Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 10

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Oriko continues to have several visions where every time she gets close enough to harm Madoka, she is subsequently killed by Homura before she can even see her, prompting her to think of a new plan. Meanwhile Lina and her group have met up with Kyubey and exchange information. Kyubey cautions the group to be careful in Mitakihara and also informs them that Kazamino is being taken care of by another magical girl in their absence. Lina then tells them that they need to make new plans and they all head back to their room. Off in the distance Sasa and Kirika have finally found the group via Kyubey making contact with them after being detected by Sasa's Witch. Kirika is talking to Oriko on the phone however, prompting Sasa to snatch it away and inform Oriko on their location. Oriko warns Sasa to not rush this as forming a battle plan and waiting for the right moment is the key to their victory and avoiding them from getting harmed. Sasa is touched by Oriko's words and wonders to herself if she should take control of Oriko and make her her minion instead of Kirika. Oriko then ends the conversation with Sasa after a certain thing she had asked about before and hangs up. An unknown girl then approaches Oriko from behind and asks if she is her, and Oriko turns around and is surprised before recomposing herself and confirming she is. After ending the call Kirika becomes upset with Sasa for interrupting her talk with Oriko and hanging up on her. Sasa doesn't understand why she's so upset since Kirika is always talking to Oriko in person all the time anyway and thinks that no one can like Oriko that much, but Kirika tells her she just doesn't get it as she can't describe her feelings for Oriko as simply "liking" her. Sasa prepares to be lectured by Kirika, but just as the latter starts talking about when she and Oriko first met, her memories become distorted and she finds herself unable to continue. Sasa finds Kirika's sudden behavior change weird and decides to ignore it and get ready to attack Lina's group. As Sasa laughs about their plans, Kirika is still trying to remember the time when she and Oriko had met and wonders if it was really that time.

A flashback occurs with Kyubey coming across Komaki after her battle with Kirika. He laments that he had high hopes for her when he suddenly finds out she's still alive and all she says to him is a warning about a black magical girl before dying. Kyubey had relayed this information to Lina's group and tells them that, while he doesn't intend to involve himself in any infighting or territorial disputes, he would like it if the girls wouldn't do unnecessary damage to each other and to be more careful. Mai notes that this black magical girl must be tough. Lina adds that this girl doesn't care about normal people getting involved in her fights and is reminded of Sasa, but thinks this girl is even worse than her. She considers how Mio died by a slit to her throat and had other cuts on her that indicate the black magical girl is to blame. Mai wonders if Mio was fighting both the black magical girl and a Witch, or perhaps a Witch under Sasa's control and the black magical girl. Lina says this girl's ethics come close to Sasa's and that they can't rule out the possibility that she approached those two trying to make an alliance. Miyako suddenly speaks up that they need to come up with a new battle plan if they're up against more than just Sasa as it could be dangerous. Lina tells her that's what they're doing, but Miyako tells her she actually wants the group to return to Kazamino and discuss it there, but Lina shoots her down as she doesn't want to leave and let Sasa be as she could potentially make more Witches. Miyako knows that but tries to tell her something else. Before she can speak, Kirika suddenly bursts into their room through the window and attacks them.

From afar, Sasa comments on how direct she is and wonders if it's ok to barge in like that, but Oriko reassures her as a surprise attack is useful for their plans as it reveals a weakness to exploit. She goes on about while the group is troublesome, magical girls are still just girls and loosing a member of the group may affect their ability to function since they are now a group of three instead of five. Sasa is impressed with Oriko's wisdom and then informs her she has did that thing she asked her to do. She remarks Oriko does things in a really round-about way and asks that if this girl's her friend why did she call her directly since she knows where she lives. Oriko just laughs as she tells Sasa the reason why is because this girl has a very protective guardian, shown to be Madoka who has suddenly wandered into and becomes lost within a Witch's labyrinth.