Magia Record Another Story Chapter 9

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Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Chapter 9: Take My Hand

Section 1: Making Things Right

Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka are relieved to see that Mami is alright now. Madoka asks Homura to go with her so they can help Iroha and Homura agrees. Mami is happy to see that they're still there for her even after all she's done, and resolves to go with Madoka and Homura to help Iroha as best they can. The others urge Mami to rest after all she's been through, but Mami feels this is something she herself has to do: she's going to tell all the Feathers of the real intentions of Magius. Mami decides to tell Madoka and the others where Iroha is since she'll be heading to where the Feathers are. Madoka instead decides to help Mami since Iroha will have Yachiyo and the rest of her team to support her. Sayaka agrees and both her and Homura volunteer to support Mami as well.

Nanaka and her team help to escort Mami and the others to where the heliport is by taking some shortcuts through the city. As they journey on, Nanaka asks Mami several questions about the Magius. First she asks about the Magius themselves and how it is that the whole organization hasn't fallen apart due to the ideals and plans of the Magius. Mami answers that while most of the Feathers trust the abilities of the Magius, they don't trust them as individuals; rather, they had put all their faith into Mifuyu Azusa. Even as the Saint of Kamihama, the Feathers didn't trust Mami either. Mami worries they may not listen to what she has to say, but she has to try anyways.

At the heliport, both the Feathers and the Kamihama magical girls are exhausted from the fighting with neither side giving up yet. Most of the Feathers have lost the will to continue fighting, while others voice their doubts about the Magius and how they forced the Feathers to continue fighting by taking away their freewill. Hinano instructs the magical girls who still have energy to round up the Feathers in the center so they can keep an eye on them. Mami and the others arrive moments later. The Feathers notice Mami and some ask her to save them while others feel betrayed since she is on the side of the Kamihama magical girls. Mami tell them they don't have to trust her, they only have to listen to what she says. After explaining the details of their plan, the Feathers realize that hundreds of innocent people including their friends and family will be killed when Walpurgisnacht arrives. Not only that, this isn't the first time the Magius were willing to sacrifice innocent people to gather energy as Mami explains the plan behind the Chelation Land rumor. The Feathers are shocked and dismayed at what they hear. One of the Feathers accuses Mami of being a hypocrite since she was the one that helped lead them to where they are now. Mami can't deny it, even if she was fused with an Uwasa at the time.

Section 2: Reality and Rumor

Mami thinks back on what lead to her being fused with an Uwasa. It began when she came to Kamihama to search for Rumors. Mami was able to trace the magic of Rumors back to an abandoned Museum. There she found Mifuyu waiting for her. Mifuyu introduces herself and explains she is there to scout Mami out for the Wings of Magius. At first Mami refused to listen to anything Mifuyu had to say, since she considered the Rumors and anyone who used them to be evil. Mifuyu then had the Memory Museum show her memories to Mami and explained the Magical Girl system to her. But Mami couldn't accept the truth and attempted to shoot at herself, and Mifuyu considered the the brainwashing a failure. Mifuyu then attempted to knock Mami out but couldn't get past her defenses. It wasn't until Alina appeared and placed Mami inside one of her barriers that they were able to get her to stop. The thought of all her dear friends turning into Witches was too much for Mami and, overwhelmed with despair, Mami unleashed her doppel and then fell unconscious.

As Mami lays on the ground, Touka and Nemu arrive to assess the situation. Mifuyu explains that Mami rejected their brainwashing and had a nervous breakdown after learning the truth. Alina has an idea, and suggests they make use of her abilities if not her mind. She suggests that Nemu fuse Mami with an Uwasa in order to make her do their bidding. Touka thinks its a great idea despite Mifuyu's initial reservations. At first, both Mami and the Rumor only wanted to save people. But soon the Rumor began to eat away at her desire to bring people happiness and became warped. Soon Mami began to believe that it was ok for someone to be unhappy if it meant someone else was. After that, she began to only focus on making the Magius happy at the expense of others.

Section 3: A False Savior

Mami would help Feathers defeat Witches and collect Grief Seeds. On occasion, she would help them to raise the Witches they needed or get rid of clueless Magical Girls in order to protect Rumors. Deep inside, Mami felt like a hypocrite and uncomfortable with what she was doing, but she would stifle her concerns. More and more Mami would rely on her doppel and after awhile she didn't know if it was because the Rumor was too strong or her heart was too weak to stop her from doing what she was doing for the sake of the Magius.

After some time, the Magius summoned Mami. Nemu used her magic to scan her and announced to the others that Mami had completely fused with the Rumor. They used Mami and her status among the Feathers to their advantage. One day they held an assembly in which they formally introduced Mami as the figurehead for their organization. The Feathers welcomed her with open arms and Mami stopped hearing the voice in her head that was telling her what she was doing was wrong.

Soon, Sayaka caught up with Mami in Kamihama and couldn't believe what Mami was doing. Even though she knew it was wrong, she still ended up hurting her friend Sayaka. That wasn't all however, as Mami had brought Witches to Mitakihara only for her friends to confront her once more. Despite all of this, her friends hadn't given up on her and still tried everything they could to save her. Now that she's free, Mami wants to be the kind of person who can stand next to them and share their feelings with each other equally. But in order for her to do that, she feels she needs to face up to the crimes she's committed and take responsibility for her actions.

Section 4: Ally and Friend

After listening to Mami's tale, the reactions of many of the Feathers is mixed. Soon the Feathers split off into two groups: one group that wants to continue to pursue their liberation at all costs and a second group that vows to protect Kamihama and its people. The two groups soon begin to clash with one another. Mami thinks telling the truth was a mistake and that Mifuyu would have explained it better. Madoka and the other Magical Girls resolve to help Mami stop the Feathers from fighting. After beating them down, the angry Feathers decide to take their anger out on Mami's friends instead. Mami tries to reason with them, saying she's the only one to blame. But Madoka and the others vow to stand by Mami no matter what because they're friends. Mami begins to cry, realizing her and her friends will support each other no matter what and she's not alone in anything she does.

Mami turns to the Feathers and asks if they don't have anyone they trust unconditionally. The Feathers all answer that they trust Mifuyu, but they can't believe that Mifuyu would just use them like that. They want to hear Mifuyu's words for themselves. Mami turns to Nanaka and asks them to handle the Feathers while she, Homura, Madoka, and Sayaka head to Hotel Fendthope in order to help Iroha. As they head to the hotel, Mami turns to her friends and tells them how happy they made her. She asks them to rely on her, not as a veteran, but as an ally and their friend. After thanking them once more, Mami explains the plan.

The group arrives at the Rumor of the 10,000 year Sakura that hides the base of the Magius' operations. There they find Mitama standing guard with a few dazed Feathers hanging around. Mitama explains that she was left to guard the place by Yachiyo, and had messed with the soul gems of the Feathers who wouldn't leave. She turns to Mami and asks if she's ok now. Mami realizes that Mitama knows about her internal struggles since she could see her memories when she was adjusting her. Mami assures her she's fine now. Mitama promises to continue protecting the area and tells Mami and the others to hurry forward.

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