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This is a useful tier list for anyone who wants to succeed in both mirrors and normal story battles! Ranks from S+(the best) to B(the worst). Ranks are from my experience and are all 4-stars(To be fair, low star megucas should be in a different tier list.) It sort of limits to the girls I have so please feel free to add yours as well(if it is revelant)!! Ranks may change over time. The changes may occur if new megucas are added/given SE.

S+ Rank

  • Yozuru Sasame - max and press blast to win. be sure to get her personal memo and max it as well. With her maxed, you don't even need a team.
  • Lil' Kyubey - overpowered qb that uses 5 megucas to attack.

S Rank


A+ Rank

A Rank

A- Rank

B Rank