Magia Record Episode 22: We Failed

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Magia Record Anime S3EP1 Ending subtitle.jpg
First airing April 3, 2022
Script Maho Nishibe
Storyboard Midori Yoshizawa
Animation Director Kana Miyai
Hitoshi Miyajima
Nobuhiro Mutō
Yoshikatsu Matsuzaki
Yui Ushinohama
Miki Takahashi
Mayumi Funakoshi
Kumiko Kawashima
Kīchi Takaoka
Zennei Sō

We Failed is the first episode of Magia Record Anime Season 3.


This episode begins as Nemu looks back when she, Touka and Ui are all in the hospital. The most happy time is when Iroha visiting them. They are making rumors so people would miss them even they die. Iroha hears this and make additional one, the rumor of eternal sakura.

One day Ui ills seriously and may die soon, so Iroha makes her wish to have her sister cured. At beginning Ui is happy that she can leave hospital, but soon she aware that Iroha visits her less, and seems to get sick instead. Once Iroha finds a witch and goes to fight it when visiting them, the three girls follow her, and discover that they are in a strange place where Iroha, as a magical girl, is fighting a monster. Kyubey tells them that they can save Iroha by making wishes. Not believing him, Touka and Nemu make their investigation. After that, they are sure that the end of Ui's sister, a magical girl, is a witch. Touka get an idea to prevent that. At the same time, Alina Gray destroys a Kyubey furiously, but she soon finds it useless since there are so many duplicates so she makes a barrier to cover whole Kamihama city. Three girls make their wishes to get Kyubey's abilities of absorption, transformation and reconstruction. Touka and Numa are satisfied initially, but in a second they find that Ui absorbs so much impurities that they can't deal with fast enough. When Ui is about to become a witch, some cubes from Alina come and isolate it. Touka takes out Ui's collapsing soul gem and give to Nemu. Nemu only find the empty shell of that Kyubey in a hurry, to keep Ui's soul. Although she stops Ui from becoming a grief seed, existance of Ui is also vanished. Awaken Touka forgets Ui, only remembers that she must save all magical girls. Alina comes and admits that she made the barrier, and is happy to join Touka's plan. Touka claims the witch is an artificial witch made by herself, and Nemu names it Embryo Eve. Only Nemu knows that their plan is a failure.




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