smaller fragments of true history tend to be unlocked if they relate to a specific area, such as when more fragments appeared after they recorded the true history of the cathedral. If “True History” ends with a victory for France, then the march for Reims will be critical and the battles that take place at the Loire River valley will be of particular importance. Gilles turns to Tart, who gives the orders for the French army to advance to Reims.

The group travels towards Reims, defeating Familiars along the way, and soon they encounter a True History fragment. Ui records it on her phone, triggering a flood of memories.

(June 1429: France – Castle of Loches)
The Dauphin Charles has declared his intention to head to Reims so he may be coronated as king. Gilles relays orders to his troops, informing them that the Duke of Alençon and Tart would be leading them. Riz, Melissa, and her father all cheer for Tart.

The memories end as Riz recalls that their original plan was the Loire campaign, so called because they were to free the Loire Valley from English occupation, fortify their keep, then march onwards towards Reims. Though the circumstances are different, the current plan is almost identical. And with each fragment of True History that they recover, more soldiers who shouldn’t have died return to their ranks. With Tart on their side, the army isn’t as worried about the three English sisters as before.

Chapter 8 - Decisive Battle at Patay

France - Beaugency
The French are able to easily recapture Beaguency, securing even more of the region under their control. Elisa is pleased things are going to smoothly, but Riz thinks it may be too smooth. Minou teleports out of nowhere, agreeing with Riz. Startled, Elisa demands to know what she’s doing here. Minou chuckles, claiming she’s there to give them a heads up on the battle they will soon encounter in Patay. Minou is aware of how True History is supposed to unravel, and she warns them there is a particularly important fragment there that they dare not handover. Minou claims this fragment the deciding factor in whether or not the prince is crowned king.

Riz consults with Cube, who confirms that he can sense a history fragment of colossal importance in Patay. Riz asks Minou why she would tell them something so important. Minou smiles, saying the reason she told them was to make sure the performance they give tomorrow will be much more rousing this way. She promises her and her sisters will smite them with all of their collective might before bidding them goodbye and teleporting away. Cube talks with Pernelle, admitting that Minou may be telling the truth. It’s possible Minou glimpsed into the future and knows that the French will ultimately win, which is why she’s messing with the past in hopes of changing the future. With no other options, the group decides to head to Patay for the decisive battle.

Back at the cathedral, Lapin welcomes Minou back. Corbeau asks Minou if she informed Tart and her group. Minou says she did, promising Corbeau that Tart would lead in the attack. Corbeau is happy Tart will be there, but she still would have preferred a surprise attack since it would have been easier to defend the fragment that way. Lapin defends her little sister, since she knows Minou loves to be dramatic. Minou smiles but inside she has other reasons for telling Tart their plans, most of which deal with ensuring the safety of their benefactor. Lapin looks closely at Minou for a second before declaring that Minou has become stronger. Minou admits she had one of her maidens sacrifice herself in order to gain a new power, but laments that it won’t help them in a fight. Corbeau tells her to leave the fighting to her and Lapin, as she admits to also using up another maiden’s wish on herself. Since she can’t use her usual methods of fighting ever since sealing up her ability, she had the maiden use a wish in order to allow her to keep up with Lapin and Minou. Now there is not one who could hold their own against her in a physical fight. Internally Minou worries that Corbeau will use up too many maidens and her plans could fail, but at the same time Corbeau’s help will be crucial for the next step in the scheme. Minou pretends to play dumb as she listens to her sisters talk about how much they look forward to the fight. She suggests they all take a soak before bed and both Lapin and Corbeau are eager to take her up on her offer. They all promise to take a good soak here once more after the battle at Patay.

Patay, Central France
The French army arrives on the fields of Patay, a determined look on their faces as they prepare for the battle ahead. On the English side, the soldier-like Familiars, enslaved Magical Girls and other soldiers also stare down their enemies. Minou steps forward and welcomes Tart and her group to Patay. Riz greets Corbeau as Corbeau looks eagerly upon their fight. Lapin tells Minou to hurry it up so she can get to killing but Minou tells her to be patient for just a bit longer. Minou turns to the group and promises to explain everything. Elisa tells her they already heard her speech about how important the fragment is to the prince’s coronation, but Minou promises to tell them instead the reason behind why France has been engulfed in never-ending night. It wouldn’t be as much fun for her if they were to be crushed without even knowing the reason why.

She begins her story by describing a ripple in time in the far flung future. Her benefactor was the first to sense this ripple and commanded Minou to have a vision of the future. Having been commanded, Minou did as she was asked since her benefactor is able to make any miracle come true, even those that defy logic. Riz figures out that Minou is referring to wishes. Cube reminds them that his race is able to create miracles in exchange for a contract but he informs that that he was not the one to grant those wishes, including the wishes of Minou, Corbeau, and Lapin. Elisa surmises that there must be a mastermind behind them, someone who is capable of contracting Magical Girls. Minou admits it’s true, although her own wish wasn’t for clairvoyance but rather she forced a maiden to make the wish for her, motioning to one of the Magical Girls who is standing on the field. When she learned the English were doomed to lose the battle, she attempted to change the past in order to change the future. In her first attempt, she studied a grimoire until she came upon a spell to caste a curse upon Tart, forcing her into an endless dream. However, this ended in failure since Iroha and Yachiyo traveled into the past and disrupted her plans. So she came up with a new plan to erase her biggest obstacle from existence and make it so she never existed. And when she cast the magic, Ui appeared.

Ui asks why the magic pulled her from the future instead of her sister Iroha. Minou admits she doesn’t know the reason why the magic pulled her instead, she simply cast the spell. Cube wonders if the reason the spell pulled Ui instead of Iroha was because Iroha would have found a way to interfere in the past once more, which would have caused a flurry of time paradoxes. Pernelle wonders if Ui had never been born, would it have caused a definitive change in her older sister’s fate. It finally dawns on Ui. The reason Iroha became a Magical Girl was to heal Ui. If Ui had never been born, then Iroha would never have contracted. Minou nods, finally uncovering the mystery behind it all that even she could never explain. Corbeau takes this as her cue as both Lapin and Corbeau begin their attack on Ui. Thankfully Tart was able to rush in and protect Ui from their assault. Elisa steps in and begins to battle with Lapin. Riz goes to attack Minou, but Corbeau steps in to protect her younger sister. Corbeau tells Minou to sit back and watch the show as she warns Riz of her newfound abilities. Melissa tells Ui there’s a fragment of history in the village and urges her to follow. Riz calls out to Tart, telling her to go with Ui while she and Elisa contend with the sisters. However, Melissa, Tart, and Ui are soon stopped by the enslaved Magical Girls, a troop of soldier-like Familiars with them.

But La Hire and his men have already made their way there, engaging the Familiars and urging the girls to go on ahead. Elisa keeps Lapin occupied but Lapin has already noticed Tart slip away with the others. She yells out about how Tart fights dirty, enraging Melissa and causing her ears to turn red. Melissa turns to fight Lapin but is unable to land a blow. Corbeau warns her sister that Melissa is able to vaporize anything she hits but Riz uses the opportunity to land another blow on Corbeau. Corbeau takes the hit in stride, but she warns Riz that she sees through their plan. She knows that they’re just trying to buy Tart time so Tart can unleash her magic and wipe the battlefield of them all. She runs at Tart, but curiously enough Tart doesn’t counterattack. Riz blocks Corbeau’s attack. Corbeau is surprised that Tart isn’t reacting until she realizes too late that the real attack was coming from Elisa. Elisa unleashes her magia attack “Der Drache Lindwurm” on them and clearing the field of the Familiars.

Tart urges everyone to storm the village while they can as Gilles yells out orders to the troops to follow. Minou chuckles to herself as she watches the drama before her unfold.

The group races towards the fragment but not without Corbeau trying her best to stop them. Elisa hops onto a horse, whipping the reins as she urges it to run at all speed. She grabs Ui as she passes and races towards the fragment. Ui takes a photo of it as quickly as she can. The skies instantly clear as all the soldiers recount their memories of that day and the victory they had claimed.

Chapter 9 - An Irregularity

June 18, 1429: Central France - Patay
In a flashback, the English sisters face down Tart and her army. Lapin runs in ahead of the others, targeting Tart. But Riz, Elisa, and Melissa are there ready to face her as they dodge around her rabbit eyes. They take Lapin down hard, causing Lapin to crumple to the ground. Elisa faces Minou, promising her she’s next but Minou points to her eldest sister instead. Lapin transforms into a Witch, using her ability to pull every weapon in the vicinity towards her. Lapin targets Riz and Melissa but Tart rushes in and blocks the attack with her sword. Only Elisa and Tart’s weapons were immune to Lapin’s ability. Corbeau goes after Riz, angered that they’d gang up on her sister like that. Riz attempts to use her shadows to bind Corbeau in place, but Corbeau breaks out and resumes their fight.

Lapin the Witch fixes her eyes on Tart and Elisa, nullifying their transformation. Elisa yells at Tart, reminding her she was to go left. But Tart had confused which direction to go and the two bicker for a minute. In that moment, Lapin attacks and prevents them from transforming once more. Elisa says she has no choice but to defer to Tart and block Lapin’s attacks while Tart makes her way in for the final blow. The plan relies on Tart trusting Elisa with her life which Elisa isn’t sure she’s willing to do for someone she just met, but Tart had already ran ahead the moment she heard the plan. Tart’s transformation is nullified but Elisa urges her to keep going as she unleashes her magia attack on Lapin.

Minou promises the best seats in the house to her unseen captives as they prepare to watch the moment when history is rewritten.

Tart and Elisa open their eyes to find themselves standing in a black void alongside Minou and a sleeping Ui. They are unable to move as Minou explains they are now in a space created by the Blank Prophecy. Anyone who is not a part of that moment in history is transported there until history finishes playing out. But Minou pulled the two out of the scene before it ended. Elisa says even if they’re locked up in there there’s no way that Minou would be able to change the natural course of history in which they win the battle of Patay. Minou says that history IS changing as she takes Ui’s cellphone and uses her magic on it.

(June 18, 1429: Central France – Patay)
The soldiers on the history began to murmur and chatter amongst themselves. Tart has suddenly vanished from the battlefield, as if by magic. Riz notices that Elisa has disappeared as well. La Hire rallies the troops, ordering them to pick up whatever weapons they can as they continue the battle. Corbeau smiles as she prepares herself.

Back in the dark void, Elisa watches on dumbfounded as she asks how they could have been erased from history. Minou explains that they’ve been quarantined in this empty void for the brief moment it takes for true history to be determined. Thanks to the teleportation magic she recently acquired she was able to teleport them out of history. However, the magic has its limits since she can only use it once. The two cry out as they continue to watch the soldiers attempt to battle on only to be slaughtered at the hands of Corbeau. Riz grabs Melissa and the two hurry to stop Corbeau.

Riz attacks Corbeau with a machete and knocks her towards Melissa, who is able to unleash her disintegration magic on Corbeau. But Corbeau merely ducks into one of the craters left behind by Melissa and dodges the attack. Corbeau warns the girls that things are going to get really bad for them now that Minou and Lapin have already made it to safety. Riz warns Melissa to get away from Corbeau, but Corbeau only laughs and tells her there’s nowhere to escape from her next attack. Both enemies and allies will fall to dust before her as black feathers begin to rain down on the battlefield in Corbeau’s “La Danse Macabre” attack. The feathers land on everyone, causing them to cry out in pain and collapse to the ground, each one of them now infected with bubonic plague. Riz recognizes the disease instantly as Corbeau warns her that her magic causes the infection to take root immediately. Once infected, the victim will feel agonizing pain that feels like it lasts for a lifetime.

Elisa and Tart struggle against their invisible bonds, as Tart demands to know how they could do that to their own allies as well. Minou smiles, promising them it’ll only be a little while until the events that are unfolding here are etched into time, permanently erasing the true sequence of events from history.

The two struggle further until Elisa recalls that this space was created thanks to the Blank Prophecy. She begins to yell at Ui to wake up. Ui opens her eyes, confused about where she is. Elisa tells her to take her phone out, the screen glowing with the words “Recording…” on it. Minou won’t let them stop her though as she fights with Ui to take the phone from her. Ui reminds her she’s a Magical Girl too and strikes back at Minou. The invisible bonds holding Tart and Elisa in place are loosened and the two hurry to help Ui in her struggle against Minou. They get the phone back to Ui and ask her to help their friends by returning them to that time in history. Ui doesn’t know what to do as she stares frantically at the screen, which now reads “enter command”. Elisa reminds her of the time she rewound time by imbuing the phone with her magic and then wishing for it. Minou tries to stop Ui once more but Elisa and Tart step forward to prevent her. Minou strikes at Tart who quickly counterattacks. A noise is heard and Ui asks what it is that fell but Elisa reminds her they have more pressing matters at hand. Ui holds her phone up, begging it to work. Light flashes and both Tart and Elisa find themselves on the battlefield once more.

June 18, 1429: Central France – Patay
The soldiers cry out in agony as their bodies are wracked in pain by the disease. Corbeau is upset to see them back, but smiles since they are too late to stop her. Tart admonishes Corbeau for infecting her own allies but Corbeau doesn’t care. Her magic will indiscriminately bring death to everyone around her since the weak are bound to die, just like Tart’s sister did. Tart has heard enough and her body begins to glow with the light from within. Tart tells Corbeau that she never hated her sisters for standing in her way since all she ever wanted was for her country to be saved. But now she can never forgive them for trying to bring ruin to everything. Tart glows even brighter and her form changes shape amidst the glow of her light. Tart vows to save everyone as a large magic circle appears in the sky and rains white feathers down onto the field.

The feathers land on everyone, enemy and ally alike, healing them of their disease and their wounds. The English soldiers are amazed that their enemy would take pity on them and heal them as well, calling her a true saint. Corbeau is enraged at what’s happened. She demands to know what Tart is. Cube calls her “an irregularity”. Tart summons a sword made of light and slashes at Corbeau, sending her soaring and crashing into some nearby woods.

Corbeau lands roughly, shaken at what’s happened. She wonders how her sisters will react and hopes they can forgive her for losing the battle. Minou teleports there, greeting her older sister. Corbeau is overjoyed to see Minou and thanks her greatly. Minou says there’s no need to thank her now that Corbeau is useless to her. Minou is upset that Corbeau used up so many of the maidens they’d fathered on herself when they were all intended to be for her to use. Corbeau begs Minou to listen, telling her it was all so she could protect Lapin and Minou. Minou confirms what she’d always suspected: that Corbeau had long since given up on her. Corbeau yells at her, demanding Minou listen and understand how much Corbeau loves them. Minou says that’s too bad because she doesn’t hold a single drop of love for her before crushing Corbeau’s soul gem.

Chapter 10 - Coronation Bound

The soldiers cheer and celebrate their hard-fought victory at their new camp. Cube congratulates Tart on having regained many of the most vital fragments of this world’s true history. Once they arrive in Reims they’ll be able to finally undo the time paradox that has been happening the past three months once and for all. Ui can’t believe it has only been three months since the change occurred. Even though the changes first began during the battle for Orléans, time has barely progressed since then. After Tart’s miracle at Patay, the English soldiers lost all their morale and surrendered easily. Not many had wanted to raise their weapon against the girl who had saved them. Tart is humbled but Elisa says it was all thanks to her simple desire to help everyone that brought about a miracle. Now all that is left is for them to reach Reims and see that the prince is coronated. Ui is eager to continuing helping while Riz notes that their teamwork has grown greatly since their journey began. This reminds Ui of the object that Minou dropped when she and Tart were battling in that black void. She shows them the red and blue candles and the book that Minou dropped. Riz recognizes them as the candles and book that Corbeau used to terrorize Tart’s dreams. Elisa suggests the Ui keep them in her possession since they have to protect Ui anyways. La Hire informs the girls they’re ready to move out as Ui hurries to get ready.

Elsewhere, Lapin wakes up. She asks Minou what happened as Minou reminds her that she was turned into a Witch again. Minou pities Lapin, who must die as a Magical Girl only to become a Witch and then be killed again, resurrecting her as a Magical Girl once more. She is virtual immortal even if she has to taste the bitter sting of death forever. Minou appears to be sad as she informs Lapin of Corbeau’s heroic death during her battle with Tart. Because her death was recorded in the Blank Prophecy there is nothing she can do to undo it. Lapin can’t stop the tears that stream from her eyes as she swears revenge for the sister who did everything she could by herself to keep them safe. Minou tells Lapin to rest for now since they can no longer keep their promise to each other of having a soak together again afterwards.

Minou reports to their benefactor the death of Corbeau. Despite this everything is continuing to go according to plan. She promises to play her part with all her heart and soul when the time comes. No matter how bright the light of hope may shine, the shadows of despair will darken to meet it.

Lapin stomps around angrily, saying it’s not enough. She calls two maidens over and demands they go see her at once in order to offer up their wishes. Minou watches as Lapin focuses on doing everything she can to exact revenge for Corbeau.

The group of Magical Girls draw closer to the city of Reims, but they sense magic in the area. Cube warns them that he’s certain it is the magic of a Magical Girl that they’re sensing. Elisa knows that it can’t be Corbeau since she’s dead, so she wonders which of the two remaining sisters it could be. Riz is certain of one thing however, and that’s that the magic they are sensing is so powerful it’s making all her hair stand on end. Even Corbeau wasn’t this powerful. She warns them to be prepared for anything since they need to enter Reims so they can achieve their final goal.

Chapter 11 - Assault

Northern France - Reims
Lapin stands outside the gates of Reims, alone. Tart and her friends come out to face her, Riz transforming and preparing herself for anything. Lapin suddenly begins talking about how kind Corbeau was until they killed her as she begins her attacks on the group. Tart is confused about what she’s talking about but Riz figures she must be there to avenge Corbea’s death. Riz warns the others that she’s stronger than ever so they’ll have to go all out on her. Tart refuses to fight for the moment since she knows if they do, then Lapin will simply become a Witch again. Lapin targets Tart once more, but Melissa blocks the attack. Elisa tells Ui to hurry and get the fragment alone as fast as she can while they try to keep her occupied. Lapin charges up an attack before promising to kill each and every one of them. Miraculously the group is uninjured. Each of the girls is prepared to fight alongside one another no matter what it takes to bring light back to France.

The group of Magical Girls begins their counterattack on Lapin, each one coordinating with the other to strike at her efficiently. They’re able to knock Lapin out, but it seems Lapin is tougher than they thought. She struggled to stand while she mutters words of vengeance for Corbeau. Elisa calls to Ui telepathically, but Ui hasn’t been able to find the fragment due to all the different magics in the air. Elisa tells the others they’ll have to continue to support Tart as one by one they all attack Lapin in turn, with Tart delivering the final blow.

Tart’s “La Lumière” knocks Lapin out for good, her mask falling off in the process. Minou teleports there and kneels over her sister. Riz prepares for another fight but Minou assures them she has no desire to see her sister dead or a Witch again. Minou turns to Tart and tells her she’s no match for her all-encompassing might. She concedes victory “again” before gathering Lapin and teleporting away. Elisa wonders if they’ve won the battle when they hear Ui contact them. She’s found the final fragment at last. Ui takes out her phone and photographs it.

Chapter 12 - The Blank Prophecy

(July 17, 1429: Northern France – Reims. Notre Dame Cathedral)
Gilles recites the oaths as he coronates the Dauphin Charles, Tart watching from the altar where she stands carrying her flag. The ceremony completed, Tart congratulates the new king as the soldiers and everyone in the audience cheers.

The memory ends. Tart is relieved that history has been rectified and the prince is now the rightful king of France. Ui can’t believe she was able to witness such a historic event. Elisa asks her how her photo from the future is looking after all their hard work. She sees the photo of her and Iroha, no longer a blank white image. The group is overjoyed at this news as they head back to the French camp. When they arrive, they find the soldiers chattering amongst themselves. It seems King Charles returned as soon as the girls had completed their quest. They all consider it another one of Tart’s miracles. Tart is humbled and doesn’t want to take all the credit, but Melissa suggests they all head over to the banquet to celebrate.

They all drink, eat, and make merry except for Riz and Melissa. Elisa asks them why they’re monitoring Tart to closely. They admit they’re trying to keep an eye so Tart doesn’t drink any of the wine. La Hire offers the girls some of the newly opened wine but Riz and Melissa shoot the idea down immediately. Ui gets the feeling something terrible might happen if Tart drinks it. Her and Elisa decide to get some dessert but Ui isn’t sure what to choose. Cube asks if there isn’t anything she recognizes from her own time, so Ui asks a young servant girl if there isn’t any cheesecake. The servant girl offers to bring her some and offers Ui some wine. Ui declines, saying she’s too young so Elisa asks the girl to bring her some grape juice instead.

Ui looks around the banquet tables and notices Tart standing next to King Charles and Gilles, the admiral of France’s army. Tart catches her eye and runs over to her. She tells Ui she gets nervous standing next to so many important people because she still considers herself a simple country girl. Elisa offers Tart some of her grape juice but gets a bad feeling all of a sudden. Ui reminds Elisa that only she had the grape juice since Elisa was drinking wine like the others. Elisa realizes her mistake as Riz and Melissa rush over. They ask if Tart drank any, but they’re too late. The wine had already touched her lips by the time they’d gotten there. Elisa asks if Tart is a lightweight, but Tart denies it shortly before stumbling and falling into Elisa’s arms. Tart grabs hold of Elisa and hugs her tightly, refusing to let go. Riz and Melissa were afraid of her rampant hugging when she drinks even the slightest. Tart hears the word “hugging” and assumes Ui wants a hug too. She runs over to Ui and puts her in a big bear hug. Riz and Melissa can only look on and shake their heads.

After the banquet…
The group sleeps off their drink and food peacefully. A voice in the night calls out, beckoning for Ui. Ui awakens, calling out telepathically and asking who is there. Tart wakes up and notices Ui is gone.

Ui continues to follow the voice that beckons her closer into the woods. Tart follows after her, wondering what is going on. Elisa catches up to Tart, having also woken up and found Ui missing. As they follow her, Elisa senses magic in the air. The two transform and hurry towards the magic they sense. Ui finally arrives at the source of the voice only to find Minou standing in the woods. Minou summons several magic circles around them and teleports both of them to the cathedral where her and Lapin are. Unfortunately for her, Tart and Elisa were able to make it within the circle of magic and were teleported with them.

Elisa demands to know what Minou plans to do with Ui, but Minou assures her she won’t touch a hair on her head. She only wanted to teach her a function of the Blank Prophecy that she carries. Minou summons her circles and forces Ui’s body to move. Ui is forced to take out her phone and pull up the command prompt. The two buttons labeled “<- Return” and “Continue ->” appear on the screen once more. Minou forces Ui to press the Continue button. On the screen Ui views a video. It shows her France, where Tart and the others are waiting.

(September 1429: France – Parisian Outskirts)
In this vision of the future, a soldier informs Tart that the King has ordered a halt to the campaign to save Paris. Tart can’t understand why he would do that when they’ve just set up for a siege. Elsewhere, Elisa demands answers when she learns that the King has dissolved the army. Riz is afraid that the rumors are true and the King has lost his grip on reality. Melissa sadly informs the others that the Duke of Alençon and Gilles have been deployed aggressively across several other campaigns in order to separate them from Tart. Tart for her part refuses to stop fighting until light returns to France, even if it’s down to just the four of them.

(May 1430)
Gilles can’t believe the news he is receiving: Tart has been captured by enemy forces during the siege in Compiègne. He asks if the King has begun negations for her release, but the soldier is sad to inform him that no action has been taken.

(May 30, 1430: Southern France - Rouen)
Tart stands trial before the church. The Church has just found Tart guilty of heresy. Her sentence: to be burned at the stake.

Tart holds her hands before her as the flames draw closer. Melissa and Elisa hurry to get there in time. They call out desperately for their dearest friend as the flames begin to lap at her feet.

The vision ends with Ui in tears over the fate of her friend. Elisa calls it lies but Minou only laughs. The Blank Prophecy is a recording device from the distant future after all. Everything they just saw is what lies ahead for them in the proper history they worked so hard to recover. And this will happen within the short span of the coming summer. Elisa realizes if they want the happy future where Iroha and Ui live then they can’t avoid this fate. Tart realizes she must sacrifice her own life for the sake of a bright future.

Elisa asks Minou what her plan is by having them see the future. Minou says when she saw the future in her vision, it was the same future they were seeing too. Thanks to Tart King Charles VII will be crowned and a dying France liberated. By doing so, she will crush her benefactor’s dreams into dust at the cost of her life. Minou doesn’t know if Tart was forced to make that sacrifice or if she chose it on her own, all she does know is that she will die for her cause. Tart is deep in thought. She knows now that she will be sentenced to burn at the stake like a common witch or heretic. She wonders if maybe after she liberates France she might turn into a Witch that was determined to see France burn to ash. If that were the case, maybe this was the only way to ensure the future would not lose its light. Perhaps this was the way to ensure she would leave this world peacefully rather than as a Witch.

Elisa asks Minou why she would show this to Ui if history is set in stone. Minou responds that Ui now has the option to choose the future since she has gathered enough fragments of true history to alter it completely. Ui can choose to keep the future the way it is, condemning Tart to her eventual fate. Or she can turn back time once more. Ui looks at the screen, two new buttons replacing the prior ones: “<- Return to Start” and “Confirm History ->”. If Ui chooses to return to the start, then they will essentially throw away all the fragments they’ve collected and the Prophecy will become blank again. Everyone will forget everything that’s happened and they’ll try again from the beginning during the battle for Orléans.Minou says they can try as many times as they like, but the end results will always be the same. She smiles at them and asks them if they haven’t realized that this isn’t the first time they’ve tried.

Elisa asks Minou what she’s talking about now. Minou asks if they haven’t used the return function before. But this time, instead of only a half a day, they would be rewinding month’s worth of time which would require a huge amount of magic. And since wiping the Prophecy blank would wipe everyone’s memories, including Minou’s, they have no way of knowing how many times they’ve done this before. But what if a small specific fragment were to remain behind in the prophecy? Then they could know how many times they’ve tried.

Minou summons her magic circles again and forces Ui to navigate the phone. A vision comes to life and they see Elisa and Riz talking about the ultimate price that Tart must pay for the sake of the future. Ui cries, determined not to let Tart die just so she can go back to her future. Tart tells her friends not to worry about her, but they won’t let Tart die like that. Ui takes her phone and rewinds everything back to the very beginning.

The group can’t believe what they saw. It confirms they’ve done this journey multiple times now. Minou affirms that it is true, and that never once has Ui confirmed history which is why dawn will never come to France. Elisa realizes what Minou’s plan really was: to create the Blank Prophecy as a trap for Ui so her soul will be imprisoned in history. When she received the magic to pull Ui from the future thanks to a maiden’s wish, Minou placed a curse and Ui’s soul gem inside her phone. Everytime she cycles through hope and despair her soul grows slightly weaker each time until eventually Ui is erased from reality (since her soul gem is trapped inside, she wouldn’t even be able to become a Witch). Ui understands now that if she were to never exist, then Iroha would never contract, never go into the past and awaken Tart from her magical nightmare. Eventually the sisters would win and the world would be cast in eternal darkness.

Elisa realizes now that the reason Minou never hurt Ui was because of her plan. If all they’d wanted to do was get rid of her they would have killed her from the start when they first kidnapped her. Ui looks on in tears, her soul beginning to fill with impurities.

Minou hands Ui her phone and tells her to make her choice. She would rather that Ui do it on her own so that she will despair even harder. Ui stares at the two buttons on the screen. Elisa reminds Minou if Ui confirms history than her own defeat will be sealed. Minou chuckles and reminds Elisa that neither of them are free to choose their future. Ui tries to desperately find a third option, such as going back and changing Tart’s eventual fate. But the contradictions in time have already been established. If they don’t recover true history then the world will stand as it is now, irreparably broken forever. Elisa is enraged that they have no real choice. Their only shot at victory is a pre-ordained fate. Ui can’t let that happen, but as Minou reminds her, she can always turn back time and try again. Ui stares at the buttons once more, her soul filled to the near brim with impurities as she prepares to turn back time once more in an effort to save Tart.

Just as she’s about to press the button, Tart stops her. She tells Elisa how much she admired her, for how hard she fought for a future she chose for herself and rejected the hand that fate had dealt her. She thanks Ui for everything her and her sister taught her. So long as there is hope to be found in the future, there will be a light to guide us. Tart chooses to voluntarily accept her eventual fate and grabs hold of Ui’s hand and guiding it towards the “Confirm” option. Minou sees that Tart is trying to sacrifice herself and attempts to stop her but Tart’s magic repels her. Ui begs her to stop but Tart tells Ui she’s sorry as she presses Ui’s finger to the screen.

<- Return to Start Confirm History ->

The command is accepted. Light flashes all around them as Ui calls for Tart. Tart bids her goodbye, asking her to have a wonderful future.

Ui awakens to find herself in a white void, bubbles of magic dancing all around her. She hears Cube calling to her telepathically. He explains that Ui is currently inside the Blank Prophecy, since that is where her Soul Gem is. She asks about Tart, but the correct history has already been put into place. Tart and the others will re-enact history the way it was without ever having met Ui and the others. Now that the paradox has been resolved, everything that happened will seem like a dream. Once Ui steps out of this world her Soul Gem will be restored and everything will be done. Ui asks if there’s nothing she can do for Tart, but Cube confirms that she did indeed burn at the stake as a heretic. They could do nothing to change her fate. But if Ui stays in this void forever, then she will cease to exist. Cube advises her to accept the choice that Tart made, face it, and take that step forward before the chime resounding through time falls silent. Ui recalls Tart’s final words and promises to have a wonderful future as she steps out of the void.

Back at her benefactor’s room, Minou stomps and curses the fact she can never defeat Tart. She recalls the prophecy that France would be doomed by a woman but saved by a girl. She begs her mother for advice on what to do to prevent all of this.

Ui finds herself in an antique store, still surrounded by the magic bubbles. On the floor are two candles, one red and one blue, and an old book. Ui wonders if she was carrying these or if they were for sale. She can’t remember, but she gets the feeling that they’re very important. She puts the items on the store shelves before falling asleep again.

Ui is sleeping in Mikazuki Villa. Her phone goes off as she receives a call from Nemu. Nemu called to see if Ui knows any charms since Mitama has been really into them lately and has been asking everyone. Ui says she knows of a charm for good dreams that requires red and blue candles. Nemu has never heard of such a charm and asks where Ui heard about it from. Ui isn’t sure but says it was in 15th-centure France. Nemu identifies it as the century in which Jeanne d’Arc lived. She tells Nemu about it who is fascinated to learn that the charm has strong history. She promises to read up on it in the library and thanks Ui. She tells Ui she’ll see her later at the slumber party, but Ui is confused. Nemu is annoyed and reminds Ui that they were planning a slumber party at her house with Touka. Ui remembers the details and apologizes.

Later, Ui wonders why she feels so sad everytime she looks at her phone. Iroha returns, glad to see Ui is awake now. According to Iroha, Ui had fallen asleep on the couch so she snuck out quietly in order not to wake her. Iroha asks Ui if maybe she had a bad dream, but Ui can’t explain why she feels the way she does. Iroha suggests they go for a walk to take her mind off of things.


The sisters walk, but Ui can’t seem to focus on anything despite it being a sunny day like any other. Her phone rings and it’s Touka, letting her know she would be a bit late for the slumber party. She looks at her phone again and Iroha asks her what’s wrong. Ui explains that she gets this feeling like she’s forgetting something really, really important every time she looks at her phone. Iroha suggests she go through her phone and see if anything jogs her memory. Iroha walks over to the side to give her sister some privacy. Ui scrolsl through her messages, calendar, and other parts of her phone but she doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She comes across her photos and sees one she doesn’t recognize. She doesn’t know the girls in the picture or why she took it, but then she begins to cry loudly. Iroha asks her if she’s ok but Ui doesn’t even know the reason why she’s crying. Iroha hugs her sister tightly when Ui suddenly recalls Tart’s final words to her. Ui turns to her sister and tells her, “Let’s have a wonderful future together.” Iroha agrees and Ui eventually calms down.

Feeling better, Ui decides to head home so she can get ready for the slumber party. Iroha promises to see her at home after she’s done with her errands. Iroha heads to get groceries, and decides to stop by Mitama’s place afterwards. Mitama is glad to see her since she just learned an interesting little charm.

La Fin.

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