Magia Record Episode 19: This Is Something Only I Can Do

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This Is Something Only I Can Do
Magia Record Anime S2EP6 Ending subtitle.jpg
First airing September 5, 2021
Script Maho Nishibe
Storyboard Syuji Miyazaki
Episode director Syouhei Fujita
Animation Director Kana Miyai
Hitoshi Miyajima
Akihisa Takano
Yoshikatsu Matsuzaki
Kiichi Takaoka
Katsuyuu Shimizu
Akihito Asai

This Is Something Only I Can Do is the sixth episode of Magia Record Anime Season 2.


Kuroe faces the horde of Feathers in the rubble of the wall, using her Doppel to scatter them and keep them on the defensive. She reaffirms her desire to change and become a better person for Iroha, only to be snapped out of her thoughts by the voice of her Doppel, who proceeds to question her whether someone can then be helped. The scene then cuts to Kuroe standing in the chamber sometime later, the bodies of the Feathers strewn around her in the wake of the attack. Her dopple then turns into a form of another magical girl, and asks her if she forget her. Kuroe says "No" and flees in confusion.

In the holding chamber of Embryo Eve, Felicia and Sana question Mifuyu about Iroha and the Magius' new plan, to which Mifuyu replies by asking if knowing the truth changes anything at all. She laments about how even she has been kept in the dark about everything, and now regrets ever learning the truth if this is the way it was to end. Sana then states her plan to leave the Wings of the Magius, saying that if she were to meet her end, she'd rather do it while protecting the ones she loves rather than wallowing in her misery, not knowing of their fates. Felicia agrees with her, and urges Mifuyu to choose her own fate as well by coming back to Mikazuki Villa with them. Mifuyu is shocked by this, remembering all the friends from Mikazuki Villa she's lost, and wonders at the fact that there's still hope even for someone like her. Felicia and Sana begin to make their plans to leave, wondering about the whereabouts of Tsuruno, to which Mifuyu says that she will be the one to bring her back.

Elsewhere, Iroha and Mokyu continue to navigate the maze-like halls of Hotel Feindt Hope in search of a way out. Suddenly, Iroha hears the voice of Ui calling out to guide her, causing Iroha to recall the memories of her little sister, strengthening her resolve. Eventually, the voice leads her to a door to the outside, and Iroha steps through, looking out over the grounds of the Chelation Land amusement park.

Outside, swarms of witches run amok throughout the city in plain sight, causing the native magical girls to mobilize en masse to take them down. Yachiyo attempts to fight her way through the melee, only to be met by Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka, the latter of whom Yachiyo recognizes. The four convene atop a train, with Yachiyo briefing the newcomers about the current state of affairs. Yachiyo then gets a call from Iroha, who says that hordes of witches are beginning to gather near the amusement park, though Kuroe stayed behind to hold off the Feathers and she lost Mokyu in the confusion. The call then cuts out as Iroha's phone loses power. Sayaka asks if Iroha is the same girl from the Memory Museum, which Yachiyo confirms. Madoka then says that the three of them will accompany Yachiyo to Daito, since if Mami is with the Magius, they are likely to find her there as well. Yachiyo then points out that Mami nearly killed Sayaka, to which they agree and say that the prospect terrifies them, but that they still need to save her and take down the Magius, stating that Mami would do the same in their shoes. Yachiyo thanks them, and the four continue their trek towards Chelation Land.

At the amusement park, the ground begins to split open in fiery rifts. From a room high in the towers of Hotel Feindt Hope, Touka, Nemu, and an emotionless Tsuruno overlook the carnage. Touka rejoices at the scene, saying that the sparks of their souls will soon set fire to the whole world. Nemu rebukes her at this, saying that the Wings of the Magius isn't a tool with which to play with fire. It is at this point that Mifuyu enters the room. Touka looks up at her dismissively, asking if she has a problem with the way things are going. Mifuyu then turns to the statue-like form of Tsuruno, saying that they need to stop and that they shouldn't needlessly involve innocent bystanders. Touka smiles as Mifuyu continues to protest, but cuts her off by saying that everyone has a stake in this whether they like it or not, as the progress of humanity could never have occurred without the sacrifices of magical girls to drive it forward, and that she won't stand by while civilization ignorantly continues to use them by letting them die like cattle. Seeing that there is no way to convince them to stop the plan, Mifuyu summons multiple copies of herself to attack, which Touka dispatches with ease. While she is occupied though, the real Mifuyu manages to slip over to Tsuruno, isolating them in a bubble. She begs Tsuruno to run with her, only for the latter to begin glitching out and transform into her Uwasa form. Mifuyu attempts to speak to her, only for Tsuruno to reply in robotic phrases similar to a tour guide for the amusement park. Tsuruno then breaks the isolation spell, causing Mifuyu to recoil in horror as the ground beneath her feet is overtaken by a teleportation spell cast by Nemu, and she disappears. Nemu then notes that her time is running out, and asks Touka if they'll still be able to go to that amusement park when the plan is done.

Out in the amusement park, Mifuyu lays motionless on the ground, processing what she just saw. She is then approached by Alina, who hands her a grief seed and berates her for laying about at a time like this. When Mifuyu doesn't respond, Alina turns haughtily and says she'll be leaving. Mifuyu is confused at this, to which Alina replies that she agreed to work with Touka and Nemu because they had guts, but that her goal as an artist is not to play tea parties with fools and little girls. She then ends the conversation by asking Mifuyu to keep her posted before walking off. Once she's gone, Mifuyu takes the grief seed into her hands and grits her teeth.

From her vantage point atop one of the attractions, Kyouko surveys the layout of Chelation Land, trying to plot her escape route as all the exits have been blocked. She then manages to spot Iroha sneaking around the grounds through her enchanted binoculars. She recognizes Iroha as the girl from the Lucky Owl Water incident, and wonders what on earth she could be doing here.

At a train station in Daito, Madoka wonders if the approaching storm has any connection to what's happening, though Sayaka attempts to cheer her up with a magic rain-repelling charm. They are then interrupted by the horn of a blue pickup truck, which Yachiyo has managed to commandeer. The four continue to follow the weather report on the radio, which declares that the storm has changed course and is heading for the northeast. This causes Homura to wonder if Walpurgisnacht will be coming to Kamihama due to the Magius' summoning spell, which Yachiyo agrees is a possibility, saying that Kamihama is doomed if that happens. The others continue to discuss the matter, causing Homura to recall the memories of her previous time loops. In the backseat, Madoka states that even if the situation is dire, there's still a possibility they could change things as magical girls, smiling at Homura in the rearview mirror. Sayaka agrees with the idea, though Homura secretly wishes she could say the same as four continue to speed towards Chelation Land.

As they near the amusement park, Yachiyo takes a detour, continuing the journey over rough terrain as no doubt the roads would be watched. The closer they get, the horde of witches begins to come into view, and the four transform as they draw closer. Homura then calls to Madoka and Sayaka, now crouching on the truck bed outside, to get ready as Yachiyo revs the truck even faster.

Meanwhile, Kyouko questions Iroha inside one of the amusement park's customs buildings, asking what she's doing here. Iroha hesitantly answers, saying that she was looking for the others, though Kyouko notes that she looks too weak to go off playing hero all by herself, to which Iroha replies by saying that she's the only one who can save her friends. Kyouko then asks if she knows Felicia and Sana, causing Iroha to surprisedly ask if Kyouko also knows Nemu and Touka. This causes Kyouko to shrug, before handing Iroha her White Feather robes, saying that it should make it easier for her to sneak around, before donning a mascot disguise of her own. The two exchange introductions before seperating.

Around Chelation Land's walls, hundreds of Black Feathers fight to keep the witches out of the park. In the midst of the chaos, Yachiyo and the others continue to drive through the horde of witches, with Madoka and Sayaka cutting down any that get too close. Madoka then fires an arrow at one of the park's side gates, clearing the way for them to get through. However, they are quickly sighted and fired upon by the Feathers atop the walls, causing Homura to activate her time stop and squirrel the four of them out.

Inside the park, Iroha runs back towards Hotel Feindt Hope in her new White Feather disguise, only for her to hear a telepathic message from Yachiyo informing her of their arrival. Iroha then asks if they're close, but Yachiyo states that they're having trouble getting in due to the Black Feathers guarding the gate. Iroha nods, saying that she'll open the gate, though Yachiyo warns her not to be reckless, to which Iroha replies that they must act quickly if they want to save everyone. She mentions that is something only she can do. Yachiyo then tells the others of her plan, though Homura is unsure it'll work. However, Yachiyo states that she has faith in Iroha.

At the Chelation Land gate, Iroha confronts two Black Feathers, demanding them to open the doors. The Feathers express confusion, as they hadn't been given any orders to do so, though Iroha overrules it by stating that as a White Feather, she orders it now. The Black Feathers acquiesce, and the gate begins to open, though it is stopped by an actual White Feather and her entourage, who attempt to apprehend Iroha in the name of the Magius. As the Feathers close in however, a wall of chains materializes and Kyouko appears, saying that Iroha was going to get herself killed attempting such an obvious ruse. Iroha replies that she isn't dead yet thanks to her, and Kyouko suggests they retreat. Iroha turns, however, saying that she became a magical girl in exchange for a wish just like her, and that whatever Kyouko used her own wish for, she never wanted to see such a graveyard become of it. Iroha then urges Kyouko to Connect with her, as it would be impossible to break through on her own, and Kyouko agrees. As Iroha prepares to release the attack, she recalls her own wish, and strengthens her resolve. She then releases the attack, stunning the Feathers in the surrounding area and breaking down the gate, allowing Yachiyo and the others to drive through. The two then join the group as they speed towards the center of the amusement park.

Atop the tallest tower in Hotel Feindt Hope, Touka and Nemu survey the scene, wondering what on earth is happening out on the wall. Overhead, black swallow-like Familiars begin to circle.

As the truck stops in the courtyard of Hotel Feindt Hope, the six girls get out, with Iroha happily reuniting with Yachiyo. Yachiyo then thanks her, though Iroha says she never could have done it without Kyouko. Everyone then quickly introduces themselves, before a light and airy voice begins singing a familiar tune. Suddenly, the whole of Chelation Land begins to light up, and the group watches as the sky is overtaken by strange and arcane patterns, reminiscent to a witch's labyrinth. Amid the cheer, the castle doors open, and out steps Holy Mami, with Uwasa Tsuruno right behind her.


  • There are some text cuts written:
    • The past is calling to you. (過去はお前に話しかける)
    • The only one who knows the true you, is your past self. (過去は本当のお前を知っている)
    • The rails of fate run from your past. (過去がお前の姿を決める)
    • A flock of foolish sheep (間抜けな羊の群れ)




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