Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 11

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Kirika starts fighting Lina's group and Sasa joins in with a Witch under her control. Lina calls Sasa out for allying herself with Kirika, but Sasa just laughs at her and says it's funny that she's trying to be brave when she knows she's actually scared deep down inside. Lina then insults her for always being so low, angering Sasa into attacking her, which Lina welcomes assuming she can even get close to her. Oriko observes that Sasa won't be able to get close as Lina uses her ability to manipulate electricity and form a barrier with her stun baton. Mai on the other hand takes on Kirika and has been able to dodge all of her attacks so far, leaving Oriko unable to predict how the stand off will end. She then turns to her opponent Miyako and wonders what kind of magical girl she is. Miyako is hesitating and Oriko tells her not to be so afraid of her as fighting isn't her specialty and that she'd rather talk it out. Miyako looks at Oriko in confusion as she smiles warmly at her. Oriko says that the battle isn't necessary and could be avoided if they came to an understanding. Miyako asks her why she's telling her all of this when Lina is the leader, and Oriko says it's because Miyako is the only one that has realized the battle is meaningless and that the ones they should be fighting aren't magical girls. Oriko also adds it's also natural that Miyako not trust her and her words as she admits her group are the ones attacking them, but she wishes for them to understand a wish that she wants to see fulfilled. Miyako asks her what it is and Oriko tells her it's a wish to save the world.

Back with Mai's battle, she briefly thinks to herself that she hopes her friends are alright when Kirika catches her off guard and kicks her down. Kirika attempts to deliver a killing blow with her claws, but Mai manages to stab her chest with her katana and throw her off. She wonders if Kirika is really the one murdering magical girls if she went down this easily and wonders if she should meet up with Lina and Miyako, unaware that Kirika is still alive.

Lina flashes back to her childhood where she tries to show her mom her grades. Her mother apologizes and mistakenly calls her "Mana", which Lina corrects as Mana isn't around anymore. Her mother remembers that Mana had died protecting Lina and that she's to blame for her sister's death.

Back to the battle, Sasa is knocked back and Witch-less after Lina had destroyed all three of her Witches. Lina is out of her electricity magic however, but says that with the state Sasa is in, a simple stick will be enough to finish the job. She proceeds to hit her with her stun baton before Sasa counters with her staff, but it isn't enough and she's thrown back to the ground. Lina says that a magical girl has great power to do what is right, and that because Sasa has chosen to do the opposite she must be stopped. Sasa remarks that Lina does awful things too as she always tries to act good, but is actually nothing inside and makes it a "goal of the month" to make friends with everyone. Lina tells her to get to the point and Sasa asks if she really feels that way, making the other girl fall silent. Mai suddenly appears behind Lina, countering that she's fine even if she does awful things and that there's nothing else left to discuss with Sasa anymore. Sasa gets angry since if Mai is here, then it's possible Kirika might've gotten herself killed by her. Lina asks Mai if she's alright, and Mai says yes and tells her to step aside to let her fight Sasa as the former's soul gem is full of impurities. Mai prepares to attack Sasa, who is exasperated that they have turned on their word that they didn't want to kill her since they're the heroes. Lina answers that Sasa's done too much to be spared, prompting the other girl to suddenly start begging for her life and forgiveness, but Mai tells her to do it in the next life.

Before she can attack, Oriko appears and tells her to stop. Sasa is happy to see her thinking she'll back her up, but suddenly notices that Miyako is next to her and questions why. Lina turns to her teammate and asks her who Oriko is. Sasa tries to turn the situation around and outs Oriko as being with Kirika and that they were the ones that killed Mio. Mai is shocked while Oriko is upset that Sasa would say something so harsh. Lina refuses to let Sasa go as the other girl keeps blaming Oriko for the attack and that it was her idea. Miyako shouts at her to stop saying bad things about Oriko, surprising Lina as she asks her friend what's she doing when they have the chance to avenge Mio. Miyako asks her leader why she always has to be like this and notes it was like this back in Kazamino too. From the start, Miyako had said there were bad magical girls out there, but Lina insisted on starting a group and fighting Sasa, claiming to maintain Kazamino's order as magical girls. Now they're here in Mitakihara chasing her down when this place has nothing to do with them and she's had enough of it. Mai tells Miyako to calm down, but Miyako continues on that she's had enough of the murders. Lina says they can't allow Sasa to run free and for the sake of their fallen friends they must take her down, but Miyako interrupts her and says that's the reason why Mio died. Miyako says that she understands what Lina is saying but despite sounding so righteous, the things she says causes the people around her to get hurt, and proof of this is with her allowing Mai to go ahead and kill Sasa. She goes on that Lina just stands there giving orders and talking about justice when she really isn't, surprising her. Miyako says that Oriko isn't like Lina at all and admits her faults as something she has to do, also adding that Oriko truly understands her and that Lina has being using her as a tool. Lina denies this, but Miyako turns around and blames Lina as the reason why Mio and Futaba died. Miyako's words strike Lina as she recalls the wish she made for her mother to forget about her older sister Mana since she was also blamed for her death. Her soul gem starts blackening as she wonders why despite trying to be a good person, she keeps getting attacked by everyone. Lina's soul gem finally shatters and turns into a grief seed as she transforms into a Witch before the entire group, all while Oriko smiles.