Kazumi Magica Chapter 19: Grief Seeds

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Released on July 24, 2012.

Kazumi, Kanna, Umika and Kaoru are inside the barrier of Saki's witch form, which appears as a meadow. Kanna wants Kazumi to go to the "new world" with her. Kazumi refuses, saying she doesn't want a world without her friends. Even though Kanna offers to heal her with magic, as Kazumi will soon turn into a witch, she still refuses to go along with Kanna's plan. Kazumi suddenly bursts out of the container she was being held in, her body falling to the ground. Umika tries to reason with Kanna, telling her that even if her body isn't human, she has a human heart, like Kazumi.

Umika goes on to admit that they were afraid of turning into witches and wanted to save themselves, but that Kazumi decided not to escape from the truth about both witches and herself, saying there's no way they could make something like Kazumi's heart. They refuse to give Kazumi to Kanna, so she attempts to attack them with Saki's witch form. Mirai's "La Bestia" breaks into the barrier to retrieve the Soul Gems of the Souju's and others, which turn into Grief Seeds and become witches, showing that Mirai's magic remained active even following her death. The witches protect Saki's witch form. Kaoru uses "Rosso Fantasma" to attack Kanna. Umika then appears behind Kanna and uses "Tocco del Male" to seemingly remove her Soul Gem from her body. Kanna reveals that it was a decoy Soul Gem and attacks both Umika and Kaoru.

Kazumi prepares to transform, telling them to kill her if she turns into a witch and thanks them for everything. However, her Soul Gem has become corrupted. Juubey goes to purify it, but his body starts breaking apart. With his last word of "Ciao" to Kazumi, he vanishes, leaving behind two Grief Seeds. Kyubey appears, telling them that Juubey was incomplete. Umika and Kaoru suddenly remember that Soul Gems can be purified with Grief Seeds. Kanna uses a spell on Kazumi to take her by force. Just then, seemingly in a last act of love for Kazumi, Saki's witch form attacks the other witches, causing them to kill her. It's revealed that her witch disposition is sisterly love. Umika and Kaoru use the Grief Seed that she drops to purify Kazumi's corrupted Soul Gem as proof of their friendship. The witch markings on Kazumi's body begin to disappear.