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Kyoko Sakura
Kyoko magia record profile.png
Japanese Name 佐倉 杏子 (Sakura Kyōko)
Voiced by Japanese: Ai Nonaka

English: Lauren Landa

ID No: 2006

For her full bio, see Kyoko Sakura

General info

Physical features

  • Age: 14
  • Height: 156-158 cm
  • Eye colour: Red
  • Hair colour: Red
  • Origins: Kazamino City


  • Soul Gem: Red eye (chest)
  • Weapon: Spear
  • Wish: "I wish that everyone would listen to what Father has to say."
  • Ability: Illusions
  • Witch form: Ophelia
  • Japanese pronoun: atashi (あたし)
  • Known relatives: Father (Deceased), Mother (Deceased), Momo Sakura (Younger Sister, Deceased)
  • School: Unknown

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★4 → ★5 100 Attack Attribute flame.png
Initial 4981 2114 1603
Max at ★4 17931 7610 5770
Max at ★5 22580 9592 7268
Max SE 29278 11880 9266
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Just Can't Sit 'n' Watch
★4: Blast Damage UP [VII] & Damage Cut [VII]
★5: Blast Damage UP [IX] & Damage Cut [IX]
Magia: Kugatachi
★4: Attribute Strengthened Damage All Enemies [V] & Attack UP (Self / 3 T)
★5: Attribute Strengthened Damage All Enemies [VII] & Attack UP (Self / 3 T) & Blast Damage UP (All / 3 T)
Doppel: Ophelia
Attribute Strengthened Damage All Enemies [IX] & Attack UP (Self / 3 T) & Blast Damage UP (All / 3 T)
Spirit Enhancement Data

Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge
4★ +6% +7% +5% +5% +7% +4%
5★ +7% +8% +6% +6% +8% +5%
SE +7% +8% +6% +10% +14% +13%
Spirit Enhancement
Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]
MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]
MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]
Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]
Chance to Evade [II]
Charge Disc Damage UP [II]
MP Gain UP [III]
Chance to Burn on Attack [III] (2T)
Blast Damage Up [II]
Chance to Anti-Evade [V]
Chance to Anti-Counter [VI]
Chance to Critical Hit [II]
Active Ability: Blast Damage UP [IX] (Self / 1T) [CD: 8 turns]


Kyoko is a Magical Girl from Kazamino City who doesn't seem to go to school or have a home. Defiant and pragmatic, she often butts heads with other Magical Girls. She wields a multi-jointed spear, and can create magical barriers. She is always snacking.

Side Story

Kyoko goes to Kamihama City after hearing about it from Mami Tomoe. She begins to hunt witches but is disappointed when she finds a familiar. Suddenly, she sees another magical girl, Ren Isuzu, fight the familiar. Kyoko keeps her from killing the monster, claiming that she's wasting Grief Seeds. The familiar gets away. Ren says she's trying to stop malicious witches who spread the malice of human beings. Kyoko asks if she became a magical for justice or to save people, claiming those reasons are a joke. Ren says she doesn't want a malicious tragedy to happen again. Kyoko asks if witches killed Ren's family. Ren replies that she was the one killed by a witch.

Ren explains that she became a magical girl when she attempted suicide from being bullied. She says this is why she has to defeat witches. Kyoko tells her to do as she pleases, and Ren runs off to find the familiar. Kyoko thinks back to the death of her family. Despite her own philosophy, she runs after Ren, berating herself the whole time. Kyoko finds the familiar has turned into a witch, which Ren is fighting. Kyoko rescues Ren from the witch and insists she's not there to save her. Kyoko quickly dispatches the witch. Ren thanks her, but Kyoko insists she just came to hunt the witch. She tells Ren to be more careful next time.

Ren says she ought to use her power to protect people. Kyoko says she doesn't have the power to protect people - if she did she wouldn't need Kyoko's help. Ren decides to become stronger, and Kyoko admits if Ren became stronger she couldn't complain about what she does. She gives Ren the witch's Grief Seed, claiming that optimistic girls like her tend to die. However, Kyoko also says Ren looks like the sort of person who gets their stuff together quickly. Ren thanks her and departs. Kyoko wonders what she's doing, but admits to herself it doesn't feel bad. In her narration, she wonders if pure-hearted people are easier to hurt.

On a later day, Kyoko can't find witches and is both bored and hungry. She sees a passerby take his son to a restaurant, and realizes she never went to one with her own family. Kyoko decides to forget about it and eat snacks. Suddenly, a girl appears. She introduces herself as Manaka Kurumi, and says she saw Kyoko fighting the other day. The reason she called Kyoko out is because the snack Kyoko was eating was unhealthy. Kyoko says her health is none of her business. Manaka points out that as a magical girl she needs to take care of her health to fight witches. Kyoko says magical girls don't need to worry about that, but then Manaka says that if she keeps eating foods with artificial flavors her tongue will stop working. She offers Kyoko her cooking, to reform her sense of taste. Kyoko accepts, if only because it's a free meal.

Manaka brings Kyoko to a restaurant owned by her father and cooking master. When asked what she wants to eat, Kyoko answers she wants omelette rice. As Manaka makes the meal, Kyoko notes she mutters to herself while cooking. When the meal is ready, Kyoko eats it and claims it's delicious. Manaka says the omulet rice was made with walnuts, and says that if you try it once you won't be able to eat any other kind. Manaka that her food made Kyoko smile.

When she's done eating, Kyoko asks if Manaka can make anything. Manaka says she's still in training but will eventually be able to do so. Kyoko offers to be a taste-tester and promises to eat every bite. Manaka says her feelings towards food are fascinating. She asks Kyoko if those feelings came from her parents' influence, as Manaka believes parenting tends to be the cause of that sort of thing. She thinks Kyoko must have a wonderful family.

Kyoko is forced to remember why she became a magical girl and how her wish destroyed her family. She tells Manaka that knowing how important it is to eat and live is what saved her family. Kyoko claims that to eat is to live, and she decided to live through anything and everything. Kyoko then prepares to leave the restaurant, and Manaka says she can come back anytime. Manaka says she doesn't know what happened in Kyoko's past, but she will always serve her food with a smile.

Kyoko says if Manaka has the time to cook she should go hunt witches instead. Kyoko points out that though Manaka cooks food for other people, there's no guarantee that someone will come to save her. Manaka says Kyoko is wrong - she cooks for herself, because she likes to see other people happy. Kyoko says Manaka is weird, but admits she likes her cooking and will come back when she feels like it. Kyoko then departs, wondering how long it's been since she ate at such a stylish restaurant.

On another day, Kyoko decides to investigate Kamihama's rumors for lack of anything better to do. She hears a rumor about the "Hanasaka Girl", who makes flowers blooms wherever she walks. Kyoko decides to wait at the rumor's supposed location. Kyoko then sees a girl walk by carrying flowers. She calls out the girl and asks if she's a witch. The girl introduces herself as Konomi Haruna, a magical girl. She asks Kyoko if she looks like a witch. Kyoko says she doesn't, but points out Kamihama is a weird place. Kyoko says Konomi looked weird because she's carrying all those flowers. Konomi explains that she's a florist.

Kyoko, realizing the rumor was just something ordinary, introduces herself. Konomi hopes they can get along, but Kyoko says she doesn't work with others. Kyoko claims that witch hunting is a competition, and when Konomi says it isn't, she asks if that means Konomi will give her the Grief Seeds. Konomi then asks if they can be friends if she lets Kyoko have the Grief Seeds. Kyoko says yes, calling it a "collaborative relationship". Suddenly they detect a witch. Kyoko decides to go after it, saying Konomi is in the middle of carrying flowers. Konomi says its dangerous, but Kyoko tells her not to worry and departs.

Kyoko finds and fights the witch, and is surprised when Konomi arrives. She tells Konomi to stay away, but Konomi is attacked by the witch. Kyoko dispatches the witch and asks Konomi why she came. Konomi says she wanted to fight alongside Kyoko, but Kyoko asks how she can protect others when she can't protect herself. Kyoko says that for magical girls, the ones who don't think before they act die. She tells Konomi to stop acting like an idiot, which leaves Konomi at a loss for words. Kyoko prepares to leave, but realizes Konomi is injured and can't move. She reluctantly tells Konomi to get on her back, claiming that leaving her there would leave a bad taste in her mouth. Konomi promises to get stronger in the future.

Kyoko brings Konomi and the flowers she was carrying earlier to Konomi's house. Konomi insists on giving Kyoko flowers, but Kyoko isn't interested. Konomi says that flowers are all she has to offer. She deduces that Kyoko's name contains the character for "apricot' and says that since the flowers of an apricot tree are beautiful, and because Kyoko is a kind person, she feels it would be nice if Kyoko could start to like flowers. Kyoko reluctantly accepts. Konomi gives her a nadeshiko flower, and tells her it would look cute if Kyoko stuck it in her hair. Kyoko insists it wouldn't and departs. Konomi thanks her before she leaves. Afterward, Kyoko notes she subconsciously stuck the flower in her hair, but insists it doesn't suit her. Kyoko narrates she ended up meeting a cute witch.

Costume Stories

Halloween Theater Costume

Kyoko sits in her hotel room all worn out from the day’s practice. She wonders what it’s like to put on a play for the first time on stage and then wonders who she got ropes into all of this. Kyoko puts on her wolf outfit to practice her lines but her grumbling stomach won’t let her concentrate. She takes her costume back off and decides to rustle up something to eat. She heads down to the hotel’s restaurant but it seems they’ve already run out of souvenir sweets. Figuring she must have gotten the date wrong, Kyoko heads into the kitchen to raid it but finds nothing but flour and carrots. The lights in the restaurant suddenly come on and an old guard looks around, calling out to ask if anyone is there. A second, younger guard shows up and asks what’s going on. The first guard mentions he heard a noise but the younger guard thinks it was just in his head. Knowing she’ll get caught if she sticks around, Kyoko makes a break for it but not before knocking something over and making a noise. The guards turn their attention towards the noise and Kyoko is just able to escape back to her hotel room unseen.

Back in her room, Kyoko’s stomach grumbles loudly once more. At this point she doesn’t care if it’s food from a supermarket or convenience store, she just needs to eat. But after the debacle downstairs she knows that the guards will be on alert. Suddenly, Kyoko gets hit by a flash of inspiration and decides to put the costume back on. Kyoko heads back down to the hotel restaurant and once more the guards come looking around for anyone suspicious. They hear a clicking and tapping noise and call out for any thieves to show themselves. This time when they flick the lights on, Kyoko leaps out at them and howls fiercely. The two guards scream in fright and fall over themselves trying to run away as they call for help. They swear they saw a bear, or wolf or something inside the restaurant. Kyoko falls over laughing at their faces. Back up in her room, the next morning she overhears the staff talking about a beast that appeared in the hotel that night. Although most of them don’t believe the story, the hotel did increase the security at night. Kyoko thinks she might have overdone it a little and resigns herself to practicing her lines in her hotel room after all.

Swimsuit (2018)

Winter Outfit

Kyoko wakes up to find herself in a weird looking Witch’s barrier. The last thing she remembers was going to Kamihama and buying a scarf. There, she bumped into Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi. They compliment her on her scarf, which she explains is made of faux fur. Both of them had finished their errands and were going to go check out “Endless Mirrors”, which is a Witch barrier in Kamihama they had heard about where they could find things that are useful to Magical Girls. But they warned here it was full of Magical Girl copies. They invite Kyoko to go with them who agreed to tag along. The three of them had ventured deeper and deeper into Mirrors, but after that she couldn’t remember anything. Just then, a Familiar approaches Kyoko. Kyoko transforms and attacks the Familiar by using her illusion magic to trick it before defeating it. She then realizes after the battle that she was using the original magic she was granted when she first contracted. She had been unable to use that magic ever since her family was destroyed which is why she had to learn how to fight using burning blades, which she likened to fake magic just like how her scarf was made of fake fur.

Suddenly, she spots another Kyoko nearby. She assumes this one is a copy and transforms once more. The other Kyoko squares off against her as the first one casts an illusion in order to attack. The “other” Kyoko is surprised to find she’s been attacked by illusion magic. She mentions it was her special technique a long time ago but she’s no longer able to use it. Instead she closes her eyes momentarily as she focuses herself before piercing the first Kyoko with her blade. Madoka and Homura quickly catch up to Kyoko and ask if she’s ok. Kyoko motions to the stabbed Kyoko and says it was only a copy. The stabbed Kyoko then realizes that she was the Mirror copy all along, which explains why she couldn’t remember anything after entering the barrier. As the copy dies, it silently encourages the real Kyoko to continue using the fake magic she has and wishes her good luck. Madoka asks if Kyoko used to fight differently long ago. Kyoko says she used to use illusion magic before, but it doesn’t matter what she uses or used to use. All she can do now is stab her spear straight into her enemy, because that’s who she is now. And that’s what makes her the real Kyoko.

New Year's Haregi

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


  • Her illustrator is Aoki Ume
  • Her unique card was originally a passive.
  • Kyoko's halloween outfit is the same as the one she wears in this promotional [image].
  • In Kyoko's transformation video, a pixel version of Yuma can be seen on the game's display screen.
    • Her transformation video, her element and the effects on her attacks are all linked to fire. Fire is not only associated with indiscriminate consumption, but in major faiths it is a symbol of purification and refining, much like how Sayaka is associated with water. Notably, her witch form has a candle for its head.
  • Her Magia, Kugatachi, refers to a trial by fire. The suspect had to place their hands in a bowl of hot water; if they were truly innocent, they would not be burned.
  • The pink knot at the front of her Doppel's candleholder steed resembles the head of her younger sister, Momo. This resemblance was noted in the Doppel's first description before it was later edited.


Game Gallery

Official Art

Kyoko Anime Screenshots

Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Admiration of Many Colors
Charged Damage UP [IV] & Blast Damage UP [III] (Self / 3 T)
Max Limit Break:
Charged Damage UP [V] & Blast Damage UP [IV] (Self / 3 T)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
"How about...this?"

My friends start answering their thoughts to my questions. All the different worries I had voiced, immediately vanished. What I heard were words of praise that left me embarrassed.


あたしの質問に、友人たちが思い思いの感想を答え始める どんなことを言われるなって心配は、すぐに消えた 聞こえてきたのは、恥ずかしくなるくらいの誉め言葉だったから

Blessing to the Fighting Girls
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage DOWN [X] & Magia Damage DOWN [X] (All / 1T) & Defense UP [VII] (Self / 1T)
Max Limit Break:
10 turns
The past, your wish, your reason for fighting are never the same thing.

Still, today we all look up and laughed together. Believe that there is only one way to go. I hope you have a bright future.


それでも今日はみんなで上を向いてみんなで笑った 進むべき道はひとつだと信じて 明るい未来であって欲しいと願う

Changing into Swimsuits
Chance of Charm [I] & Attack DOWN [IV] (All / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Chance of Charm [III] & Attack DOWN [V] (All / 1 T)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
“This swimsuit, I’d really like to take a look at it, you know?~”

“That’s not good” “You really think so~?” “I think so” “Kyoko, I’m obsessed with eating ice!” “What’s wrong?” “Mami-san! That….” “What’s wrong? You’re staring…“ “….that’s breaking the rules!”


「ホントにそう思ってんの~?」「思ってるって」 「杏子、アイス食べるのに夢中じゃん!」「どうしたの?」 「マミさん!あの…」「どうしたの?じっと見て…」「…反則だよ!」

Common Things
Endure (Self / 3 turns)
Max Limit Break:
Endure (Self / 3 turns)
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Kyoko Sakura**

All this food, mostly snacks and fruit, barely fit into her bag. Common things to ordinary people with ordinary lives. But for her, having experienced what she has... She hates to waste any of it. To her they are the most important things in life.

Different Story: Mami and Kyoko
Charged Attack Damage UP [V] (Self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Charged Attack Damage UP [VI] (Self / 1 T)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
A Magical Girl who has been fighting by herself has finally gotten a partner... A partner who calls her "Senpai". Through countless battles, their hearts grow ever closer. 孤独に戦っていた魔法少女のもとに

先輩と呼び慕う心強い相棒がやって来た。 戦いを幾度も重ねていくたびに ふたりの心も重なり合っていく。

Encounter With a Hero
Draw Blast Disks
Max Limit Break:
Draw Blast Disks
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Yuma Chitose**
The hero who saved her placed a candy into her hand. Its sweetness washed the bad memories away in just one bite. I want to fight alongside my hero, she thought, and swore silently to herself that she would.
Just a Bite
Accele MP Gain Up [V] (Self / 1 Turn)
Max Limit Break:
Accele MP Gain Up [VI] (Self / 1 Turn)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
Kyoko: "Hey, Sayaka! Gimme a bite of that!"
Sayaka: "What?! Another one?! Kyoko, do you even know what ‘a bite’ means?"
Mami: "Oh, this will make the perfect picture! Say cheese!"
Sayaka & Kyoko: "Huh?"


Fates Entwined with Madoka
Magia UP [III]
Max Limit Break:
Magia UP [IV]
Passive One slices through night shadows with her sharp blade, one blasts through nightmares with her gun, one spears the threat with a wavering lance; one strides through time, buckler shimmering, entwining their fates all the more. 一人は、その鋭き刃をもって闇夜を切り裂き、

一人は、その猛き銃砲をもって悪夢を撃ち抜き、 一人は、その揺らめく槍をもって脅威を貫き、 一人は、その煌く盾をもって時を彷徨い歩き、因果を結びつけてゆく。

Intruding on Our Daily Life
Defense DOWN [III] (All / 1T) & Magia Damage UP [III] (All / 1T)
Max Limit Break:
Defense DOWN [III] (All / 1T) & Magia Damage UP [VI] (All / 1T)
12 turns
Max Limit Break:
10 turns
We gathered at the usual fast food restaurant.

A lot of topics were discussed, and we even had a little fight. A scene from an ordinary day, typical of middle school students. It was exactly what I had heard, and I couldn't help but smile.


いろんな話題が飛び交って、ちょっとケンカもしたりして なんてことのない日常のワンシーンは中学生らしいもの 聞いていた話そのままで、思わず笑顔がこぼれちゃった

Magical Halloween Theater
Defense Down [VIII] & Curse
Max Limit Break:
Defense Down [IX] & Curse
5 turns
Max Limit Break:
4 turns
I honestly thought I wasn't gonna make it in time for my big entrance! But things turned out as magical as the title, and the kids just ate it up! The biggest pain was right after the show finished. The kids bombarded me with questions, asking if I could really use magic, and I had to figure out how to dodge the question. 「このときは、ちょうど出番だとは思わなかったしビックリしたけど、名前の通りマジカルな感じで、子どもたちも喜んでくれて良かったの!それより、終わったあとの方が大変だったの。子どもたちから本当に魔法が使えるのかとか聞かれてはぐらかすしかなかったの...」
My School Life
Burn Edge [III]
Max Limit Break:
Burn Edge [IV]
Passive Perhaps another world could have existed where witches weren't a part of my day-to-day life. Maybe I would have gone to school like normal, chatted with friends like normal, and gone home after school like normal. 魔女のいない日常で、

いつものように学校に行って いつものようにおしゃべりして、 いつものように帰宅する そんな世界もあったのかもね

No Regrets
Blast Damage UP [V] (Self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage UP [VI] (Self / 1 T)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
These Girls don't regret becoming Magical Girls, because it's something they chose... They have resolved themselves not to flee from their fates. They face them head on and live so fiercely that they light the world in a brilliant blaze. 魔法少女になったのは、自分が選んだことだから

彼女たちは後悔なんてしない…しないって決めた。 自分の運命から逃げず、正面から向き合って 世界中を照らすほど激しく、美しく命を輝かせていきていく。

Rehearsal Continues
Stun Edge [II]
Max Limit Break:
Stun Edge [III]
Passive "I can't stop thinking about when we were all rehearsing those long hours together... Usually I'm just on my own drawing, but practicing lines with everyone was really refreshing... and fun! I wonder if they'd be up to do it again if I asked them!" 「最近、ずっと劇の練習をしていたときのことを思い出すの。わたし、いつもひとりで漫画を描いてるからだと思うんだけど、みんなで練習をするのって、とっても新鮮で楽しかったのっ!…あっまたみんな誘ったら劇をやってくれるかもしれないの!」
Splash Party!
Weapon Adept [VII] & Damage Cut [VI] (Single / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Weapon Adept [VIII] & Damage Cut {VII] (Single / 1 T)
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
Sayaka: "Here I come.... Splash attack!"
Madoka: "Eep! Hey, Sayaka! It's cooooold!"
Kyoko: "Ugh, quit it! My ice cream's gonna melt!"
Sayaka: "Heheh, melt away!"

まどか「きゃっ!もう、さやかちゃん!冷たいよ〜!」 杏子「うわっと!やめろって!アイス溶けんだろ!」 さやか「へへ〜!溶けろ溶けろ〜!」

Staying Up Late Just For Today
Attack UP [II] & Defense UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP [III] & Defense UP [II] & Chance to Evade [I]
Passive "Isn't it bad manners to eat candy on the futon?

"Don't be so formal; isn't it fine if it's just for today? Hey, Mami" "Heh heh, well... it is a slumber party, so that makes it special." "If Mami-san is doing it... well, I guess I'll take some too."


「固いこと言うなよ、今日くらいいいだろ?なあ、マミ」 「ふふっ、そうね…パジャマパーティーだし特別に」 「マミさんまで…じゃあ、それならあたしももらうかな」

The Summer With You
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage UP [IV] & Regenerate HP [IV] (Self / 3 T)
Max Limit Break:
8 turns
"Sayaka. What's your best summer memory?"

"Summer memory? Well... Remember that day we used that watermelon
pool float and then lit some fireworks with the Kamihama girls?"
"Of course I do, that's not even from that long ago!"
"Haha! Yeah, I guess a summer spent with you leaves a lasting impression."


「唐突だなー…えっと、スイカ柄の浮き輪で泳いだり、神浜の子たちと  花火をしたりとか」「…それあたしもいたし、最近のばっかりだな」 「あはは!そうだよね 杏子と一緒だった夏は、印象が強いんだよ!」

Sweet Apportionment
Chance to Critical [III] & Chance to Anti-Dazzle [X]
Max Limit Break:
Chance to Critical [IV] & Guaranteed Anti-Dazzle
Passive "It's limited for this winter, would you like one?"

"Heh heh...Then, I'll take your word for it and take advantage to take one" The past that has already passed, when there was no gap between the two hearts left a warm winter day in the corner of the heart.

「この冬の限定だってさ、1本どうだい?」 「ふふっ…じゃあ、お言葉に甘えていただこうかしら」 もう過ぎ去ってしまった過去のこと、まだふたりの間に溝がなかった頃 心の隅に残っている温かい冬のある日
Turn Despair into Hope
Counter Chance [II]
Max Limit Break:
Counter Chance [III]
Passive Even if reality hits hard, stand up. Whether it's inevitable or not, now isn't the time to despair. You can become much stronger with friends by your side. 真実を突きつけられてもなお、立ち上がる。

それが必然だとしても、絶望するのは今じゃない。 仲間と一緒なら、何度だって強くなれる。

Unfaltering Conviction
Blast Damage Up [IX] (Self / 1 Turn)
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage Up [X] (Self / 1 Turn)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
My wish was such a petty, little thing. I thought it was a good one, but in the end it was a big mistake... Which is why I promised myself, from now on, no more mistakes. I'm just gonna live for myself. That's my conviction, and I won't falter in it. あたしの願いなんてちっぽけなもんだよ。よかれと思ったのに、

結局は失敗しちまったんだ・・・。だからこそあたしは心に決めた。 今度は失敗しない、自分のためだけに生きるって。 これがあたしのさ、曲げられない信念なんだよ。

A United Battlefront for Two
Magia Damage UP [III]
Max Limit Break:
Passive Sayaka: "I'm leaving that one for you!"
Kyoko: "Don't you go gettin' yourself
killed by these losers, ya hear?!"
Sayaka: "Please, they're nothing!"
Kyoko: "Heh! I guess you
ARE my partner, after all!"
Sayaka: "All right, let's give it
all we've got until the very end!"
Victory Pierces Through Time
Max Limit Break:
Damage UP Versus Witches [IV] & Attack UP [III] & HP Regeneration [II]
Passive A disruptive visitor has come to the end of her life

It's an existence that should not be allowed to be seen or touched, It's a being that can only be wrong about everything Now, things must be fixed before they crack.


それは、相対することも触れることも許されないはずの 全てが間違いとしか言えない存在だからこそ 今、物事に亀裂が入る前に修正しなくてはいけない

A Wolf for One Night
Chance to Charm [IV] (All / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Chance to Charm [V] (All / 1 T)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
"This get-up kinda suits me, huh? I was thinkin' I better start trick-or-treatin' and stock up on candy, but where to start... Heh, gotta start with her place, right? She'll probably have a tasty cake waitin' for me." 「この仮装、なかなかあたしに似合ってると思わないかい?今日は色んな家を回って、当面のお菓子は集めたいところだよなにしても、まずはどこを回るかだよなぁ...やっぱアイツの家しかないだろ。美味いケーキも用意してそうだし」
Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Chinese Text
Ximen Red House Tour
Max Limit Break:
Episode Points UP [II]
Passive **Unique to TW Server**
The group of magical girls from Mitakihara City is visiting Ximending, Taipei for fun!

Built in 1908, Ximen Red House is a red-brick Western-style building. It is now a famous cultural and creative place as well as an exhibition and performance space. (Traditional Chinese Version Memoria Design Contest Golden-prize-winning work)


西門紅樓為1908年所建的古蹟紅磚洋樓,今為著名的文創藝文場所、展演空間。 (繁中版記憶結晶設計大賞 金賞作品)

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