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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

This page describes minor side characters in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, including the unnamed background characters. See Other Classmates for details on students in Mitakihara Middle School.

Hospital Staff

Hospital Staff
Hospital staff.png
Seiyū Tomoko Nakamura (Nurse A Episode 4)
Rumi Ookubo (Nurse A Episode 6, Nurse B Episode 4)
Age ?

Official Info

  • Doctors, assistants, and nurses of Mitakihara Town's main hospital.
  • The hospital staff are informative and helpful, and they do their best.
  • Tomoko Nakamura and Rumi Ookubo played female nurses in Episode 4 but it is uncertain which plays which. Ookubo played the right nurse in the right figure in Episode 6. Therefore, Nakamura may play the left nurse.

Speculations and Observations

  • Four men who look like the hospital staff appeared in Episode 12 as judges of Kamijou's performance.
    • Since the Production Note mentions Kyousuke being a guitarist before the time loops began, one speculative theory is that someone wished for the violin to have been universally popular in Mitakihara, causing the hospital staff in all subsequent time loops to choose violin judging as a hobby.

Office Lady

Office Lady
Mobage Ep 2 Office Lady.jpg
Seiyū ?
Age ?
  • The Office Lady looked very similar to Madoka's mother in the TV broadcast version, but gained a more unique appearance in the BD version.
  • The witch's minions juggled her shoes.
  • Her necklace and earrings have a matching red diamond shape.
  • She has a mole on her chin.

School Faculty and Staff

School Faculty and Staff
Math & PE teachers.png
Seiyū Matsumoto Dai (Math Teacher)
? (Gym Teacher)
Age ?
  • Kazuko Saotome is Madoka's homeroom teacher.
  • The math teacher's voice is heard in episode 10, but he is only seen on screen in episode 9.
  • The gym teacher has a mole in the same place as the office lady who was attacked by Gertrud.

Elly's Victims

Elly's Victims
Mobage Ep 4 Factory worker.jpg
Seiyū Seirou Ogino (Factory manager)
Age ?
  • They are a group of Mitakihara City residents who were afflicted by Elly's witch's kiss.
  • Hitomi Shizuki was one of these victims. She revealed that none of them remembered the incident after waking up.
  • They attempted to commit suicide by mixing bleach with a toilet cleaner that contains hydrochloric acid to generate chlorine gas, which is toxic and has been used as a chemical weapon.
  • The police explained the incident as a mass hallucination involving sleepwalking.

Kyousuke's Family

Kyousuke's Family
Seiyū Hideki Tasaka (Father)
Age ?
  • Kyousuke asked his father to throw out his violin after the accident, but his father couldn't bear to and kept it until Kyousuke healed.
  • copy info from kyousuke's page


Seiyū Nobuo Tobita (Host A)
Shinichiro Miki (Host B)
Age ?
  • The conversation between the hosts is based on one that Gen Urobuchi overheard on a train in real life.
  • Urobuchi refused to clarify whether Sayaka killed the hosts. Shinbo declared that she did not do so in the anime, but Hanokage determined that she did kill them in the manga.
  • One of the hosts calls the other "Shou-san". Shou is apparently skilled at dumping girlfriends.


From information given here, it is possible than "Shou-san" is one of the men that dated Kazuko, Madoka's teacher.


City News

City News
Seiyū Hideyuki Umezu (Newscaster)
Mizuki Nakamura (City Hall public relations vehicle)
Age ?
  • The city public relations vehicle's evacuation announcement was not present in the TV broadcast version of the anime, which aired not long after the earthquake. It was added in the BD version.

Magical Girls Madoka Saved

Magical Girls Madoka Saved
Bear girl 2.png
Seiyū Rumi Ookubo
Age ?

See the Episode 12 page for information about the magical girls Madoka saved after making her wish.

Background Extras

  • On the day Homura returns to school, the 25th of either March or May, the weather is warm and sunny enough for the girls to feel comfortable outside in their uniforms, but cool enough that people in the mall after school were wearing long sleeves, jackets, and coats. Cafe patrons in episode 2 also had long sleeves.
  • In episode 5, people on the street are wearing coats, hats, scarves, and mittens. This scene takes place several days before the 12th of the month, in either April or June.
  • In episode 11, everyone in the shelter has long sleeves, but they don't have heavy coats, suggesting warm weather. Evacuation started at 7:30AM. They may have worn long sleeves due to the storm.