Magia Record Story Please, Yuna-san ~ Leave All Your Worries To Your Eldest Daughter!

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The following is a summary posted on Discord by Mochi.

Part One

Episode One

At Promised Blood's base, the crew is ending their reports about something of recent. Ao Kasane and Ranka Chizu head home in a hurry. Hikaru Kirari notes that everyone's been acting strange lately. Sakuya Suzuka is reading romance columns and Juri Oba is studying off to the side. Urara is on the opposite side staring at Hikaru, saying it's nothing. Yuna Kureha says everyone's distracted so the meeting's dismissed, but calls Hikaru over to her.

Episode Two

Yuna feels terrible that she didn't notice everyone around her is exhausted after so much battling. She tells Hikaru that she is going to take responsibility and solve everyone's problems so they're prepared for the next battle, starting with Sakuya. Hikaru notes that Sakuya must be in love with how much she's reading, but can't imagine it. Yuna says she shouldn't judge her so easily. Yuna decides she will talk to Urara first since she's been working with Sakuya lately. Hikaru gets a text, starts muttering to herself, but says it's nothing. Yuna notes that even Hikaru is having a problem now.

Episode Three

The next day, Yuna and Hikaru meets Urara at a café. Urara looks immediately relieved to know it's just about Sakuya, which makes Yuna wonder out loud if there's more going on she doesn't know about. Urara deflects right away. Urara says that Sakuya has been reading romance columns and borrowing shoujo manga lately, something she doesn't normally read.

Flashback to Urara and Sakuya talking. Sakuya asks Urara if she's ever been in love, but then drops the question right away, saying she should solve her problems herself.

Yuna says she won't stop someone on her team from being in love, but if it interferes with her ability to fight, she insists on helping Sakuya solve her love trouble. Fast forward to Sakuya being called in to the cafe. Sakuya says there's nothing wrong with her, but Yuna insists she's not accusing her of anything, she wants to help with her problems. Urara blurts out, asking Sakuya if she's in love. Sakuya denies it. Urara points out that Sakuya is following anything and everything romance related on SNS, listening to love songs she would never listen to, sighing heavily, and sending letters to a radio show's advice corner. Hikaru is shocked Urara knows so much about Sakuya. Sakuya apologizes because...

Episode Four

Sakuya has been researching all about romance because a kouhai of hers has a crush on a childhood friend and wants to confess. She apologizes again for not being able to pay attention and looking suspicious. Yuna points out that her actions have been causing the group to lose focus. Sakuya agrees since she helped the enemy and did what could only be called betrayal. Yuna says since Sakuya's aware she's a problem, Yuna insists on helping her solve her problem so she can focus on the group.

Sakuya and Urara are shocked, Hikaru points out that Yuna is always good to her friends. Yuna isn't sure if she can give relationship advice on her own, but as a team they should be able to figure something out. Sakuya is a part of their plan to get revenge on Kamihama, and as her friend, Yuna insists on being involved in solving her problem.

Hikaru is distracted and doesn't answer Yuna right away. Sakuya points it out to Yuna, saying Hikaru must have a problem too since she keeps looking at her phone. Urara also keeps glancing over at Hikaru, so she must have something wrong too. Yuna is aware that she has a lot of work to do helping everyone.

Episode Five

Everyone is gathered at Yuna's. Yuna reveals to everyone that the topic they've been gathered for today is "how to confess your feelings to your childhood friend without ruining your current relationship." Ranka is dumbfounded, and makes sure she didn't just mishear what Yuna said. Ao figures out right away that it's about Sakuya, but Ranka had no idea. Ranka starts teasing Sakuya, but gets mad when she learns it's about a friend and not her.

Sakuya says her friend is just a good friend with the person they want to confess to at the moment. Yuna asks if anyone has ideas. Hikaru suggests just being upfront about it. Ao says if it were her, she'd be scared if the confession ruined their relationship as friends. Ranka says they can't just wait, or else someone else could ask them out. Urara says if they want to stay friends, then going out isn't something they should do. Juri is distracted reading or reciting something. Hikaru yells at her to pay attention. Juri shouts that they should just go crush them and quit being a scared bitch. Hikaru is surprised Juri was listening the whole time, but Sakuya mentions that they can't just crush their childhood friend.

Sakuya mentions that the friend might not even be seen as a romantic interest by their crush to begin with. Yuna says they should start with that problem. Ao asks how far have they even gotten so far. Sakuya says they haven't even been on a date yet. Ao says if you're playing a dating sim, you can't confess unless you've been a date first, that gets you a bad end. Thus the goal should be changed to ask out on a date rather than confess their feelings.

Ao gets a text. Ranka asks if it's her parents again, which it is. Yuna tells Ao that she called everyone here for reasons other than for Sakuya. She tells Ao that now it's her turn to talk to Yuna about her problems.

Episode Six

Yuna points out that Ranka also knows something is going on with Ao. Hikaru says she's been going home early lately. Ao says that ever since she became a mahou shoujo, she's been leaving home early and coming home late at night, so her parents are getting angry with her and the excuses she's been making. Ao says there's one thing she could ask everyone to do for her. She says that her last excuse was that she was in an e-sports tournament, which her parents surprisingly showed some interest in. They ended up letting her actually sign up for one. She's entering with Ranka, but says the more people that join her, the more convincing the whole thing will be.

Yuna asks if they have to go somewhere, but Ao says it's online, and she already told her parents that she would be participating at a friends house, so it would be nice to take pictures of a friend's room as proof. She's been waiting for some online friends to reply if they will be entering with her. Hikaru asks if it's easy to just enter a game tournament. Ao lights up, saying that's a great question.

Episode Seven

Ao explains that it's a smartphone game tournament created by an idol group called LinkS, so it's mainly for casual players. The game being played is being announced the day of the event, so no one knows what to expect and the rules for participating are pretty loose. Ao is mad that Hikaru asked but still distracted.

Ranka gets an invite to the game's text chat. The other people in the group want to do a voice chat to see if they hit it off. She joins voice chat, but no one is talking. She asks if their mic is muted. Rena Minami is heard calling Kaede Akino an idiot, Kaede gives a fuyu and says sorry. Rena says she's sorry for the mic troubles. Ranka quickly slams to leave voice chat. She remembers that Rena mentioned she liked a LinkS song before in another game. Ao didn't notice who it was, and Ranka is happy she put a voice changer on just in case. Ranka says it's just some annoying kids from Kamihama. Ao says guess they'll have to look for other kids. Ranka looks over to Yuna and asks her to join the tournament with them.

Episode Eight

Ranka explains the rules and that Yuna doesn't even have to show herself to play, and can even use a voice changer. Yuna is worried she will just drag them down. Hikaru suggests she and Juri should join to make a team their team of 5. Juri is still distracted, but agrees to help for a little.

The event starts, with LinkS introducing their new song "Let's Link in E-Sports!" The event's game is explained that each team has to defense their venue while singing and dancing for their audience, and the team with the most points wins. In order to get the high score, they have to deliver food and drinks and sell merch to the audience, and they have to go to war and battle the other team's venues.

Ao explains that the game is a rhythm FPS, but it's simple so it's not hard to control. Ranka explains that there's lots to do in the game, like cooking, selling merch, and there's no actual guns in the game so it's hardly an FPS. The announcer says there's an unusually good player who must be a LinkS fanatic playing.

Rena is at the Coordinator's with Kaede, who is suddenly surrounded by enemies (in-game). Rena asks what the hell is up with their team's defense. Kaede is surprised because she just realized she was defending the other team on accident. Rena is mad.

The announcer says the team (Team Pichijou, Energetic Girls maybe? A play on nichijou?) is suddenly falling apart, and now the team's kitchen is suddenly smoking. Momoko Togame shouts, saying she was supposed to handle the team's cooking. Mitama Yakumo says it'd be more efficient if they both cooked together. Momoko asks why Kanagi Izumi is doing fan service for the audience instead of selling goods. Kanagi says it's more important to serve the customers first if you want to sell things to them. Momoko can't argue with either of them because they're both right. The announcer says the player in charge of sales is doing fan service as a maid, but unfortunately that doesn't get them extra points.

Ranka is worried that everyone will notice who that team is. Yuna isn't sure how to do the controls, but Hikaru shows her. Ranka notices Yuna using a voice changer, so she's sure it'll be fine. Ranka tells everyone to either fight bare handed or with penlights, but reminds them that friendly fire is on. Juri is still reciting/reading something. Juri snaps that she'll just destroy the enemy team. Ao is worried if this will work out.

Episode Nine

The announcer shifts over to Team Buddy Sisters, commenting on what a cute name it is. Ranka asks what's up with the embarrassing team name, especially since it's not just the three sisters. The game begins. Ranka handles the rhythm game. Ao asks Juri to handle the cooking, but she wants to take out the enemy team first. Juri starts fighting whoever and whatever in game, including hitting Ao on accident. Hikaru volunteers to cook. Yuna chooses to sell merch. Ao goes with Juri on the attack.

Hikaru's food catches on fire and starts panicking looking for the water. Customers are all avoiding Yuna. Ao tells Yuna the weapon she's holding isn't for sale. Juri is pissed she's getting attacked and tells the horse to let her use the fire in the kitchen, but Hikaru isn't sure if that's a game mechanic. The announcer is surprised that the attacker is taking the fire from the kitchen straight over to the enemy. Juri is proud that she's about to well-done the enemy, but Ranka is telling her to slow down.

The announcer isn't even sure if that was supposed to happen, and asks the game designer. The designer says that, yes, that is indeed a hidden command that the player just figured out, but the team's score still isn't looking good. Juri is smug for finding a secret. Hikaru just had fun playing.

The results are about to be announced. The announcer says that, before the results, they have prizes for the teams with the most interesting play of the game. First place being Team Buddy Sisters. They get a special prize for finding the hidden command to make the enemy team's kitchen explode. Ao wants to celebrate by taking a picture with everyone. She says she's going to trim the photo and send it to her parents, since if they saw her playing with Ranka and Juri, they'd think she's hanging out with bad friends.

Second place winners for play of the game are Team Fashionable Young Girls (ナウでヤングなピチピチの女の子, taking a wild guess on the name, it's the full name of Rena's team from earlier). Mitama is overjoyed, Momoko is embarrassed over the name Mitama chose for their team. Kaede is happy, but Rena is disappointed she didn't win the handshaking session with LinkS. Kanagi reminds her that they did still win a special prize. Ao gets a text from her mother. She says she's so happy to know that Ao found good friends to play with.

Episode Ten

At the next Promised Blood meeting in Yuna's house, Yuna asks if anyone has anything to report. Juri is still distracted, Urara has nothing to say. Sakuya has something personal to say. Her kouhai successfully got a date and is very happy. Ao says after sending her parents the picture of them playing, they're a little more lenient on her going out so much and don't hate her gaming as much.

Ranka asks what is up with whatever Juri has been up to. Everyone is asking Juri if she's ok, Ranka and Urara think she's lost her mind. Sakuya and Yuna recognize what Juri is saying. Hikaru asks if the high school girls understand her. Hikaru looks upset, and Yuna asks her if there's anything she wants to talk about. Hikaru says it's not something she can really discuss with Yuna. Sakuya telepathically tells Yuna that they'll just have to wait for Hikaru to open up about her problem, so maybe it's time to get to the bottom of what's been bothering Urara. Yuna agrees, but Juri is about to explode, so they agree that Juri is next to get help.

Just as Yuna is about to talk to Juri, she gets a call and excuses herself. Sakuya realizes that something must be troubling Yuna too, and all the problems are piling up one after another.

Part Two

Episode Eleven

The next day, Yuna says it's now Juri's turn for her problem to be solved. Urara says Juri's been chanting a weird spell or something this entire time. Ranka tells her that Juri's just been memorizing English and classical grammar. Juri says yeah, she has to pass her next test or she's being held back or expelled, and being expelled means she's has to move away.

Everyone is silent, then suddenly all realize just how serious that is. Juri mentions she's been expelled once before for her behavior. Ao says this is the real hard mode. Juri gets pissed and yells that's why she's been studying her ass off, and she's not giving up on her school life. Plus if she moves she's also out of the war.

Yuna asks when is this exam, and Juri says tomorrow. Sakuya asks how she's doing so far. Juri says awful. Yuna asks what subject is this exam for. Juri says Japanese, Math, English, and Science. Ranka says that's impossible, but since she knows Juri would never ask, she asks Yuna and Sakuya to teach Juri how to study. Naturally Yuna agrees, and Sakuya will for the sake of the group. Juri looks totally down, asking them please. Hikaru and Urara are in shock at how honest Juri is being, realizing this really is that bad. They and Ao all agree to support her.

Episode Twelve

Yuna and Sakuya look over Juri's schedule. Yuna asks Juri if she's certain she doesn't want to fail. Juri says yeah. Yuna then replies that they're going to focus on just getting her to pass rather than aim for perfect scores. Montage of Yuna asking questions and Juri answering them. Juri's exhausted, but Yuna pushes her to keep going.

Yuna switches over to science, asking Juri what is NH3. Juri says stinkin' Ammonia. Yuna asks what is H2, and Juri says exploding hydrogen. Hikaru tells her that's a disturbing way to memorize things, and brought her refreshments. Urara brings her a cafe au lait.

Yuna thinks Juri's just about at her limit, but Juri asks her for 1 more. Yuna tells Ao and Ranka that they're up. Ranka isn't happy, and Sakuya says Juri has to fight to vent. Yuna apologizes for playing a weaker role in this situation. Ao says she doesn't have to apologize, since they all agreed to help, but Ao begs Juri to go easy on her. Juri tells her to put up with it or she's dead. Yuna tells them to call her if they're in danger.

Outside in a building, Juri is blasting the hell out of Ao and Ranka while fun music plays. Ao yells at her that she said to go easy, idiot! Ranka tells her that seriously hurts. Juri tells them to shut it, they're the ones that said they'd take Yuna's place. Juri thanks them for the help and heads back. Ao says she ain't never heard of a study group like this before, and Ranka says this is what happens when you study with Juri.

Yuna asks if Juri is done. Juri just says yeah, please continue. Sakuya joins in since it's part of her schedule. Fast forward to back outside, Juri is blasting the shit out of Ao and Ranka again. Back to Sakuya asking her what is H2S04, with Juri replying it's sulfuric acid that kills ya when ya drink it. Back to Juri blasting Ao and Ranka, screaming she HATES STUDYIIIING!

Yuna asks about conjugations, with Juri answering, but she asks Yuna for just one round of a fighting game since she's fed up. Yuna reluctantly agrees, since Juri needs to keep calm. Fast forward to Juri swearing out loud while blasting fire straight at Ao and Ranka again. Ranka tells her it's not right for her to be even more pissed after losing a game. Ao says she's just gotten even more stressed now, followed by a comical bright explosion.

Back inside, the study session is finally over. Juri looks down, thanking them for the help. Ao and Ranka are shocked and sigh that they're finally free. She also apologizes to them for putting them through so much. Hikaru and Urara are fast asleep. Juri says she wants to review a bit before class. Juri flips through her notes, but has a shocked look on her face. Yuna asks her what's wrong, but Juri yells out in panic.

Episode Thirteen

Ao asks what's wrong with Juri, and Ranka says she has a bad feeling. Juri says she also has 7 book reports due today, and manga is no good. Today is the last school day, and there's only 2 hours left for her to turn them in! Yuna has a fierce look on her face, asking what happens if she doesn't turn them in? Juri says she'll be held back or expelled...

Yuna tells everyone to divide them up and write them now. Ranka says there's no way they can do it. Ao tells Hikaru and Urara to wake up. Hikaru asks if it's morning. Urara says they worked too hard; it's still dark outside. Ao panics, asking even if they divide they work, they have to each read a book now!? Yuna says she'll give them a synopsis of the book she read for her report, so they can just handle the writing. Ranka says she'll get on a review site and churn out a report quickly, but Yuna reminds her not to just copy the whole thing word for word, but only what she learns. Sakuya says she read a few books, so she can give a synopsis too. They're sports books, but they should still count. Urara complains about having to do this, but Hikaru is ready to go. Juri begs them for the help.

Fast forward some time, Hikaru staggers, asking if this she's done, then collapses, with Ao calling out to her. Ranka can't write any more, Urara is exhausted to the point that she falls asleep on the spot. Yuna hands the reports to Juri, asking if this is ok. Juri says yeah, but the different handwritings will give it all away, so she has to copy them all herself.

Fast forward to Juri finishing copying, but Sakuya tells her that school already starting. Juri says it's not a problem, she's just gotta hurry. Yuna tells her to be careful.

Episode Fourteen

The school bell rings. Juri made it to her class just in time for the exam. Juri is shocked -- all the questions in front of her are things her sister asked about.

After the exams, her teacher comes up to her with her results, both of them with fierce looks. She passed! Juri's shocked, and her teacher asks her how did she suddenly turn around and improve so much? She says her friends came over and studied with her. Her teacher tells her she must have great friends, but then hands her back her book reports, saying the writing style of each of these sure is different, the book genres and everything else about them.

Juri is mad that she couldn't fool her teacher, but she says that Juri has good friends. Her teacher says she'll let it go this one time since she worked so hard to pass with her friends. She'll have to resubmit her reports, but she'll wait a bit longer because she's curious what Juri can really write about. Juri asks if she really doesn't have to repeat or move out. Her teacher says of course, keep up the good work. Juri cheers, but her teacher reminds her she needs to work on her language. Juri carefully says y-yes in a normal way. The teacher hands Juri something she got from a graduate, and asks her to share it with her friends. Juri carefully sounds out "T...Thank you very much." in an awkwardly polite way.

Back at Yuna's, she and Sakuya are complaining just how hard teaching is. Yuna gets a phone call, then sighs. Sakuya asks if she's really ok. Yuna says she'd rather deal with Urara's problem next than her own. Urara looks sad, and Hikaru is sound asleep.

Episode Fifteen

That afternoon, Sakuya gets a text, finding out Juri's exam went well. Hikaru finally wakes up, saying good morning. Yuna tells her it's noon already, but there's some onigiri here if she's hungry. Urara and Hikaru eat.

Sakuya asks Urara what's been bothering her lately. Yuna chimes in that she'll listen to whatever her problems are. Hikaru says one person's problem is everyone's problem. Urara says she's worried that she doesn't seem mature enough. Everyone stares at her, with Sakuya just questioning like "...really?"

Yuna tells her she thinks she's mature enough. Urara says she's not as stylish as Ao. Ao is surprised. Hikaru figures that must be why Urara kept glancing over at her, because Hikaru isn't as nice looking as Ao. Urara is shocked Hikaru noticed she was staring. Hikaru thinks Urara is trying to pick a fight with her and Ranka, but Ranka says don't drag her into this.

Yuna asks Urara what her real problem is. She can tell by her tone that Urara was lying about not being mature enough. She asks again what is really bothering Urara...

Episode Sixteen

Yuna also noticed that Urara's been glancing at Hikaru. Urara is surprised that she really can't hide anything from Yuna. Urara is still hesitating to say what it is. Hikaru says if it involves her, just go right ahead -- they already handled Juri's issue after all. She starts smiling. Ranka points out that Hikaru was angry just a second ago and now she's flipped.

Urara digs a... massively filled up handbook out of her bag. Hikaru recognizes that it's hers, wondering if Urara was trying to return it. Ao asks if there was a reason Urara didn't return it. Urara is super embarrassed, saying there's not one... but a strangely large number of pictures of Yuna inside it, and she was questioning if it would be okay if other people were to see it while she was returning it. She couldn't return it because Hikaru is always by Yuna's side, so there was never a good time to bring it up. Hikaru thanks her since it's so important to her.

Urara is shocked at how casual everyone is being about it, wondering if she's the problem. Ranka says this is Hikaru's everyday life, so everyone's used to it. Urara thinks to herself that Promised Blood... is an unfathomable organization.

Sakuya cheerfully says that takes care of Urara's problem, and now it's Yuna's turn. Everyone agrees that something's been bothering Yuna this whole time. Yuna says it's just some problems at school, and just then her phone rings. She answers, saying she's on her way. The student council needs her at school, so she's leaving. Ao asks if she's okay, but Yuna just looks down. Hikaru says she'll go with Yuna, so leave it to her. Ranka says she doesn't even know what the problem is, but Sakuya cheers Hikaru on.

Episode Seventeen

Outside, Hikaru asks what's up with Yuna and the student council. Yuna says since she's been going to Kamihama so much lately, she hasn't been able to make it to the council. Her missing meetings has been a problem. Hikaru says she knows Yuna is always working so hard. Yuna thanks her, but the other students don't know what kind of work Yuna is doing. Since she can't just tell them she's a mahou shoujo, lying might not work on them anymore.

Hikaru suggests she ask the student council for help, since Yuna works so hard to listen to everyone else's problems, she should ask the students to help with hers. Though she may just be naive about this whole thing. Yuna realizes she's only ever avoided the council, and never taken the time to talk to them and ask for help, so maybe she's just been arrogant.

Hikaru then says that if Yuna does that, she'd have to bow down to others, so Hikaru volunteers to do the bowing for her. Yuna laughs and tells her she doesn't have to go that far. She says that Hikaru always ends up teaching her important lessons, and wonders if maybe she should ask for help.

Episode Eighteen

Yuna is about to enter, but Hikaru interrupts, saying maybe she should take Yuna's place. Yuna says that doesn't make sense, but it thankful for Hikaru thinking about her.

One of the students inside gets right to the point and asks why the president has been missing more and more meetings. Another student says it's thanks to Yuna that life has been easier at school, and didn't want to have to bring this up. Yuna agrees she's been missing too much, and understands everyone's frustrations. One girl says it's fine, since Yuna is still doing her job, and know that she isn't lazy or anything, however the student population don't all know that, and could make an issue out of it if they found out about Yuna's constant absence.

Yuna thanks them for being so understanding, and says she wants to ask for a favor, and to listen to what she has to say. She says she needs them to wait a little longer, that her personal life is super busy, and she can't reveal what exactly is going on to them due to the situation she's in. She says once it's over, she will do everything she can to work with everyone and change the school, but until then she just needs more time, and asks them to please wait for her...

Episode Nineteen

They agree to it. They'll wait because they know Yuna works so hard and want her to continue leading them. They won't let anyone go after Yuna and will wait for her, since they all believe in her. One of them says she's been worried about Yuna since she's always leaving, and thought maybe Yuna had given up on changing the school. Yuna says that's never been a reason, and thanks them for caring about her.

Yuna exits, telling Hikaru that she was right to ask for help, and thanks her for the suggestion. Hikaru says it wasn't her, but Yuna's normal attitude and all the trust she's earned from everyone. Yuna remembers that Hikaru's been having a problem lately, too, but Hikaru says she thinks she can figure out the answer now. Yuna is glad she's fine, then.

Episode Twenty

The next day that Promised Blood has a meeting, Hikaru is at the door, telling Yuna her problem's been solved. She hands Yuna a new flavor of ice cream. Yuna wonders what Hikaru's problem was now. Hikaru says she was trying to figure out what ice cream to get Yuna since so many new flavors have been coming out lately. Hikaru blushes and happily says her head is always filled with Yuna.

Ao rings the doorbell next along with Ranka. They show the prize they got from the e-sports game the other day, saying they had a choice between ice cream or cookies. Ao says since Onee-sama loves ice cream, they went with that. Ranka says it's some ice cream that LinkS made, then is taken aback when she sees Yuna is already eating some ice cream. They all agree to just share the ice cream together.

Juri rings the doorbell, telling Onee-san to open the door. Juri comes in and slams something heavy down. Yuna asks her what it is. She says her teacher gave her a ton of ice cream after the exam. Ranka yells out "even more ice cream!?" Juri is surprised everyone else has ice cream too. Ranka congratulates Juri on avoiding being expelled.

Another ring. Sakuya comes in with ice cream as an apology for bothering everyone so much, then is shocked that the entire room is filled with ice cream. Yuna laughs, wondering if they should open an ice cream shop.

CG of everyone sitting together eating ice cream. Ao shows Yuna a video of them playing the game from the competition, and that it has tons of views. Ranka says the way Juri made the enemy team blow up was perfect, but Juri says seeing the Horse panic was way better. Hikaru says Juri's picking on her, and Yuna says oh you poor thing. Sakuya tells Yuna that her kouhai will confess after a few more dates. Yuna wonders if she's made up her mind. Sakuya hopes for good news.

Yuna asks if Urara was also coming today. Sakuya wasn't sure, but as she says that, doorbell. Urara comes in, saying she's got something for Yuna. Ranka sighs, having a bad feeling about this. Ao asks if it's more ice cream. Urara holds out some ice cream, asking if it isn't allowed here. Hikaru points over to the mountain of ice cream they have.

Yuna laughs, saying she started this whole thing to help everyone, but everyone came together to solve each other's problems, and because of them, her problem was solved too. She realized that they're helping each other as companions.

Juri asks if Onee-san is getting melancholic again. She then tells everyone their battle right now is against this mountain of ice cream, so get to it or else it's all gonna melt. Yuna agrees, laughing, and says that they should invite the other girls over to eat with them.