Magia Record Another Story Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: I Want to Learn the Secret

Section 1: The Last Pancake

Homura Akemi thinks back to the girl she saw in her time stop. One day at school, she suddenly sees the girl again. Homura is broken out of her vision by Madoka Kaname, who thinks Homura is spacing out. Madoka says that Mami has heard a cafe in the next town has great pancakes, and suggests the two go there. Homura agrees, but can't keep her mind off the vision, which is new to her repeating timeloops. Knowing what is meant by "saving magical girls", Homura decides to go to Kamihama City.

Later, Homura asks Madoka if she went to Kamihama. Madoka says that she went there with Mami. She says it seems like a normal town, but it's been getting more stores and becoming more fashionable lately. Madoka asks Homura if she wants to go there. When Homura answers yes, Madoka asks if Homura is hiding something. Put on the spot, Homura tells her that she's heard there are some weird things in Kamihama, and says she wants to go there out of curiosity. Madoka asks to come with her, but Homura is reluctant to accept. Suddenly Mami appears and says the two can't go to Kamihama under any circumstances.

The girls head to a cafe, where Mami explains about the things she encountered in Kamihama. Madoka says she knows from her previous visit that Kamihama has strong witches; however even she was able to beat them. Mami explains about the Rumors and the "human witch" she saw. Mami says she plans on investigating in case the things from Kamihama appear in Mitakihara. Homura asks if she can investigate with Mami. Mami points out she still doesn't know what's going on, and she might run into the hunting grounds of other magical girls. Homura says she still wants to go, and Madoka says she wants to go as well. Mami relents and says they can go after she investigates some more and learns more about the Rumors. Bidding the girls goodbye, she heads over to Kamihama

The next day, Mami goes missing.

Section 2: Two Chance Encounters

Madoka and Homura find that Mami didn't come to school. They go to her house, but she isn't there either. Madoka thinks she should go to Kamihama. Homura protests, saying if the town was dangerous enough to stop even Mami, they have no chance of helping her. Madoka agrees. Homura suggests they wait a day for Mami to come back. However, Homura sneaks off to Kamihama herself to figure out its secrets. At Kamihama's train station, Homura is shocked to find Madoka is there.

Madoka says she suspected Homura's intentions from the start. When she saw Homura get on a train, Madoka went to Kamihama to follow her. She tells Homura not go on her own in secret. Homura apologizes and thinks that while she wanted to protect Madoka from Kamihama's dangers, she feels reassured that Madoka is there. The two set off to find Mami. They decide to also investigate Rumors, thinking they might find Mami that way. Homura then notices a Grief Seed stuck in the wall. The witch (Candy) hatches and manifests its barrier.

Pulled into the barrier, Homura tries to contact Madoka telepathically but fails. Homura fights familiars in the barrier. Outside, Madoka tries to find Homura and ends up near the radio tower. Suddenly she senses another witch (Rebecca) and looks up to see someone with a Witch Kiss go into the tower. Elsewhere, Homura escapes the barrier and tries to contact Madoka. However, Madoka has left telepathy range. Madoka goes to the top of the radio tower and finds the Witch's barrier. She then rescues one of the witch's victims from jumping off the roof. Madoka subsequently meets Homura.

Elsewhere Homura looks for Madoka and wanders near a cafe. In the cafe, Tsuruno and Felicia are busy interrogating Tsukuyo. When Tsukuyo tries to escape, Felicia chases her and the two pass by Homura. Felicia says Tsukuyo was trying to dine and dash and asks Homura to catch her. Needing time to think, Homura transforms into her magical girl costume. After the events depicted in Main Story Chapter 5, Sections 2 and 3, Homura and Madoka reunite. The two tell Iroha's team about the desire to find Mami. Iroha reveals that she is the one Mami mistook for a human witch. Iroha makes Homura nervous as first, but when Madoka vouches for her Homura apologizes. Homura thinks she'll trust Iroha if Madoka does.

Section 3: Unease and Curiosity

Events proceed according to the rest of Main Story Chapter 5. Homura thinks it's their turn to save Mami. In addition, Homura thinks Sana Futaba is like how she used to be, except Homura met Madoka. Homura notes that while she understands Sana's solitude, she has her hands full protecting Madoka and searching for Mami. She thinks Sana may find someone who can save her the way Madoka saved Homura.

During the battle with Alina Gray, Homura notes that her Doppel resembles a witch, and that Alina fought even though her Soul Gem was pitch lack. Homura wonders if Magius really could save magical girls. Homura uses her time stop to help Sana deliver the final blow on Ai, thinking that this is all she can do for Sana. She notes that Sana looked so strong when she fought. After the battle, Homura wonders if Iroha knows something about saving magical girls due to having a Doppel, but Irohha doesn't really know. Homura does notice that Iroha resembles the girl she saw in her time stop.

Returning home, Homura apologizes to Madoka for getting her involved and for failing to find Mami. Madoka says there's no need because they found a clue and made friends. Madoka says they'll return to Kamihama to search for Mami. She also says she's still getting saved by Homura, to her protests. The girls depart via train. Before she notices, Homura is back in Mitakihara. Both Madoka and Homura are exhausted by the day's events. Homura notes that now that they're back home, everything seems normal. Madoka resolves to bring back Mami when they return to Kamihama. Homura thinks about Kamihama and how in this timeline she has no idea what will happen. She thinks it's possible to change the fate of Madoka and all magical girls.

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