Kazumi Magica Chapter 5: Magica Arrabbiata

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Released May 24th, 2011.

The chapter picks up where the previous one left off. The Evil Nut enters into Kazumi's forehead, causing her to let out a burst of power that lets her break out of the chair while reforming her clothes. Kazumi fights with Yuuri again, but is still overpowered. Yuuri claims that the other Pleiades had killed her, and says that they're a group that murders magical girls. She then reveals that the Pleiades took away the most important thing to her, so she's going to take away the most important thing to them - Kazumi. At this point, Yuuri's blackened Soul Gem begins to crack. Saki tells Juubey to clean Yuuri's gem. Juubey begins spinning but is shot by Yuuri, stopping him. Niko quietly says Yuuri's Soul Gem is hatching as it turns into a Grief Seed, falling into Kazumi's hand. Kyubey watches from afar as Yuuri transforms into a heart-shaped witch. The Pleiades Saints are trapped on crosses in her barrier. In shock, Kazumi wonders why witches come out of Soul Gems. Vines begin surrounding the Pleiades causing them to scream out in pain. As they're being tortured, we suddenly see the girl from Yuuri's flashback in the previous chapter.

The story then flashes back to the past. The girl from Yuuri's flashback is seen lying in a hospital bed, with Yuuri watching. We learn her name is Airi, and she only has three months left to live. Yuuri asks Airi if she wants to keep living. Airi says yes, saying she wishes to live longer and wanting to eat lots of delicious things with Yuuri. Yuuri hands her a spoon, saying it's charm that dreams are made of. She tells Airi to wait until she comes back. We then find that Airi has been miraculously cured of her illness. As she tearfully hugs Yuuri, Airi says that the spoon must have been magic. The truth seems to be something different as Kyubey's silhouette is seen in the window. Later at their school, Yuuri and Airi talk about an upcoming cooking contest. Airi says she'll treat Yuuri to "Bucket Parfait" at a restaurant (which turns out to belong to Souichirou Tachibana) if she wins the contest. Airi hands Yuuri back the spoon, saying she'll protect Yuuri this time. The contest appears to be a cooking contest, which has the same symbol from Yuuri's letter in the previous chapter. However, Yuuri is missing when the final round starts. As Airi looks for her, she finds herself in the barrier of a giant witch that resembles a hypodermic needle. The Pleiades Saints arrive and quickly destroy the witch with giant arrows (that look like the arrow that sent Yuuri's letter in the previous chapter). Kazumi is not among them. As Airi thanks the Saints for saving her, they tell her to forget what she saw, and to watch out for dark alleys and Witch's Kisses. When the Saints leave, Airi finds that the witch dropped Yuuri's spoon when it was destroyed. Kyubey appears and tells Airi that the witch was Yuuri, causing her to scream.

That night, Kyubey explains what happened in detail. Yuuri's wish was to cure Airi's illness. We see her in magical girl form, holding a giant hypodermic needle. In addition to fighting witches, she also used her magic to cure terminally ill patients. This ultimately caused her to use too much magic and turn into a witch. In fact, she transformed right in front of the Pleiades Saints. Crying, Airi asks why the Pleiades didn't try to help Yuuri, cursing herself for thanking the people who killed her. Kyubey says he'll grant Airi's wish and turn her into a magical girl. Airi says she won't forgive the Pleiades Saints and will take over Yuuri's life; she wishes to turn into Yuuri. Kyuubey says her wish has surpassed entropy as Airi changes to look like Yuuri - the Yuuri seen in previous chapters,. Airi/Yuuri then is seen on a skyscraper, crushing the head of what appears to be a familiar while laughing madly. She asks Kyubey for the names of the people that killed the real Yuuri. Kyubey says that they're the Pleaides. Airi/Yuuri mocks their name and announces she'll kill all of them, making them pay for the real Yuuri.