Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 3

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A new challenger has arrived!

An extremely fast magical girl engages in combat with Oriko. (Un)Surprisingly, A) Oriko has managed to hold out the first 20 seconds, and B) she has managed to land a hit on. Unsurprisingly, she's still getting destroyed by the mystery girl. During a pause in the showdown, our challenger reveals that she doesn't actually know what her own wish was. (Kyubey told her that it may be a side effect of her wish.) So with that in mind, the mystery girl decided to vent her frustration on whatever was nearby. 'Whatever was nearby' just happened to be Oriko.

Combat resumes, with Oriko's first move being "take out the lights." She then uses the confusion to deal some damage to the challenger and escape. Our unknown figures that Oriko's shot from (B) allowed her to track the mystery girl via magic. She then proceeds to chase Oriko.
She arrives in a storehouse,
Unfortunately, it appears Oriko got away.
Mystery girl slips on some supplies,
and finds a cellphone for some reason.
Oriko launches her orbs right through her opponent's upper torso. Walking back in, Oriko explains that after the orb fragment, she used a vision of her opponent looking at the cellphone as a guide to her location. She then proceeds to eliminate any thoughts of dying from the mystery girl's mind, as the power of suggestion can lead to her actual death, and explains how soul gems work. Introducing herself, Oriko then asks the poor girl to become her (overpowered) pawn in the events to come.

Kirika Kure has joined the battle!