Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 14

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Volume 3 begins with a flashback from Oriko detailing the death of her mother Yurako Mikuni, who died after being struck by a speeding car. Her father cries out to her in vain not to leave but breaks down in the end next to Oriko. She remarks that now that her mother is gone she is the only one that can help her father. She comforts him and says this is why she can't stay a kid and cry about it. In the present Oriko and Kirika search for Sasa's secret base in the city and find out it's a rental storage space holding a pack of grief seeds. Kirika is amazed about this finding, but when she turns to see Oriko, the girl appears to not look well. Oriko tries to assure her she's ok, but Kirika doesn't quite believe it and thinks she should get Oriko some help. Oriko tells Kirika that she just has a slight headache and that lying down for a minute will clear it up.

Elsewhere, Kyoko helps Yuma with some food packages she's dropped and notes she's been spacing out while carrying them. Yuma makes a weird face at Kyoko prompting her to ask what the problem is. Yuma recalls that Kyubey had said to her that she has the potential to become a magical girl and asks Kyoko why she can't become one. Koyko only tells her its wrong and doesn't elaborate further. Yuma frowns and huffs that if she became a magical girl then she could've fulfilled Kyoko's wish. Kyoko stops and says that she knew Yuma would be thinking that and says that she can't be a magical girl for that as it's dumb for someone to make a wish for someone else. Yuma then declares that she won't become a magical girl and when she can live on her own she'll take care of Kyoko in return. Kyoko objects to this saying she's not an old lady, but Yuma says she'll try her hardest for her anyway.

Back with Oriko, she starts seeing several visions of Yuma and questions why she is being haunted by them alongside her memories of her childhood as they've been occurring ever since her arrival to Kazamino. She starts to feel pain from her visions and wonders if her magic is going out of control. Several more visions come to her, mixing together between Yuma and more of Oriko's childhood, causing her extreme pain. Her final vision is of a crying Yuma about to be attacked by the Witch Cecil, causing her to suddenly wake up. In another room Kirika talks to her own reflection in a mirror asking herself why Oriko lied to her. She wonders if Oriko doesn't trust her or perhaps think she's not the right person for her yet. She exclaims that's no good and needs to hurry up and change into the kind of person that's right for Oriko. She adds that it's what she wants, but for what exactly she can't remember. Kirika yawns and decides to get up and see how Oriko is feeling, but finds her not present in the room when she opens the door.

Meanwhile Kyoko and Yuma fight over a pillow before bed with Yuma falling asleep with the pillow in her arms, forcing Kyoko to try and pry it from her. Kyoko smiles to herself and wonders what she's going to do with her before giving up and falling asleep right next to her, unaware of the Witch from Oriko's vision appearing in the park they were in before.