Kazumi Magica Characters

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Pleiades Saints
Kazumi Subaru ICON.png Kaoru Maki ICON.png Umika Misaki ICON.png Saki Asami ICON.png KazumiMagica MiraiICON.png Satomi Usagi ICON.png Niko Kanna ICON.png
Kazumi Subaru Kaoru Maki Umika Misaki Saki Asami Mirai Wakaba Satomi Usagi Niko Kanna
Michiru Kazusa Kanna Hijiri
Supporting characters
Juubey MagicaOnline cardArt.png Airiprofilepanel.png Asukayuuriprofilepanel.png Soujous ICON.png
Juubey Yuuri / Airi Anri Yuuri Asuka Souju
Souichirou Tachibana (立花 宗一郎 Tachibana Sōichirō)
The man who found Kazumi in a suitcase after she lost her memory. He is a chef who tried to bomb a mall in revenge after he was tricked and lost his restaurant.
Misako Ishijima (石島 美佐子 Ishijima Misako)
A policewoman who blackmailed Souichirou Tachibana in order to be successful in her male-dominated job.
Remi Shiina (椎名 レミ Shīna Remi)
A magical girl Misako Ishijima knew years ago, in their school days.
Kyouka Shida (志田 京香 Shida Kyōka)
A cosmetics salesgirl who was turned into a fake witch by Airi and saved by Kazumi, Kaoru and Umika.
Miyuki Asami (浅海 美幸 Asami Miyuki)
Saki's younger sister. Before the start of the series, she died in a car accident.