Magia Record Another Story Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Only this City is Different

Section 1: The Disappearance of a Cog

Mami Tomoe fights a witch (Stacey) and thinks she defeated it. However, it is still alive and attacks her. Mami is saved by the arrival of Kyoko Sakura. Kyoko says it's strange that Mami is outside of Mitakihara City, and Mami wonders what Kyoko is doing out of Kazamino. Kyoko explains she was running around trying to find witches. Mami offers Kyoko the witch's Grief Seed, but Kyoko refuses, saying Mami mostly beat the witch before she showed up. Mami then asks if the witches in Kazamino have disappeared. Kyoko isn't sure, but she hasn't run into any. She also thinks the (unnamed) city they're in is out of witches. Mami notes it's just like Mitakihara, which is also seeing a decrease in witches. Kyoko says she'll tell Mami if she finds out something.

The next day, Mami visits the various outer suburbs of Mitakihara and Kazamino, and finds no witches there. Mami wonders if witches have disappeared from the entire world, but thinks it can't be that. Kyubey then arrives and asks what Mami is doing. Mami says she can't find witches in Mitakihara. Kyubey says it's just as he thought and says other magical girls have been reporting fewer witches. Kyubey notes that some magical girls are celebrating and taking breaks, but others are venturing out like Mami. Kyubey also notes magical girls still spend small amounts of energy to maintain their bodies. Mami thinks it's ironic that magical girls must obtain magic from the very witches they defeat. Kyubey says the magical girl system is logical and cyclical. Mami thinks that one of the cogs in this system - the witches - are missing. She then finds that Kyubey has disappeared.

Section 2: Ripples of Doubt

Rena Minami is running away from her friends (an event seen in the Main Story). Rena then finds a witch (Stacey again) and fights it. At the same time, Mami also finds the witch and sees Rena. Rena is losing to the witch until Mami saves her. After they beat the witch, Rena thanks Mami. Mami asks if Rena is from Kamihama City. Rena says yes and tells Mami the witches in Kamihama are stronger than the ones outside. Mami says she was wandering around looking for witches and must have crossed into the city without realizing it. Rena feels bad she was saved by a magical girl outsider. Mami tells her not to worry, and Rena thinks Mami is very composed. She also thinks Mami could compete with Yachiyo Nanami, and that Mami must be a college student.

Mami then hands Rena the Grief Seed, pointing out she's lost more magical energy. Rena says she has a stock of Grief Seeds. When Mami asks how she has so many, Rena explains that witches are basically swarming outside the city. She thinks there might be even more witches than before. Mami realizes that Kamihama is having the opposite problem from the other cities and excuses herself. Mami realizes that something is different in Kamihama and decides to investigate. She's then surprised to sense a familiar and when she fights it, notes that it has incredible power. Mami then senses another barrier, but realizes it's different. Mami wonders what is going on in this city.

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