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Card 10524 l.png
Japanese Name トヨ (Toyo)
Voiced by Japanese: Misaki Yamada
ID No: 1052
Release Date (JP): June 26, 2023

Toyo is a character in the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. She is the successor to Queen Himiko and is based off the real-life Queen Toyo.

General Info

Physical Features
Age 13 (Born in 235 CE)
Eye colour Yellow/Green
Hair colour Black (with red accents when transformed).
Soul Gem Yellow Magatama gem on head accessory.
Weapon Magatamas (used on her necklace)
Witch Form Magatsumononushi
Powers and Abilities Summon (the people she needs will come to her)
Wish "I want to become like Mama."
Japanese pronoun ware ()
Known relatives Unnamed adoptive grandparents (distant maternal relatives), Berobero (pet dog), Queen Himiko (predecessor, mother), Kukochihiko (father), King Himikoko (paternal grandfather), unnamed uncle (Himiko's brother), unnamed maternal grandmother (Himiko's mother/predecessor).
Origins Yamatai, Japan in ancient Wa
School Not attending

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

4★→ 5★



Attribute light.png


Initial 6371 2298 2037

Max at ★4 22769 8392 7386
Max at ★5 28107 10357 9115

Max SE 35211 12961 12919
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Icon skill 1087.png Connect: We'll Illuminate the Next Era!

★4 Damage UP [VII] & Accele MP Gain UP [V] & MP Gain UP [V]
★5 Damage UP [IX] & Accele MP Gain UP [VII] & MP Gain UP [VII]
{{{2}}} Magia: Magatama of Sun Light

★4 Attribute Strengthened Damage to 4 Random Enemies [VI] & Magia Damage UP (All / 3T) & Light Attribute Attack UP (All / 3T) & Negate Debuff [x1] (All / 3T) & Damage Increase (Self / 3T)
★5 Attribute Strengthened Damage to 4 Random Enemies [VIII] (All / 3T) & Magia Damage UP (All / 3T) & Light Attribute Attack UP (All / 3T) & Negate Debuff [x1] (All / 3T) & Damage Increase (Self / 3T)
{{{2}}} Doppel: Magatsumonoushi

★5 Attribute Strengthened Damage to 4 Random Enemies [X] & Magia Damage UP (All / 5T) & Light Attribute Attack UP (All / 5T) & Negate Debuff [x2] (All / 5T) & Damage Increase (Self / 5T) & MP Restore (Self)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

4★ +6% +7% +5% +6% +4% +6%
5★ +7% +8% +6% +7% +5% +7%

SE +7% +8% +6% +13% +8% +17%
Spirit Enhancement

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1210.png Dark Shield Adept Dark Attribute Damage Cut [IV]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1093.png Morale Adept MP Gain UP [II]

Icon skill 1155.png Anti-Seal Magia Guaranteed Anti-Magia Seal

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [II] & Magia Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Aura Doppel Damage UP [VI] & Magia Damage UP [V] (Self / 5T on Battle Start)

Icon skill 1180.png Mana Spring Aura Regenerate MP [XV] (Self / 1T at Start of Battle)

Icon skill 1132.png Revenge Adept MP UP When Attacked By Weak Element [X]

Icon skill 1235.png Light Rising Aura Light Attribute Attack UP [V] & Magia Damage UP [II] (All / ∞T on Battle Start)

Icon skill 1228.png Light Break Light Attribute Resistance DOWN [I] (Single / 3T) & Light Attribute Resistance DOWN Further [II] (Single / 3T) CD: 10 turns


A magical girl gifted with talent for Spirit Arts. Called the "Child of the Cursed God" by those around her, she was shunned as a source of disaster. She has great respect for Himiko, the Queen of Yamatai, and devotes herself to training in Spirit Arts so that she can get closer to her. She is very fond of bamboo shoots.

Doppel Description

Magatsumonoushi, Toyo's doppel

The Doppel of corrosion. Its form is a giant snake. The master of this emotion is tied down by the ideal image that she desperately attempts to reach, in order to become closer to the mother that she admires, and sees a reflection of this in her Doppel’s form. The Doppel grows from its master’s limbs and is entwined with her nervous system, thus robbing her of the ability to move. When it senses someone experiencing mental pressure with its keen sense of smell, it bites them and begins to corrode them with its venom. None can escape from the venom, but they will forever be free from the pressure that was upon them. Having thus witnessed the very destruction and slaughter that she abhors, its master becomes even more tightly bound by the curse that surrounds her, but the Doppel will never realize this.

Side Story

Event Appearances

Powers and Abilities

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  • The game spells it トヨ, written in katakana. As these simply represent syllables, they have no meaning.
  • Toyo can be spelled two ways. The first way is 臺與, while the second way is 台与.
    • Both of the first characters mean "pedestal" or "stand" (臺 and 台)
    • Both of the second characters mean "give" or "provide" (與 and 与).
    • Using the first kanji, her name could also have been Taiyo or Ichiyo.
  • Toyo was also known as Iyo, which can also be spelled two ways. The first way is 壹與, while the second way is 壱与.
    • Both of the first characters mean "one" (壹 and 壱)
    • Both of the second characters mean "give" or "provide" (與 and 与).


  • She is the only main Puella Historia character to be based on a real person.
  • Historians disagree as to what Toyo's name actually was (See here or here in the Naming/Reading section).
  • She is the tenth playable character to lack a family name. The others being Lil' Kyubey, Kuroe, Chizuru, Kuro (黒), Kuro (くろ), Ebony, Olga, Gunhild and Heruka.
    • This is probably because surnames are primarily used to distinguish oneself from another person with the same name. Since Toyo was from the Japanese royal family, she likely did not have any need for a surname.
  • She was thirteen when she rose to power.
  • Queen Himiko, the queen who Toyo is the successor to, was also seen in Episode 12 of the main anime with a palace burning around her. It is implied Ultimate Madoka saved her.
    • This contradicts historical records, however. She died at 78 years old in real life.
  • In her introduction at the end of The Rakshasi of Tibet, she says "I am Himiko-sama's... what!?"
  • Her artist is GAN, the illustrator of Suzune Magica. According to this tweet, he was given more restrictive instructions by F4Samurai given the suggestive nature of most of his designs.
    • He also illustrated the design for Queen Himiko despite no one asking him to. f4samurai used his design for Queen Himiko anyways, adding only the veil that covers her face.
  • Omononushi is a deity associated with Mount Miwa. An episode recorded in the Shoki concerning Emperor Yūryaku relates that the emperor, wishing to see the physical form of the god of Mount Miwa with his own eyes, commanded a retainer named Chiisakobe no Sugaru to fetch the deity. Sugaru went up the mountain and captured a large snake, which he presented to the emperor. However, as Yūryaku neglected to ritually purify himself beforehand, the serpent made thunderous noise (or summoned thunder) and its eyeballs flashed. The emperor fled for fear of the snake and ordered it to be returned to Mount Miwa.
    • 'Magatsu' simply means 'calamity'.
  • Her Doppel could also be based in the Yamata no Orochi or Orochi, an eight headed snake killed by the japanese god Susanoo.
    • Despite being based on the Yamato no Orochi, Toyo's Doppel has thirteen snake heads instead of eight heads.
    • In the light novel series Null Magical Girl, there is a spaceship also named the Yamata no Orochi.


Game Gallery

Official Art

Memoria Cards

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Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
Even if I'm Kicked Out of the Ordinary
Icon skill 1166.pngAccele Draw
Accele Draw 5 turns
Max Limit Break
Accele Draw 4 turns
**Unique to Toyo**
Because I've never seen anything like it, because it's so out of the ordinary...

If you're evasive about something like that... if you're anxious or if you're sad Never underestimate the value of being here.

I believe that everyone was born with a blessing.

そんなことで忌避されて…不安になったり、悲しんだりしても ここにいるという価値を貶めることはなかった

The Inherited, Child to be Guided
Icon skill 1088.pngL Doppel Up
Magia Damage UP [VI] & Doppel Damage UP [VI] & Light Attribute Attack UP [X] (Self / 1T) 10 turns
Max Limit Break
Magia Damage UP [VII] & Doppel Damage UP [VII] & Light Attribute Attack UP [XI] (Self / 1T) 8 turns
As if guided by something, she had begun her career in the Spirit Arts before she realized it.

And, as if following her destiny, she honee her talents and rose to prominence... Forgetting to eat or sleep, she simply repeated her training day after day...

But, strangely enough, there was no loneliness there...

そして、宿命に従うように才を磨き、頭角を現していく… 食事も忘れ、寝る間も惜しみ、ただただ修練を繰り返す日々

Yearning to Take Others to the Glistening Place
Icon skill 1120.pngSolid Defense
Damage Cut [II] (Self / 3T) & Defense UP [I] (Self / 3T) & Attack DOWN [III] (Self / 3T) 7 turns
Max Limit Break
Damage Cut [III] (Self / 3T) & Defense UP [II] (Self / 3T) & Attack DOWN [III] (Self / 3T) 6 turns
A place where glittering light dances stretches out beyond the horizon.

I'll take her there before the sun goes down...she deserves it... Even if you can't run well, I won't leave you behind, so let's go together.

It must be wonderful there...because it makes everyone shine beautifully.

太陽が落ちきる前にそこへ連れていこう…彼女に相応しい場所だから… うまく走れなくても置いてったりしない、一緒に行こう

Mother's Shadow Shines at Summer's Start
Icon skill 1170.pngCrisis Cover
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Chance to Guardian [III] & Attack UP When At Critical Health [IV] & Defense UP At Critical Health [III]
When was it that... she told me she would show me fireflies filling the night sky!

I thought it was just an idle joke to cheer me up But Kaka-sama made good on her promise with everything she had left...

Hey, Kaka-sama... I'm doing well even on my own.

吾を元気づけるための、他愛もない冗談だと思っていたのに かか様は残りのすべてをかけて約束を果たしてくれたのだ…

The Warmth in My Memories is Reborn
Icon skill 1134.pngInvisible Resist
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Chance to Anti-Evade [VII] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [III]
When this child was a baby, I held her once in my arms.

When this child was able to stand, I put her to sleep on my lap once. I was not a good mother then, and I am not a good mother now...

I can't even pet her head properly because I'm afraid I'll break it.

この子が立てるようになったときに、膝の上で寝かしたことがあった あのときも今も、私は満足に母親をやれていないことでしょう…

Successor of The Sun
Icon skill 1235.pngBuff Rising Adept
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Light Attribute Attack UP [III] & Magia Damage UP [III]
Even if she is called the child of a haunted god and is avoided by those around her...

A girl who, despite the great difficulties she faces, will not be defeated. She will continue alone on her mother's path

to prove that her existence is celebrated and that she was born for all to see.

あまりにも大きな困難に苦しめられようと、少女は負けはしない すべての者はその存在を祝われ、産声を上げたのだと証明するため

A Battle That Will Make History
Icon skill 1085.pngStar Breaker
Attack UP [VII] & Damage Increase [IV] (Self / 1T) 10 turns
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [VIII] & Damage Increase [V] (Self / 1T) 9 turns
Magical girls who try to resist their fate end up in sorrow.

The witch breeds sadness and paints over the history that has seeped into it. Breaking the chain of sorrow is the legend that connects hope to the future.

When the despair engraved in history is connected to the present, hope is carried to the future.

その染みついた歴史に、魔女が悲しみを繁殖させて上塗りする 悲しみの連鎖を断つのは、希望を未来へ繋ぐ伝説

Magia Pyramid
Icon skill 1173.pngMagia Pyramid
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Episode Points UP [V] & Magia Damage UP [VI]
"This shape, it kind of resembles my favorite bamboo shoots!"

"In that case, it's more similar to cheese! I bet Mami feels the same way!" "Hmmm, I'd say it looks more like shortcake to me."

When girls of that age get together, competitions become secondary. Food is their topic of conversation.

「それならチーズのほうが似てるのです!マミもきっと同じです!」 「うーん、私はショートケーキに見えるわね」

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text

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