Magia Record Another Story Chapter 7

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Chapter 7: If We Could All Share with Each Other

Section 1: I Cannot See What's Ahead

Madoka thinks about the revelations she learned from Sayaka. She decides Wings of Magius can't be trusted, but Madoka is still afraid of becoming a witch. Madoka resolves to find a way to keep magical girls from becoming witches, and contacts Kyubey. Madoka asks Kyubey if it's possible for magical girls to avoid becoming witches. Kyubey answers that he knows of no way to avoid this fate. Madoka accuses Kyubey of tricking her, but Kyubey says she never asked and insists he gave her a fair deal.

Madoka says they won't see eye-to-eye and Kyubey suggests they talk about what the Wings of Magius are trying to do. Kyubey says he doesn't know what they're up to himself, but if they share information Kyubey can interfere with what they're doing. Kyubey suggests they might even find a way to prevent witch transformations. Madoka asks Kyubey why he can't investigate. Kyubey says he can't enter Kamihama and he isn't sure why. Madoka says she can't make any promises. Kyubey says he understands and leaves.

Madoka thinks her only lead now is Wings of Magius, but she thinks they're too cruel to trust. Madoka wishes that Mami was there. Suddenly she gets a message from Iroha, asking if there's anything she can do to help. Madoka decides she can't go moping around, and decides to go to Kamihama the next day with Homura and Sayaka. Suddenly Madoka senses a witch. Investigating, she sees it's a witch from Kamihama.

Section 2: A Shadow of Unease

Madoka fights the witch, but is still scared of becoming a witch herself. However, she resolves to protect her friends. Unfortunately, the witch proves to be too strong. Suddenly Madoka is saved by Sayaka and Homura, who destroy the witch. Madoka purifies her Soul Gem with the witch's Grief Seed, and asks the others about their stockpile of Grief Seeds. Sayaka says she doesn't have any. Homura gives Sayaka one of her own, thinking that she doesn't want anyone else to die. Sayaka is reluctant, but ultimately decides they should share Grief Seeds.

After Madoka explains what happened, Homura says she saw the same witch in Kamihama and thinks it's a familiar that grew up. Sayaka says the problem is why Kamihama witches are in Mitakihara. Madoka announces her intention to go to Kamihama the next day in order to learn the truth and possible answers to their problems. Both Sayaka and Homura agree to help, although Sayaka seems concerned about something.

Elsewhere, Kyoko is shown to have infiltrated the Wings of Magius. She thinks it was easier than she thought, and they must be short handed if they didn't look into her background. However, she's annoyed that she's being treated as a rookie. Kyoko's White Feather superior asks her if she put on her outfit. When Kyoko asks if she has to wear it, the White Feather says it's better to hide her face. Kyoko thinks the girls must feel shame for what they're doing. Kyoko says she's fine not wearing the costume and asks about her mission. The White Feather says they're to take care of a group that has been erasing Rumors, which includes a veteran magical girl. Kyoko suspects she's referring to Iroha and Yachiyo, and resolves to try and avoid them.

Section 3: The Place We Must Protect

Madoka waits at a train station for Homura and Sayaka, and is worried when they don't arrive. Searching for their magic, she senses a witch, While she can't find Sayaka or Homura, she learns the witch is also from Kamihama. Elsewhere, Homura and Sayaka are also fighting Kamihama witches. Homura thinks it's strange. Sayaka, meanwhile, is having a hard time fighting her opponent, and uses Homura's Grief Seed. Madoka defeats her witch opponent, but it doesn't drop a Grief Seed. Homura on the other hand is kicked out of the witch's barrier and thinks she has to meet up with Madoka and Sayaka. Suddenly, both Madoka and Homura sense the witch Sayaka is fighting.

Sayaka is saved from an attack by Madoka and Homura. The girls fight and defeat the witch together, and get its Grief Seed. Madoka thinks Sayaka is acting strange, but quickly dismisses it. The girls realize the sudden appearance of Kamihama witches isn't normal, and also realize that if they went to Kamihama the witches would swarm unopposed. The girls decides to clean up the witches in Mitakihara. As they fight witches, they note that their magic consumption is high, keeping their Grief Seeds low. The girls get into a fight with a witch more powerful than anything they face before. Sayaka takes hits meant for the other girls. Madoka notices that Sayaka's Soul Gem is corrupting. Suddenly the witch attacks again.

Section 4: Things We Want to Share

Madoka apologizes for distracting Sayaka. The witch proves too strong Homura uses her time stop to retreat with Madoka and Sayaka. Sayaka is upset the witch got away, but Madoka says if they were defeated no-one could protect Mitakihara. Homura offers Sayaka another Grief Seed, but Sayaka yells out a refusal. She then apologizes to Homura and says she's okay. Homura says that Sayaka was shaking when she left the labyrinth, and is shaking even now. Sayaka admits she wants to be strong like Homura and Madoka, but is terrified of becoming a witch.

Madoka hugs Sayaka and Homura and tells them she feels scared as well. All of the girls start crying. Afterward, the girls sense another witch. Sayaka says she's not in the best shape, but still feels better. Homura says the she feels similar. Madoka thinks they can face it together. As the girls go back to fight the witch, a Black Feather and a White Feather watch them. The Black Feather says Madoka's group doesn't seem to be leaving Mitakihara, and implies that this was their planned result. The White Feather tells her companion to stay on her guard. Madoka suddenly wonders if someone is watching her group, but when she looks the Feathers are gone.

Section 5: The True Form of the Attackers

The girls fight so many witches that they lose count. Suddenly they sense the presence of a magical girl. They track her down, thinking it's an ally, but find it's the Black and White Feathers from before. Both teams fight, and the Feathers are defeated. The trio interrogates the Feathers, who say nothing at first. The Black Feather admits she's terrified of becoming a witch. Sayaka says she understands, but won't sympathize. Homura says if she talks they won't have to resort to violence. The White Feather tells her companion to keep silent, and the Black Feather obeys.

After tying up the Feathers, Madoka gets a phone call from Iroha, explaining what happened with Rumor Tsuruno and her suspicion that Mami became a Rumor. Iroha's message says the cure is getting through to Mami's heart. Sayaka and Homura wonder if they ever understood Mami. Madoka says Mami was someone she looked up to and she never saw her have trouble. Madoka says she'll accept Mami for who she is, and wants Mami to rely on her. The girls resolve to avoid becoming witches and to get the Feathers to talk. Suddenly, Holy Mami arrives.

Mami explains that she brought the witches to Mitakihara. She says that she has a responsibility for bringing the others into the world of magical girls, and so she can't have them be involved any more. Sayaka says that's no reason to release witches in Mitakihara. Mami says if the girls stay in Mitakihara the Magius will save them. Madoka asks if Mami thinks it's okay for witches to hurt people in Kamihama. Mami says she doesn't, but Madoka says that's what the Wings of Magius are doing. Mami says it's necessary for salvation.

Homura points out they're in danger of becoming witches outside of Kamihama and asks if Mami is saying it's better they become witches. Mami says there's no way that's true, but claims Magius can save them. Madoka tells Mami to come back to them and that they'll accept her no matter what. Suddenly Alina appears, saying she was there to get Mami. Alina asks if the trio wants to give up now. She then traps the girls in a barrier, as Madoka protests. Mami uses her ribbon magic to secure the barrier's entrance, preventing the trio from escaping.

Elsewhere, Kyoko fights off a witch to the amazement of the Black Feathers she's with. Kyoko's White Feather superior sends the other Feathers off while telling Kyoko to stay. She says she will show Kyoko around their headquarters. Kyoko thinks this is too easy, but also suspects they might need more people since the individual Black Feathers are weak. Kyoko thinks they might try to imprison strong magical girls. However, she goes with the White Feather to learn the truth.

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