Kazumi Magica Chapter 23: Innocent Malice

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Released on November 24, 2012.

Chapter 23: Innocent Malice is the final chapter of Kazumi Magica. Continuing from the last chapter, Kazumi becomes a true magical girl, and Kyuubey says he feels a great amount of power from her. Due to Kazumi's new power, Umika and Kaoru's costumes change, which is an "upgrade", according to Kyubey.

Kanna is surprised by the wish of her contract, and Kazumi says they are not that different after all. Kanna's anger at her and her own despair at slowly but surely becoming a witch is to the point that she decides to destroy Kazumi's world alongside the other humans.

Using their new powers, Kazumi, Kaoru and Umika defeat the Hyades witch and its familiars, which leaves Kanna weakened and on the very brink of becoming a witch. Kazumi consoles Kanna, knowing how she feels at worrying if her family and friends love her for who she is or just who Kanna was a copy of. Kazumi tells her that all of these people loved her, and that was Niko's gift to Kanna.

After taking out Michiru's grief seed, Kazumi says that although she couldn't completely heal her soul gem since she already healed Umika and Kaoru's, she won't let her become a witch and she will watch over Kanna's loved ones. Kanna's gem is partially cleansed, giving her a few more minutes to decide her own fate. While crying, Kanna comments that Kazumi's words are "always heartrending", thanks her, leaps off the building they're standing on. She says, "Ciao", and her gem explodes, killing herself.

After an undetermined amount of time, Kazumi is seen attending school, where she chooses "Subaru", meaning "Pleiades", as her surname. At the same time, Kaoru and Umika are speaking with Kyubey, asking if he's pleased by their failure, and he replies that he does not feel, but that he gained good data and a good witch in Kazumi, so he should thank them. The two girls say they will never give up trying to find a way to change witches back into girls. Their conversation is interrupted as Kyubey senses a grief seed hatching.

In the middle of class, Kazumi runs out, sensing the witch, and on her way meets Tachibana, Officer Ishijima, Kyouka Shida (who had been the Cosmetics Witch), and Slice Akiyama, the chef who had hosted the competition Yuuri Asuka had last been seen at. She meets up with Umika and Kaoru, and all three transform with Kyubey accompanying them.