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The Mirror Witch (MIRRORS) is a witch whose barrier is a stage in the mobile game Magia Record. The Witch's real name was revealed to be Winchester (WINCHESTER). Her barrier and the copies her Familiars create are the stage for the PvP feature of the mobile game.

According to the Mirrors Story that plays as players delve deeper into the barrier and the event The Flowers’ Lament, the Mirror Witch was once a Magical Girl from Daito Ward named Mikoto Sena. Mikoto was friends with Hanna Sarasa and had the ability of suggestions, essentially hypnotizing others, including Witches and their Familiars, to do her bidding (although this ability had its own limitations). She later became a Witch and Hanna used the hypnosis ability she had copied from Mikoto to influence the Mirror Witch into staying in Kamihama and wreaking havoc on as many people as possible.

A year before the main events of Magia Record, this Witch was responsible for a string of attacks against Magical Girls through its disguised Familiars. Through its fascination with mirrors, the Witch was lured from wandering around Kamihama City to an abandoned house on the city's east side, where it now permanently resides. Mitama Yakumo was chosen as an overseer of the house and the labyrinth within, charged with the duty of keeping the public away and giving explanations and warnings to Magical Girls who wish to enter.


Winchester card.png

鏡の魔女 その性質は『隠遁』

その性質ゆえ、結界は幾重にも重なる階層から成る。 ひっそりと隠れていたいだけの臆病な魔女であるため、 人や魔法少女の殺害によって魔力を集めるようなことはせず、 結界内に入ってきた魔法少女たちの魔力を僅かに吸収することで、 自分の身を守る層を形成してゆく。



TypeMirror Witch
EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

Official website: The Mirror Witch is defined by her reclusiveness. As such, her Labyrinth is made up of many overlapping levels. She's a cowardly Witch whose only desire is to hide from the world, so she does not gather magic by killing people or Magical Girls; rather, she simply absorbs a little bit of magic from Magical Girls who enter her Labyrinth, which she then uses to form more layers in her Labyrinth to protect herself. The more intruders there are, the more complex her Labyrinth becomes.

In-game description: The witch of mirrors. Her nature is seclusion. Because of this nature, her Labyrinth is built from countless layers that stack and overlap each other. As she is a cowardly witch that only wants to hide away quietly, she does not gather magic by killing humans or Puella Magi. She instead absorbs faint traces of magic from the Puella Magi that enter her Labyrinth, which she then uses to construct more layers to defend herself with.

Mirror witch card.png

鏡の魔女 その性質は『隠遁』

幾重にもなる結界を作り続けている、使い魔から成長した臆病な魔女。 周りを警戒し続けて右往左往しながら、小さな屋敷をどうやって効率的に広げるかを考えているうちに、いたる所を見渡せる目とグルグルとした殻を手に入れていた。 親である魔女の存在を感じ取ると、積極的にその巨大な屋敷と繋がって大きくなろうとする節があり、その機会を常にうかがっている。


Sarah Mirabilis W

TypeMirror Witch
EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

A cowardly witch who grew from a familiar, and is who constantly engaged in building her manifold Labyrinth. She spends her days glancing back and forth, constantly on guard against her surroundings, while pondering how she can most efficiently expand her tiny mansion. Over the course of doing so, she obtained eyes that can survey everything there is to see, as well as a twisting spiral shell. Upon sensing the presence of her parent witch, she actively attempts to grow larger by connecting to the parent’s gigantic mansion, and is constantly on the lookout for an opportunity to do so. She summons familiars to protect herself when threatened, but she’s terribly discomforted by the gunshots they make when they attack, so she’d honestly prefer it if they stopped using them.


MagicaRecord KiricoKeepers I card.png


Kirico Keepers

TypeMirror witch's minion I
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the witch of mirrors (I). Their role is to be Bellgirls. One of the house keepers at the Manor of Mirrors. Like its brethren, it loves to entertain guests. When it finds a guest, it rings a bell, and then gives them a big welcoming hug. Its body is made of canvas that can copy the vital information of the guest it embraces. This stolen information is used to make a copy of the guest.

MagicaRecord KiricoKeepers II card.png


Kirico Keepers

TypeMirror witch's minion II
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the witch of mirrors (II). Their role is to guard. A security device in the Manor of Mirrors. In Mirrors, however, everyone is welcome, suspicious or not. It has had its telescopic lens enhanced so that it can film guests in the distance more clearly. Thanks to this enhancement, it can now project a greeting kiss to guests from afar.

MagicaRecord KiricoKeepers III card.png


Kirico Keepers

TypeMirror witch's minion III
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the witch of mirrors (III). Their role is to be copiers. One of the Manor of Mirrors' house keepers. It can create a jelly man inside its body to entertain guests. It can also make high-quality copies of guests, but that takes far more time than just crafting a jelly man.

MagicaRecord KiricoKeepers IV card.png


Kirico Keepers

TypeMirror witch's minion IV
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the witch of mirrors (IV). Their role is to solicit. A Familiar that waits outside the Manor of Mirrors handing out invitations. When it spots a Magical Girl, it throws a lethal invitation letter at her. That said, it genuinely wants to invite people to the Manor. Some suspect it just believes it is easier to carry the body than actually get a living Magical Girl to go inside.

Powers and Abilities

Its Familiars are capable of duplicating not only the physical appearance of a Magical Girl, but their abilities and memories as well. Some Familiars are copied so faithfully that even the copies are not always aware that they are not the original. The Witch, or its labyrinth, also has the ability to entrance Magical Girls who have entered its labyrinth, instilling within them a desire to continue venturing deeper into its endless expanse at the expense of their own safety. Such victims will act and speak strangely, and will exhibit this hypnosis even when outside of the labyrinth.

The Mirror Witch is capable of connecting its barrier with the barrier of its Familiars that have matured into more copies of their master Witch; effectively, a matured Familiar's barrier becomes an extension of a massive shared barrier spanning many different locations at the same time, and there can be multiple instances of the Mirror Witch within that barrier at once. This includes barriers of other Mirror Witches from other universes, as seen in the Chocolatier in Mirror Country event. In Arc 2, the Promised Blood faction use this to their advantage: a copy of the Mirror Witch lives in Kamihama's abandoned prison, and Promised Blood can travel through its barrier into Kamihama without detection.

The Witch's labyrinth is also capable of connecting to the past and future of the timeline it resides in, and other timelines and/or universes entirely, as seen in the The Witches' Paradox Extermination Battle event. Because of this, time paradoxes may also occur via its labyrinth, for which the Mirror Witch acts as a corrective function to resolve: if a paradox were to occur as a result of its connection throughout time, and if a portal that would allow for the timeline to be corrected were to be removed or destroyed, the product of the paradox would be instantly destroyed; for example, an object from the past that is brought to a future, that is then unable to return to the past when the portal is was brought through is destroyed, would be instantly destroyed. Because the Mirror Witch appears to be searching across all of time and space to find a more habitable place to migrate to, this could theoretically result in the destruction of Magia Record's timeline if it were to do so.

Similarly, in the Lyrical Nanoha Magia Clash! event, a Familiar that copied Shizuku Hozumi became much stronger than the original through a magical orb that increased its wielder's strength via the harnessed power of the Mirror Witch, and was thus able to use Shizuku's ability to teleport via connection different places in space to open multiple portals to another universe entirely, one where her native Magical Girl system does not even exist.

In Magia Record

Doppel Description

The Doppel of seclusion. Its form is a mirror. The master of this emotion is angered by how her Doppel disdains reality yet refuses to move, and attempts to take control of it herself. This Doppel drew out a precise and intricate ideal world for itself, but placing a mess of complicated emotions onto that world has rendered it unable to move. There was a time when it tried to project its imagination onto mirrors to weave its ideal world, but the products of its own imagination felt not only bland, but outright shallow. In the end, after continually agonizing and chipping away at its own heart, its form changed into a flat, symmetrical shadow. Sick of the sight of her own Doppel hiding and worrying, its master proposed that they simply tack on the parts that were missing– to find living sacrifices with which to supplant its imagination. The Doppel agrees with its master’s suggestion.

Doppel Description (Rumor ver.)

The Doppel of seclusion. Its form is a mirror. The master of this emotion cannot admit that the person to whom she should convey her feelings is lost. This Doppel, which contains only beautiful memories, is composed of prisms that shine in all directions. In its radiance hides the image of a loved one, but the Doppel herself cannot find her. After much trial and error, she tried to reflect herself in the mirror and look inside, but all that remained was a symmetrical image of herself. The Doppel's impurities that accumulate due to her depressed feelings is heavy, and those who see the prismatic glow that illuminates when emotions overflow and run rampant will have their hearts darkened in an instant.


  • The name of the familiar-turned-witch, "Sarah・Mirabilis・W", may originate from various sources:
    • It is based on "Spira mirabilis" (Latin for "miraculous spiral"), another name for the logarithmic spiral, a self-similar spiral curve that often appears in nature. This alternative name was given to it for its unique mathematical property of being able to retain its shape with each successive curve even as its size increases.
      • The shells of several species of ammonites and nautiluses form such spirals, which her design thus resembles.
    • Sarah L. Winchester was the owner of the Winchester Mystery House, which she had purposefully designed to be confusing and maze-like in an attempt to stave off vengeful spirits from finding and killing her.
      • Sarah Winchester's father in-law was the creator of the Winchester rifle, which was often used during the war. Sarah built the house after a medium told her that the spirits of the victims of the rifle would haunt her, and she had to keep building the house in order to keep them at bay. The witch's familiars use Winchester rifles during one of the witch' attacks, and the description notes she's uncomfortable with it.
    • The letter W is often used in Japanese to signify 'double' or 'twice.' In this case, it may refer to the fact that the Witch fought in-game grew from a Familiar and is not the original Witch, or to its laterally symmetrical body.
    • The initials of her name are also a reflection of those of her human identity, Sena (S) Mikoto (M).
    • It could also originate from Winchester, the Witch the Familiar came from.
  • The part of the Familiars' name, "Kirico" appears to be a modification of the Japanese word "kiriko" (切子), meaning "facet" or "face".


  • Winchester, the witch's real name, was revealed in Arc 2 Chapter 12 (Part 5).
    • Originally, only the familiar-turned-witch's name was revealed as Sarah・Mirabilis・W, leading the fandom to believe that was the Mirror Witch's name.
    • Combining the two names results in Sarah・Mirabilis・Winchester, a combination of the person "Sarah Winchester" and the feature found in nature "spira mirabilis".
  • The sign in her labyrinth reads "Welcome to Mirrors".
  • The humanoid figure that appears in one of the Witch's labyrinth backgrounds is a scrapped Familiar. Its concept art shown at the Shaft Art Exhibit reveals that its purpose was to explain how Mirrors worked and that it could speak. This idea was eventually scrapped and the Familiar's role was filled by Mitama Yakumo instead.
  • The lower body of her true form resembles the calyx of a chinese lantern plant, which is a symbol of deceit. It is also associated with the Obon festival and it's supposed to guide the souls of the dead back to the afterlife, which may be related to Mikoto persisting as a "ghost" after her death.
  • The Japanese text on the back of the memoria "Me x 4", "The Two Copies", "You Are The Only Truth and "Myako-Senpai Radar" are written backwards, hence the backwards English translations.
    • For Me x 4, it reads the following when flipped. "Me and me and me and me... In other words, there is four of me here | With all of me gathered here, we'll obviously be hyped up! It's me after all! | Ok then, what else can we do than party! | Also we should go karaoke, all four of us can sing my favourite song!"
    • For "The Two Copies", it reads the following when flipped. "'Okey! Rena... Do you know what the most important thing is for a magical girl?' | 'Important thing!? Kaede-chan... Rena don't know...' 'Jeez!... Well I’ll tell you then... It’s fighting spirits, fighting spirits! You have to fire yourself up!' | 'Y-ye! Kaede-chan you’re so cool!'"
    • For "You Are The Only Truth", it reads the following when flipped. "Even if the fake impersonates your voice, and talks in your words | I will never be misled nor trust it. | I will find the real you out and bring you back by any means. | Let's go back. To the peaceful world..."
    • For "Myako-Senpai Radar", it reads the following when flipped. "'Whoawhoawhoawhoa... whoa! A fish! I can feel a tug!' | 'Woah! Th-this is...?!' | 'Myako-senpai!' | (...Yeah! Todays radar is in great condition!)"
    • Despite taking place in Mirrors, the memoria "The Exhibition Will Open Soon! Please Pay Attention!" and "Flowers, Fallen, Never to Return" do not have flipped text.
  • Her Doppel sprite in her Rumor unit is a mirror of her normal Doppel sprite. The excess ram's horns appear on top rather than protruding from the bottom. The Doppel's four arms now appear on the top half of the Doppel while the two smoke-like arms now appear on the bottom half.


Official Art

Magia Record

Bio Cards


Other Art


Memoria Cards

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Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
(NA: There are Totally 4 of Me)
Icon skill 1086.pngFull-Gauge Shield
Normal Passive
Defense UP While At Max Health [V] & Damage Cut [II]
Max Limit Break
Defense UP While At Max Health [VIII] & Damage Cut [III]
ereh em fo ruof si ereht ,sdrow rehto nI ...em dna em dna em dna eM
!lla retfa em s'tI !pu depyh eb ylsuoivbo ll'ew ,ereh derehtag em fo lla htiW
!ytrap naht od ew nac esle tahw ,neht kO
!gnos etiruovaf ym gnis nac su fo ruof lla ,ekoarak og dluohs ew oslA
The Two Copies
(NA: When She Was Copied)
Icon skill 1106.pngPoison
Chance to Poison [X] (Single / 1 T) 5 turns
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Poison (Single / 1 T) 4 turns
"?lrig lacigam a rof si gniht tnatropmi tsom eht tahw wonk uoy oD ...aneR !yekO"

"...wonk t'nod aneR ...nahc-edeaK ?!gniht tnatropmI" "!pu flesruoy erif ot evah uoY !tirips gnithgif ,tirips gnithgif s'tI ...neht uoy llet ll'I lleW ... !zeeJ"

"!looc os er'uoy nahc-edeaK !eY-Y"

「…ぉよいならか分、ナレ…んゃちでえか?!とこな事大」 「!けてれ入合気!合気、よだ合気…るやてえ教あゃじ…!くたっ」

Only You Are Real
Icon skill 1098.pngCower Resist
Normal Passive
Status Ailment Resistance DOWN [II] (All / 1T)
Max Limit Break
Status Ailment Resistance DOWN [IV] (All / 1T)
sdrow ruoy ni sklat dna ,eciov ruoy setanosrepmi ekaf eht fi nevE
.ti tsurt ron delsim eb reven lliw I
.snaem yna yb kcab uoy gnirb dna tuo uoy laer eht dnif lliw I
...dlrow lufecaep eht oT .kcab og s'teL

。いなしりたじ信、りたれさわ惑は僕 。よす戻れ連ず必、てし出けつ見を君の物本

Myako-Senpai Radar
Icon skill 1085.pngFull Gauge Drive
Normal Passive
Increased Attack While At Max Health [III]
Max Limit Break
Increased Attack While At Max Health [IV]
"!gut a leef nac I !hsif A !aohw...aohwaohwaohwaohW"
!? siht-hT !haoW"
(!noitidnoc taerg ni si radar s'yadoT !haeY...)

「?!…はここ,こ!っーおむ」 「!輩先こーゃみ」

The Exhibition Will Open Soon! Please Pay Attention!
Icon skill 1169.pngDisc Shuffle
Redraw Discs 12 turns
Max Limit Break
Redraw Discs 10 turns
"Conventions・excursions・athletic events...whatever the event may be, big or small!

If it's for the excitement of the event then the famed MC Meguru is a must! For that reason, today's event is here...Mirrors Ranking!!

The exhibition will open soon! I kindly beg of you, everyone gathered here, please pay attention!"

イベントの盛り上げ役ならこの名MCめぐるがマストでしょう! というわけで、本日のイベントはこちら…ミラーズランキング!!

Flowers, Fallen, Never to Return
Icon skill 1085.pngAura Adept
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [III] & Damage Cut [II]
That day when we vowed to survive, that day when we decided to change...

What awaited these girls who had passed through many major crossroads and moved forward was What awaited them was a connection with other magical girls, and hope for the future.

And then... the inevitable parting.

大きな岐路をいくつも通り抜け、前進した彼女たちを待っていたのは 魔法少女たちとの繋がりと、未来を想起させる希望

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text

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