Kazumi Magica Chapter 13: Malefica Farce

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Released on January 24th, 2012.

Satomi tells Saki that they can't afford to let Kazumi live as long as she's infected by the Evil Nut. Saki refuses, as she loves Kazumi too much to hurt her. Satomi then grabs Saki and brainwashes her with Fantasma Bisbiglio ("Ghost Whisperer") and sends her to the Misaki residence. Inside, Kazumi is asleep, while Kaoru and Umika discuss her well-being. Kaoru admits that she had Umika lie about her wish in the separate flashbacks Kazumi was given. Saki arrives, asking them if they know how the Evil Nut will affect Kazumi. They don't know, but Umika suspects that someone else created the Evil Nuts for Yuuri and the Souju twins, so tracking them down should reveal everything. Umika and Kaoru tell her that things are going well "this time", but Saki panics at the idea of another "repeat", and points out that Niko's clone became a witch even though its Soul Gem was clear. She thinks that they are all close to becoming witches themselves.

Umika reveals that she knows something is amiss with Saki, as she referred to Kazumi as Kazumi-chan (an honorific that Satomi, not Saki, uses). Saki kicks Umika across the room. As Kaoru goes to help her, Umika explains that Saki is under Satomi's control. Saki exclaims that they can't keep Kazumi alive in this state, and that it will be easier if Saki kills her. Kaoru attempts to restrain Saki, but she's incapacitated when Saki drops a chandelier on her. She then goes to murder Kazumi, but manages to break free of Satomi's brainwashing and stabs herself in the leg instead. The blood splashes on Kazumi's face, waking her up. Satomi regains control and has Saki grab Kazumi. They vanish and reappear in a building outside.

Saki collapses from heavy blood loss, telling Kazumi to run while she still can. Satomi reveals to Kazumi that her memories from Umika were lies. The Pleiades Saints already knew about the origins of witches before meeting Yuuri, because Kazumi herself had become one and died. Her real name is Michiru Kazusa. Satomi and the others have been trying to revive Kazusa by cloning the remnants of her witch and stuffing them into clone bodies, and Kazumi is the thirteenth of those clones. She refers to it as Malefica Farce ("Witch Stuffing"). Being exposed to Evil Nuts is causing Kazumi to revert to her witch form, and Satomi plans to kill her before that happens. She summons the previous twelve clones of Kazusa from beneath the Freezer and tells them to destroy Kazumi.