Magia Record Another Story Chapter 8

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Chapter 8: Once Again From Here

Section 1: How Magius Operates

Having been brought to Hotel Fenthope, Kyoko is taken by the White Feather to meet Mifuyu. Mifuyu dismisses the Feather and says she's relieved to see Kyoko. Before she can say anything else, Holy Mami appears. Mami says she's happy Kyoko's here. Mifuyu asks about the other Mitakihara magical girls, and Mami says they were trapped in one of Alina's barriers. Mami says they'll understand once they're saved. Kyoko is fed up with how Mami is acting. She says "Who are you!? You're not Tomoe Mami!"

Kyoko says that the Mami she knew would fight to save everyone. Mami starts breaking down. Suddenly Touka Satomi and [[Nemu Hiiragi] arrive. Mifuyu telepathically tells Kyoko to follow her lead and introduces Kyoko as a new Feather that knew Mami. Kyoko, lying, apologizes for the trouble. Mifuyu takes Kyoko away. Nemu says the Rumor they placed on Mami is coming off. Touka asks if Kyoko is an enemy. Nemu can't say, but thinks it might be fine either way. Nemu tells Mami she will rid her of her misgivings and strengthens the Rumor further.

Having secretly watched the whole thing, Mifuyu explains that Mami is being brainwashed and apologizes for what happens. She tells Kyoko to run away, saying that she can't let anyone else become involved. Kyoko says that after seeing that, she would have to be an idiot to join Magius. Mifuyu then says she has one more thing to show Kyoko and takes her to the "Eve". Even Mifuyu admits she has no idea what it is, other than that it will release magical girls. She says that in order to hatch the Eve, the Magius are bringing Walpurgis Night to Kamihama. Kyoko asks if they're insane. Mifuyu thinks they lost part of their humanity.

Kyoko asks what Mifuyu will do. Mifuyu says she must atone by rectifying Magius. Kyoko understands and allows Mifuyu to lead her out. Mifuyu takes Kyoko out of Fenthope and shows her the way out. Mifuyu departs, wondering if she should have left Kyoko a will, and apologizes to Yachiyo. Kyoko decides the best thing to do is leave Kamihama and head back to Mitakihara.

Section 2: If I Can Protect Despite Being Resented

Madoka, Homura and Sayaka wander through Alina's bizarre barrier. Homura starts thinking about Walpurgis Night. She isn't sure if the barrier would protect them from Walpurgis, and thinks they girls should head to Kamihama when the leave to escape Walpurgis. Suddenly the barrier begins shaking. Kyoko then arrives and leads them out of the barrier. Kyoko says she didn't come to save them and says she's paying them back for sharing information earlier. Kyoko then explains what she saw in Kamihama. Homura is horrified to learn that Walpurgis is coming to Kamihama, and thinks they should stay in Mitakihara instead.

Sayaka then asks about Walpurgis. Madoka says that Mami told her it was a witch that can destroy towns. Sayaka says they have to stop Mami. Homura suggests they should go home first, since the trio was trapped in the barrier for more than a day. Homura is relieved Madoka and Sayaka accept her logic. Kyoko begins to depart, but Sayaka asks what she's going to do. Kyoko says it's her own business. Sayaka and Madoka say they'll go with Kyoko if she heads to Mitakihara, but Kyoko says she isn't going to pretend she's friends with them. Kyoko leaves. Homura thinks she has to convince Madoka and Sayaka to stay.

Later, Kyoko berates herself for abandoning her own philosophy. Kyoko thinks she'll go back to Kazamino, but wonders what to do next. She decides she hates how Magius is acting, and decides to crush them. Kyoko says it's ironic that she won't listen to people preaching salvation.

Section 3: Even So, I Am The One Who Chooses

Having returned home, Madoka mopes over worrying her parents. Suddenly she receives a call from Homura. Homura tells Madoka she doesn't want her to go to Kamihama, because she thinks they won't be able to do anything to Walpurgisnacht. Homura admits she doesn't want Madoka to die. Thinking of her parents, Madoka tells Homura she won't go to Kamihama. Madoka then mentally apologizes to Mami for her weakness. That night, Madoka dreams of eating at a restaurant with Kyoko, Sayaka, Homura, and Mami. Madoka finds she can't control her actions in the dream and suddenly awakens.

Later at school, Sayaka talks to Madoka. She says Homura also called her, asking her not to go to Kamihama. Sayaka says she told Homura to wait for her answer, but has now decided to go to Kamihama. Sayaka says she'll go by herself if she has to. Madoka asks to be left alone for a moment. Later, after school, Madoka tells Sayaka and Homura that she will go to Kamihama because she can't just do nothing. Homura admits she expected this to happen and says she'll go with them. The night before she leaves, Madoka thinks the little moments she had with her family were amazing. The trio then heads out to Kamihama. Madoka tries to contact Iroha, but can't get through.

Section 4: Kamihama's Abnormality, and Reunion

Entering Kamihama's Sakae Ward, Madoka, Sayaka and Homura are attacked by Black Feathers. The girl quickly notice something is wrong with the cloaked girls. Suddenly the Feathers abruptly stop and come to their senses. They then run away. The trio pursue them into Central Ward, but lose the trail due to a high presence of magic and a blackout. Suddenly, the girls run into Kanoko Yayoi, Karin Misono, and Natsuki Utsuho. The girls introduce each other. The trio admits they don't know what happened; Karin says she was reading manga at her club when it all started, and she can't contact her senior or Kanagi Izumi.

Natsuki says they ran into magical girls that were heading for a heliport. They suggested that Natsuki and the other girls head to Mitama Yakumo to learn what's happening. Kanoko says it's a secret about magical girls. Madoka, Homura and Sayaka quickly deduce it's the truth about witches. Natsuki invites the girls to go with them to Mitama's. Homura and Madoka say they need to find Mami. Karin asks for a picture of Mami, and after seeing it, says she saw Nanaka Tokiwa's carrying a girl with "spirally drill twintails". Karin says the girl was being taken to Mitama's.

Entering Mitama's place, the six girls are greeted by Akira Shinobu and Nanaka. Nanaka says that Mami is unconscious, but safe. The girls head to Mami's body and apologize for not being there for her. Suddenly Mami awakens and says she's ok.

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