Magia Record Episode 15: You're Nothing Like Her

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You're Nothing Like Her
Magia Record Anime S2EP2 Ending subtitle.png
First airing August 8, 2021
Script Katsuhiko Takayama
Gekidan Inu Curry (Doroinu)
Storyboard Midori Yoshizawa
Animation Director Yoshiaki Ito
Kana Miyai
Syunya Satou
Hitoshi Miyazaki

You're Nothing Like Her is the second episode of Magia Record Anime Season 2.


The episode begins with a flashback of Yachiyo in the midst of a photoshoot, with the voice of a journalist noting how she has been the only girl from her modeling unit whose career survived. Yachiyo then reflects on how her wish to survive in the modeling industry has caused everyone close to her to disappear.

In the present, Yachiyo kneels in the ruins of the Memory Museum after the fight with Holy Mami. Staring into a group of mirror shards amidst the rubble, she brokenly asks where Iroha is, saying that she'd promised to stay by her side. Suddenly, Yachiyo finds herself staring at the face of Campanella reflected in the mirror shards, who chastises her and points out that searching for Iroha is pointless, as Iroha is dead and gone. Yachiyo then yells at her Doppel to shut up, continuing to kneel amidst the wreckage and cry.

Yachiyo then goes on to rapidly hunt down and destroy various Uwasa throughout the city, which she notes are getting stronger and stronger but don't drop grief seeds. This, combined with the added weight of Iroha's death and the rest of Team Mikazuki defecting to the Wings of the Magius, causes her soul gem to become cloudier by the day. However, she continues to press onward, steadily closing in on the Rumour of Hotel Feindt Hope and seeking to infiltrate the Magius' HQ.

One night, while going over her notes, she's surprised to find herself drinking from the cup Iroha and the others bought for her, before turning to regard Iroha's own mug on the kitchen cup holder, recalling the latter's promise. Angrily calling Iroha a liar, Yachiyo packs it into a cabinet alongside those of Mel and Kanae, swearing to destroy the Magius.

In the depths of Hotel Feindt Hope, Touka makes a grand speech before the Wings of the Magius. In the ranks of the members, Rena and Momoko -- the latter now a White Feather -- express doubt about the Magius' cause. They are then reassured by Kaede, who answers that she would have become a witch if it weren't for the Doppel system. Elsewhere in the crowd, Felicia reaffirms her beliefs in the Magius. Sana, however, is not as convicted, and sadly wonders about the fate of Iroha and the others. Felicia then dismisses these thoughts, as Yachiyo is watching out for them, and that it'll all be worth it as long as none of them become witches in the end.

After the speech, Touka listens to Tsukuyo and Tsukasa's report on the Uwasa that Yachiyo has managed to take down. Unsatisfied, Touka reminds them all that nothing will stand in the way of the Magius' goals. She then tasks Mifuyu with stopping Yachiyo.

Meanwhile, in the midst of an abandoned warehouse, Kuroe searches for the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura. She reflects on how Nemu personally requested her to find it, and how Nemu asked her to keep this a secret from everyone, even other members of the Magius. As she begins to lose hope of finding it however, Mokyu appears to guide her further into the abandoned shopping district.

At the Coordinator's building, Yachiyo visits Mitama to question her about her involvement with the Magius. Yachiyo states that Mitama once said that Doppels were merely a side-effect of soul gem adjustment, and Mitama admits to having withheld information, though she knows little about the business herself. She says that the formal name of a Doppel is a Doppel Witch, and that they are reflections of a magical girl's emotions. By temporarily manifesting her grief as a Doppel, a magical girl is able to prevent her fate. However, Doppels can also be highly addictive, and come with detrimental side-effects that vary from girl to girl. Mitama admits that it would be dangerous to leak such information, and that as a Coordinator she must be completely neutral and act in the best interests of her clients. Yachiyo then asks where the entrance to Hotel Feindt Hope is, and Mitama asks why she is so hell-bent on destroying the Magius. Yachiyo then states that she can never forgive them for what they've done. Mitama pauses, before admitting that it is impossible to enter the Magius' HQ unless they are invited first, and that Yachiyo would need one of the Feathers to get her in. Mitama then agrees to supply Yachiyo with more grief seeds before the latter heads out.

Yachiyo heads to the abandoned shopping district to begin her search, only to run into Mokyu and Kuroe. She recognizes Kuroe as the other girl from Takarazaki who was with Iroha, but begins chasing the two upon noticing Kuroe's Wings of the Magius pendant. She manages to corner them and attempts to interrogate Kuroe, only for Mifuyu to show up and stop her. She tries to convince Yachiyo to accept Magius's ideals, telling Yachiyo that if their plan succeeds, weak magical girls such as her and Iroha won't have to die. This causes Yachiyo to lash out, denying that Iroha could be dead and saying that Mifuyu and the Magius shall pay for their sins. The two then transform and begin to battle.

Mifuyu dodges and parries Yachiyo's attacks, all while yelling about the unfairness of being a magical girl. In her despair, she releases her Doppel, causing Yachiyo to retreat. Yachiyo then lets out a powerful attack, causing the floor to collapse beneath them. Mifuyu continues to reason with Yachiyo, telling her that the Wings of the Magius are made up of weak magical girls, just like Iroha. Yachiyo fires back that Iroha and Mifuyu are nothing alike, and that Iroha is always selfless while Mifuyu thinks of nothing but herself. Falling into despair, Yachiyo also summons her Doppel and defeats Mifuyu, pinning her beneath the feet of Campanella. The Doppel then taunts Mifuyu, claiming that her own weakness is the very reason for all her suffering. Campanella then begins to go in for the kill, only for Yachiyo to come to her senses and dispel her Doppel.

Mifuyu slowly gets up and smiles at Yachiyo, telling her that her conviction not to sacrifice anyone else is what makes her strong, and that she can never be like that. She then calls to Kuroe, who had been watching the fight, and prepares to teleport them away. However, at the last second, Mokyu jumps out of range of the teleportation spell, causing Kuroe to run after it and Mifuyu to leave without them.

Mokyu continues to run through the shopping district, Kuroe and now Yachiyo both trailing behind, as it leads them toward the entrance of an Uwasa labyrinth. Upon entering, they look around, seeing a gigantic withered sakura tree at the center of the labyrinth, with four white chairs underneath its branches. Mokyu then sprints up the tree, perching atop one of its branches as a bright light begins to shine in its canopy, which Kuroe and Yachiyo begin running towards.

In her room at Hotel Feindt Hope, Nemu browses through her rumor book before reading through the passage on the Eternal Sakura. The rumor states that on the day that three girls will be released from the hospital, they will return to the cherry tree where another girl is waiting for them. When that day comes, the joy of their friendship will be so immense, it will cause the tree to bloom forevermore.

Meanwhile, at the base of the Eternal Sakura, Yachiyo and Kuroe watch in awe as Iroha's unconscious body emerges from the light, and begins falling towards the ground. However, she begins to transform mid-fall, and the two look up only to find Giovanna, Iroha's doppel, waiting for them.





  • Despite Mifuyu's Doppel emerging from her tongue, preventing her from speaking (according to her Doppel description), she was shown able to do so.


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