Kazumi Magica Chapter 8: Fried Ice Cream

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Released August 24th, 2011.

Luca asks for Kazumi's name, threatening to take her Soul Gem. She claims that she couldn't live with Ayase if she didn't. Juubey then says that girls who lose their Soul Gems lose their magic and can even die (which is true, in a sense). Kazumi attacks Luca, but Luca uses "Caso Freddo" to freeze her. She notices the rarity of Kazumi's Soul Gem (her earring bell) not being located on her body, and tries to get a hold of it. Kazumi tells her not to touch it, suddenly unfreezing herself and hitting Luca in her Soul Gem. Luca then uses both her Soul Gems to be Ayase and Luca at the same time. Kazumi fires at her with Limiti Esterni while Ayase/Luca uses a new attack named "Picchi Gemellati". The Soujus' attack makes it through and hits Kazumi, sending her flying. Watching the battle from afar, Niko receives a telepathic message from Saki, checking if Niko has secured something they talked about earlier. Niko responds in the negative before asking Juubey what "Picchi Gemellati" means. He believes it means "Twin Peaks". Kazumi then receives a telepathic message from Niko asking her to get hit more with "Picchi Gemellati". After watching Ayase/Luca's power, she picks up Kazumi and flees with her and Juubey inside a roller coaster.

Niko tells Kazumi that Ayase/Luca's attack creates an explosion through their perfectly synchronized fire and ice magic. They are capable of this because they use the same body. Kazumi doesn't understand this, causing Niko to use fried ice cream as a metaphor. Niko then claims that they have to do something similar with her own magic. This prompts Jubey to say that Kazumi's powers are "sacrilege" but he quickly corrects himself and says it's "destruction" (they are alternate character readings of the same word, and this is completely absent in the official English translation). He continues saying that Kazumi's magic and Niko's reformation magic are like hot and icy. They encounter Ayase/Luca again and all three of them fire. The Soujus' attack sends them flying, prompting Niko and Kazumi to try and combine their magic. Their magic hits Ayase/Luca own attack, but it fails to negate it. Niko and Kazumi flee again through an underground 'Staff Only' tunnel, as Niko comments that the Soujus are better synchronized. Suddenly, Niko, Kazumi and Juubey trip with a broom and fall, prompting them to shout in pain simultaneously. This gives them an idea. When Ayase/Luca comes across them, Kazumi and Niko are holding hands. The Soujus fire "Picchi Gemellati" again, but this time when Kazumi and Niko combine their magic Juubey bites their hands. This causes them to become synchronized, pushing their magic tight through Ayase/Luca's and causing an explosion that sends them to the surface.

Kazumi tells the Soujus that they've lost, but they respond by pulling out a box of Evil Nuts. They throw two of them at Niko and Kazumi, but Saki appears and catches them in mid-air. The other Pleiades jump down behind Kazumi, as Saki asks where the Soujus got the Evil Nuts. Ayase/Luca laughs instead of answering and tells the Pleiades to kill them, calling them "magical girl hunters". Shocked, Kazumi asks what she means. Kaoru says they aren't murderers, but because they can't let the Soujus go they're taking they're Soul Gems. Saki tells Kaoru not to use "Tocco del Mare" in front of Kazumi, but Niko says that Kazumi already saw her use it. Kaoru says that Ayase and Luca's Soul Gems are at their limit and pulls out both their gems. Kazumi, near tears, asks what's going on, reminding the Pleiades that she agreed to carry their burdens with them. Although Saki objects, Umika agrees to tell Kazumi about the truth of the Pleiades Saints. Suddenly Satomi notices that Niko has fallen to her knees, and her Soul Gem is glowing. Satomi backs into Kaoru, prompting her to turn around. Satomi calls Niko's name as Niko's Soul Gem apparently becomes a witch, creating a barrier filled with skyscrapers and familiars that resemble shooting targets in firing ranges. Niko's body is floating in the air in front of the witch.