Magia Record Episode 14: I Had a Feeling We Could All Become Magical Girls Together

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I Had a Feeling We Could All
Become Magical Girls Together

Magia Record Anime S2EP1 Ending subtitle.png
First airing July 31, 2021
Script Katsuhiko Takayama
Gekidan Inu Curry (Doroinu)
Storyboard Yukihiro Miyamoto
Midori Yoshizawa
Episode director Yukihiro Miyamoto
Animation Director Yoshiaki Ito
Kana Miyai
Syunya Satou
Hitoshi Miyajima

I Had a Feeling We Could All Become Magical Girls Together is the first episode of Magia Record Anime Season 2.


Madoka and Homura are hunting Patricia. Homura uses her ability to stop time. She sees a strange girl telling her to go to Kamihama where magical girls can be saved. Homura hesitates so the chance to attack the witch is missed. Sayaka enters and saved Madoka. She blames Homura for almost let Madoka die. Madoka defends Homura and asks if Mami found. Sayaka describes her findings. She discovers magical girls' fate to become witches. Kyubey shows up and makes his long explanation as he always did. Madoka cries and ask Kyubey why it so cruel, while Sayaka cut him with her blade. Another Kyubey comes and complains that every time human get him hatred when they have misunderstanding. He quickly leaves. Sayaka questions Homura why she look so calm. She suspects Homura already know that but hide it. Madoka defends Homura again. Sayaka leaves as she doesn't have confidence to defeat witches without Mami's help. Madoka comforts Homura, saying there must be a way. Homura recalls previous timelines, she feels that it may be a chance since something special happens at this timeline.

On the second day, Madoka attends to school and find both Homura and Sayaka absent. She worries the team being shattered. Homura goes to a station and discovers Patricia again. She decides to save people and fight witch. Madoka then also come here and feels Homura's magic. She wants to help Homura and asks Sayaka for help by telepathy. Although Sayaka is astonished, she still unable to go because her feeling of powerlessness. Madoka enters witch's barrier, and tells Sayaka that she might not be able to get out without Sayaka's help. Patricia is indeed powerful and ties Madoka up. But Sayaka comes in and saves her. The witch try to capture Sayaka with her big hands. Before being caught, Homura stops time and saves Sayaka. She also gives Sayaka a grief seed. After learning Homura's magical power, Sayaka realizes a simple truth that magical girls can help each other with their different powers. She brings both Homura and Madoka to fight. Finally they defeat Patricia. Madoka encourages them that they can help Mami together.

Yachiyo grabs a black feather and interrogates her where is Magius' base. The black feather, who is Shigure, tells her that she doesn't know because the base can move. It is impossible to reach there without greeting. Meanwhile, Kuroe enters Nemu's room. Nemu asks if she knows her elder sister, Iroha Tamaki.



  • Shigure Miyabi makes a cameo appearance in this episode, as the Black Feather being cornered and interrogated by Yachiyo.
    • Posters of Tsuruno being missing appears in the same scene.


  • The episodes combines the events of the game's prologue, Another Story Chapter 7 and, briefly, Another Story Chapter 6.
  • Nemu appears to remember Iroha, while in the game, it is stated that both Touka and Nemu don't remember Iroha.



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