Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 9

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Lina's group discovers Mio's corpse in Mitakihara and Lina blames herself for not taking into account how much Mio hated Sasa more than any of them, saying that they must work to stop Sasa as quickly as possible and not allow anymore sacrifices. During this, Sasa is having lunch with Oriko and Kirika elsewhere as she lies to them her story about being chased out of another town and attacked unfairly by Lina's group.

Sasa's history with Lina's group is then shown: back in Kazamino City the number of people falling victim to Witches exploded because of Sasa taking control of and feeding them. In order to put a stop to it, Lina's group had been working to bring the girl to justice and have been chasing and fighting her all throughout the city, as well as suffering from some losses including their friend Futaba, until she eventually fled to Mitakihara. Sasa's actions can't be forgiven and Lina vows to finish it here in order to avenge Mio and the rest of their fallen teammates. Her remaining friends Mai Akane and Miyako Saki agree, and Mai suddenly senses the tense atmosphere in town before being startled by a policewoman. They get questioned by her, but Mai says they're fine and notes how wound up the police seem to be lately. The policewoman tells her that the police have increased their patrols in search of the murder of two school girls (Komaki and Akira) and tells them to stop loitering around this area. The group leaves and holds a meeting at a hotel room to discuss the recent murder cases. Miyako reads off the information from her phone to the others and Lina takes note of how the report says an unusually long blade had passed through one of the victim's skull as such a thing isn't normal. Mai exclaims that Sasa is behind it, but Lina says she's jumping to conclusions since Sasa was still in Kazamino with them during the murders. Miyako wonders if a Witch is to blame but Lina can't imagine one murdering someone that way. She concludes that Mitakihara has someone here that is just as frightening as Sasa doing all of this.

Elsewhere in the city, Sasa and Kirika are working together (though Sasa is doing most of the work) looking for Lina and her group via one of Sasa's Witches. Kirika is bored without Oriko around, but is still going to do whatever she's been asked to by her and kill magical girls and Witches. A flashback shows the three's meeting in a cafe after Sasa had finished telling her story. Oriko asks her if she'd like assistance in getting rid of Lina and her group, exasperating Kirika as she doesn't want to help her. Oriko says magical girls must help one another, and despite thinking Sasa's problems aren't worth their time Kirika agrees to help as long as Oriko orders it. Sasa thanks them and says that with Lina's group around she can't return to Kazamino and had to leave her Witches behind, surprising Kirika as she finally understands why Oriko wants to help the other girl. Back with the duo, Sasa berates Kirika for not helping her and instead watching the nearby jumbotron talking about Komaki and Akira's murders. Sasa recalls hearing about it and casually asks Kirika if she's the killer and if she's ever bragged about how many people she's killed. Kirika suddenly startles her by saying that the news report only reminds her of the depths of Oriko's love for her, and that because she has forgiven her for murdering a friend she is going to continue changing to be more worthy of her love. Sasa finds Kirika's words disturbing and thinks about crushing her as she resumes her search. She plans to leave the town once Lina's taken care of as she finds Oriko to be a real threat to herself given how crazy Kirika is for her. Suddenly the small Witch upon her head starts crying out as it has spotted something.

Oriko has another premonition in the form of debris falling all around her. She laments that all these sudden visions might end up driving her crazy and compares it Kirika's state of mind. Oriko says it's probably the reason why she keeps seeing the world's end and thinks it must be stopped. As she has already had a few girls murdered, she will not allow anyone to stop her now and continues to walk forward in her vision amidst the falling debris until she stumbles upon another magical girl off in the distance, revealed to be Homura Akemi. Oriko then wakes up, glad that she has finally figured out who Madoka's protector is.