Kazumi Magica Chapter 14: Cannibalism

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Released on February 24, 2012.

Kazumi continues to watch on in disbelief as Satomi Usagi|Satomi says she will tell her what happened to the real Kazumi. The scene flashes back to the past, showing Michiru Kazusa cooking strawberry risotto for a special occasion. In this case, it was for Umika's novel debut titled, The Sky of the Seven Stars. Saki begins to think back to the past and says how a special day reminds her of the day all six formed a contract with Jubey. Umika thanks Michiru for changing her fate and is really glad to have met her. Michiru began shaking and Kaoru assumed she was crying, but then the former's Soul Gem fell to the floor - it had become black and tainted. Michiru's eyes changed to black, the irises changing to spirals. Her gem explodes and Michiru becomes a witch, tearing up Umika's novel and punching a hole in the roof. The girls collapse onto the ground in shock of this revelation, with Satomi saying, "Magical girls... turn into witches?"

In the present, Satomi reveals that Yuuri becoming a witch was a lie implanted by Umika. It was Michiru's death that led them to find out the secret of magical girls. She then goes on to explain the Pleiades Saints tried to use their magic in an attempt to revive Michiru, but this resulted in creating clones with witch-like features. Satomi had hoped and thought that Kazumi, the current 13th clone, would do well, but it seems like it failed because she isn't human. Niko and Jubey can be seen watching from outside as Satomi speak, and Niko simply says, "...She told her, huh?"

Satomi asks Kazumi if she likes Saki, because even though Saki said she would destroy the failed clones, she couldn't do it because Saki was in love with Michiru. It was too hard for her to kill the clones that shared Michiru's face. Mirai can then be seen eavesdropping from behind a wall. Kyubey can also be seen, observing from further behind Mirai.

Saying that they will release Saki from this burden, Satomi possesses Kazumi using Fantasma Bisbiglio and forces her to attack the clones. Kazumi begs her to stop, but Satomi refuses. Kazumi then begins to use each of the Pleiades' unique magic, such as Umika's barrier, Kaoru's Capitano Potenza and Saki's thunderbolts. This convinces Kazumi that she is truly made of their magic. She is even able to use Niko's regeneration abilities to absorb the remains of the defeated clones and repair her damaged body, which is slowly becoming witch-like. Satomi responds to this saying that she is "eating" them and declares Kazumi a monster.

Eventually, the only clones remaining are Kazumi and a clone with the roman numerals for the number four on her cheek. As the two clash, the fourth clone asks Kazumi to kill her. Kazumi doesn't want to however, but before she can make a decision, Satomi stabs Kazumi through the back and into the other clone's chest with her staff. She apologizes, and then says to herself that she has finally finished off all of the "Kazumis". She giggles with delight as the rain continues to fall.