Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 8

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Volume 2 picks up where the last left off with Oriko and Kirika realizing that the latter had killed two of Oriko's classmates. Kirika begins screaming and freaking out as she begs for forgiveness for killing Oriko's friends, but Oriko tells her to get ahold of herself as Kirika's soul gem starts rapidly darkening.

Elsewhere several magical girls are fighting against Sasa Yuuki, a magical girl who appeared in the previous chapter. The girl leading the attack on Sasa, Lina Hitomi, refuses to let Sasa escape and tells her to surrender and hand over her soul gem. Sasa decides to give up and asks for Lina to at least allow her to live. As she hands over her soul gem to the other girl, she quickly pulls the pin off of it, revealing it to be a fake and runs as she screams for help from a a few passerby to save her. Lina and her group are forced to flee from the scene as Sasa grins at them from a distance with Lina swearing to get back at her.

Back in Mitakihara, memorial services for Komaki and Akira are being held as Miyuki arrives with Oriko to say their farewells to them. As Oriko looks over the caskets she overhears some of her classmates hoping that the girls' murder gets caught. Afterwards Oriko meets up with Kirika who was waiting for her outside the building and warmly greets her with some lunch. As they walk together Kirika talks about her roses but Oriko stays silent to the other girl's dismay. She apologizes for what she's done, but Oriko answers that what's done is done and that they need to concentrate on the future now rather than past mistakes. Kirika then proclaims that next time she will make sure that she only kills magical girls and suddenly jumps for joy as she had just now realized what her forgotten wish was. She feels nothing but overwhelming happiness and says she's willing to do anything for Oriko as she hugs her. Oriko laughs at Kirika's happiness and suggests that they go home for now instead, but Kirika insists that she gives her an order now and offers to make her homemade pancakes at her house. They continue their walk when Oriko suddenly stops in place as she has another vision of the future of the magical girls from before and tells Kirika the pancakes will have to wait. Kirika panics thinking she did something wrong, but Oriko assures her she hasn't and says that she actually has new orders for her instead.

A battle then takes place faraway between Sasa and Mio, one of Lina's teammates. Sasa laughs and berates the other girl for coming to fight her alone, and an angry Mio tells her to shut up as she's going to take her out herself, surprising her since she's going against Lina's orders. Mio's going to get revenge on her for what she did to her friend Futaba, who Sasa immediately mocks to infuriate her. Mio attacks Sasa and the Witch she is controlling in a rage and manages to tie the Witch's limbs together, leaving Sasa wide open for attack. But just as Mio gets close, Kirika's claws appear and slash her throat, killing her instantly and confusing Sasa. Kirika then turns to Sasa to ask who Mio is, confusing her more as she wonders about Kirika. Suddenly Sasa pieces together the circumstances and quickly realizes that Kirika is the magical girl murder she's heard about. Sasa thanks her for saving her and tries to run away, but Kirika blocks and grabs her as she repeats the question more seriously. Unable to run, Sasa decides to take the chance to control her with her magic, but stops when Oriko arrives and asks the girl to hear her out.