Magia Record Another Story Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Confrontation with Fate

Section 1: Unknown Whereabouts

Sayaka Miki narrates how she became a magical girl for her childhood friend Kyosuke Kamijo. However, she also mentions she became a magical girl because she met Mami Tomoe. In the present, Madoka and Homura tell Sayaka that Mami went missing. It turns out Sayaka didn't come with Homura and Mami in the previous chapter because she was seeing Kyosuke play at a concert. Madoka and Homura explain what happened in Kamihama and Madoka asks her not to go to Kamihama alone. Instead Madoka declares the three of them will go to Kamihama together after hearing from Iroha.

Sayaka admits she hasn't been a magical girl for very long anyway, so she won't go by herself. However, she insists on having Madoka and Homura take her to Kamihama now. Sayaka admits she can't make sense of what she's heard about, but she can't just wait doing nothing. Sayaka explains that while she wished to heal Kyosuke, she also wanted the power to protect the people she cares about. Sayaka says she wants to protect Madoka, Homura and Mami. Madoka admits they can't wait either and agrees to take Sayaka to Kamihama.

Section 2: Amidst the Ruins

The girls arrive at Kamihama. They decide to start by looking up Alina Gray in a library. Unfortunately, they can't find anything. The girls then search on the internet and find that one name pops out: The Kamihama Recording Museum. The girls think there might be something there and investigate. However, they find the building is abandoned. Homura says that when she looked again she found the museum was shut down. Suddenly the girls sense Mami's magic inside the museum. Inside, the girls are accosted by the Wings of Magius. Using telepathy, Madoka tells Sayaka to go ahead while her and Homura take care of the Feathers.

Sayaka arrives to see Mami, now dressed as Holy Mami, about to attack Iroha and Yachiyo. Events play out as they did in Main Story Chapter 6. Sayaka is shocked by the revelations she's seen and heard about, and resolves to reunite with Madoka and Homura.

Section 3: The Price of Magic

Sayaka narrates that when she left the museum she telepathically told Madoka and Homura to run away. The girls had previously decided to meet at Mizuna Shrine in case something happened. Sayaka encounters Madoka and Homura, being pursued by two members of the Wings of Magius. Emotionally unbalanced by what she learned, Sayaka yells at the Feathers and defeats them both with one hit each. She then runs off with Madoka and Homura. Once they're safe, Sayaka explains everything she saw and heard about. The girls are shocked into silence.

Madoka wonders if she'll turn into a witch, and also wonders why Mami changed. Madoka says it's too cruel. Homura suggests they head back to Mitakihara for now. The girls journey in silence. Sayaka becomes afraid of becoming a witch and suddenly asks Madoka and Homura what she should do. Madoka says she's been thinking about it, and decides that even though she's scared she can't throw away hope. She says they need to search for a way to avoid becoming witches. Homura agrees, and thinks this is what she came here for. Madoka thinks they should ask Kyubey, and guesses Mami and the Wings of Magius know something. Madoka says they should first find Mami and try to get her back to how she was. Then they can find out more about transforming into witches.

Sayaka agrees with Madoka and says they need to fight back. Once they return to Mitakihara, Sayaka decides to meet with someone.

Section 4: And Then She...

The person Sayaka meets is none other than Kyoko. Kyoko asks Sayaka what she wanted to talk about. Sayaka asks her if she's heard about Mami. Kyoko says she didn't and, based on Sayaka's reaction, asked if Mami died. Sayaka says that's not it and explains to Kyoko the events she went through.

Kyoko is shocked when she learns magical girls become witches, but then says it makes sense. She explains to Sayaka that she met the Wings of Magius when she went to Kamihama earlier, and they told her about saving magical girls. Kyoko says now she understands they were talking about stopping magical girls from becoming witches. Kyoko wonders if she's going to become a witch, and says she lived a worthless life. Sayaka tells her that she's sure there's some way they can avoid becoming witches. Kyoko agrees, having deduced that Wings of Magius knows how.

Kyoko wonders if Mami was looking for Wings of Magius but then they did something to her. Kyoko says that if her or Sayaka becomes a witch they might fight each other. Sayaka vehemently disagrees. Kyoko tells Sayaka that she would be annoyed if Sayaka gave up and became a witch, claiming she would run her through if she did. Kyoko says she'll look for a way to avoid becoming a witch and clean up the Wings of Magius - by herself. When Sayaka protests, Kyoko asks if Sayaka will try to save her if she's affected the same way Mami was.

Before Sayaka can answer Kyoko says she was just kidding, claiming that she would never screw up like that and that Sayaka is too weak to save her. Sayaka protests again, but Kyoko says she'll be fine on her own. She says she'll tell the others if she finds something and prepares to leave. Sayaka shouts at her and tells her to wait. She tells Kyoko that she doesn't have to bear it all alone, but Kyoko says it's fine. Kyoko leaves while Sayaka shouts her name.

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