Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 12

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Madoka continues searching for an exit out of the labyrinth but is unable to find it. As she wonders what to do next, she suddenly hears a shout in the distance and runs off to find the source.

Meanwhile Mai, Miyako, and Sasa are shocked and in disbelief over what had happened to Lina and why she transformed into a Witch. As her Witch prepares to attack, Oriko warns everyone to get down but Miyako reacts far too late and is decapitated. As she dies her final thoughts are of how she didn't want this to happen and just wanted to be a heroine. Mai blames Sasa thinking she's the one responsible for Miyako's death and Lina's transformation, but Sasa denies it as she had no idea this would happen at all and Oriko stops her from starting a pointless fight with Mai. Mai says if this turns out to be real and not a bad dream then she'll grill Kyubey for answers while Sasa makes similar threats about killing him as she sics her Witch on Lina's Witch. All 3 girls are forced to team up and succeed in defeating the Witch with Mai apologizing for doing this to her former friend and Sasa telling Lina to rot. While the grief seed falls Sasa rants about how much she's going to hurt Kyubey for this and turns to Mai to ask what she'll do now. Mai wants to be left alone, which Sasa understands as they both had bad luck today. Mai sits down and questions why all of this had to happen to her dear friends and now that they're all dead she wonders if she can forget and continue hunting Witches like this. Right as she thinks about what to do, Kirika suddenly appears from behind her and pierces her chest with her claws. Injured and shocked, Mai turns to face Kirika and wonders how she's still alive. Kirika parrots her words about what to do now and says she really doesn't want to know the answer to that. Mai agrees with her and falls over as she bleeds to death. Kirika comments that if she's going to make a wish that leads to despair then it shouldn't be granted in the first place.

Back with the other two, Sasa attempts to leave and urges Oriko to hurry up but Oriko keeps her from leaving as she reminds the other girl that her Witch's labyrinth is still up and that they won't be able to leave at all until she takes it down. Sasa laughs in surprise as she had actually forgotten it was still up and apologizes to Oriko, adding that she thought it'd be the best place to hide her corpse before attacking her outright with her Witch. Oriko is unable to dodge the surprise attack and is knocked down as Sasa berates her for thinking she wouldn't have noticed her smile back there when Lina became a Witch. Sasa yells at her for setting it up and is angry for her not being completely up-front about it. She then rants about how she can't trust anyone and that they're all out to irritate her and calls everyone selfish trash when she hears a shout from behind, revealed to come from a lost Madoka. Sasa questions her on why she's here since she's just a normal person, but suddenly remarks that she's possibly one of Oriko's "friends" that she told her about. Madoka comments on Oriko's status that she needs to help her as she's bleeding very bad, but Sasa tells her she's far too late as Oriko will die anyway. She tells Madoka her biggest concern now should be that there's no one here to save her as she sics her Witch at the girl. Madoka faints from shock but Sasa halts the attack when she notices a bomb right beside her and her Witch, unable to escape the ensuing blast and it kills them both instantly. The bomb was revealed to be set up by Homura Akemi, who reappears and carries Madoka away from anymore harm. Oriko says in the end all of the Kazamino girls and Sasa ended up dying. Kirika says they predicted this too, and Oriko replies that while she doesn't claim to know all the result is exactly what she had foresaw. Kirika says that even if she didn't die, she doesn't want to be sliced in two again, and Oriko agrees as she'd like to keep the times they're injured to just this once. Kirika says she means it as she doesn't want Oriko to fight on the front lines again, but Oriko changes the topic to ask her if she saw Madoka's protector. Kirika says she didn't see anything but the bomb when she came to. She does state that there was time slowing magic around her and says that while doesn't care how fast the girl may be, she should at least have been able to see her. She theories on her abilities wondering if she's teleporting or becoming invisible, but Oriko answers it's neither of those things, shocking Kirika as she thinks she did all of this hard work for nothing. Oriko answers not exactly as it's the complete opposite: she was able to confirm how it happened. Kirika becomes ecstatic as it means they will be able to move on to the next step in their plans and promises to work even harder for Oriko.

Elsewhere in a park, Yuma finds a bench for her and Kyoko Sakura to eat at and asks her what they're going to do this afternoon. As Yuma and Kyoko eat, Oriko makes plans to go with Kirika to Kazamino.