Magia Record Episode 10: My Name

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"This isn't where someone will call my name! I'm going home. " ~ Sana Futaba

My Name
Episode 10 Title Card.png
First airing 7 March 2020
Script Kaede Ogawa
Gekidan Inu Curry (Doroinu)
Storyboard Mie Oishi
Episode director Midori Yoshizawa
Animation Director Yoshiaki Ito
Akihisa Takano
Huyumi Toriyama
Yoshikatsu Matsuzaki
Shunya Sato
Kana Miyai
Hitoshi Miyajima
Kiichi Takaoka
Toru Akiba


Sana Futaba awakens in a dream world, holding onto a green-haired doll that looks like her. As she gets up, she's greeted by her mother and father in front of a picturesque cabin. She runs towards them only to trip, causing the porcelain doll to shatter.

As she opens her eyes in real life, she is once more saying goodbye to her friend Ai. As Ai disappears, the barrier they are in finishes shattering and both Sana and Iroha Tamaki find themselves falling from the height of the radio tower. Sana faints, transforming back into a normal girl. Iroha calls out to her and manages to grab her hand as they continue to fall downward towards the city. Alina Gray watches from a distance as the girls and the shattered barrier fall from the sky.

Elsewhere, at the top of Kamihama Central Tower a weird machine with a radio antenna on it sits, its monitor displaying an alert about an unknown intruder in the Rumor's barrier. Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane pace as they fret about the unknown intruder and whether they will be scolded for it. The door to the rooftop opens, and Yachiyo Nanami, Tsuruno Yui, and Felicia Mitsuki run out onto the roof's helipad where the machine sits. The monitor reads "Magnetic Mode". Tsuruno pushes a button, which sends the machine into maximum power. The Amane sisters notice the intruders, but before they can react, all the girls notice that Iroha, Sana, and the remaining fragments of the barrier are being pulled towards the building thanks to the machine.

Alina watches as the fragments fall, including the nodes that contain copies of the Witch Teresa. She leaps out into the sky, and uses her barrier cubes to recapture the Witches. The machine continues to draw the girls, now including Alina and all surrounding metal objects, towards the building's rooftop. As the machine stomps around the roof, it ends up drawing a vending machine towards it which smashes the antennae and stops the magnetic pull. Iroha soon finds herself falling straight down again and lands roughly on the roof. Yachiyo checks to see if she's alright, but Iroha is more concerned about Sana. Tsuruno and Felicia are standing over her and assure Iroha she's alright. Alina jumps from debris to debris and lands gracefully on the rooftop. The Amanes are frantic over the destruction of the Rumor machine. Alina turns towards the intruders, her face contorted with rage as she accuses them of destroying her rearing cage. She opens her barrier cube and unleashes several copies of Teresa, which crack open the nodes that contain them.

Upon seeing the Witches, Felicia immediately races at them, her hammer in hand. Yachiyo demands to know if the Amanes were raising Witches within the Rumor's barrier, but the twins only giggle and say both Rumors and Witches are necessary for their liberation. The Witches continue their attacks as Alina laughs. Felicia is almost overwhelmed by the Witches' attacks, but Tsuruno jumps in and lends her her power by Connecting with Felicia. Felicia uses her hammer, now engulfed in flames, to attack the group of Witches once more. Seeing the girls attack the Witches enrages Alina further and she begins to unleash her doppel. Iroha warns the others of Alina's deadly attack as her paint causes others to go insane.

Just as Alina is about to attack, Mami Tomoe shoots at her, knocking Alina's hat off her head. She warns Alina that she was going to go on a rampage. Mami then turns to the Amane twins and orders them to gather the Witches in a barrier cube. The twins do as their told as Mami continues to stare at Alina with her musket still trained on her. She asks Alina if the Witch isn't developed enough only for Alina to laugh wildly. Alina says she doesn't like interference, gathers her hat, and leaves. Mifuyu Azusa arrives through the roof's access door and sees that Yachiyo is there. Yachiyo recognizes Mami from earlier. Mami apologizes for her attitude earlier, saying she didn't have the complete picture then. They note the pendant of the Wings of Magius hanging from her neck and realize she is with them now. Mami says they want to avoid all sacrifices if possible, and explains they put down Witches and Rumors that go out of control as well. As she clasps her pendant, Mami looks up at the stars and says all of it is for the salvation of everyone and they will soon understand. As she walks towards where Mifuyu and the twins wait, Yachiyo asks Mifuyu if she's only going to run away again. She accuses Mifuyu of doing the same thing as Witches as Mifuyu looks down and casts an illusion to mask their escape.

On the news the next day, there is a report about a damaged heliport at the top of the tower. They attribute the damage to a large electro-magnetic wave caused by clouds and report a major power outage in Chuo Ward. Felicia sleeps soundly on the couch at Mikazuki Villa as Iroha and Yachiyo prepare Sana's new room. As Yachiyo is putting some old belongings away, she asks Sana to hand her one of the boxes that's on the floor. Iroha reassures Sana that everyone at the Villa is a magical girl and is capable of seeing and hearing her. Sana looks down at the boxes and notices a chess set in one of them. As she takes it out, she's reminded of how she would often play chess with her friend Ai.

The girls finish eating lunch. Felicia and Tsuruno begin washing up as they playfully rib each other. Sana only looks down somberly as she excuses herself from the table and goes back to her room. As soon as she's gone, Felicia loudly complains about how gloomy she is while Tsuruno wonders if she's ok. Yachiyo tells the others to give her some time, as only she can decide if she will ever consider this place to be her new home. Yachiyo finishes making herself a drink only to find that her personal mug has a crack in it. Next to her mug are the personal mugs of Mifuyu, Mel, and Kanae. Yachiyo has an idea.

The girls head to the mall together to buy new mugs for everyone. Yachiyo feels a bit inhospitable making everyone drink from the guest mugs. Tsuruno wants a new mug for Mikazuki Villa as well, even if she took her old mug home before. They find their way to a store that exclusively sells designer mugs and asks Sana what kind of design she'd like on it. Sana admits to liking cats and Iroha finds a cute mug with a black cat and a green rim on it. Meanwhile, Felicia has settled on a mug with a cow's face on it. She explains to Tsuruno that people don't fight when they're eating delicious things, and because of its meat and milk it's able to bring families together. She also considers them to be clever creatures. Felicia suggests Tsuruno get one with a pig on it because of Banbanzai's menu, but Tsuruno doesn't need to be reminded of Banbanzai more than she already is. The girls bring their mugs home, happy with their purchases. Tsuruno mentions how this makes everyone feel like more of a family. At the sound of the word "family", Sana is reminded of hers. When Iroha begins to prepare dinner, Sana puts on her shoes and leaves without a word.

The sun is beginning to set by the time Sana arrives at her family's house. She opens the door and makes her way down the silent corridors to her room. In front of her bedroom door, her family has left her her dinner on a tray on the floor. Her family has continued to simply leave her food outside her door, believing Sana to still be a shut-in. Sana makes her way to the living room where her family is celebrating her brothers' academic and sports achievements. They praise each other's hard work and say how they couldn't have done it without their mother's support. Sana's father encourages them to keep excelling so they won't embarrass the Futaba family name. Sana says goodbye to her family and gathers the rest of her belongings in a duffle bag.

Sana makes her way home through the dark suburban streets. As she walks, she hears the voices of the different families there happily call out the name of their family members as they arrive home. Hearing the happy voices causes Sana to become almost unbearably anxious until she remembers how Iroha had called out her name back at the Radio Tower. She gathers herself and begins to run home to Mikazuki Villa.

Iroha happily welcomes Sana home. As she looks around, she notices Tsuruno and Felicia playing a video game together. Tsuruno invites Sana to play the next round with them. As they're about to start, Yachiyo tells Felicia she can play more after dinner. She reminds Felicia that she helps out in the kitchen at Banbanzai and starting next week will have to start helping with dinner at home. Tsuruno tells Felicia that she has to work if she wants to eat. Felicia complains that Sana doesn't help with the cooking either. Sana looks down for a moment, before telling them that she knows how to cook a little and will help with dinner starting next week as well. Yachiyo smiles at Sana and says that would be great. Felicia smiles encouragingly at Sana, who is smiling a little herself.

At the center of the Wings of Magius headquarters, familiars resembling swallows fly overheard, their cries sounding like "obeecha, obeecha, boko". Two girls sit at a table with a map laid out, tea and sweets laid out for them. Mifuyu and Mami report on the most recent loss of the Rumor at the radio tower, bringing the total loss of Rumors to four.

Mifuyu looks out the window at the night, thinking that Yachiyo will never forgive her now. Still, Mifuyu is determined to not give up on her goal of salvation for all. The doorbell rings and Mifuyu opens the door to find the Amane sisters there. They ask if she's eaten dinner yet, and when Mifuyu responds in the negative, they hold up bags of groceries and ask to use her kitchen. They scold her for only eating out since she's sure to become malnourished. As she watches the two prepare dinner in the kitchen, Mifuyu is reminded of how Mel and Yachiyo would work together to prepare dinner back at Mikazuki Villa. She smiles as she realizes the younger girls are the one's taking care of her. As she looks out the window once more, she resolves to do what she can to achieve salvation for their sake as well.

Back at Mikazuki Villa, Iroha explains to Sana she is looking for her younger sister and how she suspects a Rumor might be behind the disappearance of her entire existence. She wonders what the goal of the Wings of Magius could be. Now that Mifuyu is on their side, Tsuruno doesn't know what to think. As for Felicia, anyone that harbors Witches and Rumors must be bad. Yachiyo is certain the Wings of Magius frequented Endless Solitude often. Iroha asks Sana if she's ever heard of the names Ui, Touka, or Nemu. Sana asks if she's referring to Nemu Hiiragi, one of the Magius.


Screencap Notes
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  • This episode confirms that Familiars that grow strong enough mature into an identical copy of their original Witch.


  • The color of Teresa's roots have been changed from blues, blacks, and grays to primarily reds and oranges.
  • In the game, the fight between Magius and Mikazuki Village stops when Mifuyu threatens Alina that if the fight continues, she will be hurt. Alina, wanting to avoid any damage to Mifuyu's body, concedes. In the anime, however, it is Mami who stops the fight.
  • In the game, Mami never appears in this part of the story, with Mikazuki Village (with Madoka and Homura), still not knowing about Mami being part of the Wings of Magius until several chapters later. In the anime, both Madoka and Homura are absent, and Mikazuki Village discover about Mami's allegiance to the Magius after Ai's destruction.
  • An anime-original Uwasa is added: the Magnet Uwasa.
  • An anime-original scene is added in the post-credit scene, with a meeting between Mami, Mifuyu, Touka, and Nemu.


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