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For the second anniversary of the JP server, the game did two separate events.

The first event, Kamihama in a Circle, is a series of ten cutscenes that were shown when the player logged in daily from August 22, 2019 to September 09, 2019. A transcript of the event can be found here.

The second event, A New Beginning, began on August 22, 2019.


A girl hides in an alleyway as she makes her report. According to her, nothing has happened yet although she did feel some magic she hadn't felt before. The girl complains about all of this being a waste of time.

Elsewhere, a different girl informs someone that their reports were correct, Kamihama is full of an incredible amount of Magical Girls. However, she doesn't see what makes Kamihama so special, so she begins her investigation.

Two girls whisper to each other as they observe Iroha Tamaki and Yachiyo Nanami coming out into the open. One girl asks the other about the other Magical Girls. It seems they're all gathering together somewhere to celebrate something. The two mysterious girls take this as their opportunity to begin their work and not be noticed.

At Walnut's, Manaka Kurumi is serving up drinks to al the thirsty Magical Girl patrons. Thanks to Tsuruno Yui's help everyone has already been served. Iroha and Yachiyo stand before the other Magical Girls, announcing the celebration of the establishment of the Kamihama Magia Union.

Episode One

Rena Minami is enjoying the grilled chicken and complimenting the taste. Kaede Akino says the food must be incredibly good to cause Rena to behave herself for once. Momoko Togame chuckles and agrees with Kaede, noting that good food makes you feel good.

Noticing how busy they are, Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane offer to lend a hand bussing tables. Mifuyu Azusa offers to help at well but the Amanes would rather she sit down and enjoy herself.

Himika Mao looks at all the happy people and hopes that things for Magical Girls from the East will improve. Leila Ibuki asks about what happened between the East and West. Kanagi Izumi steps in and explains there used to be significant opposition between the two sides. Before innocent bystanders would get dragged into the conflict and hurt, but now they have formed an alliance and all of them are moving forward towards the future. Mitama Yakumo agrees this is the best thing for everyone, but they'll have to work hard to make it the best team possible.

Iroha is talking with Hinano Miyako, informing her that all of the Uwasa are no more except for the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura. Even the resistance of what was left of the Wings of Magius has stopped. Many of those Magical Girls had gone on rampages when they learned the truth about Magical Girls. Yachiyo thanks Hinano for all her invaluable help, but Hinano says she's just doing her job as the one responsible for the South. Hinano wants to make sure they're all on the same page in regarding their girls, so Yachiyo reminds her their goals haven't really changed. They'd like to coexist with Kyubey and expand the "Automatic Purification System" so it covers the whole world. However, they don't know how to do that so it may take a very long time. Hinano understands it can be difficult, especially since the Magius had originally resorted to sacrificing innocent people. Tsuruno pipes up, claiming their group's main purpose for now is to help each other out, share Grief Seeds, and fight enemies together. Sana Futaba would like the group to help those who were forced to fight alone or couldn't fight at all.

Felicia Mitsuki asks about how Touka Satomi's research is going, since she was planning on tapping into the power that helped them defeat Walpurgisnacht in order to expand the purification system. Ui Tamaki tells her that Touka, Kanagi, Mitama, and Nemu Hiiragi went with her to Endless Mirrors. It may not be easy to tap into that power, but Iroha is fairly confident she'll be able to since the feathers that fell from the sky reappeared earlier and they did seem to affect them. Hinano is impressed Touka was able to get that much at least and wonders how she did it. Touka pops up, giggling and bragging about how no one else gets it either. According to Touka, Kyubey observed some kind of interference from outside this universe during their battle with Walpurgisnacht. While they may not be able to connect two worlds using modern-day technology, Witches and Magical Girls operate on a whole other level which is why Touka went to Endless Mirrors to combine fantasy and technology.

Manaka receives a phone call at Walnut's. After she gets off the phone, she runs in a panic repeatedly saying "This is bad!". Ria asks what's wrong, assuming Manaka must have forgotten Ria's second rice omelet. Manaka tells her this is no time for jokes since Nemu has been kidnapped.

Episode Two

Manaka blames herself for Nemu's disappearance since she was the one who asked her to go shopping for the party. Ui tells her not to blame herself since Nemu prefers to be treated the same as others despite the fact she can no longer walk. Ui also points out that Sakurako was with her so Iroha figures the kidnappers must have been strong enough to take on Sakurako. Yachiyo asks if the kidnappers said anything else, but Manaka informs them they were told to search for her using magic tracing only and that the kidnappers had something to prove. Felicia wonders if they might have missed an enemy, then suggests they may be outsiders.

Ui suggests they use all the manpower they have gathered here, but Sana points out how large Kamihama is. Iroha suggests they split up into groups to search larger areas but Mifuyu reminds them it hasn't been long since Nemu left so they may be close by since Nemu wouldn't be able to travel very fast. Mifuyu instead suggests they split up and search the areas near Walnut's. Since all of them are familiar with each other's magic, they should be able to pinpoint the kidnappers more easily since it would be the only magic they're unfamiliar with.

Hinano thinks this is a good chance to prove their capabilities as a team so she offers to cover Chuo Ward with the other girls from the South. Ryo Midori and Ikumi Makino agree to help. Kanagi and the other girls from the East offer to search Hokuyo Ward, where they're currently at. Since there's not as many Eastern Magical Girls, the smaller area is perfect for them to search efficiently. Even though she doesn't live there, Tsukuyo offers to go with Tsukasa to help in the search. Since there are a lot of Magical Girls from the West, they're left with searching Sankyo Ward which many of them are familiar with. Mifuyu tells Iroha to call them since they'll all be too far out of range for telepathy to work. Iroha wonders what the kidnappers are trying to prove, but Touka only hangs her head and wonders if their past is starting to catch up with them.

Episode Three

Tsuruno relays to Iroha the message she received from Mifuyu. According to Tsuruno, Mifuyu's group were unable to find anything so they've moved on to a new area. Since Momoko's group couldn't find anything either, Iroha wonders if they too should search elsewhere. Yachiyo had hoped they would find them there since the majority of people had abandoned the area, but she too agrees they should move on.

As Iroha walks through the streets, she's unable to find any other Magical Girls. The streets are crowded with people, so Sana wonders if the kidnappers aren't in a place with very few people around. She asks if there aren't any abandoned buildings or wide open spaces around here, but Tsuruno can't think of any places like that. Felicia often visits the area since Kako Natsume and Ayame Mitsukuri live there but even she's never seen anything like that in the area.

Felicia wonders if the kidnapper is a Witch but Touka gives her an incredulous stare and asks how a Witch could make a phone call. Ui asks them not to argue but Touka is worked up because Nemu was kidnapped and she wants Felicia to take it seriously. Felicia argues she is taking it seriously. As they bicker, Iroha tels the others that somethign has been bothering her. If the kidnappers were outsiders, why did they know to target Nemu? How did they know that Nemu was important?

Elsewhere neither Kanagi nor Mitama have had any luck. They've asked local people and even people at the supermarket if they saw anyone matches Nemu's description but no luck. Kanagi looks around at the ward and notes that the North looks surprisingly normal despite the battle with Walpurgisnacht. Mitama replies that the East was more affected by the rubble removal process. Kanagi's heart aches for a moment at the social disparity until she reminds herself they have a job to do. She suggests they let Himika keep looking in this area while she and Mitama head to Endless Mirrors. Since the Mirror Witch's familiars go around handing out invitations, Kanagi wants to rule them out as the kidnappers. Mitama hopes the kidnappers aren't the kind of people to target a disabled Magical Girl, but Kanagi is sad to admit that there are people that are that vile out there.

Hinano checks her phone for messages, but none of the other teams have found anything in either HOkuyo or Sankyo Ward. Ryo calls Hinano and tells her both her and Ikumi believe they know who the kidnappers are. Hinano agrees with their suspicions. The kidnappers had to be someone who knew that the Magius were important, but weren't aware that the girls of Kamihama were coming together. Hinano senses foreign magic and goes to see if their hunch is right.

Hinano approaches the area and sees she's correct. Nemu is being held hostage by Black Feathers and White Feathers who originated from outside of Kamihama.

Episode Four

Hinano spies Nemu from afar as she tries to come up with her next course of action. She decides to contact Ryo and Ikumi and then the others. Nemu calls out to her telepathically, asking if Hinano is trying to contact the others. Nemu had been searching for any traces of magic and figured it was about time someone showed up. Thankfully the Feathers haven't noticed Hinano's presence yet. Hinano asks Nemu to hang tight for a bit, but before she goes Nemu asks her for a favor. Sakurako is still close by but she hasn't acted yet because Nemu told her not to fight by herself, however Nemu knows she is getting impatient. She asks Hinano to find Sakurako before she loses control and tries to fight. If Hinano can convince her that she'll save Nemu, then Sakurako will stop and go with her since Sakurako can't fight the conditions of her Rumor. Since she's an Uwasa, she has no telepathy of her own so Hinano will have to go to her instead.

Hinano spies Sakurako not far from there and Sakurako has an angry expression on her face and is pacing back and forth rapidly. Just as Sakurako is about to give up and go in for the attack, Hinano is able to catch up to her and warns her to stop. Hinano tells Sakurako not to be an idiot and try to fight since there are too many of them even for her. Sakurako tells her she can't be an idiot because of all the knowledge she has access to on her server. HInano says that's not the point and reminds her she has to listen to what Nemu told her, which was not to fight alone. Sakurako has begun to tear up at the thought of losing Nemu, since she has no way of contacting the others nor can she just leave Nemu alone. Hinano tells Sakurako she's here now and the others are already on their way so the situation has changed. Sakurako thanks Hinano, knowing Ryo was right when she said Hinano can be relied on.

Hinano gets ahold of Iroha on the phone and informs her of the situation, urging them to get there as soon as possible. Yachiyo knows it won't be easy with so many girls surrounding Nemu. Since Nemu can't transform, she'll be in real trouble if the kidnappers are willing to kill her. Touka grabs the phone and tells Hinano to use Ryo and Ikumi since they used to work for Touka. Hinano gets what she's saying and relays the plan to Ryo.

Ryo, upon hearing of the plan, thinks it's a very bold move but she's willing to go with it since it's the best solution they have. Hinano gives the credit to Touka, causing Ikumi to get nervous just hearing that name. Ryo reminds them they're equals now so Ryo and Ikumi go ahead with the plan. First, they need to stop at their old base to get their uniforms. The two dress up in their old Black and White Feather robes.

Episode Five

Ryo and Ikumi return to where Nemu is being held hostage, now dressed in their old Feather robes. The plan is for Hinano to use her magic to draw some of the Feathers away so they can replace them without getting noticed. If only one Feathers is lured away, then Ryo will go in alone. If two Feathers get lured then both will go in, but if three are lured then they'll retreat for now and tell everyone to be extra careful. They won't all go after Hinano since there aren't enough of them to do that and secure the area at the same time. Ryo senses Hinano's magic flare up so they move in.

The Feathers keeping watch on Nemu are beginning to grow impatient, wondering if they're not going to save Nemu or if they should keep waiting. One of the Feathers encourages her comrade to steel her nerves. If they don't come or won't listen, then they're prepared to die. Ryo and Ikumi make their way to where Nemu is waiting. Nemu recognizes them but she pretends not to notice. Ikumi says they didn't find the Magical Girl they sensed and Ryo warns them she may have ran off and called for help so they should be on their guard. Telepathically both Ryo and Ikumi assure Nemu they're here to rescue her. The two then take the place of the Feathers guarding her.

Telepathically, Nemu suddenly warns them to get out because their plan won't work. Before they can react, Ryo is struck from behind, knocking their robes off in the process. The Feathers circle around them. They may have been a large faceless mass before, but with so few of them left they all recognize each other's voices and appearances. They've also trained together to overcome their weaknesses and are no longer the weak Feathers from before. The circles prepare to attack but Sakurako jumps in ready to defend Ryo. Sakurako begins to thrash the Feathers about, demanding they release Nemu. Hinano tries to restrain Sakurako from her blind rage.

One of the Feathers approaches Nemu, declaring she has no choice. But before she can do anything Iroha calls out for her to stop. Iroha has just arrived with the other Magical Girls in tow. She recognizes that the Feathers are from outside Kamihama and she asks them what they really want.

Episode Six

The lead Feather asks if they'll grant her wish if she tells them what they wants. Yachiyo asks if that isn't the point of kidnapping Nemu but the Feathers don't believe their wishes can be granted. Iroha asks them again to tell her what it is. The lead Feather says their wish is for every Magical Girl in Kamihama to work for the Magius like they did before so the Magius can finish leading them to liberation. Felicia thinks that's the stupidest thing she's ever heard and can't imagine wanting to work for them again. Tsuruno scolds Felicia, although she agrees with the sentiment. Tsuruno can't understand why they would kidnap Nemu if they want to work for her. Touka explains they want to free Magical Girls but they don't know how to do it themselves. One of the Feathers agrees with what Touka said, explaining they're willing to fight and die to help the Magius achieve their goals of liberation. That hasn't changed, but without the Magius to guide them they're at a loss on how to achieve that goal themselves. Sana believes they should have tried to find their own way of achieving their goals, but the Feathers disagree, believing only the Magius can show them how.

The Feathers had believed that the Wings of Magius had disbanded only because the Magical Girls of Kamihama had dissolved the group. They had kidnapped Nemu with the hopes of convincing her to join them only to realize she could no longer become a Magical Girl. Since they had no other options left and would never see their dream realized, the remaining Feathers decided to fight to the bitter end and die for their ideals instead. Nemu realizes they wanted to die and take them down with them. She knows it was because of them that these Magical Girls had changed so much and Nemu feels like it's their responsibility to follow them to the grave. But both Nemu and Touka agree they haven't abandoned their ideals yet. They're no longer the Magius, but that doesn't mean they're done trying to free Magical Girls from their fate except this time they're working with the Magical Girls of Kamihama to achieve their dream.

The lead Feather doesn't believe them and demands to know why they stopped the Magius' plans and ruin everything. Iroha explains they weren't against what the Magius were trying to achieve, they were just against the methods they were using such as sacrificing innocent people and the city. The Magical Girls of Kamihama are still trying to achieve the same goal but through peaceful methods. Nemu and Touka ask the Feathers to join them and work alongside the others to achieve liberation. Just as the lead Feather is about to give a reply, a bright light flashes and white feathers begin to rain down from the sky once more. It's the same power as before but Touka can tell that something's not right. Ui feels like she's being crushed from the inside and Iroha agrees that's it's different from last time.

Episode Seven

All throughout Kamihama the white feathers are falling. Momoko calls Yachiyo and gets updated on what's going on. They're sure this is the same power that helped them when they were fighting Walpurgisnacht, but something is different about it. Yachiyo warns Momoko to be careful while she asks Touka what is going on. Momoko hangs up and Rena asks her if it really is the same power as before. Kaede wonders why it's not on their side this time but Momoko encourages her by saying they won't go down so easily if that's the case.

Touka is finishing explaining things to the lead White Feather. Their goals are still the same, but they're trying different methods now. The White Feather asks her to explain what is going on if it's true what she said about not sacrificing anything. Touka shrugs and replies that experiments fail from time to time. Team Mikazuki are astonished to hear this admission of failure from Touka but Yachiyo notes how calm Touka is and asks her if she can fix this. Touka had assumed this might happen but she doesn't believe they can control this power. Her plan both worked and failed. Touka had theorized she could use the system she developed to control Witches in order to control the Familiars of the Mirror Witch that had evolved to connect spaces in order to make them connect to another physical space altogether. By doing so, she could create a wormhole to another world and make that power flow into their world. While that part was successful, it seems they're unable to harness and control that power.

Tsuruno asks if it didn't work because they interfered from their side and last time that power was being controlled from the other side. Touka says she guessed it right. The White Feather asks if it's true then that they can't use this power to free everyone. Nemu says that's correct and that the interference from this power is incredibly powerful, so powerful it may even crush their universe. Touka describes it like giving a blood transfusion to someone with the wrong blood type. The laws of the two different universes don't match up. Iroha asks how they can stop it. Touka thinks they can stop it by using radio waves to reach it but the best place for doing that would be deep inside Endless Mirrors. Sana suggests they contact Kanagi since she and the others were heading there already.

Episode Eight

Kanagi and the others fight off some familiars as they navigate the maze that is Endless Mirrors. Mitama asks if she's sure they're going the right way but Kanagi is certain of their route seeing as how they've already searched the lower layers. If they knew where it was they wouldn't have such a hard time looking for it. Mitama says she's right and apologizes for not being more help. Despite being the "manager" for Endless Mirrors, she herself has never gone inside since she didn't have the ability to fight Witches as a Magical Girl before. Kanagi replies that no one could blame her for that but she is going to have to give a stern talking to Touka later. Mitama tells Kanagi not to be too harsh on her since she's just trying to help but Kanagi says she's only doing it because she cares and wants to help her too.

They soon reach an area where they can feel and see the white feathers falling from the sky. They can both sense the difference in this power and Kanagi describes it as being out of control. They soon spy what looks like the entrance to a labyrinth with several Kirico Keepers guarding it. Mitama goes to destroy the device sending out the radio waves while Kanagi takes care of the Familiars. As Mitama tries to figure out how to stop the device, white light flashes and suddenly both the gate and the Familiars disappear into thin air. The Familiar's labyrinth vanished and both Mitama and Kanagi were cut off from the gate.

Mitama calls Hinano and relays what just happened. White feathers continue to fall from the sky as Hinano gets off the phone and explains to the others that the Witch most likely considered it a danger, so she got rid of the Labyrinth altogether. It seems their mission was a failure. Sakurako points up at the sky and Touka looks up to see the gateway to another world has not appeared in the sky overhead. Ui asks if there isn't another way so Touka turns to the Feathers and asks them to give Nemu back since she knows the password to disable the device.

Episode Nine

Touka explains to the Feathers that even she admits that her plans can sometimes be too risky, which is why she had Nemu set up a password as a fail-safe. The lead Feather looks at Nemu and asks if this is all a lie. Nemu denies it being lies and tells her it's the honest truth. But the Feather doesn't believe her, believing it all to be lies just to get Nemu back. Iroha tries to argue their point, that they're just trying to free everyone from becoming Witches. She points out how their experiment has failed and they need to stop it so they should work together. The Feather shakes her head, claiming the Magius are now no more than two girls who have lost their edge. Ryo looks them incredulously. She used to be a White Feather and even she doesn't believe the Magius back then were better than how they are now. Ikumi agrees since she doesn't want anyone to be sacrificed for this. The lead Feather states she wanted the strength to see their plans through, even if it means making sacrifices. She looks at Nemu and declares the Magius they knew to be dead before striking at Nemu. Touka tries to get her to stop before the Feather strikes Touka as well.

Soon Tsuruno and Felicia jump in and attack the Feathers while they're distracted in an attempt to get Nemu back.

The Feathers are in disarray and believe that they were willing to sacrifice Nemu to stop them. But Sana's voice rings out, telling them they're here to rescue her as she suddenly appears behind Nemu's wheelchair and begins to push her out of danger.

While the Feathers were arguing with Touka, Nemu had spoken to Iroha telepathically in order to concoct a plan to get her out of there. They would keep the Feathers talking and arguing with them while Sana snuck in under guise of invisibility. Iroha was certain they were on the verge of convincing them but Touka didn't want to take the risk since their time was running short. Yachiyo is hesitant to agree with the plan, but she asks Sana, Felicia, and Tsuruno if they're up to the task.

They get Nemu to where the device is stationed and Nemu enters the password. They send the stop signal through and everyone waits anxiously to see the results. However, nothing seems to have changed as the white feathers continue to rain down from the sky. Tsuruno gets a bad feeling about this. Ui asks Touka what happened and Touka replies she didn't anticipate the Witch cutting off the labyrinth. She wonders if it could be because the labyrinth is smaller now, so the space itself has become warped so the radio waves can no longer reach the device. Yachiyo is sad to see her premonition of things going wrong was correct.

The world shakes slightly and all of them hear a voice say the word, "Don't..."

Episode Ten

Touka isn't sure what could happen if the laws of another universe started to affect their own, but she is certain that it will wind up being a disaster. Felicia asks if they can't just make the machine self-destruct. Touka knows the machine will stop on its own if it doesn't receive a signal for a certain amount of time, but she's not sure that will happen because of all the corruption. Ui suggests Nemu enter the password again, but Nemu has already been trying that and the device doesn't seem to be receiving any of the signals. The power that once helped them save their city was now going to destroy everything.

Both Iroha and Yachiyo stand silently, listening to something. They can hear someone say the words, "...long before... been watching... don't contact... record... keep turning... can... close it... this power.... is with...." As the voice fades, Iroha looks up smiling at Sana. She explains that the power that is currently flowing throughout their universe is really strong, but it's not trying to hurt them. It's doing its best to try to save them like it did before. She turns to look at Yachiyo, who tells her they should go close the gate together the way they did before. She turns to Ui and Touka and asks Touka if she can still use her conversion magic even without transforming. Touka confirms she can, so Yachiyo tells them they'll have Ui collect all the magic that is flowing from them so Touka can convert it. She explains how the magic contained in the raining feathers has built up inside them so she knows this plan will work. Their arrow will close the gate.

The sun is beginning to set as they prepare to enact their plan. All the other Magical Girls go hide between buildings in order to stay clear out of the way. Ui asks if Nemu is ok, but Nemu is more worried about Touka. Touka is looking disheartened and beaten after their failure and what it almost cost them. Neither of them thought it would get this bad since they both thought they were prepared. Now that everyone is clear, the team does it like before: Ui absorbs all the magic from Iroha and Yachiyo and sends it to Touka, who converts it to usable magic. She gives it to Yachiyo who is able to harness that power and pass it to Iroha, who converts it to an arrow and fires it at the portal, closing it for good.

Iroha breathes a sigh of relief now that the portal is gone and the feathers have stopped raining down. She turns to the Feathers, who stand silently. Iroha explains that Touka and Nemu are doing everything they can to help free them from their bonds and asks them to reconsider. Their plan may not have worked this time, but they're all working together to obtain their freedom. She asks if they're willing to sacrifice their friends, family, and the people they know just to save a single minute or even second. One of the Black Feathers shakes her head and says she knows what it's like to be used. Iroha turns to the lead White Feather. The lead Feather finally admits she was just being stubborn. For every drop of blood and sweat she shed in pursuit of the Magius' dream she had become much more stubborn until that stubbornness turned into rage. Even though Touka and Nemu could never understand what they went through, she also couldn't accept how fruitless their efforts were in the end. Nemu and Touka apologize, and although they may not be the Magius they once were they want to work together and move forward even if it means more failures along the way.

Ui wants the Feathers to join their cause alongside them and the Feather asks if even they can be accepted. Hinano thinks it's a great idea and would love to have a presence outside of Kamihama. Ryo and Ikumi point out they too were former Feathers and they haven't given up on the idea of freedom yet. Ikumi suggests they hug super tight and hold hands as "Former Feathers" together. Tsuruno, Felicia, and Sana are also happy to welcome the first recruits to their organization on the day they first established it. Yachiyo and Iroha offer their hands and the Feathers accept.

As the group stands happily together, Iroha thinks about how all of this was something she could never have forseen when she first began her search for Ui. She's confronted her fate as a Magical Girl and now they've taken a step forward to a new beginning.

Episode Eleven

It's late at night and Momoko is bidding goodbye to Yachiyo. Yachiyo asks if she's not coming over with the rest of them but they're all pretty exhausted after the day's events. Momoko, Rena, and Kaede say their goodbyes and head home. Sakurako is overjoyed at having Nemu back safely and can't stop fidgeting over her. Mifuyu is glad to see that everyone is ok after Touka's failure. Touka gets annoyed and tells her not to call it a failure, so Mifuyu asks her what she should call it. Touka turns to Iroha and whines that Mifuyu is being mean and picking on her as revenge for all the times she tutored her. Iroha tells her to calm down and Mifuyu assures her she didn't mean it that way. Tsuruno thinks it's good they were able to see that power once more and hopes they're able to use it in the future, but Yachiyo believes they shouldn't get involved with the power from another universe. The only reason they were in danger and were able to close the gate was because of the same power. Both Yachiyo and Iroha had heard a voice that said it was watching over them and it impressed on them the need to close the gate.

Nemu tells Iroha she has something to tell them, something the Feathers said to Nemu and Touka before they left. According to the Feathers, "The influence the Wings of Magius had isn't limited to the organization's ideals." Iroha isn't sure what that means, but Nemu believes it means they impacted the Feathers in more than one way. Felicia is tired of all the talk and wants to get something to eat. Sana points out how they saved Nemu and were able to recover from Touka's failure. At these words Touka yells at her to stop it already and with tears in her eyes asks why everyone keeps calling what she did a failure. She tells them she learned an important lesson today and is pretty depressed about it. She asks Iroha to make her feel better already but Iroha is taken back by these words. Touka gets upset and throws a small tantrum, saying she hates them all and calling them all stupid. Iroha tells her to calm down and telling her they know she tried her best. Nemu tells her to stop acting infantile but Touka's anger and stress keep building up and causing her soul gem to fill with impurities. Touka is already at her limit and about to unleash her doppel.

Elsewhere, a mysterious Magical Girl watches from afar as Touka's doppel is released. She can't believe what she just saw, but now she knows what they heard was true. She turns to head back and report to the Tokime Clan.

Somewhere else, a different Magical Girl also observed the moment Touka let loose her Doppel. She thinks it looks frightening, like a Witch popped out of a Magical Girl. She giggles to herself, since she already knew what it would supposedly look like and decides to report back to inform her of her findings.

In a different place, a young girl has found Iroha at last. As she holds a small plushy that looks like a mandrake root close to her chest, she promises to be there to keep a record of their lives.

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