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Scene 1

Momoko Togame fights off several familiars, but is attacked by a magical girl.

Scene 2

The narration explains that a year before Iroha Tamaki came to Kamihama City, three magical girls kept order there. The first magical girl was Kanagi Izumi, the peacekeeper of the East Side and effective leader of the Daitou and Artisan Wards. Kanagi is shown asking an Eastside magical girl about her injuries. The magical girl explains a neighboring team was trying to go after a witch in her team's territory. The magical girl asks Kanagi to mediate, and she agrees.

The second magical girl was Yachiyo Nanami the peacekeeper of the West Side who dealt with Mizuna, Sankyou, Shinsei, and Sakae Wards. Yachiyo is shown handing Grief Seeds to a team of Westside magical girls, and also letting them hunt witches in her territory.

The third magical girl was Yachiyo's partner, Mifuyu Azusa. Mifuyu is shown talking to Hinano Miyako who explains that while she goes to school in Minagi, she's a magical girl of the Central Ward. Hinano says she's been seeing magical girls from the West and East in Central and has warned Central's magical girls. She asks Mifuyu to rein her side in. Mifuyu agrees, saying that the pact between West and East includes respecting the territory of the Central Ward's magical girls.

The narration explains that the communities of the West and the East allowed them to share witches in each other's territories, allowing them to avoid conflict. However, the narration explains that a severe witch shortage led to problems. Mifuyu is shown talking to Yachiyo about Central. Yachiyo says she will obey the Pact, but admits that if Central Ward was won over to their side they could trade more Grief Seeds between them. The narration explains that the Central Ward was considered neutral ground, where each magical girl was guaranteed their own territory. Due to the witch shortage, magical girls from the West and East began going to Central.

It's explained that some magical girls would cooperate with the magical girls of Central Ward, helping them out and asking for help in return. Others simply used force to remove Central Ward magical girls from their territory. Yachiyo and Mifuyu think it will end with West and East clashing. Yachiyo says she sent Momoko to confirm if there are any empty locations, and says it's probably time to strike a bargain. Mifuyu wonders if they should contact Kanagi. Yachiyo seems reluctant, causing Mifuyu to ask if Yachiyo bears a grudge from the last time they met. Suddenly an injured Momoko barges in.

Momoko explains that she was attacked while in a witch's barrier in Central. The culprit claimed to be "a magical girl from a ward that's against yours". Momoko confirms that the magical girl who was supposed to be in that territory wasn't there. Mifuyu says that if the Central Ward magical girl isn't in her territory, then Momoko didn't violate the pact. Yachiyo says it's finally begun, and asks Momoko if she told anyone else. Momoko says she hasn't even told Rena Minami and Kaede Akino. Momoko asks if the situation will be settled positively. Mifuyu says that's their plan.

Later, Mifuyu asks Yachiyo if they shouldn't try to settle the situation before a conflict breaks out. Yachiyo says they should do what they can do first and meet with Kanagi. She claims they have a just cause, which can give them the advantage in negotiations.

Scene 3

Yachiyo and Mifuyu meet with Kanagi. While they take a hostile tone with each other, Mifuyu is able to start negotiations. Mifuyu says the best way to settle this is with an offering of Grief Seeds, and negotiating rights to Central. Kanagi says their side seems to think they can ask for a lot. Yachiyo says her side isn't attacking other magical girls in neutral territory. When Kanagi expresses confusion, Yachiyo explains what happened to Momoko. Kanagi then says one of her side's magical girls was attacked by a Westsider, much to Yachiyo and Mifuyu's surprise.

The girls find out both attacks happened in a witch's barrier in Central. Each attack was from a magical girl claiming to be from the opposite side. Kanagi uses her mindreading powers and confirms that Yachiyo and Mifuyu are telling the truth. Yachiyo then asks how Kanagi can prove she's telling the truth. Kanagi points out that if she was hiding something she could have just lied about her mindreading results. Mifuyu says they can believe her. As Mifuyu discusses cooperation, Momoko barges in. She says that a team of magical girls was attacked in their territory in Sankyou Ward. Momoko notes Tsuruno Yui is there, but she's not sure Tsuruno can stop things if it comes to violence. She says Yachiyo is more likely to be listened to.

Yachiyo asks if Mifuyu can continue negotiations while she goes to Sankyou, but Kanagi says she just heard another Westside magical girl was attacked. Kanagi says the discussion is pointless, claiming that Yachiyo and Mifuyu don't know what their own magical girls are up to. Kanagi then leaves. The remaining girls go to Sankyou.

Scene 4

The magical girls in Sankyou ask to enter the Central Ward as retaliation. They also say there are Central Ward girls who need to be protected from the East. Yachiyo asks how the girls know that, deducing that they've gone to Central themselves. One of the girls claims her friend lives there, and her team claims the Central girl as an ally. Yachiyo says that's a violation of the pact, but Mifuyu let's them off if they promise not to cause any more trouble.

Afterward, Momoko and Yachiyo are relieved, but Momoko wonders what if Central is going to join the Westside. Mifuyu points out that they can't guarantee the Westside magical girls won't act the same as the Eastside. Mifuyu and Yachiyo says that the first thing they need to do is understand what exactly is happening. She decides they should go to Central to investigate. Suddenly Mel Anna and Tsuruno appear, insisting they come along.

Scene 5

As the girls enter Central, they feel the atmosphere is tense. Suddenly they notice Central Ward magical girls watching them. They try to ask about the state of the Central Ward, but the Central Ward magical girls say that if someone from the East sees them talking, they'll start thinking Central has allied with the West. They ask not to get involved and for Yachiyo's group to go away. As Yachiyo and Mifuyu leave, the Central girls think that both the East and West are trying to exploit them, and discuss telling Hinano about Yachiyo and Mifuyu's arrival in Central. Later, Yachiyo says the girls didn't trust them, and asks Momoko to lead them to the witch's barrier she was attacked in.

Scene 6

When the girls reach the barrier, Yachiyo feels there's something different about it. Though the characters don't know it, this is the barrier of the Mirror Witch. Tsuruno says it feels like it's paused. As the girls enter the barrier, they find themselves separated, with Mifuyu, Yachiyo and Momoko remaining together. The trio is attacked by familiars.

Scene 7

As the girls fight the familiars, Mifuyu notes her attacks aren't doing much damage. Mifuyu asks if the fight is harder than normal, saying that she feels like she can't use as much magic as she thought. Yachiyo and Momoko don't notice anything different. The girls then reunite with Tsuruno and Mel. Finding the barrier is too complicated, the girls decide to leave.

Scene 8

A few days later, stories of Westside and Eastside magical girls fighting in Central began to spread. Yachiyo says everyone is desperate for Grief Seeds, while Mifuyu wonders if there's even a point to their cooperation system anymore. Suddenly they hear the sounds of magical girls fighting. It turns out that magical girls from Sankyou and Sakae are arguing over going to the Central Ward. Yachiyo and Mifuyu arrive to break up the fight. The magical girls tell them to stay out of their way, which results in Yachiyo beating them up.

Afterward, Mifuyu asks what the fight was about. Yachiyo recognizes one of the girls as the Sankyou girl they spoke to earlier. The magical girl says nothing has changed, while the other says she has a problem with Yachiyo's leadership. A day later, Yachiyo and Mifuyu discuss the event and wonder if the Westside will collapse from within. Mifuyu notes the Westsiders are asking to incorporate Central Ward into their territory. Yachiyo says that would solve their internal problems but create an even greater conflict with the Eastside, one that the Central Ward would get caught up in. Yachiyo says the situation is a stalemate.

Mifuyu suggests talking to Kanagi again, but Yachiyo says it's useless if they don't know who the original attacker is. Mifuyu says they should warn the Westsiders not to go into Central. The narration says the situation only got worse from there.

Scene 9

As it turned out, the magical girls causing conflict in Central ignored the warning, leading to further fights and even casualties. Yachiyo is extremely stressed by the situation. Tsuruno asks Mifuyu if they can cooperate with Kanagi, but Mifuyu says they need to find the perpetrator first. Tsuruno says the culprit must be someone who benefits from the situation, and suggests it could be a complete outsider or even a witch. Mifuyu asks Tsuruno to take care of Yachiyo, as she's meeting with someone.

Mifuyu heads to Central and comes across an unconcious magical girl. hen the girl wakes up, she exclaims that the West is trying to drive the Central magical girls out. Mifuyu says she just wants to help, but the magical girl calls her a liar, saying she was just attacked by a Westsider. Mifuyu thinks she needs to calm the girl down and get her home. Afterward, Mifuyu meets Hinano and apologizes for being late. Hinano yells at Mifuyu for allowing this conflict to happen. Mifuyu think there's nothing she can say in response. Hinano says she wouldn't be surprised if people started making Kamikaze attacks, which horrifies Mifuyu. Hinano says she's expecting it at this point.

Mifuyu says they'll resolve the situation, and asks her to wait. Hinano says she can't, and has no proof she can believe her. Hinano says that Mifuyu can't settle this, and the situation won't get resolved. Hinano says that when she heard Mifuyu's team came to Central and asked to talk, she thought the Central Ward was being invited to join the West, and that they would treat Central's girls as equals. Yet the result was anything but. Hinano says that as a veteran she should have been more reliable.

Feeling she has to take responsibility, Mifuyu says she will handle this. Even though she has no basis, Mifuyu claims it's something she has to do. She asks Hinano to stop the Central Ward girls from going berserk. Hinano says she'll do what she can, but expects actions instead of words. Mifuyu thinks that as a magical girl of Kamihama, she has to think about all the magical girls there. She decides that the West and the East have to cooperate, for the sake of every magical girl in Kamihama.

Scene 10

Mifuyu tells Yachiyo about her meeting, and says they need to get to Central before things get worse. Suddenly Mel barges in saying that Kanagi accused her of attacking someone. It's revealed that during classes, Kanagi asked if Mel went to the Central Ward. Mel said she couldn't leave Daitou because she missed a few days of school and needed to take supplementary lessons. She then said the teacher would back her up. Kanagi then said a magical girl claimed Mel attacked her in Central. Mel insisted it wasn't her, and Kanagi agreed.

Scene 11

As Mifuyu comes to a realization, a magical girl asks for Mel. Mifuyu says she'll talk to her. The Westside magical girl says that Mel attacked her, and she must be a spy for the East. Mifuyu thinks that Tsuruno hit the nail on the head earlier. Thanking the Westside magical girl, Mifuyu says she now knows someone is pitting East and West against each other. She asks the magical girl to keep this a secret, and leaves. The girl says she's going to her team anyway; however Mifuyu indicates this was the intended result. She hopes the story spreads enough to stop the fighting. Later, Yachiyo praises Mifuyu and says they have the evidence they need to go to Kanagi. They decide to meet with Kanagi tomorrow, and ask Momoko, Tsuruno and Mel to be ready.

Scene 12

At their next meeting, Kanagi confirms that all the girls that were attacked were in a witch's barrier in the Central Ward. Mifuyu points out the attackers never identified themselves except as an enemy, and the girls of both sides assumed it was the other attacking them. Yachiyo says she suspects a witch to be the cause. Kanagi asks if the witch is manipulating magical girls, but Mifuyu says it's unlikely - especially since Mel wasn't even there when she supposedly attacked someone. Mifuyu guesses the barrier they investigated before belongs to the witch responsible, and asks Kanagi for help.

Yachiyo and Mifuyu explain that not only do they need help reaching the witch, they also don't want the girls from Central to misunderstand the situation. Mifuyu says if they work together, observers would think they're solving a problem. Kanagi agrees, and asks to fight alongside them. Yachiyo asks if Kanagi has some magical girls she can call to help, but Kanagi says it will be difficult to get their cooperation. She asks Yachiyo and Mifuyu to rely on her.

Scene 13

The girls go to the barrier again and find it has grown in size. Tsuruno suspects that the witch was feeding on the conflicts between magical girls. Kanagi and Yachiyo say they were puppets and fools. The girls then enter the barrier, but get separated again. Mifuyu finds herself alone, and is confronted by...herself. The Mirror duplicate says that since Mifuyu is losing her powers, she'll just become a burden on her friends and kill them. The duplicate says she will "kill Mifuyu for Mifuyu" and attacks. However, Mifuyu wins, though she tries to convince herself her powers aren't failing.

Mifuyu now understands the witch can create duplicates. She then hears Kanagi being attacked by Yachiyo. Kanagi wonders if she was being tricked all along, but realizes that Yachiyo isn't acting like herself. Mifuyu rescues an injured Kanagi, and despite Kanagi's reluctance, gives her a Grief Seed. Kanagi says she'll pay Mifuyu back and the two defeat the false Yachiyo.

Scene 14

After Mifuyu explains the situation, the girls decide to find the others. They are able to find the real Yachiyo and Momoko, confirming their identities with Kanagi's powers. Momoko says Kanagi's power comes in handy, but Kanagi says it's hard to read someone when they resist. Suddenly, they hear Mel being attacked. The girls find Mel being attacked by a false Tsuruno. However, Mifuyu thinks something is off. The girls defeat the fake Tsuruno, while Mel collapses. As Kanagi tries to help Mel up, Mifuyu let's out a warning. The Mel reveals herself to be a fake and attacks.

Scene 15

However, Kanagi is able to counterattack and defeat the fake Mel. Kanagi explains that she noticed Mifuyu felt something was off and decided to be observant. She also noticed the fake Mel used the wrong speech patterns. Kanagi says Mifuyu helped her out again. The girls then find the real Tsuruno and Mel and confirm their identities. Mifuyu says they should withdraw, since everyone is tired and they're no closer to finding the witch. Yachiyo agrees.

Scene 16

The girls are relieved to be outside. Momoko says it's bad they couldn't reach the witch, but Yachiyou says it seems to be fine as long as no-one enters the barrier. While the girls couldn't defeat the witch, they at least know it's the culprit of the magical girl attacks. Kanagi says it will be hard for magical girls to accept this fact, and Yachiyo says there's still a Grief Seed shortage. Kanagi asks if there's unrest on their side, and admits it's the same for her too. Mifuyu says that at this rate, more magical girls will try to take over Central. Yachiyo says that prohibiting entrance to Central won't work since magical girls will just try to break it.

Kanagi and Mifuyu then have an idea: They can put a condition on who gets to negotiate with the Central Ward, one that would be hard to accomplish. They decide the condition should be defeating the Mirror Witch. Mifuyu says they'll need to get Central to accept it, and Kanagi says it's only for the right to negotiate, not control. Mifuyu then says they need to guarantee Central's safety, pay reparations, and define punishments to those who break the new pact. Yachiyo says Mifuyu is being proactive. Mifuyu says she's just trying to make amends for someone (Hinano). Yachiyo says they can leave the details for another day, and they should think about how to prevent this from happening again.

The narration explains that the witch would eventually be led to an abandoned building on the Eastside by attracting it with Mirrors. A supervisor role was created to keep normal people from getting too close. As the girls leave, Kanagi offers Mifuyu her gratitude for her help in the barrier. She asks if Mifuyu has anything she needs. Mifuyu asks Kanagi to help Yachiyo if she's no longer around. Kanagi says it's a promise and shakes her hand. Mifuyu thinks that if she's no longer able to fight or be by Yachiyo, then at least someone can lend their power to her.

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