Kazumi Magica Chapter 6: Bucket Parfait

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Released June 24th, 2011.

As we see Yuuri laughing from the end of the previous chapter, the story suddenly returns to the present. Apparently, the flashback in the previous chapter was a vision shown to the Pleiades by the witch. Kazumi begs Airi that she doesn't want to fight, but the witch attacks her, seemingly crusing Kazumi's head. Kazumi is then seen catching what would have been the fatal blow in her teeth, biting that part of the witch off. The influence of the Evil Nut causes Kazumi's body to change, and she attacks the witch with elongated hands, eventually breaking free from her cross. Kazumi's bell then rings, causing her to collapse and return to normal. Kazumi then tries to use her magic to turn Airi back to normal. Shockingly, even though the witch continues to attack Kazumi, Airi's (or more precisely, Yuuri's) body comes out of the witch. Still attached to the witch, she speaks entirely in runes, repeating the final spell she attempted to use on Kazumi. At that point, Saki shoots her, freeing the other Pleiades.

As the magical girls gear up to attack, Kazumi protests, saying that Airi wasn't a bad person because she wanted to give her life for the sake of friend a friend. Mirai tells Kazumi that they know, and that's why they have to kill her. Juubey then appears, telling Kazumi that Airi is no longer a magical girl, but a witch. He further states that he's not sure exactly how it happens, but it's impossible to turn witches back to normal, and the only choice is to kill them. Kazumi says there's no way she can do it. Saki says she knows, and tells Kazumi she doesn't have to dirty her hands. One by one, the Pleiades attack the witch as Kazumi begs them to stop. Finally, Satomi apologizes, saying all they can do is prevent the witch from hurting anyone. Kaoru then says only they should do sad work like this, and they'll end this by themselves. The Pleiades are shown to clearly be as pained by all this as Kazumi is. Kazumi then uses Limit Estern, aiming straight for the witch. Just before the blow hits, the witch says Yuuri's name. The witch is then destroyed, the spoon drops to the ground, and the barrier collapses. As Kazumi picks up the spoon, she says she'll share the pain with the Pleiades, and then cries into Umika's arms.

Kazumi is then seen walking back home with Umika and Kaoru. She tells them to go home ahead of her, saying she wants to be alone. Kazumi then notices none other than Souichirou Tachibana, closing a shop. Her serves her "Bucket Parfait", much to her delight, and reveals that he was the made the manager of a new store. Kazumi then has a vision of Airi and Yuuri enjoying the parfait, prompting her to suggest that Souichirou should put the desert on the menu. Souchirou declines, saying it's not profitable. As Kazumi continues to eat, she suddenly begins crying, realizing that Yuuri and Airi never got a chance to have the Bucket Parfait they wanted. Eventually she falls alseep. Souchirou pulls a blanket over her and puts the parfait on the menu. The chapter ends with the sleeping Kazumi holding Yuuri and Airi's spoon.