Magia Record Episode 11: Memory Museum at 3:00 PM

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Memory Museum at 3:00 PM
Episode 11 Title Card.png
First airing 14 March 2020
Script Gekidan Inu Curry (Doroinu)
Storyboard name
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Tsukuyo Amane is in the koto music club with her classmates. As they finish up practice for the day, the girls bid each other goodbye. A framed photo of past club members and their achievements shows that Mifuyu Azusa was once a championship member as well. As the girls leave school, Tsukuyo spies Iroha Tamaki waiting for her outside the school gates.

The episode returns to the conversation with Sana Futaba the night before. Sana asks Iroha if she isn't referring to Nemu Hiiragi, a name she had heard a few times while staying in AI's labyrinth, the Endless Solitude. Iroha wonders if Nemu isn't being held against her will. Yachiyo Nanami can't deny the possibility while Iroha is afraid they may be holding her sister Ui captive as well. Felicia thinks they should capture some of the Black Feather sand force them to talk, but the group is at a loss on how to proceed from here. Iroha remembers she had seen Tsukuyo at Endless Solitude.

Back at the school, Tsukuyo tries to cover her face with her bookbag as she passes by Iroha. But Iroha quickly recognizes her and grabs her by the arm. Tsukuyo swears her name is Akatsuki and not Amane. Iroha asks if she isn't the same girl who is in the Wings of Magius, but Tsukuyo quickly silences her and tells her that information is top secret. Tsukuyo is certain she had come looking for her to torture / interrogate her, but Iroha insists she only wants to talk. Assuaged, Tsukuyo agrees to talk with Iroha at a local cafe. There, Iroha explains that she is searching for her sister and how her only clue is Touka and Nemu. Because of this, she wants to see Nemu. She then asks if Tsukuyo is the older or younger sister. When Tsukuyo replies she is the oldest, Iroha threatens to inform Yachiyo and the others of Tsukuyo's identity in order to secure her help. Not only that, she had also left a note at home with details of her whereabouts should she not make it back to Mikazuka Villa safely. She begs Tsukuyo for the opportunity to see Nemu. Tsukuyo thinks for a moment, and agrees to help but only after discussing it with Mifuyu first.

At home in Iroha's room, Tsuruno Yui, Felicia Mitsuki, Iroha, and Sana discuss the idea of gifting coasters to Yachiyo as a way of thanking them for the mugs she had bought for everyone the other day. Everyone agrees it's a great idea and they all pitch in money to buy the set of coasters (although Felicia grumbles that she has to part with her hard-earned money). The next day after school, the girls arrange to meet up at a store that sells tea sets and coasters. Sana had passed by it the day before when she was helping Yachiyo run errands. As they look at all the different coasters they have, Sana suggests they buy the set that looks like different colored cherry blossoms. As the girls remark on how cute the coasters are, Felicia notices a rose pop up next to Sana. Before they know it, roses began to pop up all around them and begin to grow thorny vines. The vines grab onto anything in the vicinity, including the coasters Sana was holding, and they are soon drawn into a Witch's barrier.

Inside the barrier, the Anthonies are passing the findings up to the top of the barrier, where an Anthony with a pair of scissors is cutting up anything that isn't a rose. The girls notice that the familiars still have their hands on the coasters, which are quickly making their way to the top of the barrier where the scissors are. Felicia rushes ahead and is able to destroy the Anthony just as it is about to cut up their coasters. Iroha calls out to Sana who is able to catch the coasters before they can fall and break. The barrier soon begins to tremble and the stone rose at the top of the barrier shatters, revealing Gertrude who was hiding inside.

The scene shifts and Tsuruno is shown holding Gertrude's Grief Seed. The girls are happy that the fight was over quickly. The girls head home and come up with a plan to surprise Yachiyo with her gift: the three of them will hide in the yard until Yachiyo comes home. Iroha will then text the others so they can show up and surprise her. As Iroha sits and waits in the living room, the doorbell rings. She gets up to greet Yachiyo at the door only to find Mifuyu standing there smiling. Iroha invites her inside where they sit awkwardly for a few minutes. Iroha then offers to make her some tea while they wait, but Mifuyu insists on making it herself, remarking that she knows her way around the kitchen better than Iroha does after visiting the Villa everyday for seven years. As she reaches for the cabinets, Iroha warns her that the particular cabinet that Mifuyu is about to open has been marked as forbidden by Yachiyo. Mifuyu only smiles and tells her not to worry, flinging open the cabinet and grabbing her personal mug from inside. Mifuyu reaches for a pink mug on the drying rack, asking if it's hers. Iroha tells her about how they all went shopping together to buy mugs for each one of them. Mifuyu chuckles and comments on how cute it is before pouring tea for both of them.

As they resume sitting awkwardly, Iroha asks Mifuyu what business she has with Yachiyo. mifuyu claims she shouldn't have a reason to visit a friend. Iroha notes that Mifuyu hasn't been to the Villa in a long time, which Mifuyu admits is true. But it seems Mifuyu is here to talk to Iroha. Mifuyu offers a place in the Wings of Magius to Iroha. If she were to join, then she would have no problem searching for her sister without worrying about interference from them. Iroha demands to know if Mifuyu knows anything about her sister Ui. Mifuyu doesn't know an Ui Tamaki but admits it's possible she could be in the Wings of Magius somewhere without her knowing. Iroha then asks what she knows about Nemu.

Outside the house, Tsuruno, Sana, and Felicia are still waiting for Iroha's signal for their big surprise. But they're beginning to worry since it's getting late. Back inside, Iroha refuses to work with a group that uses Witches and Rumors, as well as any group that AI doesn't agree with. Mifuyu gets up and walks over to the window, pulling the curtain up. The three that had been waiting outside have their faces pressed to the glass when Mifuyu invites them to a lecture about the Magius on Saturday so they can decide for themselves if what Magius is doing is right or wrong. As she finishes, Yachiyo finally arrives and Mifuyu welcomes her home.

Mifuyu apologizes for startling her, claiming to be leaving after having a nice chat with Iroha. Yachiyo doesn't trust her and asks what she told Iroha. Mifuyu comments on how Yachiyo bought mugs for everyone and has begun to make friends again, seeming more like her old self. Yachiyo insists she isn't making friends, they're just roommates. But Mifuyu says she's too kind and can't help but reach out a helping hand. Mifuyu alludes to something happening again despite Yachiyo knowing what will happen. Distressed, Yachiyo demands that Mifuyu leave at once. Once Mifuyu is gone, Tsuruno asks if Yachiyo is ok since she's so pale. Yachiyo insists that she is feeling under the weather and goes to her room to rest without another word.

Alone in her room, Yachiyo sits in front of her vanity mirror. As she sits alone with her thoughts, some dark part inside of her thanks her for making so many new friends. Yachiyo cries out at her mirror that she's wrong. Iroha lays awake in bed, her head full of thoughts while in another room Sana sits and looks over their big plans to surprise Yachiyo.

The next day, Iroha is discussing the conversation she had and informs the rest about the guest lecture. Yachiyo cuts her off by telling her she can go if she wants to. As she puts the magazine she was reading away, Yachiyo grabs her things and heads to school. Iroha remarks that she is leaving for school much earlier than usual. Yachiyo tells the others that they will no longer be able to leave at the same time and to have dinner without her since she'll be home late due to a photoshoot. She leaves without another word and closes the door behind her. Felicia doesn't know what's gotten into her, but Tsuruno only stares while deep in thought. Sana asks if Iroha will be going to the lecture. After thinking about it all night, Iroha decides to attend since their main goal isn't to fight the Wings of Magius. Felicia thinks it's a big trap but doubts any trap will be able to stand up to her hammer. Tsuruno agrees they should all go since there's safety in numbers. But Iroha doesn't have a clue as to where the Memory Museum is.

Iroha meets up with Momoko Togame and Mitama Yakumo at Mitama's place. While Momoko hasn't heard of the Memory Museum, Mitama has. She relates the rumor she heard about an abandoned museum where memories are stored and viewed, but can also influence those who view them. Momoko points Iroha towards the only abandoned building she knows of in Sakae ward. After Iroha thanks them and leaves, Mitama turns to Momoko and asks if she isn't going to tell Rena and Kaede. Momoko doesn't want to tell them just yet since Kaede isn't in very good shape emotionally, but Mitama believes Rena should at least be told rather than hear it from someone else later. Momoko acknowledges this as she heads out.

At Mikazuki Villa, Yachiyo sits alone looking at a magazine featuring one of her photo shoots. She doesn't react as the other girls grab their raincoats and head out to the Memory Museum to attend the lecture by Magius. Once the girls leave, Yachiyo goes to stand by the window as she watches the rain fall.

The girls arrive at the Museum and are met by the small Kyubey as they are removing their raincoats. Both Felicia and Sana are surprised by its appearance, though Tsuruno notes they've met the small Kyubey every time they've encountered a Rumor. The girls head inside and are met by a towering wall of empty drawers. They begin to jump and make their way upward. As they climb, they all talk about the different nicknames they've given to the small Kyubey.

Elsewhere, Rena meets up with Momoko at a bridge. Rena begins to chew Momoko out for making her go out in such weather but quickly stops when she realizes how somber Momoko seems. Momoko tells Rena that she's thinks it's best if she tells her what happened with Yachiyo and the others a year ago. Rena thinks all of that doesn't matter since it has nothing to do with her, but Momoko emphasizes that what happened has something to do with all magical girls.

Iroha and the rest soon arrive at the top of the drawers and begin to head down the bridge towards a large room. They throw the doors open and find themselves in a seemingly empty room. As they enter, glass columns dance up and down from the ground around them. A voice sounds out, reminding them that the appointment was at 3:00 pm and expressing surprise that they had come. As the columns recede back into the ground, a large red leather chair is illuminated in the distance. Sitting on the arm of the chair is Touka Satomi in her magical girl state, smiling and holding her parasol. Iroha calls her by name. Touka smiles, surprised to find that Iroha really does know who she is. Touka introduces herself to the group, referring to herself as one of the Magius.


Screencap Notes
Episode 11 Gertrud 1.png D[ie] bl[ü]henden Rosen sollen der [...]

D[ie] bl[ü]henden Rosen sollen der [...]
The blooming roses shall be [...]
The blooming roses shall be [...]

Episode 11 Gertrud 2.png Bekämpfe schädliche Insekten!

Fight harmful insects!

Episode 11 Gertrud 3.png Kein Durchgang.

No entrance.

Episode 11 Gertrud 4.png Das sind mir unbekannte.

Those are unknown to me.

Episode 11 Gertrud 5.png Planm[äß]i[g] zurechtbiegen.

K[ö]nigin sofort geschenkt sein.
D[ie] bl[ü]henden Rosen sollen der

Bend into shape as planned.
presented to the queen immediately.
The blooming roses shall be

Episode 11 Gertrud 6.png Das sind mir unbekannte Blumen.

Moero (燃えろ)
Those are unknown flowers to me.
Burn. (Japanese)

Episode 11 Gertrud 7.png Das sind mir unbekannte Blumen.

D[ie] bl[ü]henden Rosen sollen der [...] Those are unknown flowers to me.
The blooming roses shall be [...]

Episode 11 Gertrud 9.png Kein Durchgang

No entrance

Episode 11 Gertrud 13.png Ja, schneide sie ab.

Yes, cut them off
Schneiden wir die Äste ohne Knospen heraus!
Let us cut out the branches without buds!

Episode 11 Gertrud 14.png Ja. Schneide sie heraus!

Yes. Cut them out!

Episode 11 Gertrud 20.png Kein Durchgang!

No entrance!

Episode 11 Gertrud 22.png Bekämpfe schädliche Insekten!

Fight harmful insects!
Kein Durchgang
No trespassing
Schneiden wir die Äste ohne Knospen heraus!
Let us cut out the branches without buds!

Episode 11 Gertrud 23.png (Schneiden) wir [üb]erfl[ü]ssige

[Ä]ste heraus
Let us (cut) out unnecessary branches.

Episode 11 Gertrud 35.png Gertrud


  • This episode reveals Mifuyu was part of the Mizuna Girls' School's Koto club.
  • Gertrud's Grief Seed design is changed, having the same design as the Grief Seeds that appear in Magia Record Episode 6. This may hint that this may be a Familiar that has matured into another Witch, or that the animators decided to reuse a generic Grief Seed model rather than model a new one.
    • Her barrier is also different, having a set of spiraling stairs and what appears to be a ship.
  • After Mifuyu comments on the personal mugs and leaves, the dishes drying the next day show a different set of mugs have been washed. This implies the girls went back to using the guest mugs rather than the personal mugs they were gifted. This could be a sign of Yachiyo pushing them away (sub)consciously.


  • More Witches are added in the opening when Iroha falls from the stairs, and some of the Uwasa also changed to their designs in the anime.
  • Sana joins Yachiyo, Iroha, Tsuruno, and Felicia at the end of the opening sequence.
  • Unlike the game, Iroha is the one that confronts Tsukuyo for more information on the Magius rather than Tsuruno, Felicia and (later) Homura.
  • In the game Iroha and Yachiyo had separate conversations with Mifuyu when she arrived at Mikazuki Villa. Here both are confronted with everyone present in the room to hear it.


  • The pictures of Mel Anna and Kanae Yukino on the walls of Yachiyo's home are identical to the memoria that feature them ("Morning is the moment of Destiny" and "A Gentle Breeze" respectively).
    • Similarly, the initial shot of Tsukuyo playing the koto is taking from her memoria "Never-Ending Practice".
  • The discussion between Iroha, Tsuruno, Felicia, and Sana about giving Small Kyubey a name is a reference to the fact the player can give the Small Kyubey a name in game (which is also their username.)
  • The Memory Museum's appearance looks similar to the Palazzo Braschi in Rome, Italy, during the elections of 1934, which was Benito Mussolini's Italian Fascist Party headquarters.
  • The bridge that Momoko and Rena meet up on looks similar to the Fureai Bridge in Fukuoka City.
  • The colors and pattern of Momoko's umbrella are similar to the colors and pattern of her doppel Elfriede.
  • This episode includes several animation errors, including tendrils without roses and empty/incorrect frames playing over dialogue.


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