Kazumi Magica Chapter 22: Kazumi Magica

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Released on October 24, 2012.

Kazumi is kneeling by Umika and Kaoru's sides, as they say that their gems and Kazumi's face are beginning to blacken. Kyubey says they have surpassed their limits and are about to become witches. Umika and Kaoru reply that they will never become witches, because they will keep fighting against that system even now. They have the hopes that Michiru's grandmother gave to her, and Michiru gave to them after. Their stomachs growl and they smile at Kazumi. Kazumi asks them to eat strawberry risotto with her when they get home, but they don't answer her.

Kyubey says there is no precedent for magical girls who die and do not become witches when their Soul Gems are so dark. They reply that they will become that precedent. Kazumi begs them not to leave her, but before they respond, her earring rings and flies off. It breaks open, revealing Michiru's Grief Seed inside.

A flashback shows that after Michiru's death, they found her Grief Seed. Saki says, "Killing our friend for our own good... Is that what magical girls are?" Kyubey says that it has nothing to do with that, and it's the same as animals eating plants to survive. It's just a system. Saki wants to reject that system, so the girls do not use her Grief Seed to clean their Gems, but hide it inside one of Michiru's earrings with a spell called, "Suoneria (Ringtone)".

Back in the present, Kazumi says that Michiru still wants to help Umika and Kaoru. Kyubey says that Grief Seeds are not conscious, but Kazumi says that she could tell that Michiru was always with her and fighting with the Pleiades. Kaoru tells Kazumi to use the Grief Seed for herself, which is what Michiru would do. Kazumi replies that Kaoru is right, but she is Kazumi, and Kazumi would use it for their sake, which she does.

Kanna escapes the building, saying to herself in English, "Every fox has to pay his own skin to the flayer, huh...?" She says that humans are annoying, and she uses her "Connect" magic to make all the Soul Gems that were left in the Freezer into one giant witch. Kyubey mistakenly thinks it is Walpurgusnacht for a moment, before realizing what Kanna has done. He names the witch, "The Dawn of Hyades", in respect to her.

Umika and Kaoru tell Kazumi to stay back while they fight the witch, since she cannot use magic anymore or she will become a witch. She tells them that won't happen, since she has no Soul Gem and has not made a contract with Kyubey. He asks, "Will you become a magical girl even if you know that you'll become a witch?" Kazumi says she will never falls into despair or become a witch.

Kazumi makes a wish to become a real human. Kyubey tells her that it's pointless, since she'll become a magical girl immediately after having that wish granted, but she replies that she needs a body not made by others in order to move forward by her own power. She says, "Now, grant my wish, Incubator!", the same words Madoka said in Episode 12. Kyubey grants the wish, replying with, "Your contract has been made. Your wish has surpassed entropy. Now, unleash your new power, Kazumi Magica."

Kazumi appears with her newly-made Soul Gem around her neck, with long hair and a new, white costume of her own that is different from Michiru's.