Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 1

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The story begins with Oriko Mikuni questioning her life's purpose and Kyubey appearing before her, resulting in her making that wish to know her purpose. Fast forward to the present, Oriko attends Shirome Middle school along with Kyubey, who is monitoring her due to her refusal to hunt Witches. Kyubey says that most girls that make the contract are usually ready to hunt and are motivated by the fact that their wishes have come true, and asks Oriko if the reason why she's not hunting is because her wish wasn't properly granted. Oriko disagrees and answers her wish has come true and that it has shown her the way towards the future.

Nearby, Komaki Asako witnesses and scolds two students for laughing at Oriko behind her back rather than to her face like she does. One of the girls minds her to know her place as she's new money and Komaki snaps at them, forcing her friends Akira Namekata and Miyuki Nagatsuki to quickly drag her away before things get too heated. Once they're away from them Komaki rants to her friends about the students bringing their classism into the school. Akira tells her that the higher class students lord over the rest of them and that she doesn't really care about them and that Komaki shouldn't let it bother her either, but Komaki exclaims that it's wrong. Miyuki then suddenly asks why she cares so much about Oriko to which Komaki answers that it's her attitude that ticks her off.

Flashback to Oriko's past where she was the daughter of Hisaomi Mikuni, a former city councilman, and was the envy of the entire school due to this status, her grades, looks and popularity. Her reputation fell when her father committed suicide due to evidence of his corruption emerging, causing her to seen as a disgrace to the entire school. In the background Komaki wonders why Oriko won't say anything to defend herself.

Komaki meets up with Oriko after Kyubey leaves her to concentrate on her work with the former catching sight of him leaving. Komaki sits at her table and confronts her about her uncaring attitude towards the other students talking bad about her, and Oriko answers that she assumed Komaki would know as she thought the girl was their ring leader. Komaki snaps at her for thinking she'd ever hang around rich snobs like them. Oriko closes her book and muses about how strange yet honest Komaki is, which only infuriates her to then tell Oriko that her attitude ticks her off and to stop being depressed and go back to the way she used to be. Oriko remarks about Komaki's true intention to save people in her own straightforward way, no matter how it affects others and suddenly asks her if she could live with herself if she caused harm to come to them. Komaki just stares at her in surprise and Oriko tells her to forget what she had said.

Walking somewhere after school, Oriko wonders why she said those things to Komaki and recalls her wish when she became a magical girl. She mulls over that, while her wish was indeed granted and gave her foresight into the future, she saw that future held nothing but despair. In her vision she saw the end of the world caused by Madoka Kaname and believes that she needs to kill her to prevent it from happening. Despite pushing towards that goal, Oriko feels conflicted on whether it's the right thing to do. She snaps out of her thoughts when she hears a strange voice talking to her and quickly finds herself trapped in a Witch's wards. It tries to attack Oriko when Komaki suddenly appears to save her, revealing that she is also magical girl.