Kazumi Magica Chapter 4: Evil Nuts

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Released April 23rd, 2011.

As Kazumi and the others celebrate their victory from the previous chapter, the Kyubey look-alike continues to watch, right next to Kyubey himself. Kyubey wonders if the Pleiades will "do so well this time" while the look-alike grins. The look-alike then jumps down to meet Kazumi and he is introduced as Jubey, the fairy/sprite who made the Pleiades Saints magical girls. Jubey purifies the Pleaides Soul Gems, apparently consuming the darkness they expelled. He then devours the Grief Seed from the witch fought in the previous chapter. However, when the Pleiades give him the Grief Seeds from the witches in the first two chapters, he rejects them, revealing that they aren't Grief Seeds at all. The witches fought in the first two chapters were in fact sort-of-witches, created by fake Grief Seeds known as an "Evil Nuts". The Pleiades quickly deduce that the mysterious magical girl is using them. The mysterious girl then promptly appears and incapacitates the others. She introduces herself as Yuuri and appears to bear a grudge against the Pleiades. She takes off with Kazumi, leaving behind a letter telling the others that if they want Kazumi back, they have to come to Asunaro Dome at midnight.

While being held hostage by Yuuri, Kazumi asks why she's attacking everyone. Yuuri refuses to answer, but during the conflict she flashes back to an unknown girl, which provokes an emotional reaction in her. Back at the Misaki residence, the Pleiades try to understand Yuuri's motivations. Niko then claims that something will happen if Yuuri's uses too much magic - it is not stated but heavily implied that she means Yuuri is in danger of becoming a witch. At the dome, Yuuri welcomes the Pleaides Saints, showing that Kazumi is trapped in a chair. When they try to rescue her, they're blocked by a force-field. Yuuri then announces that she will plant one of her Evil Nuts into Kazumi. When Kazumi begs her to stop, Yuuri laughs and tells Kazumi that she knows nothing about the Pleiades Saints. She then takes off her hat, which causes Umika to recognize her. Yuuri announces she wants vengeance and the chapter ends with her shoving the Evil Nut into Kazumi's forehead.